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Doncaster parish:

Hexthorpe, War Memorial transcription:

The 1914-1918 and 1939-45 War Memorial, St. Jude's Churchyard, Hexthorpe.

The front of the memorial:

To the Glory of God
and in Memory of the
Hexthorpe Men who
gave their lives
for their Country
in the Great Wars

LieutF Leach PteT Battle
C M SergtH Heaton PteH Brooks
C M SergtW Bradley PteM Burton
C M SergtE Ellis PteW H Botterill
C M SergtR Fuller PteH A Braithwait
C M SergtW Gleadhall PteH Cutts
C M SergtA W Hunt PteF Colpuss
C M SergtC E Hutton PteB Coup
C M SergtS B Wells PteC W Chadwick
C M SergtS R Wilson PteW C Danby
C M SergtW E Ratcliffe PteG Eastgate
CorplA Pearce PteT F Featon
CorplA Kennington PteC P Franks
L/CplC Torr PteT P Firth
L/CplJ Windsor PteJ Goodwin
L/CplA Walton PteA E Greenham
L/CplG H Keates PteR Hopkinson
L/CplG H Kennington PteC F Hawksworth
PteT Andrews PteJ R Hemstock
PteJ Allison PteC Jacques
PteG Attewell PteS B Jackson
PteW F Beauchamp PteH S Johnson
PteA Blackburn PteJ Knighton
   PteH Kirtland

Lieut.T.S. BeastallREME ARMY Gnr.C. HolmesR.A.
Bdr.R. FlindersR.A.   Gnr.J. BoydR.A.
L/Cpl.C. HorsfieldA.S.H. Tpr.C. HighamHorse Guards Spr.A.W. MaileR.E.
Trp.R. SimmondsR.A.C. Gnr.T. FlindersR.A. Spr.S.D. ReidR.E.
Trp.E. CollinsR.A.C. Gnr.R. BrantonR.A. Pte.G.H. TerryK.O.S.B.
Trp.E.K. GillvrayR.A.C. Gnr.S.C. BurtonR.A. Pte.A. FoneK.O.Y.L.I.
Trp.G.P. Pepper 4thQ.O.H. Gnr.J. MadnerR.A. Pte.A. McGloreD.O.W.
The left hand side of the memorial.

Royal Navy
1st CLS POH N Beresford
PO H D Hall
1st CLS STRG A Seaman
SignlrP C Pitchforth
A B SE G Burns
A B SA Elwis
A B SA Holt
A B ST C Petch
A B SH Raynor
A B SL S Slack
A B SE Smith
A B SE L Wheatley
Ship STDS W Atkinson
Royal Engineers
SapperH Atkinson
SapperJ Bates
SapperF Burdass
SapperA T Cowling
SapperH S Howse
SapperA List
SapperF E Neale
PioneerW Belk

PteF J Knott PteP P Pease
PteA B Laurence PteH Pease
PteW E Laurence PteW Pearson
PteH Ledger PteS Pinkerton
PteG H Marsh M.M. PteH Pinder
PteB A Metcalf PteH H Potter
PteG H Meanwell PteJ Riley
PteG Pashley   
The right hand side of the memorial:

PteJ Robinson
PteF Reasbeck
PteA Stables
PteP Soan
PteK Setpm
PteG Skinner
PteT Snow
PteE Stocks
PteC Thompson
PteW Uffindall
PteP Waite
PteH Whittle
PteA Windsor
PteT H Whitley
PteJ H Whitley
PteA Wall
PteH Williams
Royal Field Artillery
GunnerH Bisby
GunnerR N Hardy
GunnerP Ireson
GunnerA Senior
GunnerW Reeve
GunnerH B Shimelds

Royal Navy &bbsp; Royal Air Force
POB B Crocker PO W Wells
ABA J Denny F/SgtC Adams
TelegV R Dawson SgtF R Scargall
ABG Howlett SgtC Harlington
POR C Western W OP ACC L Crowcroft
   A C 1E Round

Data transcribed by
Sandra Welburn.
from photography by Colin Hinson