Dewsbury Directory of Trades and Professions for 1822


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for DEWSBURY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


  • Post Office Paul Fletcher; Office, Westgate.
  • Letters arrive from Leeds, by the new mail, at 7 morning, and return thither at 6 afternoon.

Academies, &c.,

  • Morton Benjamin, (Dewsbury Charity) Daw green
  • Nesbitt Miss, (Boarding and Day). Westgate
  • Pearce James, (Wheelwright's Charity) Westgate
  • Ryley Misses, (Ladies) Church street
  • Wood Rev. Jonathan, (Classical and Commercial) Church street
  • Wood Maria, (Ladies' Day) Spinkwell

Attornies, Solicitors, &c.,

  • Carrett Elliott, (commissioner for taking affidavits in the Duchy Court of Lancaster) Church street
  • Hopkinson John, Northgate
  • Oldroyd Thomas, (late Rylah & Oldroyd) clerk to the Trustees of the Dewsbury & Leeds rd. Northgate


  • Harrap Thomas, Northgate
  • Hauxwell Edmund, Bridge street


  • Hagues and Cook, Westgate & Dewsbury mills, on Smith, Payne, and Smith, London


  • Arron Thomas, Mill fold
  • Blackburn Eli, near Church street
  • Lister Henry, Daw green
  • Stead Richard, near Church street
  • Townsend George, Dewsbury mills
  • Wainwright Joshua, Northgate
  • Wormald John, Town end

Booksellers and Stationers,

  • Brooke Titus Senior, (sub-distributor of stamps, commissioner for taking special bail, agent for the London and provincial papers, dealer in snuff and fancy stationary) Market place
  • Willan James, (letter press and copper plate printer, and agent to the Leeds Mercury) Northgate

Boot and Shoe Makers,

  • Baildon John, Paul Smith's yard
  • Field Thomas, Church street
  • Firth Joshua, Back fold
  • Fletcher Paul, (and leather cutter) Westgate
  • Matthews Morritt, Church street
  • Newsome George, Northgate
  • Newsome Joseph, Bridge street
  • Whiteley William, Westgate

Braziers, Iron and Tinsmiths,

  • Siddell Samuel, Northgate
  • Wilson Matthew, (tin and iron) Market place


  • Almond George, Bridge street
  • Birch George, Daw green
  • Birch Samuel, Westgate
  • Fearnsides Robert, Market place
  • Hemingway Abraham, Market place
  • Spedding John, Daw green
  • Spedding Robert, Daw green
  • Spedding Thomas, Church street
  • Spedding Thomas, Daw green
  • Webster William, Northgate

Cabinet Makers,

  • Auty George, Fall lane gate
  • Balm forth William, Fall lane gate
  • Fawcett Thomas near Church street
  • Marriott John Thomas, Westgate
  • Smith Joshua, Westgate
  • Walker Richard, near Westgate
  • Ward John, Church street

Card Makers,

  • Horsfall, J. P. Daw green
  • Johnson Charles, Daw green
  • Oldfield Richard, Daw green

Carpet Manufacturers,

  • Carr John, (brussels & diaper) Dewsbury moor
  • Carr John, jun. (brussels and diaper) Dewsbury moor
  • Halliley (John's Sons) and Wynn, Dewsbury bank
  • Hanbury John, Dewsbury and Heckmondwike
  • Stead James, Westgate

Coal Proprietors,

  • Chaster G. T. & J. Popeley, Gomersal
  • Lumb Richard, Daw green
  • Thomas Abm. & Co. Dewsbury bank
  • Wheatley Timothy


  • Medcalf James, Market place
  • Waring John, Bridge street
  • Waring William, Northgate

Corn and Flour Millers and Dealers,

  • Brooke John, Westgate
  • Burrows and Taylor (Millers) Burgh mills
  • Fawcett George, Church street
  • Fearnley William, West gate
  • Hemingway Anne, (miller) Dewsbury beck mill
  • Jubb Thomas, Northgate
  • Pearson Wm. (Corn) Church street
  • Pilling John & William, Church street
  • Wooles Robert, (miller) Rouse mills

Curriers and Leather Sellers,

  • Child Nathan, near Church street
  • Crawshaw Philip, Market place
  • Newsome Thomas, near Church street
  • Wilman Thomas, Northgate


  • Brooke Titus, Senior dealer in paint, oil, seeds, tea, &c. Market place
  • Savage Joseph, Westgate


  • Fozard Titus, Kiln croft
  • Greenwood Francis, Dewsbury moor
  • Heald Francis, Boothroyd
  • Hinchliffe Marmaduke, Westgate
  • Tweedale John, Church street


  • Hinchliffe Marmaduke, Westgate
  • Stead James, Foot of Dewsbury bank
  • Ward John, (silk and cotton) Foundry yard

Fire Offices,

  • Birmingham Thomas Marriott (surveyor of the Dewsbury and Leeds new road) Westgate
  • County, Elliott Carrett, Church street

Fulling and Scribbling Mills,

  • Hemingway, Wilson, and Auty, Watergate new mill
  • Robinson, Rhodes, and Co. Sands mill
  • Todd Thomas, Watergate

Glass and China, &c. Dealers,

  • Ingham, J. W. Westgate
  • Lang Richard, Bridge street

Goldsmith, &c.,

  • Halliwell Thomas, (working gold and silversmith) Market place

Grocers and Tea, &c. Dealers,

  • Addy Joseph, Westgate,
  • Atkinson Samuel, Westgate
  • Bottomley James, Daw green
  • Cullingworth George, Market place
  • Fawcett George, Church street
  • Gledhill John, Dewsbury moor
  • Harpin, William, Westgate
  • Hibbard James, Westgate
  • Hudson Robert, Westgate
  • Inman Joseph Daw green
  • Lewis Edward Northgate
  • Smith Isaac Westgate
  • Smithson Thomas, Dawgreen
  • Thornton Thomas, Northgate
  • Walkington Robert, Market place
  • Wilson Joseph, sen. Daw green
  • Wilson Joseph, Daw green

Hat Manufacturers.

  • Law Matthias, Westgate
  • Oates Joseph and Son, Westgate
  • Postlethwaite Christopher, Market pl.
  • Tunnicliff Wm. and Son, Westgate

Inns, Taverns, &c.,

  • Anchor, Hannah Yate, Westgate
  • Boat House, John Smith
  • Commercial Coffee House, Thomas Harrap, Northgate
  • Crown, Philip Crawshaw, Market pl.
  • Gate, Betty Ellis, Fall lane
  • George Hotel and Commercial Traveller's Inn, George Spence, (posting and justices' meeting house) on the bridge
  • Horse and Jockey, Joseph Inman, Daw green
  • King's Arms Richard Greenwood, Market place
  • King's Arms, Timothy Parker, Westgate
  • King's Arms, Titus Parker, Raven's bridge
  • Man and Saddle Inn, William Darwent, Northgate
  • New Inn, John Howgate Northgate
  • Old Ship, Joshua Wormald, Watergate.
  • Royal Oak, Wm. Pearson, Church st.
  • Saddle, C. Postlethwaite, Market pl.
  • Shears, Elizabeth Wildsmith, Dewsbury moor
  • Star, Jeremiah Whitley, Paw green
  • Traveller's Rest A. Renton, Paw gn.
  • Waterloo, John Lister Paw green
  • White Lion, Robert Illingworth, Market place

Iron Founders,

  • Cardwell James and Eliz. Northgate
  • Day and Coe, Dewsbury Iron Works

Iron and Brass Founders,

  • Hazlegreaves Wm. (brass only) Dewsbury bridge
  • Shepherd John, Queen's Foundry

Iron Mongers,

  • Cunningham Jeremiah, Market place
  • Shepherd John, Northgate
  • Smith John and Son, (and nail makers) Northgate

Joiners and House Builders,

  • Auty George, jun. Fall lane
  • Fawcett Thomas Church street
  • Lister William, Daw green
  • Marriott John and Thomas, Westgate
  • Smith Joshua, Westgate
  • Walker Richard, near Westgate
  • Ward John, Church street
  • Whiteley Jeremiah, Paw green Lime


  • Carter Joseph, Westgate
  • Tweedale Joseph, Dewsbury wharf

Linen and Woollen Drapers,

  • Catlow Mary, Northgate
  • Cullingworth G. & M. (wholesale and retail and silk mercers) Market place and Westgate
  • Dickinson John, (London and Manchester warehouse) Bridge street
  • Firth Joseph, (silk mercer) Westgate
  • Sedgwick Matthew, Market place
  • Shepherd Elizabeth, Market place
  • Smith Paul, Westgate
  • Wass William, Westgate
  • Whiteley William, Westgate

Machine Makers,

  • Hazlegreaves William, (and brass founders) on the bridge
  • Kilburn Wm. (woollen and cotton bobbins) Spink well


  • Brooke John, Westgate
  • Burrows and Taylor, Burgh mills and Fall lane
  • Clarkson Edward Dewsbury mills
  • Naylor Thomas, Mockroyd lane
  • Wooller Robert, Rouse mill


  • Greenwood Francis, Dewsbury moor
  • Greenwood George, Westgate
  • Hagues and Cook, Dewsbury mills
  • Halliley, Son and Brooke, Aldam's mills, Westgate
  • Heald Francis Boothroyd
  • Smith Edward, Dewsbury moor
  • Wilby Edward (trustees of) Dewsbury moor


  • Brooke Elizabeth, Westgate
  • Burman Sarah, Market place
  • Firth E. and M. Westgate
  • Greaves Mary, Westgate
  • Hemingway Catharine, Bridge street
  • Tetlow M. A. Westgate


  • Card well James and Eliz. Northgate

Oil Millers and Merchants,

  • Robinson, Rhodes, and Co. Sand mills
  • Todd Thomas, (and seed crusher) Ing mill

Organ Builder,

  • Newsome William, Paw green


  • Barber David, Market place
  • Barber William, (dealer in colours) Westgate

Perfumer, &c.

  • Stott T. P. (toyman and hair cutter) Northgate

Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Pawson William, Long causeway
  • Pearson James, Church street


  • Blackburn Stephen, Bridge street
  • Stead Isaac (harness & trunk maker) Westgate

Sheriff's Officers,

  • Harrap Thomas, (of the Honour of Pontefract) Northgate
  • Hauxwell Edmund, Bridge street
  • Howgate Joseph, (of the Manor of Wakefield) Market place

Shuttle and Loom Makers,

  • Kilburn Wm. (clocks repaired) Spink well
  • Rishworth Paul, Webster hill

Slate Merchant,

  • Tweedale Joseph, (and flags) Dewsbury wharf

Slay and Geer Makers,

  • Greaves John, (and cotton reeds) Spink well
  • Knowles Thomas, Bridge street

Sloop and Boat Builder,

  • Shaw William, Navigation bank

Stone Merchants, Masons, &c.,

  • Clegg Widow and Sons, Pismire hill
  • Dickenson John, Church street
  • Lister John, Daw green
  • Nowell Benjamin, Daw green
  • Nowell Jonathan, Church street
  • Nowell Joseph, Paw green
  • Sharp Daniel Paw green
  • Thorp John, Daw green
  • Ward John, (merchant) Crackenedge
  • Webster Joseph, Daw green

Straw Hat Manufacturers,

  • Firth Joseph, Westgate
  • Smith Paul, Westgate
  • Wilkinson Jane, Westgate


  • Greenwood John, Raven's lodge
  • Hemingway Henry, Bridge street
  • Savage Joseph, Westgate
  • Swinden George, Height lands

Tailors, &c.

  • Bentley W. H. Bridge street
  • Farnhill Thomas, Northgate
  • Strafford Thomas, Long causeway

Tallow Chandlers.

  • Lang Richard, Bridge street
  • Walkington Robert, Market place


  • Oldfield Thomas, Dewsbury moor

Turners in Wood and Metal,

  • Goodall Richard, Dewsbury moor
  • Hazlegreaves Richard, near the Bridge
  • Kilburn Wm. (Brussels bowls and lingoes maker, Inventor, and manufacturer of the new sliding table for working carpets, & C. Spink well
  • Willan John, Man and Saddle yard

Watch and Clock Makers,

  • Halliwell Thomas, Market place
  • Robinson Joseph, Westgate


  • Allott Joseph, Church street
  • Firth Benjamin, Westgate
  • Harrison Robert, Mill fold
  • Kilburn Daniel, Dewsbury moor


  • Barber William Westgate
  • Lister Henry, Daw green
  • Robinson Peter (and bell hanger) Anchor Foundry

Wine and Spirit Merchants,

  • Hauxwell Edmund, Bridge street
  • Hindle and Son, Corner of Church st.
  • Lewis Edw. (British Wines) Northgate
  • Todd Thomas and Co. Paw green


  • Greaves Abraham Street side
  • Greaves Joseph, Street side
  • Hippon William, Earlsheaton
  • Hirst Joseph, Dewsbury mills
  • Oldroyd & Clay, Market place
  • Pickles William Kiln croft
  • Smith George, Dewsbury moor
  • Smith John, Cleggford bridge
  • Tweedale John, Church street
  • Ward Richard, near Spink well
  • Wass William, Westgate
  • Wormald Joshua, Watergate

Woollen Manufacturers, with their Inns Houses in Leeds,

  • Archer James, jun.
  • Auty Benjamin jun. Dew green
  • Auty Benjamin, sen. Daw green
  • Auty Charles, Daw green
  • Auty George, Fall lane
  • Auty Paul, Watergate
  • Beckett T. Dewsbury moor, Rodney
  • Bedford Benjamin Dove
  • Bedford Thomas, hove
  • Bennett John, (Cl. & B.) Fall lane
  • Blackburn Charles, Dewsbury moor
  • Blackburn John, Dewsbury moor
  • Blakeley John, Westgate
  • Blakeley Thomas, Westgate
  • Brearey Benj. & Son, Crackenedge
  • Brearey George, Crackenedge
  • Brearey George, Dove
  • Brearey Joseph, Dove
  • Brearley Benjamin
  • Brearley David, Dove
  • Brooke Eli, Daw green
  • Brooke George, Dew green
  • Brooke Joseph, Westgate
  • Buckley Abraham, Dove
  • Carter Michael, Daw green
  • Chadwick Sam. near Dewsbury church
  • Clay Jacob Dove
  • Crawshaw Joseph, Dewsbury moor
  • Crosland Edward, Dewsbury moor
  • Crowther Benjamin, Daw green
  • Day Jacob Lamb
  • Day James, (and Flushing) Spink well, White Swan
  • Day John, Dewsbury moor
  • Day Jonathan, Lamb
  • Eastwood Abraham, Northgate
  • Ellis Benj. (cl. & bl.) Fall lane
  • Ellis Frances, Daw green
  • Fozard John, Kiln croft
  • Fozard Titus, Kiln croft
  • Graham Benjamin Brook hole
  • Greaves Joseph, Checkenley
  • Greenwood George, Westgate, White Swan
  • Hagues & Cook, Dewsbury mills
  • Halliley, Son, and Brooke, Aldam's mills Westgate
  • Hanson Joseph jun. Paw green
  • Hanson Joseph, Daw green
  • Hemingway Mark, (bl.) Calder side Dewsbury
  • Hemingway Titus, (bl.) Fall lane Kidson John
  • Hemingway, Wilson, and Auty, Watergate new mill
  • Knowles Benjamin
  • Knowles David, (bl.) Fall lane
  • Knowles Luke (bl.) Westgate
  • Lee Joseph, Dewsbury moor
  • Machell Robert, (cloth) Northgate
  • Marriott Jeremiah, Boothroyd lane
  • Marriott Jeremiah, Daw green
  • Medley John, Boothroyd
  • Mitchell Abraham, Kiln croft
  • Mitchell Samuel, Checkenley
  • Robinson, Rhodes & Co. Sandys mill
  • Smith Isaac, Snake hill
  • Smith James (& flushing) Spink well
  • Smith Thomas, Dewsbury moor
  • Smith William, Pismire hill
  • Stephenson David, Checkenley
  • Tattersfield William
  • Thompson James, Daw green
  • Vickerman John, Checkenley
  • Ward John & Thomas, Crackenedge
  • Ward Joseph, (& parish clerk) near the Church
  • Ward Richard, (hi.) Northgate
  • Wheatley Timothy, Dewsbury
  • Whitworth John, Daw green
  • Whitworth Joseph Daw green
  • Whitworth Squire, Dewsbury moor
  • Whitworth William Daw green
  • Wilby Edward, Dewsbury moor
  • Wilson Benjamin, Daw green
  • Wilson Joseph, Daw green
  • Wilson Thomas, Upper Boothroyd
  • Wilson Wm. (caresses & bl.) Watergate


  • Armitage Zaccheus, wire worker, Westgate
  • Aythorn Jonas, farrier, Town end, Westgate
  • Beaumont John, shoe maker, Daw gn
  • Brook John, Esq. Aldam's house
  • Buckworth Rev John, A. M. Vicar of St. Stephen's, Vicarage house
  • Dibb Rt. clog and patten maker and shoe dealer, Market place
  • Fawcett Joseph, Church street
  • Fryer James excise officer, Church st.
  • Greenwood Abm. Esq. Dewsbury moor
  • Greenwood George, cloth dresser and glosser, Westgate
  • Hague John, Esq. Crow nest
  • Halliley James, gentleman, Westgate
  • Halliley John, Esq. Grove place
  • Halliley John, jun. Esq. Manor house
  • Hartley Ptr. skinner, Dewsbury moor
  • Heald John Esq. Dewsbury moor
  • Howroyd Wm. plasterer, Paw green
  • Hutchinson Thomas, hide stamper, Daw green
  • Jessop Adam, gentleman, Daisy hill
  • Lodge W. sloop owner, River side
  • Marriott Richard, gent. Northgate
  • Maybon Thomas, Dewsbury mills
  • Mitchell Mary, Westgate
  • Oates John, Water lane
  • Parker Titus, vict. & agent to Widow Welsh & Sons, Raven's bridge
  • Parr William, stocking mfr. Church st.
  • Prince William, public accountant, near Northgate
  • Robinson Benjamin, gardener and seedsman, Dewsbury moor
  • Robinson Mrs. Sarah, Northgate
  • Rylah Mrs. Market place
  • Thomlinson Mrs. Mary, Daisy hill
  • Thornton Jph. fruiterer, Market pl.
  • Ward John, sear, chief constable of Dewsbury, Northgate
  • Ward Thomas, deputy constable of Dewsbury, Northgate
  • Westley Samuel, breeches maker and glover, Westgate
  • Whittaker Mrs. Mary, Market place
  • Wilson Thomas, Daw green

From the George Hotel, near Dewsbury Bridge,

  • NEW MAIL to Huddersfield at 7 morn. to Leeds at 6 evening.
  • The REGULATOR to Liverpool, through Huddersfield, every morn. at 11, to Leeds every evn. at ½ p. 4.
From the New Inn, Bridge street,
  • Market COACH, to Huddersfield, every Tu. at 8 in the morn, to Wakefield at ½ 7 in the evn.
  • POST COACH, to Wakefield, every morn, except Sun. at 9, to Halifax, at 5 in the evn.
  • The COMMERCIAL UNION, post coach to Manchester, every morn, at 9, to Leeds at 6 evn.

Carriers by Land,

  • Benjamin Rhodes, (Watergate) to Wakefield daily, 4 8 morn. r 5 two.
  • Binns & Pinder, convey goods to Halifax, every Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 8 in the evn.
  • Edmund Buckley & Co. convey goods daily by land to Leeds, and by water to Manchester, from Dewsbury canal wharf, whence goods are forwarded to London, Liverpool Bristol, Hull, and all parts of the kingdom; agent Jas. Lodge
  • James Wilson, to Leeds, Tu. Thu. & Sat. d 5 morn. r 8 evn.
  • John Inman, (Fall lane)to Wakefield, every Mon. Wed. & Fri. d 7 morn. r 7 evn. to Huddersfield every Tu. & Sat. d 6 morn. r 8 evn.
  • Widow Welsh & Sons, convey goods by land and water, from Raven's wharf, daily to Leeds, York, Hull, Newcastle - upon - Tyne and all parts of the North; and by fly boats, every evening to Manchester, and all parts of the kingdom; agent, Titus Parker
  • William Inman, (Batley Carr) to Wakefield daily, d 7 morn. r 6 evn. Joshua Kenyon, (of Fall lanegate) from Buckley's wharf to Leeds, daily 12 at noon.
  • William Whitaker, to Leeds, Tu. Thu. & Sat. d 4 morn. r 7 evn.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for CHICKENLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Riley John, cloth manufacturer
  • Sheard J. and M. mill owners
  • Stephenson David, maltster

Blanket makers,

  • Hemingway Benj.
  • Mitchell Samuel
  • Russell William
  • Stephenson D. & G.
  • Vickerman John
  • Whitaker George

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for CLIFTON in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Armitage Sir Geo. Bart. Kirklees hall

Miscellany of trades

  • Blackburn T. fulling & scribbling miller
  • Brearley William, currier
  • Camm Samuel, machine maker
  • Drake Thomas, stuff maker
  • Greenwood Charles, schoolmaster
  • Hirst Francis, boot and shoe maker
  • Middleham Saml. vict. Armitage Arms
  • Peas James, vict. Black Horse
  • Pinder Joshua, vict. Pack Horse
  • Pratt George, vict. Black Bull
  • Senior Joseph, butcher
  • Shaw William, corn miller & factor
  • Stead James, gardener
  • Walker James, blacksmith

Cabinet makers,

  • Pratt George
  • Pratt Jph. (joiner)

Card makers

  • Armitage Samuel
  • Armitage William
  • Barker Edwin
  • Bates James
  • Brook Christ.
  • Broughton John
  • Crossley James
  • Fairburn John
  • Goldthorp J. & W.
  • Goldthorp Samuel
  • Hirst J. Blake lane
  • Rayner John

Grocers &c.

  • Armitage Thomas
  • Thomas John

Spirit Merchants,

  • Goldthorp David
  • Middleham S. & Co.

Wire Drawers

  • Womersley Mark
  • Wood John

Woollen Mfrs.

  • Goldthorp Jph.
  • Tetley George
  • Wilkinson John


  • Geo. Schorah, to Leeds, Tu. & Sat.
  • Joshua Pinder, to Wakefield Mon. Wed. & Fri. To Halifax Tu. Thu. & Sat.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for DEWSBURY MOORSIDE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Greenwood Abraham, Esq.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for EARLS HEATON in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Boothroyd James, gentleman
  • Hippon Edward, gentleman
  • Hippon Wm. wool factor; warehouse Dewsbury
  • Illingworth Joseph
  • Marriott Luke, cabinet maker
  • Newsome Joseph, gentleman
  • Newsome William, yeoman
  • Roberts James, vict. Spangled Bull
  • Sykes John and Son, maltsters
  • Twigg John, merchant and mfr.

Blanket mfrs.

  • Asquith George
  • Audsley Joseph
  • Clarkson Edward
  • Clarkson Richard
  • Cooper Joseph
  • Crowther George
  • Fields Abraham
  • Harrop Timothy
  • Hemingway John
  • Hemingway Jph.
  • Hemingway Tho.
  • Milner John
  • Potter Benj.
  • Potter Mark
  • Rhodes Daniel
  • Rhodes William
  • Richardson John
  • Riley Reuben
  • Robinson Joseph
  • Robinson Wm.
  • Scott William
  • Senior Edward
  • Senior George
  • Senior James
  • Senior John
  • Senior Joseph
  • Senior Wm.
  • Sykes Joseph
  • Taylor Joseph
  • Tolson Benjamin
  • Tolson Isaac
  • Tong & Co.
  • Tong David
  • Tong Jonathan
  • Tong Thomas
  • Twigg John
  • Whitworth Benj.
  • Whitworth Jph.
  • Young Henry


  • Hargreaves Wm.
  • Harrop Benjamin
  • Roberts James
  • Taylor William


  • Crosland William
  • Scott Hannah

Mill owners,

  • Robinson & Co.
  • Wilson & Co.

Stone masons,

  • Brayshaw John
  • Exley Charles
  • Scott Benjamin
  • Scott Benjamin

Woollen mfrs.

  • Oldroyd & Clay
  • Sykes & Son

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HANGING HEATON in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Avison William, vict. Saville's Arms
  • Dews Isaiah, vict. Babes in the Wood
  • Greaves Joseph, blanket maker
  • Hargreave David, gentleman
  • Netherton Joseph, tailor and grocer
  • Nowell Jacob, schoolmaster
  • Nowell Mark, gentleman
  • Scargill George, butcher
  • Wooler Robt. corn miller & maltster


  • Millns Benjamin
  • Wainwright Wm.


  • Watson Anthony
  • Watson Jph. senr.


  • Gibson Isaac
  • Hirst Eleanor
  • Nettleton Joseph


  • Greaves John
  • Hainsworth James
  • Nowell John
  • Whitaker B. & Son


  • Hirst Widow & Son
  • Mortimer Edward


  • Scargill John
  • Scargill Thomas
  • Scargill William


  • Brearey Joseph
  • Buckley Abraham
  • Clay Isaac
  • Day Charles
  • Day George
  • Day Jacob
  • Day Jonathan
  • Day Joseph
  • Fox Marmaduke
  • Fox Phineas
  • Greaves Joshua
  • Hirst J. and R.
  • Hirst Thomas
  • Milnes James
  • Nowell James
  • Oldroyd Benjamin
  • Oldroyd Jacob
  • Pickles James
  • Robinson William

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HARTSHEAD CUM CLIFTON in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Stead James, nursery and seedsman
  • Stott wire drawer
  • Wilby Henry, card marker
  • Wilby Henry, merchant

Grocers, &c.

  • Hirst Joseph
  • Horsfall John
  • Ramsden George

Stone Masons,

  • Horsfall Richard
  • Jackson George

Woollen mfrs.

  • Berry Jph. (cords)
  • Drake John
  • Wilby Henry
  • Wilby Josiah


  • Geo. Scorer, to Leeds every Tues. Thurs. & Saturday.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for OSSETT in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Barmby Thos. gentleman
  • Brooke Joseph, yeoman
  • Dixon Rev. Wm. curate
  • Haigh Joshua, Esq.
  • Hepworth Thos. yeoman
  • Ingham Wm. Esq.
  • Kilvington Rev. Edw. A. M.
  • Nettleton John, yeoman
  • Reader Rev. Wm. Indp. minister
  • Scott Joseph, yeoman
  • Shepherd Richard, gentleman
  • Thorns Joseph, gentleman
  • Thorns Joshua, gentleman

Miscellany of trades

  • Archer E. vict. & mason, Cock & Bottle
  • Archer Isaac
  • Archer John S. attorney, attends at the Bull Inn, Wakefield, Fri. and the Man & Saddle, Dewsbury, Wed.
  • Berry Geo. vict. Hare & Hounds
  • Brook Richard, cabinet maker
  • Brook Thos. painter & appraiser
  • Driver John, auctioneer
  • Emmerson Benj. & Co. Spring end mill
  • Fawcett James, vict. King's Arms
  • Greaves Abraham, woolstapler
  • Harrap Frs. vict. Old Carpenter's Arms
  • Kay John, victualler, Saw
  • Naylor James, vict. Hammer & Anvil
  • Oakes David, manager of Union mills
  • Ogden John, coal merchant
  • Rayner George saddler
  • Senior Joseph, millwright
  • Senior Wm. currier & leather cutter
  • Shepherd Joseph vict. Red Lion
  • Smith and Hindle, bombazeen and worsted manufacturers
  • Terry Percival, vict. Shoulder of Mutton
  • Waterson Robert, vict. King's Arms
  • Wilby ----, manager of Healey mills
  • Wilby Francis, librarian
  • Wilby John, vict. Cross Keys
  • Wilby Joshua, wire drawer
  • Wood William, slay maker


  • Clay Isaac
  • Harrap Wm.
  • Johnson Joseph


  • Fearnley Thos.
  • Harrap Benj.
  • Illingworth Joseph
  • Moss Joshua
  • Moss Thomas
  • Nettleton Joseph
  • Senior Joseph
  • Terry Percival
  • Ward Seth

Card makers,

  • Baines Benj.
  • Hodgson R. & S.
  • Ogden Reuben
  • Smith Wm.


  • Fozard John
  • Fozard Joseph
  • Pollard Geo.

Coal Owners,

  • Hallas Anne
  • Hinchliff Edw.

Cotton mfrs.

  • Blakey Robert
  • Lodge Isaac
  • Smith Joseph


  • Gartside John, (drysalter)
  • Halla Ben & Co.
  • Phillip John & Co.


  • Ellis Benj.
  • Mitchell James
  • Stocks Joseph
  • Whitaker Geo.


  • Parker Michael
  • Phillips Randolph
  • Pickard David
  • Popplewell Saml.
  • Spurr Joseph
  • Wade Hannah
  • Wilson John

Machine makers,

  • Archer Joseph
  • Burton Joseph
  • Collett Thomas


  • :The following persons are machine makers in the employment of the above masters, and, being subscribers to the work, their names are inserted.
  • Battye Joseph
  • Blakey Joseph
  • Dews Francis
  • Gothard Richard
  • Haley Jonas
  • Hinchliff Marmad.
  • Moorhouse John
  • Moss Joshua
  • Preston Wm.
  • Robinson Charles
  • Smith John
  • Stead John


  • Greaves Joshua
  • Thorns Joshua


  • Pool Wm.
  • Tolson John
  • Wade Charles


  • Audsley Joseph
  • Gunson Benj.


  • Ellis James
  • Schofield James
  • Taylor Joseph


  • Greenwood John
  • Johnson Robert


  • Hewitt Joseph
  • Nettleton John
  • Robinson Geo.
  • Tomlinson Robert

Woollen mfrs.

  • Archer Abraham
  • Archer James
  • Baines Benjamin
  • Berry George
  • Briggs George
  • Briggs Jas. & Co.
  • Brook Benjamin
  • Brook John
  • Dews Abraham
  • Dews Thomas
  • Ellis David
  • Ellis John
  • Ellis Joseph
  • Ellis Joshua
  • Ellis Joshua, jun.
  • Ellis Samuel
  • Fligg Robert
  • Fothergill Joseph
  • Hallas Benjamin
  • Hallas William
  • Harrap Thomas
  • Illingworth Wm.
  • Jessop Mark
  • Megson Samuel
  • Mitchell George
  • Mitchell John
  • Mitchell Thomas
  • Pickard Abraham
  • Rayner Samuel
  • Robinson Joseph
  • Saxton Joseph
  • Saxton Robert
  • Scott Samuel
  • Sheard J. (blanket)
  • Stephenson John
  • Stephenson Mark
  • Stephenson Thos.
  • White Joshua
  • Wilby Benjamin
  • Wilby David
  • Wilby George
  • Williamson Wm.

Woollen Yarn mfrs.,

  • Archer Francis
  • Archer Isaac
  • Ayton Edward
  • Brook Joseph
  • Denton John
  • Ellis Joseph
  • Fearnside John
  • Mitchell Jonathan
  • Oakes Benjamin
  • Oakes James
  • Rowley & Son


  • J. Clarkson, G. Farrar, W. Fearnley and R. Illingworth, to Leeds, Tuesday and Saturday.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003