Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: CLAPHAM.     Church dedication: PATRON SAINT NOT KNOWN.     Church type: Augmented discharged Vicarage.

Area, 24,340 acres. Ewcross wapentake. Population, 1,909 *1 ; Church-room, 950; Net value, £135. -The Church was appropriated to the Archdeaconry of Richmond, and a Vicarage was ordained in 1266.

Patron and impropriator, the Bishop of Chester, to whom it was given on the creation of that See, with other possessions of the Archdeaconry of Richmond.

Valued in the King's Books, at £5. 17s.

An Inclosure Act was passed 49th Geo. III.

The glebe house is fit for residence.

The Register Books commence in 1596.

Banks's charity, vide Dent. About £7. 10s. per annum.

Isabella Sherburn's charity, by will, 28th March 1693. Interest of £180.

Clapham cum Newby's poor stock. Interest of £140, the amount of sundry benefactions.

Clapham poor's money. Interest of £13. Clapham dole. rent charge, 15s. per annum.

Lawkland poor's money. Interest of £30.

Thomas Lawson's charity, for Lawkland. Interest of £50, for teaching four poor children.

Austwick poor's money. £4. 15s. 6d. per annum paid by the overseers, as the interest of sundry benefactions applied by the parish.

Elizabeth Ingleby's gift, by will, dated 6th June 1818. Rents-charge of £20 per annum to the resident Minister of the Chapel at Lawkland, and £10 per annum to the poor of the township of Austwick.

Richard Green's gift. Interest of £50, bequeathed in 1757.

George Ellis's charity, by will, 24th January 1711. Rent of 89a. 1r. 37p. of land and corn mill ; £6. 13s. 6d. per annum for teaching twenty poor children, residue to the Minister of the parish.

Henry Winterbarn's charity, by will, June 1796. Dividends on £843. 13s. 2d.

three per cents., in teaching and clothing twelve poor children.

Grace Winterbarn's charity, by will, 15th September 1807. Interest of £31. 10s., for coals, &c., for the school.

Newby School land, one acre.

Green and Clapham's charity. Dividends on 1264 new four per cents., for teaching twelve children.

Ann Hargrave's charity, vide Giggleswick. £3 per annum to the schoolmaster.

Giles Moore's gift, 1712. Interest of £20.

Arthur Ingleby's gift, by will, in 1701. rent charge of £1 per annum.

Lawkland School money. Interest of £20.

William Taylor's charity, by will, 1721. Interest of £100, for a schoolmaster and poor housekeepers; supposed to be lost. -Vide 13th Report, page 628.

Torre's MS., page 1751. Bawdwen's Domesday Book (Clapeham). page 42. Whitaker's Richmondshire, vol. ii. page 345. Bodleian MSS., No. 5101.

*1 Austwick, 614 ; Clapham with Newby, 944 ; Lawkland, 351.

Other information:
ELTROTH CHAPEL, at Lawkland. -This is now used as a school, but it is reported that divine Service was formerly performed herein. The schoolmaster occupies a house and two fields adjoining, containing together 2a. 1r. of land, for which he teaches six poor children. -Vide 13th Report, page 628.

From the original book published by
George Lawton in 1842..
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