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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for DONCASTER in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for DONCASTER in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


  • Post Master, William Sheardown. Office, High-Street.

Academies, Schools, Public & Private,

  • Brailsford N. (ladies' bdg.) Church hill
  • Dagley Miss Mary, (la. bdg.) South parade
  • Ellis Rev. W. (gents. bdg.) Hall gate
  • Fisher Geo. (gents. day) Corn market
  • Gautier P. L. (French) Pell street
  • Graham Rbt. (gents. bdg.) Bridge hall
  • Graves Madam, (French) Bennetthorp
  • Haugn Ann, (la. bdg.) South parade
  • Inchbald Rev. P, L.L.D. (gents. bdg.) East field
  • Jarvis Miss Mary, (la. day) Printing office street
  • Jewitt F. M. (gents. day) Princess street
  • King Rev. William, (gents. day) Factory lane
  • Moxon Joshua, (national) West Laith gates
  • Parnell James, (gents. day) Union st.
  • Revill Martha, (La. bdg.) French gate
  • Sanderson George, (Mg.) High street
  • Wadsworth Miss, (la. day) Pell st.
  • Wharton Mrs. (la. bdg.) Hall gate
  • Wilson Mrs. (La. bdg.) South parade
  • Wimberly Miss Mary Ann, (la. bdg.) Princess street


  • Etches Williamson, Church street
  • Frith John, Union street
  • Kidson John, Church street
  • Turner Joseph, Scot lane


  • Woodhead & Hurst, South parade

Attornies and Solicitors,

  • Beckett William, (and Thorne) Scot lane
  • Bright Wm. (town clerk) High street
  • Brooke Thomas & William Palmer, French gate
  • Fisher Frederick, High st. buildings
  • Heaton William Stocks, Hall gate
  • Mason Thos. B. & John Collinson, St. George gate
  • Pearson Thomas, French gate
  • Standish Henry Junr. High street
  • Standish Henry, High street
  • Stringer John, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Waterworth Thomas Whittal, French gate

Auctioneers, Appraisers, &c.,

  • Auckland W. J. French gate
  • Boulton John, High street
  • Dey W. C. Spring gardens
  • Etches Williamson, Church street
  • Sheardown William, High street
  • Tilburn Richard, Hall gate


  • Hirst Richard, Marsh gate
  • Knapton William, Princess street
  • Priest Thomas, French gate
  • Priest Widow, Fisher gate
  • Sidney George, Spring gardens
  • Storrs John, Scot lane
  • Thorneloe Mary, St. Sepulchre gate


  • Cooke, Childers, & Co. Old Bank High street, (on Goslin and Sharp)) 19, Fleet street, London
  • Leathams, Tew, Trueman, Tew & Co. High street (on Denison & Co.) 105 Fenchurch street, London

Basket Makers,

  • Clarke Robert, New street
  • Herod Thomas, Baxter gate
  • Lindley John, Printing office street
  • Nicholson Edward, New street
  • Walker Thomas, High street

Bell Hangers,

  • Bell and Hutchinson, Market cross
  • Elliott George, Baxter gate
  • Tottington Wm. St. Sepulchre gate

Billiard Rooms,

  • Branch Rhd. Green dragon, High st.
  • Fretwell James, (subscription) Scot lane

Blacksmiths, &c.,

  • Crowder George, Meal lane
  • Downing William, Silver street
  • Hind Edward, Silver street
  • Newton John, Graham's yard, French gate
  • Richardson William Hall gate
  • Stephens Edward, Laith gates
  • Thompson Henry, Silver street
  • Whitehead J. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Wilcock Abraham, Graham's yard, French gate

Boat and Sloop Builders,

  • Benson Stephen, Marsh gate
  • Morley William, Fisher gate

Bone Merchants,

  • Atkinson Bartholomew, Spring gardens
  • Minskip Thomas, Marsh gate
  • Wilson William, St. Sepulchre gate

Booksellers and Stationers,

  • Bisby Francis, (circulating library) High street
  • Sheardown and Son, (printers of the Doncaster Gazette, Friday) High street
  • Simpson Martha, (circulating library) Hall gate
  • Thomas James, jun. Baxter gate
  • Thomas and Hunsley, (and printers) Market place
  • White C. & J. (and printers) Baxter gate

Boot and Shoe Makers,

  • Cartman William, High street
  • Chambers William, Baxter gate
  • Green John, Hall gate
  • Hezzlewood Thomas, Wriglet's court
  • Hill Robert, Printing office street
  • Kitchingman John, French gate
  • Marsh William, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Moverley William, French gate
  • Parkinson George High street
  • Pawson Thomas, Baxter gate
  • Ravenhill John, Baxter gate
  • Slingsby William, Spring gardens
  • Smith Robert, Printing office street
  • Turner Francis, Scot lane
  • Whalley Francis, High street
  • Wilson William, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Wood John, Baxter gate
  • Wright John, High street

Braziers, Tin plate Workers, and Coppersmiths,

  • Bell and Hutchinson, Market place
  • Bunby John, New street
  • Slater John, Goose hill
  • Thirlwall Robert, Magdalens
  • Wood John, High street

Breeches Makers,

  • Hoyland Joseph, Scot lane
  • Knapton Bartholomew, French gate


  • Baily William, Marsh gate
  • Gilson George, Corn market


  • Ainley Thomas, Magdalens
  • Armfield John, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Bagshaw Peter, Fisher gate
  • Cottingham John Printing office st
  • Hill Francis, St. James's street
  • Lee Henry, Silver street
  • Lister R. and C. Scot lane
  • Marsh Joseph, Fisher gate
  • Pollen William, French gate
  • Slater Joseph, Hall gate

Brick and Tile Makers,

  • Lockwood and Son Silver street Raney Philip, St. James's street


  • Abbot Christopher, Baxter gate
  • Bailey John, Marsh gate
  • Bullas John, French gate
  • Bullas Matthew, Corn market
  • Credland William, Baxter gate
  • Dodson John, Spring gardens
  • Foster Joseph, Silver street
  • Haigh Charles, Magdalens
  • Hall Thomas, Goose hill
  • Hodgson Francis, Cross street
  • Mason John, Fisher gate
  • Moorhouse Frederick, Spring gardens
  • Moorhouse Nathaniel, French gate
  • Pearson Richard, Baxter gate
  • Silvester John, Goose hill
  • Stainton Joseph, Hall gate
  • Thompson Joseph, Goose hill
  • Waller James, Baxter gate

Cabinet Makers,

  • Belk Vincent, (upholsterer) Hall gate
  • Bradford John, French gate
  • Leggett Thos. (upholsterer) Scot lane
  • Martin John, Spring gardens
  • Oxley William, High street
  • Robshaw Levi, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Walker Thomas, French gate

Chair Makers and Turners,

  • Cooke Joseph, Baxter gate
  • Leedell Wm.(& fancy chair) Silver st.
  • Tummond Fred.(fancy chair)High St.

Cheese and Bacon Factors,

  • Carnally John, French gate
  • Green Wm. (& butter) Baxter gate
  • Hall Joseph Baxter gate
  • Horsley Philip, Baxter gate
  • Rowley William, Baxter gate
  • Walker Michael, High street

Chemists and Druggists,

  • Barton John, New street
  • Booth James Market place
  • Torr John, Market place
  • Walker G. C. High street
  • Wright Thomas, High street

Coach Makers,

  • Anderton S. and S. French gate
  • Clemet Thomas, West Laith gate Coal


  • Harrison Herbert, Volunteer yard
  • Hird Thomas Low Fisher gate
  • Hirst Richard', Marsh gate
  • Leech Charles, Marsh gate
  • Morley and Co. Marsh gate
  • Moxon Samuel St. Sepulchre gate
  • Naylor Luke, Low Fisher gate
  • Pilling Robert Low Fisher gate
  • Raney John, Volunteer yard
  • Tootle Margaret, Marsh gate


  • Berry Thomas, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Herod Thomas, Baxter gate
  • Martin Robert, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Nicholson Edward New street
  • Stephenson John, Market place


  • Birley Joseph High Street
  • Crowder Sarah, French gate
  • Cumberland George, French gate
  • Jewit Mary, French gate
  • Lister Martha High street
  • Mosley John, High street
  • Parkinson Samuel High street
  • Priest Elizabeth Fisher gate
  • Thorneloe Mary, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Till Wm. (and baker) Corn market
  • Walker Dorothy, French gate

Corn Factors and Merchants,

  • Burgon Benjamin, St James's street
  • Drabwell Benjamin, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Drabwell John, Baxter gate
  • Drury George, Fisher gate
  • Ellis Joseph Hall gate
  • Hopkinson A. St. James's cottage
  • Howson George, Corn market
  • Johnson Matthew, Corn market
  • Marshall John French gate
  • Moore John, Silver street
  • Prescot John, Corn market
  • Ridgill Richard, Fishergate
  • Thorp John Sunny bar
  • Tomlinson John, Corn market
  • Waite William, silver street

Curriers and Leather Sellers,

  • Casson Benjamin, Baxter gate
  • Parkinson Charles, Corn market
  • Rickard Thomas, Corn market
  • Stockill William, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Wragg Jonathan, Baxter gate

Dancing Masters,

  • Morine Timothy, Spring gardens
  • Savage John, Soot lane


  • Murgatroyd R. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Ward T. & S. (linen, woollen, silk, & cotton) Marsh gate

Engravers & Copper-plate Printers,

  • Boocock Joseph, Scot lane Sheardown and Son, High street


  • England Richard, Fishergate
  • Field John, Scot lane
  • Ibbis Thomas, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Stacey Robert, Spring gardens
  • Watson Thomas, Union street

Life and Fire Insurance Offices,

  • County, J. Webster, Goose hill
  • Exchange (Royal) William Sheardown, High street
  • Hope, Thomas Brooke, French gate
  • Imperial, T. Wright, High street
  • National, William Shaw, Hall gate
  • Pelican, Mason and Collinson, St George gate
  • Sheffield, Mason and Collinson, St. George gate
  • Sun, Fred. Fisher, High st. buildings

Fish Mongers,

  • Dawson Samuel, Baxter gate
  • Lowther John, Meal lane
  • Pearson James, Magdalens
  • Scales William, High street
  • Steel Frances, Meal lane

Flour and Provision Dealers,

  • Armitage George, back of Shambles
  • Bennet James, Goose hill
  • Broadhead William, Marsh gate
  • Brown William, French gate
  • Butterell James, Corn market
  • Carnelley John, French gate
  • Drabwell Benj. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Drabwell John, Baxter gate
  • Fox George, Fisher gate
  • Green William, Baxter gate
  • Hall Joseph, Baxter gate
  • Hodgkinson Wm. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Hopkinson Ann, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Horsley Philip, Baxter gate
  • Hutton George, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Jackson Joshua Marsh gate
  • Jubb Robert, Union street
  • Liversedge Samuel, St. Peter's square
  • Loftus William, New street
  • Moss Matthew, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Parkinson Samuel, High street
  • Rowley William, Baxter gate
  • Storrs John, Scot lane
  • Teal David, Silver street
  • Thorneloe Mary St. Sepulchre gate
  • Thorp Daniel, Marsh gate
  • Till William, Corn market
  • Vellerett William, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Wood Robert, New street
  • Worstenholme George, High street

Furniture Brokers,

  • Crowther Joseph, Bennetthorp
  • Foulston Samuel, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Lyon Sarah, French gate

Glass and China Dealers,

  • Lancaster Ann, High street
  • Taylor Robert, Market place

Grocers and Tea Dealers,

  • Birley Joseph, High street
  • Bisby Frances, High street
  • Butterell James, Corn market
  • Butterell Mary, High street
  • Clarke J. and T. High street
  • Clarke John, Market place
  • Clarke John, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Drabwell John, Baxter gate
  • Fox George, Fisher gate
  • Hall Joseph, Baxter gate
  • Hampson Anthony, Goose hill
  • Harrison George, High street
  • Hodgkinson Wm. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Jackson Thomas, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Lister Elizabeth, High street
  • Lister James, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Morris William, Corn market
  • Oxley Thomas, High street
  • Parkinson Samuel, High street
  • Piggott Michael, Goose hill
  • Rawson John, French gate
  • Redforth Widow, Marsh gate
  • Reed Widow French gate
  • Thomas and Hunsley, Market cross
  • Vellerett William, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Walker John, Goose hill
  • Wragg Francis, French gate
  • Wright Thomas, High street


  • Cartmell Thomas, (patent gun maker) High street
  • Hanson Septimus, French gate

Hair Dressers and Perfumers,

  • Brooke Matthew High street
  • Bullas Thomas, Corn market
  • Davison John, back of Shambles
  • Eyre George, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Illingworth Francis, Marsh gate
  • Judson Charles French gate
  • Myers Sarah, High street
  • Newby Nathan, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Pawson Wilson, (perfumer) Goose hill
  • Pillin Robert, Magdalens
  • Routh Richard, French gate
  • Seekings Thomas, Laith gate
  • Sleeford Henry, High street
  • Wilson Robert, High street


  • Addingley William, Baxter gate
  • Batman William, Church street
  • Chatham William High street
  • Duncan James, High street
  • Fisher George, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Harrison George, (general agent) High street
  • Hepper Samuel, High street
  • Milner Robert, French gate
  • Woolstencroft John, (manufacturer) Baxter gate


  • Clarkson Richard, Church street
  • Clarkson Thomas, (worsted and yarn manufacturer) French gate
  • Crosley John, (worsted manufacturer and dealer, wholesale and retail) French gate
  • Hepper Samuel, High street
  • Jackson J. F. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Naylor Thomas, (manufacturer) Baxter gate
  • Pycock John, (& glover) Baxter gate

Inns and Taverns,

  • Bacchus, Robert Wellborne, French gate
  • Black Boy, William Johnson, French gate
  • Black Bull, John Walker, Shambles
  • Black Swan, John Stubbs, New street
  • Blue Bell, Thos. Thaker, Baxter gate
  • Britannia, Edward Hind, Laith gate
  • Brown Cow, Wm. Shaw, French gate
  • Bull's Head, Peter Godfrey, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Coach & Horses, John Crosbie, Scot lane
  • Corporation Arms, John Raney, French gate
  • Cross Keys, Joseph Wood, Corn market
  • Dolphin, Joseph Midgley Market pl.
  • Duke of York, Samuel Motteram, French gate
  • Earl of Doncaster's Arms, William Whitaker, Elm field
  • Elephant, Ann Taylor, High street
  • Falcon, William Rooley, Marsh gate
  • George and Dragon, William Bailey, Marsh gate
  • Golden Ball, John Glossop, Spring gardens
  • Golden Barrel Chas. Dey, French gate
  • Golden Lion, John Alexander, Cross st.
  • Good Woman, Robert Wright, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Green Dragon Rd. Branch, High st.
  • Greyhound, Eli Leach, Fisher gate Hart and Hind, William Jenkinson, French gate
  • Horse and Groom, William Morton, Laith gate
  • Horse and Jockey, George Egley, St. Sepulchre gate
  • King's Arms, Robert Whitlam, St. Sepulchre gate
  • King's Head J. Trippet, Laith gate
  • Labour in Vain, Wilfra Oldridge, Marsh gate
  • Leopard, Edward Maudson, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Lord Nelson, William Padgit, Corn market
  • Lord Wellington, S. Downing, New st.
  • Mail Coach, John Potter, French gate
  • Marquis of Granby, Widow Tetley, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Mason's Arms, John Parkinson, Corn market
  • Nag's Head, William Dutchburn, St. Sepulchre gate
  • New Angel, hotel George Dunhill, (posting house) French gate
  • New Crown, Saml. Walker, Fisher gate
  • Old Angel, Robert Belcher, (posting house) French gate
  • Old Crown, Thos. Webb, Fisher gate
  • Old George and Dragon, Joshua Beetham St. George gate
  • Old George, Wm. Garnett, Magdalens
  • Plow, John Hepworth, New street
  • Prince Blucher, Olivia Morley, French gate
  • Ram Sarah Sparling, High street
  • Red Lion, Edward Auckland New st.
  • Red Lion, John Challenger, Shambles
  • Rein Deer George Belcher, (posting house) High street
  • Rockingham, William Pears, Bennetthorp
  • Royal Oak, Ann Nelstrup, Royal Oak yard
  • Salutation, Thomas Chapman, South parade
  • Sedan Chair, Charles Broadhead, Baxter gate
  • Skinner's Arms, Joseph Unwin, French gate
  • Star, Charles Teasdale, Carr lane
  • Three Blacksmiths, J. Parkinson, Silver street
  • Three Cranes, Widow Reed, Cranes yard
  • Three Horse Shoes, James Tinkler, Marsh gate
  • Three Legs, George Kinsman, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Union, Robert Lill, Shambles
  • Volunteer, John Banks, French gate
  • White Bear, John Stainton, Hall gate
  • White Horse, John Bennitt, Corn market
  • White Lion, James Bunning, St. George gate
  • White Swan, Richd. Venables, French gate
  • Wood Richard, (posting house) High street buildings
  • Woolpack, John Nicholson, New st.

Iron Founders.

  • Copley and Co. Far bridge
  • Pearson and Co. French gate


  • Aldred Richard, French gate
  • Bell and Hutchinson, Market cross
  • Elliott Amelia, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Elliott George, Baxter gate
  • Farr Robert, Baxter gate
  • Morley William, Fisher gate
  • Thirlwall Robert, Magdalens

Joiners and Builders,

  • Ashforth John, Laith gate
  • Bradford John, French gate
  • Burgon John, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Cade George, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Clark Joseph, Chapel yard, Hall gate
  • Denton Nathan, Spring gardens
  • Fretwell James St. Sepulchre gate
  • Glossop John, Spring gardens
  • Greaves Thomas, West laith gate
  • Hawe Thomas, Pell street
  • Hudson Joshua, Ellerker street
  • Parkinson Joseph, Market place
  • Reasbeck John Fisher gate
  • Richard W. and T. Church street
  • Rymer Joseph, Spring gardens

Land Surveyors,

  • Alexander James St. George gate
  • Dyson Thomas, Fisher gate

Law Stationers,

  • Kidson John, Church street
  • Turner Joseph, Scot lane

Linen and Woollen Drapers,

  • Chatham William, High street
  • Clough Francis, Scot lane
  • Cockin and Abraham, Goose hill
  • Faris Wm. (linen only) Baxter gate
  • Froggatt and Lillyman, High street
  • Hampson Anthony, Market cross
  • Jackson John, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Maw, Smith and Barker, High street
  • Merryweather Edw. Spring gardens
  • Mirfin John, Baxter gate
  • Shears & Co. (silk mercers) High st.
  • Sykes & Co. (mercers) Market cross
  • Thirlwall Richard, New street
  • Wilton Matthew, Goose hill

Machine Makers,

  • Heppenstall J. & Son, (patentees of the straw machine) High st. buildings
  • Heppenstall Thomas, Silver street
  • Hopkin and Myers, (wire workers) High street
  • Pearson and Co. French gate
  • Turner James, Wellington yard


  • Barton John, New street
  • Carlton William, Corn market
  • Clarke Matthew, Silver street
  • Leech Eli, Fisher gate
  • Mason C.G. (& corn dlr.) Marsh gate
  • Ogley Francis, French gate
  • Prescott John, Corn market
  • Rowley William, Volunteer yard
  • Smith George, French gate
  • Spavin James, Fisher gate
  • Thorp John, Sunny bar

Masons, Stone and Marble,

  • Lister Robert and Charles. (masons and builders) Silver street
  • Lockwood & Son, (marble) Hall gate
  • Tomlin Thomas, (mason and builder) Laith gate
  • Waterworth Thomas, (marble) St. Sepulchre gate

Millers, Corn,

  • Bennet James, (wind mill) in the Town field
  • Fox John, (steam mill) Fisher gate
  • Hopkinson Ann, (wind mill) Babby rd.
  • Jackson John, (steam mill) Marsh gate
  • Wright John, (water mill) Marsh gate

Milliners and Dress Makers,

  • Alexander Anne, St. George gate
  • Farrer Anne, French gate
  • Hammond Mary, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Hewitt Widow, Pell street
  • Jackson Misses, Hall gate
  • Peat Ann, High street
  • Swallow and Bower, Hall gate
  • Thomas Mary, Baxter gate
  • Wittington Sarah, Princess street
  • Wood and Johnson, Hall gate

Music, and Musical Instrument Dealers and Teachers,

  • Brailsford Isaac, Church hill
  • Sheardown and Son, High street
  • Smith Thomas, Union street
  • Suett John, Regent place
  • Tate Edward, (piano forte maker and tuner) Magdalens
  • Wragg David, French gate

Nail Makers,

  • Aldred James, (cut) French gate
  • Aldred Richard, French gate
  • Bell and Hutchinson, Market cross
  • Child John, Marsh gate
  • Galbraith James, Silver street
  • Moxon Samuel, St. Sepulchre gate

Nursery and Seedsmen,
Those marked thus * are also Kitchen Gardeners.

  • *Clayton Moses, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Crowcroft Thomas, Halt gate
  • *Crowcroft Thomas, High street
  • *Crowther William Law, French gate
  • Crowther William, Sand pits
  • Drabwell John, Baxter gate
  • *Ellison William, Baxter gate
  • *Foster Thomas, St. James's street
  • *Hall Abraham, French gate
  • *Rusby William, French gate
  • *Wheater Richard, Goose hill
  • *Wood George, St. Sepulchre gate


  • Adamson William, (portrait) High street
  • Armitage George, (house and sign) French gate
  • Boston Thos. (house and sign) French gate
  • Bunning James, (house and sign) St. George gate
  • Everitt William, (and gilder) High street
  • Handley George, Spring gardens
  • Harrison George, High street
  • Haugh Geo. (portrait) South parade
  • Hawley John, Hall gate
  • Herring T, F. (animal and portrait) Chatham place
  • Robson Richard, Corn market
  • Webb Thomas, (portrait) Church st.

Pawn Brokers,

  • Birkinshaw Thomas, Magdalens
  • Hammond Benjamin, Church street

Paper Hangings Dealers,

  • Belk Vincent, Hall gate
  • Leggott Thomas Scot lane
  • Oxley William, High street
  • Sheardown and Son, High street
  • Thomas and Hunsley, Market cross


  • Chorley Edward, Green house
  • Robinson John South parade


  • Jepson Joseph, St. James's street
  • Pollard John, Duke street
  • Saddler William, Silver street

Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Atkinson Bartholomew, Spring gardens
  • Higgins R. and K. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Mandall T. K. Scot lane
  • Pearson John, Silver street
  • Wakefield William, French gate

Porter Dealers,

  • Clarke J. and K. High street
  • Maw and Co. High street
  • Morley and Morton, French gate
  • Popplewell William, Fisher gate
  • Webster John Market place
  • Welborne Richard, French gate

Rag Merchants,

  • Aldred and Co. French gate
  • Farr Robert, Baxter gate
  • Potter Thomas, Baxter gate

Rope Makers and Flax Dressers,

  • Canton William, Market place
  • Hanson George, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Johnson Matthew, (flax merchant) Corn market
  • Routh William, (flax merchant) Laith gate
  • Somerset Thomas, Magdalens
  • Wright Saml. (roper & netter) New st.
  • Wright Widow & Son, Bower's fold

Saddlers, and Collar Makers, &c.,

  • Beetham George, New street
  • Cockin Thomas, Baxter gate
  • Hickin George, High street
  • Liddell Robert, (hunting and army saddler) High street
  • Merryweather John, (hunting & arm saddler, spring truss and trunk maker) High street
  • Shaw William, Hall gate
  • Thompson Richard, French gate

Silversmiths and Jewellers,

  • Bright Philip, High street
  • Farrer Joshua, French gate
  • Fowler George, High street

Stay Makers,

  • Cobb George, Silver street
  • Marsh Anne, Opposite the cross
  • Morris Nathaniel, Scot lane
  • Smith Anne, Baxter gate
  • Tummond Robert, (& corset maker) South parade

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Aldam Catherine, High street
  • Bolton Misses, Goose hill
  • Brunton Ann, Baxter gate
  • Crosley Harriet, Baxter gate
  • Lister Ann, Scot lane
  • Peat Ann, High street
  • Siddle Sarah, Goose hill
  • Smith A. and M. Union street


  • Bailes W. H. French gate
  • Branson John, Hall gate
  • Holberry William, (dispensary) French gate
  • Marsh Francis K. N. French gate
  • Moore John, French gate
  • Morey John Eggleton, High street
  • Popplewell Benjamin, Spring gardens
  • Thompson Murthwaite, St. Sepulchre gate

Tailors and Habit Makers,

  • Bennet Joseph, Silver street
  • Bisat William, Silver street
  • Chatham William, (and draper) High street
  • Dickinson Thomas, Elleker street
  • Duncan John & Edward, Baxter gate
  • Fretwell James, Scot lane
  • Fretwell James, jun. Scot lane
  • Graham William, Scot lane
  • Hanson James, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Holberry Thomas, Hall gate
  • Hopes John, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Marsh George, Market place
  • Mason James, Scot lane
  • Naylor John, Marsh gate
  • Powell William, Scot lane
  • Swallow John, Market place
  • Tymms Thomas, Spring gardens
  • Womack William, Hall gate
  • Woods Thomas, High street
  • Woodward Elizabeth, Silver street

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Holt - Factory lane
  • Hopes Robert, French gate
  • Walker John, Goose hill


  • Clarke Sarah and Son, French gate
  • Holmes Thomas, Church street

Timber Merchants,

  • Morley William and Co. Fisher gate
  • Pillin Robert, Fisher gate
  • Robinson George, Fisher gate

Toy and Hardware Dealers,

  • Aldred James, French gate
  • Bell & Hutchinson, Goose hill
  • Bunby John, New street
  • Elliott Amelia, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Elliott George, Baxter gate
  • Farr Robert, Baxter gate
  • Fletcher Elizabeth, French gate
  • Goodlad Thomas, Fisher gate
  • Potter Thomas, Baxter gate
  • Simpson Martha, Hall gate
  • Walker Dorothy, French gate

Watch and Clock Makers,

  • Bell Joseph, French gate
  • Bright Philip, High street
  • Farrer Joshua, French gate
  • Fowler George, High street
  • Thomas James, opposite Butter cross


  • Ashforth John, Laith gate
  • Ellis William, Laith gate
  • Field John, (& carpenter) Silver st.
  • Hatfield Isaac, Hall gate
  • Watts Thomas, Factory lane


  • Morley & Wells Fisher gate
  • Pillin Robert Fisher gate
  • Robinson Widow, Fisher gate

Wine and Spirit Merchants,

  • Dey Charles, French gate
  • Johnson & Co. Market place
  • Maw, Smith & Barker, High street
  • Morley & Morton, French gate
  • Mountain Thos. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Nicholson John, New street
  • Pilley Richard, St. George gate
  • Popplewell William, Fisher gate
  • Robson Richard & Co. Baxter gate
  • Smith Henry, (British wine maker) St. George gate
  • Smith William, (British wine maker) opposite the butter cross
  • Storrs John, (dealer in spirits only) Baxter gate
  • Webster John, (spirits only) Market pl.
  • Welbourne Richard, French gate


  • Aldam Benjamin, gent. South parade
  • Bower Henry, Esq. Hall gate
  • Bower John, Esq. Hall gate
  • Broadrick Mrs. gentlewoman, Broxholm cottage
  • Burks George, steward to the corporation, High street
  • Burley Miss Hannah, Hall gate
  • Childers L. W. Esq. High street
  • Chorley Edward, Esq. Green house, (present Mayor)
  • Copley Mrs. gentlewoman, Nether hall
  • Coulter Thomas, sheriff's officer, Hall gate
  • Denison J. Esq. Hall gate
  • Dennison Robert, steward to the corporation, Spring gardens
  • Dixon Mrs. gentlewoman, South parade
  • Earnshaw and Co. sacking & tarpaulin manufacturers, Factory lane
  • Ellison Mrs. gentlewoman, Hall gate
  • Elston Thomas, Esq. Hall gate
  • Fenton James, Esq. South parade
  • Frank Mrs. gentlewoman, Bellemont
  • Graham Thomas, cork cutter, French gate
  • Haigh Wm. gent. French gate
  • Hale Mrs. gentlewoman, South parade
  • Hardy Mrs. General, South parade
  • Heaton Henry, Esq. Hall gate
  • Hirst William, gent. South parade
  • Holmes Thos. fellmonger, Fisher gate
  • Hoyland Joseph, breeches maker, glover & clothes broker, Scot lane
  • Jackson Mrs., clothes broker, Market pl.
  • Jarratt John, Esq. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Kent Misses, gentlewomen, Hall gate
  • Leggott Robert, Esq. Spring gardens
  • Littlewood Richard, Esq. Hall gate
  • Lockwood Joseph, jun. sculptor, Silver street
  • Martin Benjamin gent. Hall gate
  • Maw J. H. Esq. Belle Vue
  • Milner Robert, furrier, French gate
  • Murray Sir P. West field house
  • Naylor Peter, Esq. Hall gate
  • Pearson John, Esq. South parade
  • Pilkington Dowager Lady, Hall gate
  • Platts Rev. John, Hall gate
  • Preston H. Esq. Beech field house
  • Reid Hugh, preserver of birds, beasts, reptiles & fishes, French gate
  • Sandys Edwin, Esq. Hall gate
  • Sharp Rev. J. Vicar of Doncaster, Vicarage
  • Sotheron Mrs. Catherine Hall gate
  • Sowerby Mrs. General, South parade
  • Spurr James, paper maker & dealer, front of Shambles
  • Sturges John, Esq. Elm field
  • Taylor Richard, carpet manufacturer, Marsh gate
  • Thorp John, hay and straw dealer, Sunny bar
  • Turton Matt. millwright, Marsh gate
  • Tyas K. Esq. South parade
  • Vernon George, Esq. South parade
  • Volanterio J. looking glass and barometer maker, French gate
  • Waller Charles, gent. High street
  • Walton Mrs. gentlewoman, South parade
  • Wharton Colonel, Hall gate
  • Whitaker Rev. John, L.L.D. Hall gate
  • White John, Esq. South parade
  • Wood Richard, coach proprietor, High street buildings
  • Wood Samuel, tobacco manufacturer, French gate
  • Wright James, filesmith, Bower's fold

From the Rein Deer and Ram Inns, Doncaster.

  • DEFIANCE coach to Sheffield every day at 12 & 2 o'clock alternately.
  • Highflyer every day at 12 o'clock.
  • Lord NELSON coach every day at 2; to York every morn, at ½ past 8.
  • Lord NELSON coach to Lincoln every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 12 o'clock.
  • Lord NELSON coach to Wakefield every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 12 o'clock to the Stafford Arms, Wakefield, where it meets a coach for Leeds, which proceeds on immediately.
  • Lord NELSON post coach to Carlisle & Glasgow every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at past 8; to London at 8 morning every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • RODNEY post coach to Hull every morning at 9 o'clock.
  • Royal FORRESTER to Nottingham every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7 in the morning, through Worksop and Mansfield.
  • The JOHN BULL every morning (Sundays excepted) to Thorne Waterside, whence passengers are immediately conveyed by Packet to Hull, returns same day, and proceeds with passengers to Sheffield.
  • To London, the ROCKINGHAM Light post coach, every morning, at ½ past 11 o'clock; to Leeds every morning at 6.
From the Old Angel,
  • The Union post coach to London at 4 in the afternoon, to Leeds at ½ past 5 in the morning.
From the Black Boy,
  • COMMANDER IN CHIEF coach to Sheffield and Birmingham every day at 12 and 2 alternately.
  • HIGHFLYER coach to London daily at 12 at noon.
  • HIGHFLYER coach to York, Newcastle and Edinburgh every morning at 8.
New Angel,
  • RODNEY to Hull every morning at 9.
  • The LORD WELLINGTON post coach to London, every morning at 5 o'clock, by way of Huntingdon and Ware.
  • The Lord Wellington post coach, every afternoon at 3 o'clock, to Newcastle and Edinburgh
  • The MAIL to Manchester, every morning at 6 o'clock, by way of Sheffield, Buxton and Stockport.
  • The ROYAL MAIL to Edinburgh, every afternoon at 5 o'clock, by way of York.
  • The ROYAL MAIL to Glasgow, every afternoon at 5 o'clock, by way of Carlisle and Dumfries.
  • The ROYAL MAIL to London, by way of Bawtry and Tuxford: every morning at 5 o'clock.
  • The ROYAL MAIL to London, by way of Worksop and Ollerton, every morning at 4 o'clock.


  • A number of Vessels every week to Hull, &c., &c.
  • JAMES GARNET, from the Dockin Hill to Crowle, Butterwick, and Gainsbro' every Saturday.
  • JAMES WHITE, from the same place, to Crowle and Gainsbro', every Saturday.
  • WELLS & Morley, Packets to Hull, London, &c. regularly.
  • WILLIAM BUCKLEY, to Barnsley, every Monday, and returns on Friday.


  • B. JACKSON & Co's. waggons set out from the Rein Deer & Ram Inns, every morning to London and arrive at the Bull & Mouth, Bull and Mouth street, in three days.
  • Barnsley, JAMES Patrick arrives at the Lord Wellington every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and returns the same days.
  • Bawtry, THOMAS Burdin arrives at the Lord Wellington every Sat.
  • Bawtry, THOMAS Pagden, arrives at the Elephant every Saturday, returns same day.
  • Campsall JOHN Ogley arrives at the Black Swan every Saturday, and returns the same day.
  • Epworth, Edward Jefferson, arrives at the Lord Wellington every Saturday, and returns same day.
  • Haxey and Westwood side, WILLIAM Brier, arrives at the Black Swan every Saturday, ret. same day.
  • Rotherham, George Brooks, arrives at the Cross Keys, every Saturday, returns same day.
  • Selby and Rawcliff, JOSEPH ALLEN, arrives at the Black Swan, every Saturday, and returns same day.
  • Sheffield Carrier, WIDOW JOHNSON, arrives at the Lord Wellington Wednesday and Saturday, and returns the same days.
  • Sheffield and Rotherham, EDWARD WILKINSON arrives at the Old Crown Thursday and Saturday, returns same days.
  • Sheffield, ----- DAWSON, Baxter gate, every Sunday & Wednesday to York, Tuesday & Saturday.
  • Sheffield, THOMAS REED, from the Marquis of Granby to Sheffield every Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Thorne, JOHN CHANTRY, arrives at the Plough, Wednesday & Saturdays, returns same days.
  • Tickhill & Worksop, ROBERT WARD, arrives at the Marquis of Granby, every Saturday, returns same day.
  • Tickhill, ROBERT BOOTH, arrives at the Three Legs of Man. Tuesday and Saturdays, returns same days.
  • WILLIAM Scales, High street, leaves Doncaster every Monday & Thursday for Hatfield, Thorne, Rawcliff, Snaith, Carlton Selby, and York, and returns every Sunday & Wednesday, by the same route to Sheffield.
  • York, Wm. and Joseph Pettifor, St. Sepulchre gate, every Monday and Thursday, to Nottingham Tuesday and Saturday.


  • Edw. RIDSDALE, daily to Leeds.
  • Waggons to Leeds & all parts of the North, every evening.


  • Post Master:-Thomas Arnall, Ferrybridge.
  • Insert Table here !!!!!
  • The Edinburgh Mail downwards, arrives at ½ p. 7 in the evng. these Mails are dispatched from hence within a few minutes of the time of their arrival.
  • The Edinburgh Mail upwards, (by York) arrives here at p. 8 in the mrng.
  • The Glasgow Mail upwards to London (by Carlisle) arrives here at 2 o'clock in the mornings, and takes letters to the stages South of this place.
  • The Glasgow Mail, from London, arrives at p. 7 in the evng.
  • There is a riding post to Wakefield and Pontefract, at ½ past 4 in the morning, and to Selby and Howden, at the same hour.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BALBY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Clark William, gentleman
  • Foster John, gentleman
  • Murril Sir Peter, Eastfield house
  • Walker Pearce Edmund, gentleman
  • Wightman Rev. James, curate of Barnby-upon-Don

Miscellany of trades

  • Butterworth John vict. Plough Inn
  • Crawshaw Samuel, farmer
  • Fitz'George Edmund, blacksmith
  • Fitz'George William, wheelwright
  • Gray Thomas, vict. Vine Inn
  • Hopkinson Ann, miller
  • Howel William, skinner
  • Kendal William, wheelwright
  • Sanderson Richard, tanner and farmer
  • Sharpe John, vict. White Swan
  • Walker Pearce Edward, farmer

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for LOVERSALL in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Cook Rev. Alexander

Miscellany of trades

  • Dodson John, vict. Waggon & Horses
  • Dunwell Timothy, farmer
  • Fitz'George John, blacksmith
  • Simpson William, farmer

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for WHEATLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Cooke Sir George, Bart.
  • Cooke William Bryan, Esq.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003