Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: STANNINGTON.     Church dedication: CHAPEL.

Area, vide Ecclesfield. Strafforth and Tickhill wapentake, N.D. -Population, 2,052, vide Ecclesfield *1; Chapel-room, 1,000 *2; Net value, £21.

Patron, the Vicar of Ecclesfield.

Impropriators, the Rev. T. R. Ryder, and others.

The Chapel was built and endowed in 1652 or 1653, by Mr. Richard Spoone, previous to which the inhabitants had great difficulty in attending divine service in the winter season.

The Parliamentary Commissioners had previously made the following report, " Eighty families; five miles from the parish Church ; we think fit that it be made a parish, and a Church built in some convenient place." -Parliamentary Survey, vol. xviii. page 431.

Mr. Hunter gives a catalogue of the incumbent Curates.

A new Chapel has been built under the Parliamentary grant. Architecture Gothic, with cupola. Expence £2,607. 19s. 3d., and first stone laid 21st October 1828. Completed, vide 10th Report, Page 3.

No glebe house.

No return as to Registers.

Spoone's trust. Bingley House trust. Founded by the will of Richard Spoone deceased, proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, on the 20th May 1653, for the maintenance of a preaching minister, and for teaching poor children. - The premises devised are blended with an estate called the Spout House, given by a person named Thomas Marriott, about the year 1730, for the use of a dissenting minister at Stannington ; and the combined property had for a long time previous to the Report been appropriated to the use of a minister of a Presbyterian chapel at Stannington, which was represented to have been erected about the year 1741. It had been contended that the income of the estate left by Mr. Spoone should be enjoyed by a minister of the Church of England. The Commissioners expressed some doubt upon the subject, and thought the question could only be determined by a court of equity. Forty pounds was bequeathed in 1723, by William Roncksley, in aid of the school. Twenty free scholars are taught by the schoolmaster. The estate consists of 57a. 1r. 24p. of land. The rents of the Bingley House trust estate were formerly applied to public purposes, but at the time of the Report were waiting the directions of the trustee, and the Commissioners suggested that the directions of a court of equity should be taken.

Lower Bradfield School, founded by Thomas Marriott in 1706, for teaching twenty poor children. Endowment, house, croft, and garden, and a rentcharge of £10 per annum.

Onesacre School. An ancient school. Endowment of 5a. 2r. 5p., and also one third of 46a. 0r. 33p. of land, for educating not less than twelve poor children. Sixteen were at the time of the Report taught reading, writing, and arithmetic. -Vide 19th Report, p. 565.

Post town: Sheffield.

Abp. Sharp's MS. vol. i. page 262. Hunter's Hallamshire, page 272.

*1 "There is, properly speaking, no village of Stannington, the principal collections of houses being known as Uppergate and Nethergate." -Hunter's Hallamshire, page 273.

*2 Of which 366 are free sittings.

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