Clapham, Vicars transcription


Clapham parish:

Clapham, Vicars transcription:

The list of Vicars in St James's church at Clapham.


1259D'us Amfridus.  1841John MarrinerHon.Canon
D'us Will. de Walton.  1876John Meire Ward. 
1368D'us Adam WylwraCap: 1895Benjamin LambHon.Canon
1391D'us Joh. de Derlington.  1915Rawdon BriggsHon.Canon
D'us Joh. de Beryngham.  1925Joseph Albert Gorman. 
1394D'us Joh. Sandall.  1944Bernard Wm. Simpson. 
1424D'us Joh. Robinson.Cl. 1950Charles T. Foster. 
1520Thomas Yedon.  1958John H. Walker. 
Christopher Holden.  1962Geoffrey F. Walker. 
1574Anthony Battersby.  1967Peter J. WinstoneM.A.
1589Thomas Proctor.  1984John Dalby. 
1628James Starky.     
1629Isaac Ambrose.     
1632Jacobus Chrichley.     
1646Christopher Place.     
1679Thomas Wildman.     
1684Edmund Lodge.     
1696Nathaniel Armistead.     
1731Thomas Bowes.     
1744John Graves.     
1755William Currer.     
1803John Halton.     
1837Charles Overton.     

The small framed plaque (see also Photo)

The List of Vicars
The list on the board above has many omissions and some mistakes. Below is a corrected list of early Vicars. Where the date is shown in red, the clergyman named is known from ancient deeds to have been Vicar at that date, but the time of his institution is unknown.
Where the date is shown in black, it is the date of institution.
The list is complete from William de Walton who resigned in 1368 to John Robinson who was instituted in 1424, and from Christopher Holden who ceased to be Vicar in 1574 onwards.

1160, 1165Adam
1189, 1200Adam
Soon after 1200Alexander
1214Robert Murdac
1364William of Shrewsbury
William de Walton
(resigned in 1368)
1368Adam Wilwra
(not Capellanus as the board says)
1391John de Derlyngton
(The "John de Beryngham" who follows
appears to be the same person, Beryngham
being a mistake for Beryngton, which is in
turn a manuscript error for Derlyngton.)
1394John Sandall
1424John Robinson
1425Reginald Bowot
1467William Hoton or Dober
1520Thomas Yedon
1559Christopher Proctor
Christopher Holden
(ceased to be Vicar 1574.)
1574Anthony Battersby
1589Thomas Proctor
1628James Starky
1629Isaac Ambrose
1632William Lewis
1632James Chrichley
1647Christopher Place

Data transcribed by
Patricia Hayward
from photography by Colin Hinson