Bolsterstone, War Memorial transcription


Ecclesfield parish:

Bolsterstone, War Memorial transcription:

The War Memorial for WWI, WWII and the Korean War in St. Mary's Churchyard, Bolsterstone.

The Front of the memorial: (see also Photo)

The Great War


To the Glory of God and in proud and
loving memory of the men of this parish
who made the supreme sacrifice for their
King and country

"The men were very good unto us and we
were not hurt . . . They were a wall unto
us both by night and day"
I Samuel XXX . V.13-16

BrearleyD LPte2/4 Y and L RegtMay 14th, 1917
ButtonAPte4th Batt Cameron HighlandersSept 26th, 1915
DysonGPte28th London Regt, 1st Artist RiflesDec 30th, 1917
DysonPPteScottish RiflesJuly 3rd, 1918
DysonOGnrR F AOct 3rd, 1916
GillE LLieut2/4 Y and L RegtNov 30th, 1917
GillD EPte2nd Sherwood ForestersMay 29th, 1918
GreenJPte2/5 Y and L RegtSept 16th, 1919
GregoryJSaprRoyal EngineersNov 10th, 1918
HarrisonJPte9th M C CApril 11th, 1917
HatchettW HPte2nd K O Y L INov 18th, 1916
HollinsFPteEast YorksAug 9th, 1915

HowarthGPte2nd Batt Coldstream GuardsSept 27th, 1915
KenworthyJ HCpl18th Batt Durham L IAug 17th, 1916
MicklethwaiteHGnrR F AMarch 21st, 1918
PearsonTGnrR F AJune 11th, 1918
RobinsonLL/Cpl2nd Batt Y and L RegtJuly 20th, 1917
SandersonFPteWest Riding RegtNov 27th, 1917
SeniorA BPte2nd Batt Coldstream GuardsNov 30th, 1917
ShawBPte1/4 Y and L RegtOct 9th, 1915
TattersallCPte6th Batt Y and L RegtMay 6th, 1919
TingleE PteWest YorksSept 30th, 1915
ToppsW HPteK O Y L ISept 11th, 1915
WardHSaprRoyal EngineersApril 13th, 1918
WhittakerGPteRoyal SussexNov 4th, 1918
WoodheadPPte46th CanadiansApril 22nd, 1917

The left hand side of the Memorial: (see also Photo)

BuxtonE RPte10th Batt Y and L RegtMay 1st, 1917
HartFPte6th Batt K O Y L IJan 16th, 1916
MortonAPte1/4 Y and L RegtSept 23rd, 1918
CouldwellAPte2/4 Y and L RegtMay 3rd, 1916
SchofieldDPte1/4 Y and L RegtOct 16th, 1915
JonesS GPteWelsh RegtSept 13th, 1918
EnglandCPteDurham L ISept 25th, 1918
MurrainC FPte1st East YorksOct 6th, 1918
WatkinsonCPte1st Batt K O Y L IOct 5th, 1918
TurnerHSgt InstrY and L RegtJune 29th, 1918
DickinsonCSigRoyal EngineersJune 28th, 1922

The right hand side of the Memorial: (see also Photo)

FranceW HPte1st Coldstream Gds.,Oct 29th 1914
SheldonEL/Cpl1/4 Y & L. RegtAug. 27th 1915
DaviesJPte23rd Royal FusiliersFeb 17th 1915
BrookeTPte2nd A.M., R.A.F.Feb 5th 1918
LesterS V GnrR.F.A.Sept. 21st 1918
HaighSGnrR.F.A.Aug 24th 1918
PerkinsAGnrR.C.A.Sept 13th 1918
CrawshawWPte2/4 Y & L RegtMay 3rd 1917
OrchardCPte10th Batt West RidingsSept 20th 1917
CurleyWPte8th Batt Winnipeg RiflesApril 15th 1915
SpiveyC CSapperRoyal EngineersNov 3rd 1921

The rear of the Memorial (see also Photo)

Remember All Killed
In Later Conflicts
And Here Especially

CobbeC HLt CdrHMS RepulseDec 30, 1941
DawsonP SGnr13th L A A Regt RAMay 16, 1941
WainwrightJPte2nd Batt Seaforth HighlandersApril 6, 1943
BroadheadDFusRoyal Northumberland FusiliersOct 7, 1951

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson