Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: COWTHORPE.     Church dedication: ST. MICHAEL.     Church type: Discharged Rectory.

Area, 1,280 acres. Claro wapentake, U. D. -Population, 146 ; Church-room, 200; Net value, £130. -The Church of Colthorpe is an ancient Rectory, formerly belonging to the patronage of the Roukesburghs, Canteleges, Poles, Walkynghams, Burghs, Rouclyffs, Clyffords, Walmesleys, and Petres. It is now in the patronage of R. F. Wilson, Esq.

" COWTHORP. -Annual value of the Rector £40. A composition of £4 per annum is paid for the tithe of the demesne land. The Church was founded by Sir Bryan Rocliffe, who departed this life, A. D. 1494." Signed, " Henry Walmsley, Rector." -Notitia Parochialis, No. 844.

The value of the Church in Pope Nicholas's Taxation is £15, and the Vicarage in the King's books is valued at £4. 15s. 10d. per annum.

" On the 13th February 1455, license was granted to Brian Roucliff, the patron, to demolish the church, and to erect one at another place, because the old church was too far distant from the town, and also the way between them very strait and dirty, and an indulgence of 40 days was granted to all who should contribute their charitable relief to the fabric thereof. The present Church was consecrated 17th August 1458, by John Bishop of Philopolensis, to the honour of St. Trinity and St. Michael the Archangel, together with the church-yard thereof ; and one year's remission was granted to all those who were truly contrite and penitent, and attended the consecration and dedication ; and also 40 days to those who should be present hereafter at the anniversary day of its dedication. A new Chapel was also consecrated, and dedicated to the honour of St. Michael, and St. Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury, the Martyr, and of St. Ursula, and Eleven Thousand Virgins, newly built within the church-yard of the old parish Church, and lately, by the Archbishop's authority, demolished and translated into the town." -Torre's MS.

In Mr. Hargrove's Knaresborough is contained a short account of the painted glass. See also Torre's MS., where are inscriptions and drawings of the tombs of the Roundells, Roucliffs, and Flynts, and a catalogue of the Rectors. Torre also gives the' coats of arms in Colthorpe Hall.

The Register Books commence in 1568.

The glebe house was returned, in 1818, as unfit for residence, on account of its smallness.

Parochial Charities. -No return.

Post town: Wetherby.

Vid. Torre's MS. page 290. Abp. Sharp's MS. vol. i. page 337. Wood's MS. (Bodleian), No. 5,101. Hargrove's Knaresborough, page 279.

*1 Or Colthorpe.

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