Cawood Directory of Trades and Professions for 1822


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for CAWOOD in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


Miscellany of trades

  • Baxter Thomas, corn miller
  • Bedford William, bricklayer
  • Benson William, vict. Castle Inn
  • Blackburn Matthew, tailor and habit maker
  • Blanchard Thomas, surgeon
  • Bland William, butcher
  • Burrows John, victualler and blacksmith, Red Lion
  • Clark William, surgeon
  • Coppleby Thomas, house carpenter
  • Crosland William, shoemaker
  • Dawson James, shoemaker
  • Dixon Francis, victualler, Jolly Tar
  • Dodd Zachariah, tailor & town's cryer
  • Emmit Elias, tailor
  • Fetherston Isaac, flax dresser
  • Fetherston John, potter
  • Fetherston Thomas, flax dresser
  • Fowler John, shoe maker
  • Freeman Thomas, butcher
  • Gleadell Joseph, gardener
  • Grunswell Henry, grocer and linen draper
  • Grunswell Wm. boot and shoe maker
  • Harper, William grocer
  • Hartley Joseph, butcher
  • Hawby Henry, wheelwright
  • Hawcroft Joseph, wheelwright
  • Leaper Thos. saddler & collar maker
  • Lupton Nathan, gardener
  • Marshall William, flax dresser, nail & hop bag maker
  • Milner Richard, flax dresser and hop bag maker
  • Milner Samuel, shoe maker
  • Mountain Joseph, butcher
  • Myers William, flax dresser
  • Nicholson James, blacksmith
  • Nicholson Nichols, gentleman
  • Payne Rev. Samuel, curate
  • Pool John coal merchant
  • Pratt Philip, grocer and cabinet mkr.
  • Rennison James, school master
  • Reynolds Joseph, shoe maker.
  • Richardson Cavie, grocer, linen draper, hatter and hosier
  • Shaw William, schoolmaster
  • Shippen John, flax dresser
  • Smith John, vict. Thompson's Arms
  • Stead John, post man
  • Stramock William, gardener
  • Taylor E. straw hat manufacturer
  • Taylor James, tea dealer and draper
  • Tomlinson Thomas, gardener
  • Turner James, coal merchant
  • Turner Nathan, bricklayer & plasterer
  • Varley William basket maker
  • Waddington William, vict. Anchor inn
  • Warrington William vict. Ferryhouse
  • Whiteman William, tone setter
  • Wilson Ann, milliner
  • Wilson Elizabeth, grocer
  • Wilson Thomas butcher
  • Wood Andrew, blacksmith
  • Wood John, shoe maker
  • Wood William, farrier
  • Wormald Edward, gentleman, Cawood Castle
  • Wormley William, butcher

Carrier by water,

  • Bolton Thomas, market boat to York on Thur. returns on Sat.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003