DEWSBURY: Dewsbury-Trinity Chapel Congregational Church History up to 1868.



A large building, called the Public Hall, used as a theatre, was purchased by Messrs. M. Oldroyd and Sons, to whose property it was adjacent. It was suggested to Mr. Weeks, then on a visit, that he might resume in it his services at Dewsbury. As his health suffered from the air of Manchester, he complied, and the Hall, after being properly adapted, was opened for public worship, July 31, 1864, the Rev. E. H. WEEKS then preaching his first sermons. A church was constituted, consisting of 61 members. The present number is 140. Mr. Weeks continues his ministry here, awaiting the erection of a suitable chapel.

* Communicated by Rev. E. H. Weeks.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
from the Appendix to
Congregationalism in Yorkshire
by James C. Miall, 1868.