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BOLSTERSTONE: Transcription of Bolsterstone Marriages, 1868-1877

Transcription of Bolsterstone Marriages, 1868-1877

Bolsterstone Marriages, 1868 to 1877
26 Oct 1868JACKSON, EmmaHOWE, George001
14 Feb 1869TAYLOR, Mary JaneKNOWLES, George002 086
28 Mar 1869CROSSLAND, EzraHINCHCLIFFE, Ellen003
09 May 1869RHODES, ElizabethCOATES, Alfred004
25 Jul 1869NIGHTINGALE, Ann ElizabethPEAKER, John005
05 Sep 1869LAYCOCK, JamesBUTTON, Emma006
23 Sep 1869BRAMALL, JohnGRAYSON, Ann007
01 Nov 1869SEDGWICK, Mary AnnHINCHCLIFFE, Charles008
22 Nov 1869STEWARD, GeorgeHOYLE, Martha009
27 Dec 1869WORRALL, JohnCHARLESWORTH, Mary010
27 Dec 1869CHARLESWORTH, JamesWORRALL, Ann011
03 Jan 1870WOODHEAD, William JamesSPIVEY, Harriett012
17 Apr 1870GRAYSON, EmmaHOYLE, Allen013
19 May 1870GRAYSON, ElizabethSAMPSON, George014
05 Jun 1870KILNER, GeorgeCROSLAND, Ann015
06 Jun 1870DYSON, AmosBUTTON, Ann016
30 Jun 1870SHAW, JohnCOULDWELL, Mary017
20 Sep 1870THICKETT, ElizabethDENTON, Joseph018
29 Sep 1870GRAYSON, EmmaEVANS, Samuel020
29 Sep 1870LONGFORD, JohnHELLIWELL, Mary019
03 Oct 1870GABBITASS, William FrederickBURGIN, Harriett021
12 Oct 1870THICKETT, ElizabethBROADHEAD, Charles022
07 Nov 1870DRABBLE, JosephILLINGSWORTH, Elizabeth023
05 Dec 1870MARTON, AnnBLACKER, George025
25 Dec 1870LOCKWOOD, HannahHELLIWELL, John026
26 Dec 1870ROEBUCK, NancyHILL, Abraham William027
06 Mar 1871ELLIOTT, ElizaBENNETT, William028
15 May 1871RODGERS, EllenMARSHALL, John029
28 May 1871BOOTH, WardFIELDSEND, Elizabeth031
28 May 1871HAWLEY, MarthaBOOTH, James030
29 May 1871EVANS, Lucy AnnOLDFIELD, Joseph032
26 Jun 1871WALKER, HannahSMEDLEY, Alfred033
24 Jul 1871ASKHAM, JohnSANDERSON, Martha034
27 Jul 1871LAWTON, Mary HannahBRAMALL, William035
07 Aug 1871HOLLINGS, ZilpahSWIFT, Walter036
27 Nov 1871GREEN, AnnHELLIWELL, Matthew037
11 Dec 1871WHITLAM, MargaretLAYCOCK, John038
25 Dec 1871FEARN, WalterBREARLEY, Sarah Jane042
25 Dec 1871PEARSON, HannahBROADBENT, Frank041
25 Dec 1871WHITELEY, Sarah AnnWRIGHT, Walter040
25 Dec 1871BEAL, Ann EllenBATTY, Hinchcliff039
04 Mar 1872SCARGILL, Sarah AnnROEBUCK, Walter044
04 Mar 1872HOLLAND, AnnMILLS, John043
01 Apr 1872GRAYSON, ElizaBROADBENT, Charles045
20 Aug 1872NICHOLS, ThomasHELLIWELL, Emma046
30 Sep 1872BROADHEAD, Anna MariaWOODHOUSE, William Stead047
25 Dec 1872HAIGH, Mary AnnBUTTERWORTH, Joseph048 310
26 Jan 1873ASHTON, HarriettSPOONER, James049
13 Feb 1873HELLIWELL, ElizaELLISON, William050
23 Feb 1873GRINDLE, John ThomasBUTTON, Rebecca051
03 Mar 1873BURGIN, Ann ElizabethWOODHEAD, Tom052
26 Jun 1873HAWLEY, JamesHATTERSLEY, Angelina053
21 Sep 1873MITCHELL, CharlotteHINCH, George054
22 Sep 1873RAMSDEN, ElizabethDYSON, John055
29 Sep 1873ATKIN, Sarah JaneROBINSON, William056
26 Oct 1873NEWSOM, MarySMITH, Henry Swire057
29 Oct 1873ASHTON, JaneDYSON, Amos058
15 Dec 1873TUNE, Mary AnnLOCK, William059
25 Dec 1873LEE, HannahHELLIWELL, William060
09 Feb 1874BARTRAM, JohnHELLIWELL, Harriet061
15 Feb 1874ALLOTT, MarthaSPOONER, James062
09 Mar 1874SANDERSON, ThomasSAMPSON, Jane063
09 Mar 1874SAMPSON, AnnKNOWLES, Job064
05 Apr 1874LISLES, JesseNIGHTINGALE, Mary Jane065
18 May 1874WARREN, GeorgeNIGHTINGALE, Emma066
24 May 1874SMITH, MarthaTAYLOR, Arthur Edwin067
__ Jun 1874BEAL, EvaJOHNSON, Fredrick069
05 Jul 1874FARREL, JosephBATTY, Louisa070
20 Aug 1874BROADHEAD, LeviSWALLOW, Ann071
21 Sep 1874MARSDEN, AnnBUTTON, David072
26 Oct 1874CHAPMAN, Mary EllenRAMSDEN, Isaac073
30 Nov 1874MARSH, Mary AnnMANN, Charles074
24 Dec 1874HOLLAND, RachelBRADLEY, George Henry075
25 Dec 1874OAKLEY, HannahHANDLEN, Robert076
22 Feb 1875ARMITAGE, EllenWALTON, George077
08 Mar 1875HUBBARD, FannyASHTON, Joseph078
22 Mar 1875WRAGG, Eliza AnnBAILEY, George079
02 May 1875RIDAL, KeziaBEAL, Luke080
15 May 1875HIRST, Mary AnnRACE, William081
17 May 1875BOTHAM, AnnieHERBERT, George082
03 Jun 1875HINCHCLIFFE, SarahWRAGG, Thomas083
08 Jun 1875MOOREHOUSE, LydiaDYSON, Dan084
14 Jun 1875HEMSLEY, Mary AnnFIELDSEND, John085
14 Jun 1875SAMPSON, JohnTAYLOR, Mary Jane086
20 Jun 1875TOMMASON, MaryBRADLEY, Frederick087
04 Oct 1875BEAL, ArthurLISLES, Lucy088
10 Nov 1875MITCHELL, Mary AliceBIRD, Richard089
27 Dec 1875KAY, AnnHARRALD, John090
14 Feb 1876RANSOM, ElizaCOOK, William091
04 Mar 1876ADDY, Arthur DearndleyHATTERSLEY, Eliza092
24 Apr 1876SMITH, MaryTEATHER, Alfred093
08 May 1876POOLE, MarthaCOULDWELL, Benjamin094
14 Jun 1876GIBBS, FrancesWOOD, Thomas095
31 Jul 1876THOLEY, SamuelHIRST, Emma096
01 Aug 1876DYSON, ElizabethCOULDWELL, George097
28 Aug 1876SEDGWICK, HannahGLEADHILL, Uriah099
28 Aug 1876FIELDSEND, Martha AnnSPOONER, Jonathan098
25 Sep 1876BLACKER, EstherBREARLEY, Edwin100
09 Oct 1876SPOONER, Sarah AnnARMITAGE, Tom101
25 Nov 1876MANN, HarrietCOULDWELL, Henry102
27 Nov 1876SWIFT, Mary AnnHAWLEY, John103
06 Dec 1876MARSDEN, Jane AnnMICKLETHWAITE, Joel104
10 Dec 1876EASTHAM, GeorgeCOULDWELL, Sarah105
25 Dec 1876BURGIN, SarahWILLIAMS, Willie106
01 Jan 1877PICKFORD, HarriettBUXTON, Thomas107
20 May 1877DAKIN, FrancesCROOKES, Henry108
22 May 1877ROBINSON, MaryHAWLEY, Thomas109
23 May 1877ELLIS, John HagueGABBITAS, Louisa110
27 Jun 1877MARSDEN, Mary JaneGRAYSON, John Thomas111
30 Jul 1877GARNER, JessieBUTTON, Timothy112
26 Aug 1877MANN, MaryWALTON, Joseph113
27 Aug 1877JOHNSON, JosephJUBB, Sarah114
24 Sep 1877DELBRIDGE, MariaRIDER, James115
14 Oct 1877WHITE, MariaWARD, Henry116

Notes: Microfilm of original records in the Borthwick Institute, York and the Nottingham County Record Office, Southwell.

Film #919294 filmed with: Yorkshire Bishop's transcripts.
Film #504544 filmed with: Church of England. Parish Church of Askham-Richard.

Includes records for the chapelry of Midhope, baptisms and burials, 1789-1812.

FHL BRITISH Fiche 6343796

Marriages 1868-1877, (fiche 1) 1877-1886 (fiche 2) 1886-1892 (fiche 3) 1892-1897 (fiche 4) 1897-1898 (fiche 5)

FHL BRITISH Fiche 6343797

Marriages 1898-1901, (fiche 1) 1901-1904 (fiche 2) 1905 (fiche 3)

Data transcribed from:
Bolsterstone Parish registers, 1813-1914
Church of England. Chapelry of Bolsterstone

Transcribed by
Jane Lachs ©2001