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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for ECCLESFIELD in Pigot's Directory of 1834.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for ECCLESFIELD in Pigot's Directory of 1834.

Nobility, Gentry, and Clergy,

  • Booth Mrs. Ann, Charnock house
  • Butler Joseph, esq. Housley hall
  • Dixon Wm. Fredk. esq. Birley house
  • Fitzwilliam the Earl, Wentworth house
  • Jeffcock John, esq. Cowley
  • Lowe Rev. John, Wentworth
  • Overend Mrs. Ruth, Bolsover hill
  • Pearson Rev. Henry Hollingworth, Ecclesfield
  • Rider John, esq. Whitley
  • Ryder Rev. Thos. Richd. Ecclesfield
  • Smith William, esq. Barnes hall
  • Smith Mr. Wm. (attorney) Cliff house
  • Wingfield John Butterthwaite, esq. Ecclesfield

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

  • Bedford Jos. (gent's bdg) Skew hill
  • Free School, Ecclesfield --- Joseph Bowler, master; Sarah Bowler, mistress
  • Hawksley Sarah, Ecclesfield
  • Lound Free School, Chapel Town --- Joel Hague, master
  • Rider Geo. (gent's bdg) Greno house
  • Spilling Ann (ladies' boarding) Ecclesfield
  • Warburton Samuel (gent's brdng)


  • Falding Jos. Bennett, Chapel Town
  • Graham Benjamin, Ecclesfield
  • Kay George, Chapel Town
  • Parker John, Ecclesfield
  • Swift James, Ecclesfield

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Dawson Charles, Ecclesfield
  • Dawson William, Ecclesfield
  • Falding Samuel, Ecclesfield
  • Holmes William, Ecclesfield
  • Joy Thomas, Ecclesfield
  • Marshall John, Chapel Town
  • Nicholson John, Ecclesfield


  • Barlow Benjamin, Ecclesfield
  • Barlow George, Ecclesfield
  • Foweather William, Chapel Town
  • Greaves Thomas, Ecclesfield
  • Hoyland Charles, Chapel Town
  • Kirk Samuel, Ecclesfield
  • Walker Thomas, Ecclesfield

Cattle Dealers,

  • Clark Thomas, Ecclesfield
  • Yelland William, Ecclesfield

Coal Owners,

  • Chambers George, High green
  • Darwin John & Co. (assignees of) Chapel Town
  • Fitzwilliam the Earl, Wentworth
  • Jeffcock John, Mortomley

Flax Spinner and Patent Thread & Rope Manufctr,

  • Yeardley Thomas, Ecclesfield mill

File Manufacturers,

  • Bayley & Tingle, Grenoside
  • Cawood Thomas, Whitley
  • Eyre John & Joseph, Whitley
  • Foster William, Ecclesfield
  • Greaves Benjamin, Ecclesfield
  • Greaves Ebenezer, Ecclesfield
  • Hobson Joseph, Hirst
  • Lister Joel, Ecclesfield
  • Machen John, Hirst
  • Redfern Joel, Grenoside
  • Utley William, Wheel

Grocers and Dealers in Sundries,

  • Addy John (and confectioner) Wentworth
  • Catton George, Chapel Town
  • Chambers Thomas and Joseph, Chapel Town
  • Greaves John William, Ecclesfield
  • Hawksley Sarah & Eliz. Ecclesfield
  • Machen James, Ecclesfield
  • Tofield Thomas (& tallow chandler) Ecclesfield
  • Unwin Benj. (& tallow chandler) Ecclesfield
  • Yelland William, Ecclesfield

Iron Masters and Iron Founders,

  • Darwin John & Co. (assignees of) Chapel Town
  • Fitzwilliam the Earl, Elsecar works
  • Graham & Co. Milton
  • Newton, Chambers and Co. Thorncliffe

Joiners & Wheelwrights,

  • Coward John, Ecclesfield
  • Froggatt William, Housley hall
  • Hepponstall William, Ecclesfield
  • Lister John, Ecclesfield
  • Loxley John, Ecclesfield
  • Loxley Joseph, Ecclesfield

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Chambers Thomas and Joseph, Chapel Town
  • Unwin Benjamin, Ecclesfield


  • Greaves John, Ecclesfield
  • Greaves Samuel, Ecclesfield
  • Hall George, Chapel Town


  • Jackson Joshua (& bone grinder) Wentworth
  • Moorwood Ann, Ecclesfield

Nail Manufacturers,

  • Blakemore Thomas, Mortomley
  • Crossland John, Ecclesfield
  • Hague Joseph, Ecclesfield
  • Hobson Charles, Chapel Town
  • Smith George, Ecclesfield

Screw Manufacturers,

  • Tingle Benjamin & Co. Grenoside
  • Wyke George, Grenoside

Steel Refiners,

  • Bayley & Tingle, Grenoside
  • Redfern Joel, Grenoside
  • Tingle Thomas, Grenoside

Stone Masons,

  • Armitage Joseph, Ecclesfield
  • Nelson Robert & Co. Ecclesfield


  • Campsall Joseph, Chapel Town
  • Griffiths Boynton Lee, Ecclesfield
  • Overend William, Bolsover hill
  • Spilling Matthew, Ecclesfield


  • Ambler Ebenezer, Ecclesfield
  • Swift Charlotte, Ecclesfield
  • Taylor John, Ecclesfield
  • Taylor William, Ecclesfield

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Ball, William Yelland, Ecclesfield
  • Black Bull Inn, Matth. Jepson, Ecclesfield
  • Coach & Horses, George Hoyland, Chapel Town
  • Coach & Horses, Susanna Saville, Chapel Town
  • Crown, George Johnson, Hall wood
  • George & Dragon, Rbt. Pepper, Wentworth
  • George & Dragon, Matt. Stringer, Ecclesfield
  • Greyhound, George Dawson, Ecclesfield
  • Griffin, William Beard, Ecclesfield
  • Norfolk Arms, James Almond, White lane
  • Pheasant, Aaron Ashton, Ecclesfield
  • Rockingham Arms, Mary Tyne, Wentworth
  • Sportsman, Wm. Foster, Ecclesfield
  • Tankard, Richard Senior, Ecclesfield
  • Traveller's Inn, Abigail Bowler, Ecclesfield
  • Waggon and Horses, John Depledge, Chapel Town
  • White Bear, William Unwin, Ecclesfield
  • White Horse, Chas. Hoyland, Chapel Town


  • Ball Thomas, saddler, Ecclesfield
  • Beard Wm. earthenware dealer, Ecclesfield
  • Butler Jos. jun. road surveyr. Housley hall
  • Catton Geo. auctioneer, Chapel Town
  • Crow William, tanner, Ecclesfield
  • Gledhall Wm. plumber & glazier, Ecclesfield
  • Greaves Samuel, druggist, Ecclesfield
  • Hartley Samuel, flax dresser, Ecclesfield
  • Hickford Samuel, governor of workhouse, Ecclesfield
  • Jepson Matthew, cooper, Ecclesfield
  • Lee Richard, painter, Ecclesfield
  • Ridge George, brace-bit and gimblet manufacturer, Ecclesfield


  • To Sheffield, John Cox & George Ellis, every Tuesday, Thurs. and Sat.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for WADSLEY in Pigot's Directory of 1834.

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Ashforth Mr. John, Wadsley
  • Gill Rev. William, Yews
  • Hanson Rev. John, Loxley
  • Hounsfield Rev. John George, Wadsley house
  • Irving Rev. William, Bolsterstone
  • Payne Mr. Thomas Adam, Wadsley
  • Rawson Miss Hannah, Wardsend
  • Remington Mrs. Mary, Hilsbro' hall
  • Rimington James, esq. Broomhead
  • Swan Mr. William, Wadsley
  • Tattershall Mr. William (attorney) Edge field

Academies & Schools,

  • Burch Enoch, Stannington
  • Dunkerley David, Worrall
  • Guelder William, Stannington
  • Fairest William, Oughti bridge
  • Free School, Wadsley -- James Ellis, master
  • Hudson James, Bradfield
  • Ingham James, Stannington
  • Shuttleworth Richard, Oughti bridge


  • Booth Richard, Wadsley
  • Evans Thomas, Bradfield
  • Hinchcliff George, Wadsley bridge
  • Jepson Samuel, Wadsley
  • Marsh John, Stannington
  • Nichols Thomas, Stannington
  • Swift Benjamin, Wadsley bridge
  • Stanley Benjamin, Brightholme lee

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Barnes Joseph, Stannington
  • Barret Joseph, Oughti bridge
  • Bower Thomas, Damflask
  • Crooks George, Wadsley
  • Cropper John, Stannington
  • Cropper Jonathan, Stannington
  • Elliott Benjamin, Oughti bridge
  • Howe Robert, Wadsley
  • Inman John, Stannington
  • Kirk Joseph, Wadsley bridge
  • Phenix Abraham, Wadsley bridge
  • Shaw Matthew, Stannington
  • Siddons Benjamin, Wisewood
  • Siddons William, Bradfield
  • Wragg John, Dungworth

Brick Makers,

  • Dyson John, Stannington
  • Goodison Jonathan (fire) Stannington


  • Barker James, Wadsley
  • Broomhead Benjamin, Wadsley
  • Fox Charles, Bradfield
  • Ibbotson Robert, Wadsley

Cabinet Makers,

  • Coldwell Benjamin, Deep car
  • Fairest Joseph, Middle wood
  • Knott Thomas, Wadsley st

Coal Owners,

  • Gillott ---, Stannington
  • Gosnay Isabella, Stannington
  • Hobson J.W. Stannington
  • Ratcliffe E. Stannington
  • Ward Joseph, Stannington

File Manufacturers,

  • Cornthwaite James, Worrall
  • Dickinson George, Bradfield
  • Morton John, Warncliff
  • Whittles John, Stannington

Haft & Scale Pressers,

  • Berry John, Wadsley
  • Dyson George, Stannington
  • Fox William, Stannington
  • Revitt George, Stannington
  • Richardson George, Stannington
  • Shaw William, Stannington
  • Ward Thomas, Stannington
  • Wolstenholm James, Stannington

Joiners & Carpenters,

  • Elliott Benjamin, Oughti bridge
  • Wilson Robert, Damflask
  • Wilson William, Bradfield


  • Hancock Peter, Oughti bridge
  • Helliwell & Fieldsend, Damflask
  • Ibbotson Henry, Bradfield
  • Jackson Ellis, Broomhead
  • Stanley William, Oughti bridge
  • Stead William, Midhope

Paper Manufacturers,

  • Hoult John, Wadsley bridge
  • Ibbotson Matthew, Stannington
  • Thompson, Holden & Hawksley, Storrs
  • Webster & Harder, Damflask
  • Webster John & Jonathan A., Malin bridge

Pocket Knife Manufacturers,

  • Armitage John, Wadsley
  • Bancroft Robert, Stannington
  • Bancroft Timothy, Stannington
  • Barber Isaac, Stannington
  • Bateman John, Wadsley
  • Bateman Ralph, Wadsley
  • Bennett George, Wadsley
  • Bland George, Wadsley
  • Bland James, Wadsley
  • Bland John, Wadsley
  • Brammer Benjamin, Stannington
  • Burch Thomas & Enoch, Stannington
  • Charlesworth William, Damflask
  • Coldwell Joseph, Dungworth
  • Colley William, Wadsley
  • Crownshaw John, Wadsley
  • Downing Elizabeth, Wadsley
  • Elliott Benjamin, Wadsley
  • Fearn John, Wadsley
  • Fearn William, Damflask
  • Furness George, Stannington
  • Furness James, Stannington
  • Furness Luke, Stannington
  • Furness Robert, Stannington
  • Furness Robert, jun. Stannington
  • Grayson Thomas, Worrall
  • Hague Joseph, Stannington
  • Hague Thomas, Dungworth
  • Hallam John, Stannington
  • Heward William, Wadsley
  • Housely George, Wadsley
  • Hutchinson George, Wadsley
  • Hutchinson William, Worrall
  • Illingworth Joseph, Wadsley
  • Longbottom Joseph, Wadsley
  • Lunn John, Wadsley
  • Matthewman William, Wadsley
  • Nichols John, Stannington
  • Nixon John, Dungworth
  • Nutt Joseph, Wadsley
  • Oates James, Stannington
  • Oates John, Stannington
  • Oates Luke, Stannington
  • Rhodes Joseph, Worrall
  • Rose George, Wadsley
  • Rose Joel, Wadsley
  • Rose Stephen, Wadsley
  • Rose William, Wadsley
  • Stringer John, Stannington
  • Stringer William, Wadsley
  • Trickett George, Bradfield
  • Trickett Benjamin (and iron & steel warehouse) Wadsley
  • Walker John, Stannington
  • Wood George, Wadsley
  • Wragg Joseph, Stannington
  • Wragg Matthew, Stannington

Razor Manufacturers,

  • Revitt John, Stannington
  • Shaw John, Stannington

Scissor Manufacturers,

  • Beal Luke, Stannington
  • Coopland Samuel, Wadsley

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Billcliff Joseph, Wadsley
  • Cheetham Eliza, Malin bridge
  • Cronshaw Christopher, Wadsley
  • Hudson William, Stannington
  • Morton Christopher, Stannington
  • Pashley Jonathan, Wadsley
  • Smith Ann, Oughti bridge
  • Wortenholm William, Malin bridge

Stone Masons,

  • Bagshaw John, Loxley
  • Ridall John & Amos, Moor hall
  • Simpson William, Stannington
  • Thorpe Frederick, Stannington

Surveyors & Land Agents,

  • Fowler John, Wadsley
  • Yellott John, Wadsley


  • Chapman Benjamin, Wadsley
  • Lockwood George, Stannington

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Admiral Rodney, Thomas Wild, Loxley
  • Anvil, Samuel Marples, Stannington
  • Ball, Benjamin Barnes, Wadsley
  • Ball, Thomas Turner, Worrall
  • Barrel, Benjamin Ibbotson, Damflask
  • Blue Ball, John Morton, Wharncliffe
  • Board, John Bramall, Bolsterstone
  • Board, William Kay, Midhope
  • Board, Ann Lingard, Wharncliffe
  • Cock, John Fairest, Oughti bridge
  • Cross Daggers, Ann Morton, Bradfield
  • Crown & Glove, Isabella Gosnay, Stannington
  • Gate, George Holroid, Wadsley bridge
  • Hare & Hounds, John Inman, Stannington
  • Horse & Jockey, John Green, Wadsley
  • King & Miller, Thomas Hague, Deep car
  • New Inn, Joseph Henderson, Wadsley bridge
  • Old Horns, James Siddons, Bradfield
  • Peacock, George Thompson, Stannington
  • Plough, Benjamin Hobson, Bradfield
  • Robin Hood, John Rushby, Stannington
  • Shoulder of Mutton, Joseph Charlesworth, Worrall
  • Sportman's Inn, George Hoyle, Wadsley
  • Stanley Arms, Martin Stanley, Oughti bridge
  • Star, Thomas Knott, Wadsley
  • Surrey Arms, Mary Greaves, Hollow meadow
  • Taylor's Arms, John Earnshaw, Strines
  • Traveller's Inn, Benjamin Morton, Wadsley bridge
  • White Hart, Thomas Brammall, Oughti bridge
  • Yew Tree, Benjamin Shaw, Malin bridge

Retailers of Beer,

  • Bowden Joseph, Middlewood
  • Bramall John, Roid
  • Garside Thomas, Oughti bridge
  • Hollins Thomas, Bolsterstone
  • Johnson James, Loxley
  • Siddons George, Stocks bridge
  • Stocks William, Bolsterstone


  • Horn William Ibbotson & Co. Malin bridge
  • Naylor, Hutchinson, Vickers & Co. Wadsley bridge


  • Bamforth William, Wadsley
  • Loxley Jonathan, Wisewood
  • Marsh John, Brightholme lee
  • Marsh John, Stannington
  • Shaw William, Brightholme lee
  • Wilson Abraham, Stannington
  • Wilson George, Stannington


  • Armitage Henry, anvil maker, Stannington
  • Bradley Isaac, joiners' tool manufacturer, Stannington
  • Bramall Reginald, governor of the workhouse, Bradfield
  • Deakin George & Samuel, quarry owners, Wadsley
  • Ibbotson, Crooks & Co. coal owners, Dungworth
  • Kay Thomas, scale presser, Houldworth
  • Lunn Joseph, table knife manufacturer, Wadsley bridge
  • Marsden Jonathan, linen weaver, Stannington
  • Morris John, fork manufacturer, Stannington
  • North Edward, compass needle manufacturer, Wadsley
  • Parkin John, scrap iron manufacturer, Oughti bridge
  • Skelton Joseph D. merchant, Middlewood
  • Thickett & Co. earthenware manufacturers, Midhope
  • Turner William, steam engine builder, Deep car

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000