Austwick, Vicars transcription


Clapham parish:

Austwick, Vicars transcription:

The list of Vicars for the Church of the Epiphany at Austwick.

1879-1885The Revd. David Adams.
1885-1914The Revd. W.J. Courtney.
1915-1927The Revd. A.C. Sutcliffe.
1927-1929The Revd. E.C. Sharp.
1930-1932The Revd. W. Shaw.
1932-1943The Revd. A.R. Godfrey.
1944-1952The Revd. J.J. Clack.
1952-1959The Revd. J. Townsend.
1960-1963The Revd. J.K. Colman.
1963-1968The Revd. G.N. Graham.
1969-1978The Revd. Wm. Gill.
1978-The Revd. J. Dalby.
(Priest in Charge)

Data transcribed by
Patricia Hayward
from photography by Colin Hinson