Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for DONCASTER in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.



  • Post Master, William Sheardown. Office, High-Street.

Academies, Schools, Public & Private,

  • Brailsford N. (ladies' bdg.) Church hill
  • Dagley Miss Mary, (la. bdg.) South parade
  • Ellis Rev. W. (gents. bdg.) Hall gate
  • Fisher Geo. (gents. day) Corn market
  • Gautier P. L. (French) Pell street
  • Graham Rbt. (gents. bdg.) Bridge hall
  • Graves Madam, (French) Bennetthorp
  • Haugn Ann, (la. bdg.) South parade
  • Inchbald Rev. P, L.L.D. (gents. bdg.) East field
  • Jarvis Miss Mary, (la. day) Printing office street
  • Jewitt F. M. (gents. day) Princess street
  • King Rev. William, (gents. day) Factory lane
  • Moxon Joshua, (national) West Laith gates
  • Parnell James, (gents. day) Union st.
  • Revill Martha, (La. bdg.) French gate
  • Sanderson George, (Mg.) High street
  • Wadsworth Miss, (la. day) Pell st.
  • Wharton Mrs. (la. bdg.) Hall gate
  • Wilson Mrs. (La. bdg.) South parade
  • Wimberly Miss Mary Ann, (la. bdg.) Princess street


  • Etches Williamson, Church street
  • Frith John, Union street
  • Kidson John, Church street
  • Turner Joseph, Scot lane


  • Woodhead & Hurst, South parade

Attornies and Solicitors,

  • Beckett William, (and Thorne) Scot lane
  • Bright Wm. (town clerk) High street
  • Brooke Thomas & William Palmer, French gate
  • Fisher Frederick, High st. buildings
  • Heaton William Stocks, Hall gate
  • Mason Thos. B. & John Collinson, St. George gate
  • Pearson Thomas, French gate
  • Standish Henry Junr. High street
  • Standish Henry, High street
  • Stringer John, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Waterworth Thomas Whittal, French gate

Auctioneers, Appraisers, &c.,

  • Auckland W. J. French gate
  • Boulton John, High street
  • Dey W. C. Spring gardens
  • Etches Williamson, Church street
  • Sheardown William, High street
  • Tilburn Richard, Hall gate


  • Hirst Richard, Marsh gate
  • Knapton William, Princess street
  • Priest Thomas, French gate
  • Priest Widow, Fisher gate
  • Sidney George, Spring gardens
  • Storrs John, Scot lane
  • Thorneloe Mary, St. Sepulchre gate


  • Cooke, Childers, & Co. Old Bank High street, (on Goslin and Sharp)) 19, Fleet street, London
  • Leathams, Tew, Trueman, Tew & Co. High street (on Denison & Co.) 105 Fenchurch street, London

Basket Makers,

  • Clarke Robert, New street
  • Herod Thomas, Baxter gate
  • Lindley John, Printing office street
  • Nicholson Edward, New street
  • Walker Thomas, High street

Bell Hangers,

  • Bell and Hutchinson, Market cross
  • Elliott George, Baxter gate
  • Tottington Wm. St. Sepulchre gate

Billiard Rooms,

  • Branch Rhd. Green dragon, High st.
  • Fretwell James, (subscription) Scot lane

Blacksmiths, &c.,

  • Crowder George, Meal lane
  • Downing William, Silver street
  • Hind Edward, Silver street
  • Newton John, Graham's yard, French gate
  • Richardson William Hall gate
  • Stephens Edward, Laith gates
  • Thompson Henry, Silver street
  • Whitehead J. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Wilcock Abraham, Graham's yard, French gate

Boat and Sloop Builders,

  • Benson Stephen, Marsh gate
  • Morley William, Fisher gate

Bone Merchants,

  • Atkinson Bartholomew, Spring gardens
  • Minskip Thomas, Marsh gate
  • Wilson William, St. Sepulchre gate

Booksellers and Stationers,

  • Bisby Francis, (circulating library) High street
  • Sheardown and Son, (printers of the Doncaster Gazette, Friday) High street
  • Simpson Martha, (circulating library) Hall gate
  • Thomas James, jun. Baxter gate
  • Thomas and Hunsley, (and printers) Market place
  • White C. & J. (and printers) Baxter gate

Boot and Shoe Makers,

  • Cartman William, High street
  • Chambers William, Baxter gate
  • Green John, Hall gate
  • Hezzlewood Thomas, Wriglet's court
  • Hill Robert, Printing office street
  • Kitchingman John, French gate
  • Marsh William, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Moverley William, French gate
  • Parkinson George High street
  • Pawson Thomas, Baxter gate
  • Ravenhill John, Baxter gate
  • Slingsby William, Spring gardens
  • Smith Robert, Printing office street
  • Turner Francis, Scot lane
  • Whalley Francis, High street
  • Wilson William, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Wood John, Baxter gate
  • Wright John, High street

Braziers, Tin plate Workers, and Coppersmiths,

  • Bell and Hutchinson, Market place
  • Bunby John, New street
  • Slater John, Goose hill
  • Thirlwall Robert, Magdalens
  • Wood John, High street

Breeches Makers,

  • Hoyland Joseph, Scot lane
  • Knapton Bartholomew, French gate


  • Baily William, Marsh gate
  • Gilson George, Corn market


  • Ainley Thomas, Magdalens
  • Armfield John, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Bagshaw Peter, Fisher gate
  • Cottingham John Printing office st
  • Hill Francis, St. James's street
  • Lee Henry, Silver street
  • Lister R. and C. Scot lane
  • Marsh Joseph, Fisher gate
  • Pollen William, French gate
  • Slater Joseph, Hall gate

Brick and Tile Makers,

  • Lockwood and Son Silver street Raney Philip, St. James's street


  • Abbot Christopher, Baxter gate
  • Bailey John, Marsh gate
  • Bullas John, French gate
  • Bullas Matthew, Corn market
  • Credland William, Baxter gate
  • Dodson John, Spring gardens
  • Foster Joseph, Silver street
  • Haigh Charles, Magdalens
  • Hall Thomas, Goose hill
  • Hodgson Francis, Cross street
  • Mason John, Fisher gate
  • Moorhouse Frederick, Spring gardens
  • Moorhouse Nathaniel, French gate
  • Pearson Richard, Baxter gate
  • Silvester John, Goose hill
  • Stainton Joseph, Hall gate
  • Thompson Joseph, Goose hill
  • Waller James, Baxter gate

Cabinet Makers,

  • Belk Vincent, (upholsterer) Hall gate
  • Bradford John, French gate
  • Leggett Thos. (upholsterer) Scot lane
  • Martin John, Spring gardens
  • Oxley William, High street
  • Robshaw Levi, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Walker Thomas, French gate

Chair Makers and Turners,

  • Cooke Joseph, Baxter gate
  • Leedell Wm.(& fancy chair) Silver st.
  • Tummond Fred.(fancy chair)High St.

Cheese and Bacon Factors,

  • Carnally John, French gate
  • Green Wm. (& butter) Baxter gate
  • Hall Joseph Baxter gate
  • Horsley Philip, Baxter gate
  • Rowley William, Baxter gate
  • Walker Michael, High street

Chemists and Druggists,

  • Barton John, New street
  • Booth James Market place
  • Torr John, Market place
  • Walker G. C. High street
  • Wright Thomas, High street

Coach Makers,

  • Anderton S. and S. French gate
  • Clemet Thomas, West Laith gate Coal


  • Harrison Herbert, Volunteer yard
  • Hird Thomas Low Fisher gate
  • Hirst Richard', Marsh gate
  • Leech Charles, Marsh gate
  • Morley and Co. Marsh gate
  • Moxon Samuel St. Sepulchre gate
  • Naylor Luke, Low Fisher gate
  • Pilling Robert Low Fisher gate
  • Raney John, Volunteer yard
  • Tootle Margaret, Marsh gate


  • Berry Thomas, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Herod Thomas, Baxter gate
  • Martin Robert, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Nicholson Edward New street
  • Stephenson John, Market place


  • Birley Joseph High Street
  • Crowder Sarah, French gate
  • Cumberland George, French gate
  • Jewit Mary, French gate
  • Lister Martha High street
  • Mosley John, High street
  • Parkinson Samuel High street
  • Priest Elizabeth Fisher gate
  • Thorneloe Mary, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Till Wm. (and baker) Corn market
  • Walker Dorothy, French gate

Corn Factors and Merchants,

  • Burgon Benjamin, St James's street
  • Drabwell Benjamin, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Drabwell John, Baxter gate
  • Drury George, Fisher gate
  • Ellis Joseph Hall gate
  • Hopkinson A. St. James's cottage
  • Howson George, Corn market
  • Johnson Matthew, Corn market
  • Marshall John French gate
  • Moore John, Silver street
  • Prescot John, Corn market
  • Ridgill Richard, Fishergate
  • Thorp John Sunny bar
  • Tomlinson John, Corn market
  • Waite William, silver street

Curriers and Leather Sellers,

  • Casson Benjamin, Baxter gate
  • Parkinson Charles, Corn market
  • Rickard Thomas, Corn market
  • Stockill William, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Wragg Jonathan, Baxter gate

Dancing Masters,

  • Morine Timothy, Spring gardens
  • Savage John, Soot lane


  • Murgatroyd R. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Ward T. & S. (linen, woollen, silk, & cotton) Marsh gate

Engravers & Copper-plate Printers,

  • Boocock Joseph, Scot lane Sheardown and Son, High street


  • England Richard, Fishergate
  • Field John, Scot lane
  • Ibbis Thomas, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Stacey Robert, Spring gardens
  • Watson Thomas, Union street

Life and Fire Insurance Offices,

  • County, J. Webster, Goose hill
  • Exchange (Royal) William Sheardown, High street
  • Hope, Thomas Brooke, French gate
  • Imperial, T. Wright, High street
  • National, William Shaw, Hall gate
  • Pelican, Mason and Collinson, St George gate
  • Sheffield, Mason and Collinson, St. George gate
  • Sun, Fred. Fisher, High st. buildings

Fish Mongers,

  • Dawson Samuel, Baxter gate
  • Lowther John, Meal lane
  • Pearson James, Magdalens
  • Scales William, High street
  • Steel Frances, Meal lane

Flour and Provision Dealers,

  • Armitage George, back of Shambles
  • Bennet James, Goose hill
  • Broadhead William, Marsh gate
  • Brown William, French gate
  • Butterell James, Corn market
  • Carnelley John, French gate
  • Drabwell Benj. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Drabwell John, Baxter gate
  • Fox George, Fisher gate
  • Green William, Baxter gate
  • Hall Joseph, Baxter gate
  • Hodgkinson Wm. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Hopkinson Ann, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Horsley Philip, Baxter gate
  • Hutton George, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Jackson Joshua Marsh gate
  • Jubb Robert, Union street
  • Liversedge Samuel, St. Peter's square
  • Loftus William, New street
  • Moss Matthew, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Parkinson Samuel, High street
  • Rowley William, Baxter gate
  • Storrs John, Scot lane
  • Teal David, Silver street
  • Thorneloe Mary St. Sepulchre gate
  • Thorp Daniel, Marsh gate
  • Till William, Corn market
  • Vellerett William, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Wood Robert, New street
  • Worstenholme George, High street

Furniture Brokers,

  • Crowther Joseph, Bennetthorp
  • Foulston Samuel, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Lyon Sarah, French gate

Glass and China Dealers,

  • Lancaster Ann, High street
  • Taylor Robert, Market place

Grocers and Tea Dealers,

  • Birley Joseph, High street
  • Bisby Frances, High street
  • Butterell James, Corn market
  • Butterell Mary, High street
  • Clarke J. and T. High street
  • Clarke John, Market place
  • Clarke John, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Drabwell John, Baxter gate
  • Fox George, Fisher gate
  • Hall Joseph, Baxter gate
  • Hampson Anthony, Goose hill
  • Harrison George, High street
  • Hodgkinson Wm. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Jackson Thomas, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Lister Elizabeth, High street
  • Lister James, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Morris William, Corn market
  • Oxley Thomas, High street
  • Parkinson Samuel, High street
  • Piggott Michael, Goose hill
  • Rawson John, French gate
  • Redforth Widow, Marsh gate
  • Reed Widow French gate
  • Thomas and Hunsley, Market cross
  • Vellerett William, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Walker John, Goose hill
  • Wragg Francis, French gate
  • Wright Thomas, High street


  • Cartmell Thomas, (patent gun maker) High street
  • Hanson Septimus, French gate

Hair Dressers and Perfumers,

  • Brooke Matthew High street
  • Bullas Thomas, Corn market
  • Davison John, back of Shambles
  • Eyre George, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Illingworth Francis, Marsh gate
  • Judson Charles French gate
  • Myers Sarah, High street
  • Newby Nathan, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Pawson Wilson, (perfumer) Goose hill
  • Pillin Robert, Magdalens
  • Routh Richard, French gate
  • Seekings Thomas, Laith gate
  • Sleeford Henry, High street
  • Wilson Robert, High street


  • Addingley William, Baxter gate
  • Batman William, Church street
  • Chatham William High street
  • Duncan James, High street
  • Fisher George, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Harrison George, (general agent) High street
  • Hepper Samuel, High street
  • Milner Robert, French gate
  • Woolstencroft John, (manufacturer) Baxter gate


  • Clarkson Richard, Church street
  • Clarkson Thomas, (worsted and yarn manufacturer) French gate
  • Crosley John, (worsted manufacturer and dealer, wholesale and retail) French gate
  • Hepper Samuel, High street
  • Jackson J. F. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Naylor Thomas, (manufacturer) Baxter gate
  • Pycock John, (& glover) Baxter gate

Inns and Taverns,

  • Bacchus, Robert Wellborne, French gate
  • Black Boy, William Johnson, French gate
  • Black Bull, John Walker, Shambles
  • Black Swan, John Stubbs, New street
  • Blue Bell, Thos. Thaker, Baxter gate
  • Britannia, Edward Hind, Laith gate
  • Brown Cow, Wm. Shaw, French gate
  • Bull's Head, Peter Godfrey, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Coach & Horses, John Crosbie, Scot lane
  • Corporation Arms, John Raney, French gate
  • Cross Keys, Joseph Wood, Corn market
  • Dolphin, Joseph Midgley Market pl.
  • Duke of York, Samuel Motteram, French gate
  • Earl of Doncaster's Arms, William Whitaker, Elm field
  • Elephant, Ann Taylor, High street
  • Falcon, William Rooley, Marsh gate
  • George and Dragon, William Bailey, Marsh gate
  • Golden Ball, John Glossop, Spring gardens
  • Golden Barrel Chas. Dey, French gate
  • Golden Lion, John Alexander, Cross st.
  • Good Woman, Robert Wright, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Green Dragon Rd. Branch, High st.
  • Greyhound, Eli Leach, Fisher gate Hart and Hind, William Jenkinson, French gate
  • Horse and Groom, William Morton, Laith gate
  • Horse and Jockey, George Egley, St. Sepulchre gate
  • King's Arms, Robert Whitlam, St. Sepulchre gate
  • King's Head J. Trippet, Laith gate
  • Labour in Vain, Wilfra Oldridge, Marsh gate
  • Leopard, Edward Maudson, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Lord Nelson, William Padgit, Corn market
  • Lord Wellington, S. Downing, New st.
  • Mail Coach, John Potter, French gate
  • Marquis of Granby, Widow Tetley, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Mason's Arms, John Parkinson, Corn market
  • Nag's Head, William Dutchburn, St. Sepulchre gate
  • New Angel, hotel George Dunhill, (posting house) French gate
  • New Crown, Saml. Walker, Fisher gate
  • Old Angel, Robert Belcher, (posting house) French gate
  • Old Crown, Thos. Webb, Fisher gate
  • Old George and Dragon, Joshua Beetham St. George gate
  • Old George, Wm. Garnett, Magdalens
  • Plow, John Hepworth, New street
  • Prince Blucher, Olivia Morley, French gate
  • Ram Sarah Sparling, High street
  • Red Lion, Edward Auckland New st.
  • Red Lion, John Challenger, Shambles
  • Rein Deer George Belcher, (posting house) High street
  • Rockingham, William Pears, Bennetthorp
  • Royal Oak, Ann Nelstrup, Royal Oak yard
  • Salutation, Thomas Chapman, South parade
  • Sedan Chair, Charles Broadhead, Baxter gate
  • Skinner's Arms, Joseph Unwin, French gate
  • Star, Charles Teasdale, Carr lane
  • Three Blacksmiths, J. Parkinson, Silver street
  • Three Cranes, Widow Reed, Cranes yard
  • Three Horse Shoes, James Tinkler, Marsh gate
  • Three Legs, George Kinsman, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Union, Robert Lill, Shambles
  • Volunteer, John Banks, French gate
  • White Bear, John Stainton, Hall gate
  • White Horse, John Bennitt, Corn market
  • White Lion, James Bunning, St. George gate
  • White Swan, Richd. Venables, French gate
  • Wood Richard, (posting house) High street buildings
  • Woolpack, John Nicholson, New st.

Iron Founders.

  • Copley and Co. Far bridge
  • Pearson and Co. French gate


  • Aldred Richard, French gate
  • Bell and Hutchinson, Market cross
  • Elliott Amelia, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Elliott George, Baxter gate
  • Farr Robert, Baxter gate
  • Morley William, Fisher gate
  • Thirlwall Robert, Magdalens

Joiners and Builders,

  • Ashforth John, Laith gate
  • Bradford John, French gate
  • Burgon John, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Cade George, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Clark Joseph, Chapel yard, Hall gate
  • Denton Nathan, Spring gardens
  • Fretwell James St. Sepulchre gate
  • Glossop John, Spring gardens
  • Greaves Thomas, West laith gate
  • Hawe Thomas, Pell street
  • Hudson Joshua, Ellerker street
  • Parkinson Joseph, Market place
  • Reasbeck John Fisher gate
  • Richard W. and T. Church street
  • Rymer Joseph, Spring gardens

Land Surveyors,

  • Alexander James St. George gate
  • Dyson Thomas, Fisher gate

Law Stationers,

  • Kidson John, Church street
  • Turner Joseph, Scot lane

Linen and Woollen Drapers,

  • Chatham William, High street
  • Clough Francis, Scot lane
  • Cockin and Abraham, Goose hill
  • Faris Wm. (linen only) Baxter gate
  • Froggatt and Lillyman, High street
  • Hampson Anthony, Market cross
  • Jackson John, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Maw, Smith and Barker, High street
  • Merryweather Edw. Spring gardens
  • Mirfin John, Baxter gate
  • Shears & Co. (silk mercers) High st.
  • Sykes & Co. (mercers) Market cross
  • Thirlwall Richard, New street
  • Wilton Matthew, Goose hill

Machine Makers,

  • Heppenstall J. & Son, (patentees of the straw machine) High st. buildings
  • Heppenstall Thomas, Silver street
  • Hopkin and Myers, (wire workers) High street
  • Pearson and Co. French gate
  • Turner James, Wellington yard


  • Barton John, New street
  • Carlton William, Corn market
  • Clarke Matthew, Silver street
  • Leech Eli, Fisher gate
  • Mason C.G. (& corn dlr.) Marsh gate
  • Ogley Francis, French gate
  • Prescott John, Corn market
  • Rowley William, Volunteer yard
  • Smith George, French gate
  • Spavin James, Fisher gate
  • Thorp John, Sunny bar

Masons, Stone and Marble,

  • Lister Robert and Charles. (masons and builders) Silver street
  • Lockwood & Son, (marble) Hall gate
  • Tomlin Thomas, (mason and builder) Laith gate
  • Waterworth Thomas, (marble) St. Sepulchre gate

Millers, Corn,

  • Bennet James, (wind mill) in the Town field
  • Fox John, (steam mill) Fisher gate
  • Hopkinson Ann, (wind mill) Babby rd.
  • Jackson John, (steam mill) Marsh gate
  • Wright John, (water mill) Marsh gate

Milliners and Dress Makers,

  • Alexander Anne, St. George gate
  • Farrer Anne, French gate
  • Hammond Mary, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Hewitt Widow, Pell street
  • Jackson Misses, Hall gate
  • Peat Ann, High street
  • Swallow and Bower, Hall gate
  • Thomas Mary, Baxter gate
  • Wittington Sarah, Princess street
  • Wood and Johnson, Hall gate

Music, and Musical Instrument Dealers and Teachers,

  • Brailsford Isaac, Church hill
  • Sheardown and Son, High street
  • Smith Thomas, Union street
  • Suett John, Regent place
  • Tate Edward, (piano forte maker and tuner) Magdalens
  • Wragg David, French gate

Nail Makers,

  • Aldred James, (cut) French gate
  • Aldred Richard, French gate
  • Bell and Hutchinson, Market cross
  • Child John, Marsh gate
  • Galbraith James, Silver street
  • Moxon Samuel, St. Sepulchre gate

Nursery and Seedsmen,
Those marked thus * are also Kitchen Gardeners.

  • *Clayton Moses, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Crowcroft Thomas, Halt gate
  • *Crowcroft Thomas, High street
  • *Crowther William Law, French gate
  • Crowther William, Sand pits
  • Drabwell John, Baxter gate
  • *Ellison William, Baxter gate
  • *Foster Thomas, St. James's street
  • *Hall Abraham, French gate
  • *Rusby William, French gate
  • *Wheater Richard, Goose hill
  • *Wood George, St. Sepulchre gate


  • Adamson William, (portrait) High street
  • Armitage George, (house and sign) French gate
  • Boston Thos. (house and sign) French gate
  • Bunning James, (house and sign) St. George gate
  • Everitt William, (and gilder) High street
  • Handley George, Spring gardens
  • Harrison George, High street
  • Haugh Geo. (portrait) South parade
  • Hawley John, Hall gate
  • Herring T, F. (animal and portrait) Chatham place
  • Robson Richard, Corn market
  • Webb Thomas, (portrait) Church st.

Pawn Brokers,

  • Birkinshaw Thomas, Magdalens
  • Hammond Benjamin, Church street

Paper Hangings Dealers,

  • Belk Vincent, Hall gate
  • Leggott Thomas Scot lane
  • Oxley William, High street
  • Sheardown and Son, High street
  • Thomas and Hunsley, Market cross


  • Chorley Edward, Green house
  • Robinson John South parade


  • Jepson Joseph, St. James's street
  • Pollard John, Duke street
  • Saddler William, Silver street

Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Atkinson Bartholomew, Spring gardens
  • Higgins R. and K. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Mandall T. K. Scot lane
  • Pearson John, Silver street
  • Wakefield William, French gate

Porter Dealers,

  • Clarke J. and K. High street
  • Maw and Co. High street
  • Morley and Morton, French gate
  • Popplewell William, Fisher gate
  • Webster John Market place
  • Welborne Richard, French gate

Rag Merchants,

  • Aldred and Co. French gate
  • Farr Robert, Baxter gate
  • Potter Thomas, Baxter gate

Rope Makers and Flax Dressers,

  • Canton William, Market place
  • Hanson George, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Johnson Matthew, (flax merchant) Corn market
  • Routh William, (flax merchant) Laith gate
  • Somerset Thomas, Magdalens
  • Wright Saml. (roper & netter) New st.
  • Wright Widow & Son, Bower's fold

Saddlers, and Collar Makers, &c.,

  • Beetham George, New street
  • Cockin Thomas, Baxter gate
  • Hickin George, High street
  • Liddell Robert, (hunting and army saddler) High street
  • Merryweather John, (hunting & arm saddler, spring truss and trunk maker) High street
  • Shaw William, Hall gate
  • Thompson Richard, French gate

Silversmiths and Jewellers,

  • Bright Philip, High street
  • Farrer Joshua, French gate
  • Fowler George, High street

Stay Makers,

  • Cobb George, Silver street
  • Marsh Anne, Opposite the cross
  • Morris Nathaniel, Scot lane
  • Smith Anne, Baxter gate
  • Tummond Robert, (& corset maker) South parade

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Aldam Catherine, High street
  • Bolton Misses, Goose hill
  • Brunton Ann, Baxter gate
  • Crosley Harriet, Baxter gate
  • Lister Ann, Scot lane
  • Peat Ann, High street
  • Siddle Sarah, Goose hill
  • Smith A. and M. Union street


  • Bailes W. H. French gate
  • Branson John, Hall gate
  • Holberry William, (dispensary) French gate
  • Marsh Francis K. N. French gate
  • Moore John, French gate
  • Morey John Eggleton, High street
  • Popplewell Benjamin, Spring gardens
  • Thompson Murthwaite, St. Sepulchre gate

Tailors and Habit Makers,

  • Bennet Joseph, Silver street
  • Bisat William, Silver street
  • Chatham William, (and draper) High street
  • Dickinson Thomas, Elleker street
  • Duncan John & Edward, Baxter gate
  • Fretwell James, Scot lane
  • Fretwell James, jun. Scot lane
  • Graham William, Scot lane
  • Hanson James, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Holberry Thomas, Hall gate
  • Hopes John, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Marsh George, Market place
  • Mason James, Scot lane
  • Naylor John, Marsh gate
  • Powell William, Scot lane
  • Swallow John, Market place
  • Tymms Thomas, Spring gardens
  • Womack William, Hall gate
  • Woods Thomas, High street
  • Woodward Elizabeth, Silver street

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Holt - Factory lane
  • Hopes Robert, French gate
  • Walker John, Goose hill


  • Clarke Sarah and Son, French gate
  • Holmes Thomas, Church street

Timber Merchants,

  • Morley William and Co. Fisher gate
  • Pillin Robert, Fisher gate
  • Robinson George, Fisher gate

Toy and Hardware Dealers,

  • Aldred James, French gate
  • Bell & Hutchinson, Goose hill
  • Bunby John, New street
  • Elliott Amelia, St. Sepulchre gate
  • Elliott George, Baxter gate
  • Farr Robert, Baxter gate
  • Fletcher Elizabeth, French gate
  • Goodlad Thomas, Fisher gate
  • Potter Thomas, Baxter gate
  • Simpson Martha, Hall gate
  • Walker Dorothy, French gate

Watch and Clock Makers,

  • Bell Joseph, French gate
  • Bright Philip, High street
  • Farrer Joshua, French gate
  • Fowler George, High street
  • Thomas James, opposite Butter cross


  • Ashforth John, Laith gate
  • Ellis William, Laith gate
  • Field John, (& carpenter) Silver st.
  • Hatfield Isaac, Hall gate
  • Watts Thomas, Factory lane


  • Morley & Wells Fisher gate
  • Pillin Robert Fisher gate
  • Robinson Widow, Fisher gate

Wine and Spirit Merchants,

  • Dey Charles, French gate
  • Johnson & Co. Market place
  • Maw, Smith & Barker, High street
  • Morley & Morton, French gate
  • Mountain Thos. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Nicholson John, New street
  • Pilley Richard, St. George gate
  • Popplewell William, Fisher gate
  • Robson Richard & Co. Baxter gate
  • Smith Henry, (British wine maker) St. George gate
  • Smith William, (British wine maker) opposite the butter cross
  • Storrs John, (dealer in spirits only) Baxter gate
  • Webster John, (spirits only) Market pl.
  • Welbourne Richard, French gate


  • Aldam Benjamin, gent. South parade
  • Bower Henry, Esq. Hall gate
  • Bower John, Esq. Hall gate
  • Broadrick Mrs. gentlewoman, Broxholm cottage
  • Burks George, steward to the corporation, High street
  • Burley Miss Hannah, Hall gate
  • Childers L. W. Esq. High street
  • Chorley Edward, Esq. Green house, (present Mayor)
  • Copley Mrs. gentlewoman, Nether hall
  • Coulter Thomas, sheriff's officer, Hall gate
  • Denison J. Esq. Hall gate
  • Dennison Robert, steward to the corporation, Spring gardens
  • Dixon Mrs. gentlewoman, South parade
  • Earnshaw and Co. sacking & tarpaulin manufacturers, Factory lane
  • Ellison Mrs. gentlewoman, Hall gate
  • Elston Thomas, Esq. Hall gate
  • Fenton James, Esq. South parade
  • Frank Mrs. gentlewoman, Bellemont
  • Graham Thomas, cork cutter, French gate
  • Haigh Wm. gent. French gate
  • Hale Mrs. gentlewoman, South parade
  • Hardy Mrs. General, South parade
  • Heaton Henry, Esq. Hall gate
  • Hirst William, gent. South parade
  • Holmes Thos. fellmonger, Fisher gate
  • Hoyland Joseph, breeches maker, glover & clothes broker, Scot lane
  • Jackson Mrs., clothes broker, Market pl.
  • Jarratt John, Esq. St. Sepulchre gate
  • Kent Misses, gentlewomen, Hall gate
  • Leggott Robert, Esq. Spring gardens
  • Littlewood Richard, Esq. Hall gate
  • Lockwood Joseph, jun. sculptor, Silver street
  • Martin Benjamin gent. Hall gate
  • Maw J. H. Esq. Belle Vue
  • Milner Robert, furrier, French gate
  • Murray Sir P. West field house
  • Naylor Peter, Esq. Hall gate
  • Pearson John, Esq. South parade
  • Pilkington Dowager Lady, Hall gate
  • Platts Rev. John, Hall gate
  • Preston H. Esq. Beech field house
  • Reid Hugh, preserver of birds, beasts, reptiles & fishes, French gate
  • Sandys Edwin, Esq. Hall gate
  • Sharp Rev. J. Vicar of Doncaster, Vicarage
  • Sotheron Mrs. Catherine Hall gate
  • Sowerby Mrs. General, South parade
  • Spurr James, paper maker & dealer, front of Shambles
  • Sturges John, Esq. Elm field
  • Taylor Richard, carpet manufacturer, Marsh gate
  • Thorp John, hay and straw dealer, Sunny bar
  • Turton Matt. millwright, Marsh gate
  • Tyas K. Esq. South parade
  • Vernon George, Esq. South parade
  • Volanterio J. looking glass and barometer maker, French gate
  • Waller Charles, gent. High street
  • Walton Mrs. gentlewoman, South parade
  • Wharton Colonel, Hall gate
  • Whitaker Rev. John, L.L.D. Hall gate
  • White John, Esq. South parade
  • Wood Richard, coach proprietor, High street buildings
  • Wood Samuel, tobacco manufacturer, French gate
  • Wright James, filesmith, Bower's fold

From the Rein Deer and Ram Inns, Doncaster.

  • DEFIANCE coach to Sheffield every day at 12 & 2 o'clock alternately.
  • Highflyer every day at 12 o'clock.
  • Lord NELSON coach every day at 2; to York every morn, at ½ past 8.
  • Lord NELSON coach to Lincoln every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 12 o'clock.
  • Lord NELSON coach to Wakefield every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 12 o'clock to the Stafford Arms, Wakefield, where it meets a coach for Leeds, which proceeds on immediately.
  • Lord NELSON post coach to Carlisle & Glasgow every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at past 8; to London at 8 morning every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • RODNEY post coach to Hull every morning at 9 o'clock.
  • Royal FORRESTER to Nottingham every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7 in the morning, through Worksop and Mansfield.
  • The JOHN BULL every morning (Sundays excepted) to Thorne Waterside, whence passengers are immediately conveyed by Packet to Hull, returns same day, and proceeds with passengers to Sheffield.
  • To London, the ROCKINGHAM Light post coach, every morning, at ½ past 11 o'clock; to Leeds every morning at 6.
From the Old Angel,
  • The Union post coach to London at 4 in the afternoon, to Leeds at ½ past 5 in the morning.
From the Black Boy,
  • COMMANDER IN CHIEF coach to Sheffield and Birmingham every day at 12 and 2 alternately.
  • HIGHFLYER coach to London daily at 12 at noon.
  • HIGHFLYER coach to York, Newcastle and Edinburgh every morning at 8.
New Angel,
  • RODNEY to Hull every morning at 9.
  • The LORD WELLINGTON post coach to London, every morning at 5 o'clock, by way of Huntingdon and Ware.
  • The Lord Wellington post coach, every afternoon at 3 o'clock, to Newcastle and Edinburgh
  • The MAIL to Manchester, every morning at 6 o'clock, by way of Sheffield, Buxton and Stockport.
  • The ROYAL MAIL to Edinburgh, every afternoon at 5 o'clock, by way of York.
  • The ROYAL MAIL to Glasgow, every afternoon at 5 o'clock, by way of Carlisle and Dumfries.
  • The ROYAL MAIL to London, by way of Bawtry and Tuxford: every morning at 5 o'clock.
  • The ROYAL MAIL to London, by way of Worksop and Ollerton, every morning at 4 o'clock.


  • A number of Vessels every week to Hull, &c., &c.
  • JAMES GARNET, from the Dockin Hill to Crowle, Butterwick, and Gainsbro' every Saturday.
  • JAMES WHITE, from the same place, to Crowle and Gainsbro', every Saturday.
  • WELLS & Morley, Packets to Hull, London, &c. regularly.
  • WILLIAM BUCKLEY, to Barnsley, every Monday, and returns on Friday.


  • B. JACKSON & Co's. waggons set out from the Rein Deer & Ram Inns, every morning to London and arrive at the Bull & Mouth, Bull and Mouth street, in three days.
  • Barnsley, JAMES Patrick arrives at the Lord Wellington every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and returns the same days.
  • Bawtry, THOMAS Burdin arrives at the Lord Wellington every Sat.
  • Bawtry, THOMAS Pagden, arrives at the Elephant every Saturday, returns same day.
  • Campsall JOHN Ogley arrives at the Black Swan every Saturday, and returns the same day.
  • Epworth, Edward Jefferson, arrives at the Lord Wellington every Saturday, and returns same day.
  • Haxey and Westwood side, WILLIAM Brier, arrives at the Black Swan every Saturday, ret. same day.
  • Rotherham, George Brooks, arrives at the Cross Keys, every Saturday, returns same day.
  • Selby and Rawcliff, JOSEPH ALLEN, arrives at the Black Swan, every Saturday, and returns same day.
  • Sheffield Carrier, WIDOW JOHNSON, arrives at the Lord Wellington Wednesday and Saturday, and returns the same days.
  • Sheffield and Rotherham, EDWARD WILKINSON arrives at the Old Crown Thursday and Saturday, returns same days.
  • Sheffield, ----- DAWSON, Baxter gate, every Sunday & Wednesday to York, Tuesday & Saturday.
  • Sheffield, THOMAS REED, from the Marquis of Granby to Sheffield every Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Thorne, JOHN CHANTRY, arrives at the Plough, Wednesday & Saturdays, returns same days.
  • Tickhill & Worksop, ROBERT WARD, arrives at the Marquis of Granby, every Saturday, returns same day.
  • Tickhill, ROBERT BOOTH, arrives at the Three Legs of Man. Tuesday and Saturdays, returns same days.
  • WILLIAM Scales, High street, leaves Doncaster every Monday & Thursday for Hatfield, Thorne, Rawcliff, Snaith, Carlton Selby, and York, and returns every Sunday & Wednesday, by the same route to Sheffield.
  • York, Wm. and Joseph Pettifor, St. Sepulchre gate, every Monday and Thursday, to Nottingham Tuesday and Saturday.


  • Edw. RIDSDALE, daily to Leeds.
  • Waggons to Leeds & all parts of the North, every evening.


  • Post Master:-Thomas Arnall, Ferrybridge.
  • Insert Table here !!!!!
  • The Edinburgh Mail downwards, arrives at ½ p. 7 in the evng. these Mails are dispatched from hence within a few minutes of the time of their arrival.
  • The Edinburgh Mail upwards, (by York) arrives here at p. 8 in the mrng.
  • The Glasgow Mail upwards to London (by Carlisle) arrives here at 2 o'clock in the mornings, and takes letters to the stages South of this place.
  • The Glasgow Mail, from London, arrives at p. 7 in the evng.
  • There is a riding post to Wakefield and Pontefract, at ½ past 4 in the morning, and to Selby and Howden, at the same hour.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BALBY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Clark William, gentleman
  • Foster John, gentleman
  • Murril Sir Peter, Eastfield house
  • Walker Pearce Edmund, gentleman
  • Wightman Rev. James, curate of Barnby-upon-Don

Miscellany of trades

  • Butterworth John vict. Plough Inn
  • Crawshaw Samuel, farmer
  • Fitz'George Edmund, blacksmith
  • Fitz'George William, wheelwright
  • Gray Thomas, vict. Vine Inn
  • Hopkinson Ann, miller
  • Howel William, skinner
  • Kendal William, wheelwright
  • Sanderson Richard, tanner and farmer
  • Sharpe John, vict. White Swan
  • Walker Pearce Edward, farmer

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for LOVERSALL in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Cook Rev. Alexander

Miscellany of trades

  • Dodson John, vict. Waggon & Horses
  • Dunwell Timothy, farmer
  • Fitz'George John, blacksmith
  • Simpson William, farmer

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for WHEATLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Cooke Sir George, Bart.
  • Cooke William Bryan, Esq.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003