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Conisbrough parish:

Conisbrough, War Memorial transcription:

The War Memorial below the Castle, Conisbrough

The front of the memorial:

1914 Great 1918

Anson. W
Appleyard. G
Appleyard. H
Ashford. W
Atkinson. M
Baker. G
Balmforth. P
Barker. H.
Bashford. A
Beecham. H
Bell. W
Bemrose. T
Bennett. A
Betts. J.W
Bingham. G.W
Birch. W
Blades. J
Bowen. J.I
Breeze. W
Brooke. J.E
Brown. E
Brown. J
Burton. H.G
Buttle. G
Buxton. W.H
Calladine. J.H
Cass. T
Chadwick. J
Chappell. J
Cocksedge. G
Coles. F
Collier. D
Cooper. J.R
Corney. J
Coulson. W
Crabtree. W.H
Crookes. F
Cross. J
Cross. W
Curtis. H
Davey. A
Dawson. A
Day. W.T
Dimaline. H
In grateful recognition
of the supreme sacrifice
made by the above
named men of
this parish
'"lest we forget"
The right side of the memorial:

Drabble. W
Dungworth. H
Edwards. G.W
Elliott. W
Ellis. J
Ellmer. R
Falkingham. H
Faulkner. W
Fiddler. J.H
Firth. A
Fitton. C
Fitton. T
Foster. G.E
Gamble. H
Garside. G.H
Gleadhall. D
Glenn. T.W
Goodier. H.V
Goulding. F
Graves. J
Green. J
Griffin. M
Haggar. W
Hague. A
Hague. E
Hall. J
Hall. P
Hanley. A
Hardacre. R
Hardy. F
Harrop. G
Hartley. E
Hartley. E
Hartley. G.H
Hartley. H
Hinchcliffe. J
Hinchcliffe. L
Hinchcliffe. S
Hobson. J
Hodgetts. W
Holden. A
Horner. W.H
Hornsey. H
Horsman. C
Horsman. W.A
The left side of the memorial:

Howson. A
Hunt. A
Hurton. A
Hutchinson. A
Hutchinson. J
Hutchinson. J.S
Jones. R.W
Keeling. G
Kerr. J.R
Kinsey. N
Knight. C.L
Lawrence. R
Lewis. J.H
Lewis. W
Lidster. W
Lifsey. T
Logan. E
Martin. J
Middleton. T
Needham. J
Newall. J
Nicholson. F.E
Nicholson. E.H
Nicholson. G.W
Page. W
Palmer. H
Park. G
Pearce. C
Pearce. J
Pearson. R
Peck. P
Perry. S
Poole. T
Porter. E
Power. J.T
Purdy. C
Purdy. J.J
Riley. T
Robinson. A
Rowe. G.C
Rutter. H.M
Sampson. E
Sampson. G
Sargan. J.B
Scott. J
The rear of the memorial:

Sewell. T
Shacklock. H
Shephard. A
Sleaford. F
Smith. G
Smith. N
Smith. S.G
Spencer. F
Stacey. H
Starr. H.J.E
Stenton. O
Sturgess. F
Taylor. R
Taylor. R
Teale. A
Templeton. S
Thomas. J
Thornton. A
Wain. E
Wall. H
Watson. S
Webster. J
Whittaker. T
Whittaker. W
Wilburn. H
Wilson. A
Wood. A
Woodward. F
Woodward. J.W
Worth. G.T
Wright. L
Wright. W.E
Yates. G
Leggett. G
Smith. A.E
Wainwright. G
Weaver. P.W
Coope. C
Chipp. H
White. R
Lower left side of the monument:
In grateful memory of
Those who gave their lives
1939 - 1945

Ackroyd William
Appleyard Ernest
Ashurst George
Ashurst William
Barber Alan Frederick
Bashforth Alan Peyman
Beckett H.
Boulton James
Breach Reginald George Andrew
Cooper Bernard
Cooper Eric Franklin
Day Joseph
Dryden Harry
Dunstan Edward
Fox John
Garner John
Garner Tom
Garner Walter Ernest
Goodlad Alan
Goulding H.R.
Grimes John
Jenkinson Arthur Eric
Jones W.
Kelly Thomas
Killick Harold Godfrey
Lawcock Colin Edward
Logan George
Madden Fred
Lower right side of the monument:
In grateful memory of
Those who gave their lives
1939 - 1945

Marklew Arthur
McGrath Ronald
Moody Douglas Kenneth
Moore Kenneth
Newsome Fred
Peters Leslie
Phillips Edward Walter
Randal Thomas
Ridgeway F.
Roberts George Neri
Robinson Thomas Kenneth
Rumble Albert Somme
Sargan Arthur
Sellars George Leslie
Sharp Andrew
Sharp John F.
Southwell Alfred Wilfred
Steele Alan
Stephenson T.
Taylor Alfred
Wallis Thomas Ralph
White Joseph
Wood Eric
Wood Horace
Woodley Leslie
Wyatt James

Data transcribed by
Karen Cook.
from photography by Colin Hinson