Dewsbury Directory of Trades and Professions for 1829


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for DEWSBURY in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Post Office,

  • Westgate, Paul Fletcher, Post Master.
  • Letters for Nottingham, Lincoln, despatched at half-past five in the morning.
  • Letters for Boston, Rotherham, Sheffield and all parts, of the South, are despatched at half past five in the morning, and arrive at eight in the morning:
  • Letters for Leeds, Wakefield, Kendal, the North of England and all parts of Scotland, are despatched at twelve at noon, and arrive at five minutes before six in the evening, bringing letters from London and the South and East parts of the kingdom.
  • All foreign letters, by way of London, are despatched every Monday and Thursday, but they must be posted the previous nights before ten.
  • Office opens at eight in the morning, and closes at nine at night.

Gentry and Clergy,

  • Bradley, gent. Church street
  • Buckwell Rev. James, Westgate
  • Buckworth Rev. John, Vicarage house
  • Cooper Rev. Henry, Batley
  • Fawcett Joseph, Church street
  • Gloyne Rev. Charles, Chapel square
  • Greenwood Abraham, esq. Dewsbury moor
  • Hague John, esq. Crow nest
  • Halliley John, sen gent. Grove place
  • Holroyd Rev. James B. near Daw green
  • Hopkins, Mrs. Northgate
  • Hough Rev. G. Earls Heaton
  • Rylah Mrs. Susan, Market place
  • Sedgwick Rev. Matthew, Batley
  • Sykes Miss, Batley,
  • Waterhouse Rev. George
  • Westly Mrs. Westgate
  • Willis Miss, Long causeway
  • Wood Rev. Jonth, Long causeway

Academies and Schools,

  • Free Grammar School, Batley- Rev. Matthew Sedgwick, master
  • Free School, Daw green-Benjamin Moretan, master
  • Free School, Westgate-James Pearce, master
  • Hemingway Ann, jun. (ladies' day) Market place
  • Hough Rev. G. (gent's. boarding) Earls Heaton
  • Wood Rev. Jonathan (classical and commercial) Dixon street


  • Carrett Elliot (& commissioner for taking affidavits in the duchy court of Lancaster) Church street
  • Oldroyd & Rylah, Market place
  • Rowland William, Union street


  • Brooke Edward, Dewsbury
  • Harrap Thomas, (& sheriff's officer) Northgate
  • Pearson William, Church street
  • Smith William Wilkes, Batley,


  • Hagues & Cook, Market place (draw on Smith, Payne& Smith) London)


  • Arran John, Kiln croft
  • Bates Jeremiah, Earls Heaton
  • Blackburn Eli, near Church street
  • Chadwick Benjamin, Batley
  • Lister Henry, Daw green
  • Mason Thomas, Earls Heaton
  • Stead Richard, Millfold
  • Townsend George, Dewsbury mills
  • Wainwright Joshua, Northgate
  • Wormald John, Townend

Blanket Manufacturers,

  • Asquith George, Chickingler heath
  • Blackburn John, Dewsbury moor
  • Carr John & Sons, Spring Mills
  • Carr, Joseph, Dewsbury,
  • Chadwick Samuel, Bridge end
  • Clarkson Edward & Richard, Earls Heaton
  • Crawshaw Joseph, Dewsbury moor
  • Dey John, Dewsbury moor
  • Drensfield Joseph, Chickingler heath
  • Ellis Benjamin, Daw green
  • Exley Samuel, Batley
  • Field Abraham, Earls Heaton
  • Gibson Thomas, Chickingler
  • Greaves John, Ossett street side
  • Greaves Thomas, Ossett street side
  • Hagues & Cook, Dewsbury Mills
  • Hall George, Clark green
  • Hall James (& felt) Purl well
  • Hall Joseph, Batley
  • Halliley, Brooke & Hallileys', Daw green
  • Hemingley Wilson and Anthony, Walter gate
  • Hemingway John, Earls Heaton
  • Hemingway Joseph, Earls Heaton
  • Hexley James, Earls Heaton
  • Hirst Joseph, (& flushing) Bailey car
  • Holroyd John, Dewsbury moor
  • Lee Joseph, Dewsbury moor
  • Marriott Jeremiah, near Dewsbury
  • Milner John, Earls Heaton
  • Mitchell Samuel, Chickingler
  • Naylor Abraham, top of Batley car
  • Naylor Joseph, top of Batley car
  • Potter Benjamin, Earls Heaton
  • Potter Mark, Earls Heaton
  • Rhodes Daniel, Earls Heaton
  • Rhodes William, Earls Heaton
  • Richardson John, Earls Heaton
  • Riley Reuben, Earls Heaton
  • Robinson Joseph, Earls Heaton
  • Robinson William, Earls Heaton
  • Scott William, Earls Heaton
  • Senior Edward, Earls Heaton
  • Senior Joseph, Earls Heaton
  • Smith William, Dewsbury moor
  • Stapleton Thomas, jun. Meadow house, near Dewsbury
  • Stapleton Thomas, sen. Meadow house, near Dewsbury
  • Stephenson David & George, Chickingler
  • Sykes Joseph, Earls Heaton
  • Tattersfield William, Dewsbury moor
  • Taylor James, Batley car
  • Taylor Joseph, Earls Heaton
  • Tong David, Earls Heaton
  • Tong Jonathan, Earls Heaton
  • Tong Thomas, Earls Heaton
  • Twigg John, Earls Heaton
  • Vickman John, Chickingler
  • Walker Edward, Dewsbury moor
  • Walker George, Dewsbury moor
  • Ward John, Crackenhedge
  • Ward Richard, Northgate
  • Whitworth Benjamin, Earls Heaton
  • Whitworth John, Daw green
  • Whitworth Joseph, Earls Heaton
  • Whitworth Joseph, Daw green
  • Whitworth Squire, Dewsbury moor
  • Whitworth William, Daw green
  • Wilson John, top of Batley car
  • Wilson Thomas, Bridge end
  • Wood Thomas, Bailey car
  • Wormald Joshua, Water gate
  • Young Henry, Earls Heaton


  • Brooke Titus, sen. Market place

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Abbott John, Westgate
  • Dibb Robert, Market place
  • Mathew Morritt, Westgate
  • Newsome George, Northgate
  • Pearson Nathaniel, Northgate
  • Robshaw Benj, Market place
  • Whiteley William, Westgate


  • Almond George, Mill fold
  • Birch George, Daw green
  • Birch Samuel, Westgate
  • Fearnside Robert, Market place
  • Harrap Benjamin, Earls Heaton
  • Hemingway Robert, Market place
  • Roberts James, Earls Heaton
  • Smithson John, Daw green
  • Spedding John, Daw green
  • Spedding Thomas, Daw green
  • Spedding Thomas & John, Church street
  • Webster William, Northgate

Cabinet Makers & Joiners,
(See also Joiners.)

  • Bamforth William, Daw green
  • Ellis Thomas, Daw green
  • Fawcett George, Church street
  • Healey Benjamin, Daw green
  • Healey David, Daw green

Card Makers,

  • Hemingway John, Daw green
  • Horsfall John, Northgate
  • Johnson Charles, Raven's wharf
  • Oldfield Richard, Daw green

Carpet Manufacturers,

  • Carr John, Dewsbury moor
  • Carr John & Sons.(Flushing, &c.)

Spring Mills,

  • Halliley John, Sons & Wynn, adjoining the Hotel
  • Smith & France, Westgate end

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Brooke Titus, sen. Market place
  • Gloyne Thomas H. Market place
  • Harwood Dunn (& tea dlr.) Westgate
  • Lancaster Edward, Westgate


  • Bramhall Joseph, Westgate
  • Kershaw James, Market place
  • Metcalf James, Market place
  • Waring William, Northgate

Corn Millers,

  • Auty John, Northgate
  • Fearnley William, Calder Mills
  • Hemingway Ann, sen. Market place
  • Hirst & Auty, Dewsbury moor
  • Walker Richard, Batley
  • Wooler Robert & Son, Rouse Mill

Coverlid Manufacturers,

  • Clegg John, Batley
  • Taylor Thomas, Batley
  • Terry Mark, Batley

Curriers and Leather Sellers,

  • Child Nathan, near Daw green
  • Crawshaw Philip, sen. Market place
  • Lee Richard, Mill close
  • Newsome Thomas, Back Church street

Earthenware Dealers,

  • Lang Richard, Market place
  • Oldroyd Joseph, Market place
  • Ripley John, Westgate

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Birmingham, Thomas Marriott, Westgate
  • County, Elliot Carrett, Church street
  • Guardian, Thomas Oldroyd, Market place
  • Protector, William Rowland, Union street

Flushing, Drugget, &c. Manufacturers,
(See also Woollen Manufacturers.)

  • Blakeley John, Batley
  • Brearley Robert, Purl well
  • Burnley John, jun. Batley
  • Burnley John, Ben. Batley
  • Clarkson Joseph, Batley
  • Day Charles, Batley car
  • Day Francis, Spink well
  • Day James, Spink well
  • Day John, Bailey
  • Day Joseph, Batley car
  • Fell Joseph, Batley
  • Firth Joseph, Batley car
  • Fox John, Batley
  • Fox Phineas, Batley
  • Fozard Titus, Kiln croft
  • Halliley, Brooke & Hallileys', Westgate
  • Ibbetson William, Batley
  • Iveson George, Batley
  • Jubb Joseph, Batley
  • Lister George, Batley
  • Naylor Abraham, Batley car
  • Newsome George, Batley
  • Newsome Joseph, Batley car
  • Newsome Thomas, Batley car
  • Newsome William, Batley
  • Oldroyd Mark, Batley car
  • Parker Joseph, Bailey
  • Pickles William, Kiln croft
  • Porrett Oates, Batley car
  • Richardson James, Batley
  • Senior John, Batley
  • Senior John, jun. Batley
  • Shaw Richard, top of Batley car
  • Sheard George, Batley
  • Sheard Michael, Batley
  • Smith Ann, top of Bailey car
  • Smith James, Spink well
  • Smith Richard, Clark green
  • Spedding Michael, Bailey
  • Stapleton Thomas, jun. Meadow house, near Dewsbury
  • Stapleton Thomas, sen. Meadow house, near Dewsbury
  • Stubley Joseph, Healy
  • Talbot Stephen, Batley
  • Wilman James, Batley car
  • Wilson Joseph, Batley

Grocers & Tea Dealers,

  • Addy Joseph, Northgate
  • Atkinson Samuel, Westgate
  • Callow George, North
  • Clay Jonathan, (tea dealer). Market place
  • Cullingworth George, Market place
  • Hibberd James, Westgate
  • Hudson Robert, Westgate
  • Lewis Edward, Northgate
  • Mallinson Jonathan Johnson, Market place
  • Taylor John (& draper) Batley

Hair Dressers and Perfumers,

  • Hainsworth William, Market place
  • Stott Thomas Dyson, Northgate

Hat Manufacturers,

  • Law Matthias & Son, Market place
  • Marsden & Crabtree, Bond street
  • Oates Joseph & Sons, Westgate
  • Tunnicliffe William, Westgate


  • George Hotel (& posting) George Spence, Market place
  • New Inn, Robert Walkington, Market place

Iron & Brass Founders,

  • Cardwell James, Northgate
  • Shepherd John, Northgate

Iron & Tinplate Workers,

  • Fryer Adolphus Thomas, Market place
  • Siddall Hannah, Northgate


  • Haworth Joseph, Westgate
  • Shepherd John, Northgate
  • Smith John & Son, Westgate

Marked thus * are also Builders.

  • Akeroyd Henry, Batley
  • Fawcett Thomas, Union street
  • Gomersall Thomas, Kiln croft
  • Halmshaw Joseph, jun. Market place
  • Liversidge James, Kiln croft
  • *Marriott Thomas, (& surveyor of the Dewsbury & Leeds road) Westgate
  • Shires & Swift, Milton square
  • *Slack Joseph, Earls Heaton
  • Walker Richard, Westgate
  • Ward John, Church street
  • Whiteley Joseph, Daw green

Lime Merchants, &c,

  • Carter Hannah, Westgate
  • Tweedale Joseph (and wharfinger) Canal wharf

Linen Drapers,

  • Brady William, Market place
  • Cullingworth George and Miles, Market place
  • Firth Joseph (& silk mercer) Westgate
  • Sedgwick Matthew, Market place
  • Smith Paul, Northgate
  • Wass William, jun. Westgate

Machine Makers,

  • Archer John, Daw green
  • Haley Jonas, top of Batley car
  • Kilburn William, Spink well


  • Auty George, Daw green
  • Hirst & Auty, Dewsbury moor
  • Scholefield Joshua, Batley hall
  • Stephenson David & George, Chickingler
  • Sykes John, Earls Heaton
  • Wooler Robert, Back Church street
  • Wormald Joshua, Water gate


  • Ellis James & Sons, near Dewsbury
  • Hagues & Cook, Dewsbury Mills
  • Halliley, Brooke and Hallileys, Daw green

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Brooke Elizabeth, Westgate
  • Burman Martha. Union street
  • Crawshaw Elizabeth & Rhoda, Market place
  • Firth Elizabeth, Westgate
  • Greaves Mary, Westgate
  • Hemingway Catherine, Bridge street
  • Russell Mary, Market place

Nail Manufacturers,

  • Haworth Joseph, Westgate
  • Smith John and Sons (wrought and cut) West & North gates

Oil Merchants,

  • Robinson, Rhodes & Co. Sand Mills
  • Todd Thomas, Daw green

Painters-House, Sign &c,

  • Barber David (& landscape) Union street
  • Robinson Joshua (& grainer) Westgate

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Eastwood Thomas, Long causeway
  • Pearson James, Church street


  • Bailey & Empson (& bookbinders) Church Street
  • Willan Elizabeth (& copper plate) Market place


  • Child Thomas, Market place
  • Edwards Richard, opposite Mansion house
  • Stead Isaac, Westgate

Scribbling and Fulling Mills,

  • Burnley, Spedding & Co. Batley
  • Day, Ponett & Co. Batley car
  • Ellis, Smith & Co. Batley car
  • Hall & Co. Purl well
  • Hallas Benjamin & William, Chickingler
  • Robinson, Rhodes & Co. Sandhills
  • Scatchard, Cooper & Co. Batley
  • Wilson & Co. Scarr-End Mill

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Allatt Samuel, Church street
  • Bedforth John (and rag dealer), Daw green
  • Brooke John, Westgate
  • Metcalf James, Market place
  • Senior Stephen, Batley
  • Smithson Thomas, Daw green
  • Talbot Joseph, Batley
  • Tathem Robert, Westgate

Slay and Geer Makers,

  • Greaves John, Bond street
  • Greaves William, Milton's square
  • Knowles Thomas, Market place

Stone Masons, &c,

  • Nowell James, Daw green
  • Nowell Joseph & Sons, Daw green
  • Trop John, Daw green

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Firth Elizabeth, Westgate
  • Illingworth John, Northgate
  • Metcalf Elizabeth, Alai ket place
  • Smith Paul, Northgate
  • Wilkinson Jane, Earls Heaton


  • Greenwood Jonathan, Revens lodge
  • Greenwood John, Daisy hill
  • Hindle John, Church street
  • Naylor George, Batley car
  • Savage Joseph, Westgate
  • Swindell George, Height land
  • Wooler William, Bailey


  • Bentley William Henry, Union street
  • Brigham Edward, Northgate
  • Farnhill Thomas, Market place
  • Halmshaw Joseph, sen. Market place
  • Hewitt John, Long causeway
  • Robinson George, Ossett street aide
  • Strafford Thomas, Long causeway
  • Wilson James, Westgate

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Atkinson Samuel, Westgate
  • Lang Richard, Market place

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Bull, James Roberts, Earls Heaton
  • Bull, William Wilks Smith, Bailey
  • Bull & Butcher, John Akeroyde, Batley
  • Bull Inn, Jonathan Webster Ingham, Market place
  • Cardigan's Arms, Thomas Chadwick, Up Batley
  • Clothiers' Arms, Ran. Stapleton, Batley car
  • Crown and Cushion, Philip Crawshaw, Market place
  • Duke of Leeds' Arms, Jacob Howgate, Union street
  • Fleece, Charles Ward, Batley
  • Fleece Inn, Thomas Knowles, Northgate
  • Gate, John Ellis, Daw green
  • George, Francis Popplewell, Batley
  • Horse & Jockey, Joseph Inman, Daw green
  • King's Arms, Robert Machell, Market place
  • Man & Saddle, William Darwent, Northgate
  • Mason's Aims, George Auty, Daw green
  • Old Anchor, Hannah Carter, Westgate
  • Royal Oak, William Pearson, Church street
  • Saddle, Sarah Postlewaite, Westgate
  • Shears, John Whitehead, Dewsbury moor
  • Ship, Joshua Wormald, Daw green
  • Shoulder of Mutton, Matthew Thackreib, top of Batley car
  • Stag & Pheasant, Joseph Whiteley, Dow green
  • Star, Richard Ellis, Daw green
  • Wagon & Horses, David Hanson, Osset street side Westgate
  • Wellington Tavern, John Whitehead,
  • White Hart; John Smith, Dewsbury moor
  • White Lion, Jun. Pearson Horsfall, Northgt
  • White Swan, Joseph Newsome, Earls Heaton
  • Wilton's Arms, Alum. Newsome, Batley
  • Woodman, James Newsome, Earls Heaton
  • Woodman, James Willans, Batley car

Turners in Wood, &c,

  • Goodall Richard, Dewsbury moor
  • Kilburn William, Sprinkwell
  • Willan James, Robinson street

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Halliwell Thomas, Market place
  • Robinson John, Westgate


  • Firth Benjamin, Daw green
  • Harrison Robert, Mill close
  • Kilburn Daniel, Daw green
  • Richardson Joseph, Batley

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Auty Benjamin, Daw green
  • Hindle Hannah & Son, Church street
  • Todd Thomas & Co. Daw green
  • Wilman Thomas, Westgate

Woollen Manufacturers,

  • Day Jonathan, and Son, Hanging Heaton
  • Ellis James & Sons, near Dewsbury
  • Hallas Benjamin & William, Chickingler
  • Nussey John, Birstall
  • Sykes Jun. & Son, Earls Heaton


  • Brooke & Fearnley, Westgate
  • Oldroyd & Clay, Market place
  • Smith George, Dewsbury Mill
  • Tweedale John, Church street
  • Ward Richard, Northgate


  • Abbott John, pawnbroker, Market place
  • Hanson William & Sons, cotton spinners, Ossett street side
  • Hirst Thomas, mill owner, Purl well
  • Hudswell Jeremiah, horse clothing mfr. Batley
  • Johnson Matthew, cloth finisher, Batley
  • Knowles Joseph, tanner, Batley
  • Newsome William, organ builder, Daw green
  • Richardson Thomas, woollen dyer, Batley
  • Taylor John and Samuel, coal masters; Daw Green Colliery
  • Thornton & Shillito, confectioners, Market place
  • Ward Joseph, parish clerk, Bridge end


  • To Halifax, the Hark Forward (from Wakefield) calls at the New inn, every evening (Sundays excepted) at half-past five; goes through Brighouse, Mirfield and Eland.
  • To Leeds, the Regulator (from Manchester and Liverpool) calls at the New Inn, every evening at six-and the Umpire, at the George Hotel, every afternoon at half past three.
  • To Manchester and Liverpool the Umpire (from Leeds) calls at the George Hotel, every morning at ten and the Regulator, calls at the New Inn, every morning at eleven; both go thro' Mirfield, Huddersfield, Marsden, Delph and Oldham.
  • To Todmorden, the Superior Market Coach (from Wakefield) calls at the New Inn, every evening at five.
  • To Wakefield, the Hark Forward (from Halifax) calls at the New Inn, every morning (Sundays excepted) at9 -and the Superior Market Coach (,from Todmorden) calls at the New Inn, every Friday morning at nine.


  • To Huddersfield, John Inman, from Daw green, every Tues. and Sat.
  • To Leeds, Joseph Wilson, James Wilson and John Cave, from Batley car, every Tuesday and Saturday morning-William Armatage and Benjamin Stubley, from Batley, daily--John Brooke, William Garrat & David Senior, every Tuesday and Saturday-and William Whitaker, from Robinson street, every. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.
  • To Wakefield, Henry Howarth (from Mirfield) calls at the Crown & Cushion, and William Garrat and John Brooke, (from Batley) every Friday- Joshua Pindar's Wagons (from Hartshead moor) call at the Bull Inn, and John and William Inman, from Daw green, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning and Thomas Jubb, from Northgate, daily.

Conveyance By Water,

  • To Halifax, John Howard, from the Canal wharfs, weekly.
  • To Huddersfield & Manchester, Abraham Beswick and Son, from the Canal wharf, & Titus Parker, from Raven's wharf, daily.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003