WOMBWELL: Wombwell Congregational Church History up to 1868.



A new and very commodious chapel was opened in this village in 1857. It originated in the labours of the students of Rotherham College, in the neighbouring colliery village of Wombwell Main, at which a room had been set apart by the colliery proprietors for worship. Chiefly owing to the zeal and exertion of Mr. William Utley, one of the managers of the works, a handsome chapel was built in Wombwell, which is likely hereafter to be the centre of very considerable population. Rev. J. PARTON is now the minister. The cause is greatly aided by the support of the West Riding Congregational Union and Home Missionary Society.

* Communicated by Rev. Dr. Falding.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
from the Appendix to
Congregationalism in Yorkshire
by James C. Miall, 1868.