Ecclesfield, War Memorial transcription


Ecclesfield parish:

Ecclesfield, War Memorial transcription:

The War Memorial in the churchyard at Ecclesfield

The front, top of the Memorial: (see also Photo)

died for
You for

To the glory
of God and
in grateful
memory of
the men of
who gave
their lives
for King
and Country
in the
Great War
1914 - 1918

The front, bottom of the Memorial (see also Photo)

R Day
C P Dix
A Fox
W Gandy
P W Gant
E Greaves
A Green
S Green
G W Gregory
H Gregory
L Haigh
A J Harrison
L Helliwell
F Higgins
P Hoyland
C H Jarvis
F Jepson
G Justice
N Kinsey
A Lee
W Loxley
H Malyon
J Marsden
R J Morris
K Myers
J Oxley
W Reed
W Richardson
L Robinson
H Rose

The bottom, left of the Memorial (see also Photo)

J Massey
J Plowright
A J Padget
A Rollinson
F Ridge
A S Rushby
Sister M Simpson
C K Stringer
D A Senior
S Sutton
R Slaughter
W Whitham
N Whitham
S Wigley
F Widdison
J W Scholey
H Adams
W Adams
W Beard
H Bettney
S Boote
W Brookes
G W Burgess
C Burnham
C Cooke
G Cox
H Cox
J Crookes

The back, top of the Memorial. (see also Photo)

They also
gave their
1939 - 1945
At the going
down of the
sun and in
the morning
we will

The back, bottom of the memorial (see also Photo)

R Brooke
J W Barlow
F Crossland
A W Dunning
L W Dyson
E C M Caton
J French
H G Greensmith
A Gillott
E M Grant
L Hague
J H Harriss
H Higgins
A Hemingfield
H L Haynes
D Hodkin
N Hull
S Hall
A Morgan

The bottom right of the memorial (see also Photo)

S Sayles
J A Stainsby
F Staves
C Stringer
J Sutherland
F Waite
G Wastnege
E Whitham
F Wild
F Wilmot
F H Worth
L Worth

S Hanson

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott
from photography by Colin Hinson