OSSETT: Ossett-Green Chapel Congregational Church History up to 1868.



This congregation was formed by a separation from Wakefield, in the year 1717. At first the place of meeting was a pressing-shop, in which the Rev. Thos. Dickenson preached the opening sermon. Various ministers officiated till 1719.
  • 1719. Rev. SAMUEL HANSON.
  • He was a recipient of the Hewley Fund 1728-9. He left Ossett 1730.
  • 1731. Rev. THOMAS LIGHTFOOT, from Long Houghton. Died Nov. 3, 1758. A chapel was built 1733.
  • 1759. Rev. RICHARD HODGSON, from Daventry. He was not ordained till 1762. He removed to Lancashire 1765. He was afterwards at Doncaster.
  • 1765. Rev. GEORGE HAGGERSTON, from Hopton. Spoken of by Dr. Priestley, his pupil, as a Baxterian. He was minister for twenty-two years, when he resigned his charge (1787), though rendering occasional assistance to his former flock. He died 1792, and was buried in the chapel. Rev. Joseph Dawson (Idle) preached his funeral sermon.
  • 1788. Rev. JOHN COULSON, from Yelverton. Resigned May, 1788. Died 1793.
  • An interval, during which, the place was supplied by ministers and Northowram students.
  • 1795. Rev. THOMAS TAYLOR (Northowram and Idle Academies). Left for Bradford Sept. 16, 1808. During his successful ministry the chapel was greatly enlarged. He baptized 575 children.
  • 1808. Rev. ROBERT BLAKE, from Shelley. Resigned 1813, and removed to Darwen; thence to America
  • 1814. Rev. SAMUEL NEALE. Resigned for London, 1819.
  • 1820. Rev. JOHN RHEEDER (Airedale Coll.). He relinquished his ministry here in 1831, removing to Hamburgh.
  • 1833. Rev. WILLIAM TYLER, from Keighley. He resigned in 1843, and removed to Whitchurch.
  • 1844. Rev. SAMUEL ODDIE (Airedale), from Elland. He is the present minister (in 1868).
During his pastorate, now of twenty-four years' standing, the church has increased from ninety members to about 200. In 1849 a new chapel was erected, to accommodate nearly 1,000. In 1864 spacious school-rooms were added at a cost of £3000.

Several members of the church at Ossett have become ministers. The Revs. C. Dewhurst (Bury St. Edmunds), Samuel Baines (Wilsden), James Scott (Cleckheaton), A. Clarkson (Bingley), &c.

Flushdyke is an out-station of Ossett Green chapel, distant about a mile. This congregation originated in efforts put forth by the young people, assisted by the people at Ebenezer Chapel, Dewsbury, then under the pastorate of Rev. E. H. Weeks. Mr. Potter, of Dewsbury, preached here for some time. After much labour and discouragement, a chapel was opened, 1864. Rev. JOHN HALL is the evangelist.

The following places have sprung, either directly or indirectly, from Ossett Green: - Ebenezer Chapel, Dewsbury; Springfield, Dewsbury; Zion, Gawthorpe, Highfield, Earl's Heaton and Northgate Chapel, Horbury.

* By aid of Rev. S. Oddie.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
from the Appendix to
Congregationalism in Yorkshire
by James C. Miall, 1868.