Dewsbury parish:


Dewsbury, War Memorial transcription:

The World War I and II War Memorial in St Paul's Churchyard, Hanging Heaton.

The front of the memorial (see also Photo)

the inhabitants
of Soothill Upper
to the Glory of God
in honour
of those who served faithfully
in H. M. Forces
during the war 1914 - 1919
and in sacred memory of the men
who died for their country
names hereon inscribed.
also remembering
the fallen from
world war II.
1939 - 1945

The right hand side of the memorial (see also Photo)

Ackroyd. H.
Allerton. W.
Armitage. E.
Atkins. S. Denton. J.S.
Bailey. J. Dixon. J. B.
Bailey. J.H. Dixon. J. C.
Bateman E. H. Dixon.S.
Beswick. F. Eagleton. A.
Booth. W. Elliott. A.
Bray.W. Ellis. E.
Brearey. A. Ellis. J. J.
Brearey. A. B. Firth. D.
Brearey. E. France. P. B.
Brearey. J. Gamble. F.
Bree. D. Gaunt. H.
Broadhead. E. Gillson. A.
Brooke. A. Goldthorpe. S.
Burns. R. A. Hagger. R.
Calvert. P. Haigh. C.
Carson. C. A. Haigh. H.
Cartwright. C. A. Hall. W.
Collinson. F. Hatfield. W.
Crossley. A. Haythorne. F.
Crowther. B. Heaps. S.
Darton. B. J. Heaton. A.

Anderson. H. Dale. A. V.
Balden. R. A. Darrington. G.
Balden. W. D. L. T. Dickinson. S.
Beaumont. C. K. Farrar. D. W.
Brown. J. Fleming. R.
Burridge. S. Garfield. B.
Byram. D. S. Garner. H.

The rear of the memorial (see also Photo)

Hemingway. F.
Hemingway. T. H.
Hill. F.
Hill. J. Lodge. Jos. A.
Hill. P. Loryman. J.
Hirst. C. Longbottom. C. S.
Hirst. H. Luty. J. W.
Hirst. J. H. Major. C. W.
Hornsby. C. H. Marshall. J.
Hudson. F. Milnes. G. H.
Ineson. C. B. Mitchhell. J. J.
Inman. E. Moorhouse. J. A.
Jackson. F. Mowforth. F.
Jackson. J. Nelson. E.
Jaques. H. Newsome. A.
Jennings. J. Ormerod. E.
Jessop. E. Parkinson. J. K.
Kendall. J. C. Parkinson. W. C.
Kershaw. T. E. Pearce. W.
Labourn. F. Pollard. T.
Labourn. W. Pratt. E.
Leather. G. Preston. A. G.
Leach. J. Priestley. H.
Lewis. A. E. Race. T.
Lodge. Jack. A. Ramsden. J.

Gill. C. Lobley. W.
Green. G. Lodge. E.
Hamer. J. Lunn. B. P.
Hill. A. E. Midgley. T.
Hunter. D. Norton. D.
Ineson. H. Pollard. A.
King. W. Pyne. N.

The left hand side of the memorial (see also Photo)

Rayner. H.
Redgwick. T.
Richardson. H.
Richardson. W.
Riley. T Summerscales. H.
Riley. W. Summerscales. W.
Roche. P. Sykes. J.
Rodgers. A. Sykes. V.
Rymer. J. C. Talbot. W.
Scholefield. G. L. Teale. E.
Senior. G. H. Teale. R. P.
Senior. S. Thewlis. P.
Simpson. C. Thompson. G.
Slater. J. Thompson. W. H.
Smith. J. Thraves. J. T.
Speight. A. Walton. T.
Speight. J. W. Ward. A.
Speight. W. Watson. A.
Spink. H. Webber. J.
Squires. F. Whitehead. L.
Squires. R. Whitehead. T.
Stead. H. Williamson. B.
Stephenson. G. H. Winstanley. J.
Stubley. J. G. Wood. J. A.
Summers. H. Wood. N.
Summerscales. A. Wrigley. G. H.

Pyrah. A. Squires. F.
Ramsden. J. Stubley. L.
Robertshaw. A. E. Swainston. R. P.
Rodgers. R. Sykes. C. E.
Senior. R. Thompson. A.
Senior. S. Turner. A.
Sheldon. L. Walker. F.
Smith. L. Watson. J. C.

Data transcribed by
Pauline Hinson.
from photography by Colin Hinson