Stocksbridge, War Memorial transcription


Ecclesfield parish:

Stocksbridge, War Memorial transcription:

The War Memorial at Stocksbridge.

The two name plaques above the door: (see also Photo)

1939 - 1945
Dick Atkinson
Leonard Barraclough
Leslie Benson
John W Brannan
Frederick W Broad
Richard A Button
Edward Challis
Leonard Charlesworth
Charles H Cobbe
Herbert Davies
Frank Dawson
George A England
Norman Firth
Kenneth Gregory
Tom Hanwell
Joseph W M Helliwell
Leslie W Herbert
Walter Hingley
Lance W Hoyle
Norman Jackson
Ernest Jones
Albert Kaye
Vincent Lavery
Ernest Lowe
Barrington H Marshall
Wilfred Martin
1939 - 1945
Thomas H Mate
Victor H Mate
Percy Milnes
Michael Moran
Dorothy Musk
John E Oates
Steven Osborne
Jack Revitt
Ernest Robinson
Aubrey Rodgers
Amos Roebuck
Joe Rogerson
Albert Rolfe
Harry Rowley
John A Sellars
Alex Shaw
Robert Shaw
Marjorie Smith
John R Stagg
Mabel Turner
Walter Wadsworth
Frederick Wakelin
Kenneth Walker
Denis Walton
William E Webb
To the honour and everlasting memory
of the soldiers, sailors and nurse of
this district who gave their lives
for their King and Country in the
Great War 1914 - 1918

The plaque on the left hand side of the door (see also Photo)

John Adams
W Attwood
Alfred Beckett
Arthur Brailsford
William Bramwell
David Ivor Brearley
Thornton Brooke
Sidney Burgin
Anthony Button
E R Buxton
Fred Castledine
Bertie T Catton
Arthur Couldwell
Oliver Crapper
Winfield Crawshaw
Arnold Crossley
Donald Crossley
William Curley
J Davies
Leonard Duffield
Mark Dyche
Gam Dyson
Oswald Dyson
Priam Dyson
Frank Eastwood
Charles England
Fred Fieldsend
Harry Finkill
Harry Firth
William H France
James Green
J Gregory
David E Gill
Eric L Gill
S Haigh
W Harper
J Harrison
Fred Hart
W H Hatchett
Harry Herbert
Walter Hey
Walter R Hill
Friend Hirst
Fred Hollins
George Howarth
Edwin Hukins
Ernest Jackson
Robert Jackson
Walter Johnson
S G Jones
Jesse H Kenworthy
Thomas Keough
Alec A Leather
Arthur (surname

The plaque on the left hand side of the door (see also Photo)

Stanley V Lester
Albert Liles
Frank Lievesley
Thomas Maycock
H Micklethwaite
Thomas Milnes
Michael Maloney
Alfred Morton
Charles F Murrain
Harry Newton
Clifford Orchard
Thomas Pearson
Amos Perkins
Spencer Race
John Raynes
Leonard Robinson
James Roebuck
Milton Rodgers
Frank Sanderson
Lawrence Sanderson
Willie Sanderson
Dyson Schofield
A B Senior
Samuel Senior
Benton Shaw
Douglas Shaw
Eric Sheldon
Harry Smith
Horace Smith
Arthur Smith
Alfred Sutton
Charles Tattersall
Herbert Thickett
Ernest Tingle
William H Topps
H Turner
Bertram Vause
John Wallace
Harry Ward
Clifford Watkinson
Ernest Watson
G Whittaker
Joseph Whittaker
Percy Whittaker
William J Williams
James H Withers
Joseph A Withers
Henry Oscar Withers
S Woodcock
Percy Woodhead
William J Woodhead
Alfred Wright
Lucy Castledine
Cyril Dickinson
Cyril Spivey

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott
from photography by Colin Hinson