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FIRBECK: The Parish Marrigage Registers for Firbeck, 1850-1889

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom NotesGroom ParishOccupationAgeStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride NotesBride ParishAgeStatusNotes
22 01 1850HeatonALDHAMSon of James, ButcherWhaley HallFarmer  MarySINGLEHURSTDaughter of John, Farmer  Minor 
24 06 1850ThomasLISTERSon of Peter, LabourerOldcoatesLabourer MinorSarahSHARPEDaughter of John, LabourerHaven Farm  By Banns
12 08 1850GeorgeGREENSMITHSon of John, LabourerLetwellLabourer  AnneCROWDERDaughter of John Blackwell, Chair MakerLetwell WidowBy Banns
26 08 1850ThomasWOODWARDSon of James, DruggistWorksopTailor  HannahHARPHAMDaughter of William, Labourer    
31 03 1851WilliamCLARKESon of William, CarpenterLetwellLabourer  MaryRAYNERServant, Daughter of William, LabourerLetwell  By Banns
18 05 1851JohnHAGUE     MaryHESSAY Worksop  By Banns
29 05 1851FrederickTURNERSon of Joseph, InnKeeperCongletonLand Agent  Charlotte ElizaESCUDIERDaughter of Richard, Hotel KeeperThe Yews   
14 08 1851GeorgeTYASSon of Samuel, FarmerLondonLand Surveyor  BetsyHAWSONDaughter of Thomas, Gentleman 18  
24 08 1851JohnKIRK     HarrietTHOMPSON Maltby  By Banns
09 08 1853WilliamHALESon of Samuel, WheelWrightWorksopIron & Brass Moulder  SarahVICKERSServant, Daughter of William, LabourerLetwell MinorBy Banns
31 01 1854GeorgeHANSONSon of George, FarmerThwaite HouseFarmer  Mary AnnDOUGHTYDaughter of William, FarmerLangold31  
28 04 1854Henry JohnELLISONSon of George, SolicitorEdenson, DBYClerk in Holy Orders  Mary DorothyJEBBDaughter of Joseph, Lt.Col., Royal Engineers   By Banns
16 04 1854WilliamHAGUE     HarrietHAGUE    By Banns
08 04 1855JosephHAGUE     JosephineWARD Carlton in Lindrick  By Banns
02 12 1855MosesMARSDEN     MaryPICKERING Carlton  By Banns
25 02 1856WilliamSMITHSon of Edward, Labourer Labourer22 AnnWILKINSONDaughter of Samuel, Labourer 26 By Banns
12 08 1856JohnBRADLEYSon of Benjamin, LabourerLetwellLabourer40WidowerHannahHOWSONDaughter of John Turner, LabourerLetwell45WidowBy Banns
21 08 1856Thomas LawrenceKINGTONSon of Thomas, EsquireFirbeck HallEsquire25 Frances DorothyJEBBDaughter of Samuel Henry, SolicitorFirbeck Hall26  
29 09 1856CharlesBARKERSon of William, LabourerMaltbyLabourer  SarahCHAMBERSDaughter of William Clark, JoinerLetwell WidowBy Banns
03 11 1856JosephCRABTREESon of James, Labourer Groom25 MaryHAKESDaughter of Thomas, Publican 22 By Banns
20 11 1856PhilipLACEYSon of William, FarmerParkHillGroom45 MaryMILNER  38 By Banns
03 06 1857GeorgeHAGUESon of Joseph, Labourer Labourer27 Jane AnnePENNYDaughter of John, GroomParkHill28 By Banns
22 06 1857ThomasHANSONSon of William, ShoeMakerWorksopShoeMaker22 SarahHAGUEDressMaker, Daughter of Joseph, Labourer 21 By Banns
20 07 1857SampsonWRIGHTSon of Thomas, FarmerOldcoatesLabourer52WidowerMaryVICKERSDaughter of John, WoodmanLetwell47WidowBy Banns
03 08 1857ReubenWILKINSONSon of Samuel, Labourer Labourer24 SarahHANSONDressMaker, Daughter of Thomas, Gardener 25 By Banns
02 09 1857GeorgeSMITHSon of Edward, Labourer Labourer21 AnneRADLEYDaughter of John, LabourerBlyth20 By Banns
17 11 1857CharlesNICHOLSONSon of Charles, FarmerDurham upon TrentFarmer31 MaryDUCKLEDaughter of John, FarmerLetwell25  
25 01 1858CharlesBURCHBYSon of John, WoodmanLetwellWoodman43 SarahDAWSONDaughter of William, LabourerFirbeck Hall41 By Banns
20 06 1858ThomasHANSON    WidowerElizabethPENNY West Rutford  By Banns
24 06 1858JohnLAUGHTONSon of George, Farm BailiffLetwellFarm Bailiff43WidowerAnneHESSLEHURSTDaughter of Joseph Innocent, FarmerMaltby43Widow 
03 03 1859JohnEDDISONSon of William, Estate AgentEppinstone, NTTSurveyor23 EmilyHORNCASTLEDaughter of John, Land AgentThe Yews24 By Banns
20 11 1859SamuelWILKINSON    WidowerSarahROLLETT Laughton-en-le-Morthen WidowBy Banns
07 02 1860GeorgeWOODHEADSon of Robert, MaltsterAnstonButcher23 ElizabethHAKESDaughter of Thomas, Publican 21 By Banns
22 04 1860GeorgeBURCHBY     AnnROLLETT Worksop  By Banns
09 12 1860JosephHARPHAM     ElizabethMELLORS Carlton in Lindrick  By Banns
31 03 1861WilliamRODGERS Beighton   EllenSTANLEY    By Banns
30 05 1861WilliamRICHSon of Joseph, CarpenterWorksopCarpenter26 MaryPENNYDaughter of John, GroomParkHill24 By Banns
22 08 1861GeorgeJONESSon of Joseph, JoinerUptonServant26 LouisaHUNTDaughter of James, ShoeMakerFirbeck Hall33 By Banns
02 11 1861GeorgeVINCENTSon of Andrew, Servant Grocer30 FannyGITTINSLadies Maid, Daughter of William Carter, WhiteSmithFirbeck Hall32  
06 01 1862CharlesTHOMPSONSon of William, FarmerMaltbyLabourer26 SarahSMITHDaughter of Edward, Labourer 23 By Banns
16 07 1862WilliamASKEWSon of William, Farmer & MaltsterWoodsettsFarmer32 SelinaDOUGHTYDaughter of William, FarmerLangold32  
14 12 1862JohnSPILLHOUSE     ElizabethFOLDS [FOULDS] Anston  By Banns
05 02 1865WilliamWARD     MarthaTURTON Balby with Hexthorpe  By Banns
17 10 1865JosephWALLISSon of William, LabourerFirbeck HallGroom24 AnneHAGUEDaughter of Joseph, Labourer 24 By Banns
12 06 1866SamuelBURCHBYSon of George, WoodmanLangoldWoodman27 JaneROSSDaughter of Walter, GardenerFirbeck Hall30 By Banns
08 12 1866WilliamDAVISSon of Thomas, Farmer14 Francis Street, Tottenham Court Road, LondonDairyMan28 HarrietBURCHBYDaughter of Francis, WoodmanLetwell36  
27 12 1866JamesWOOLINGSon of James, Publican61 Naburgh Street, Trinity District Church, Marylebone, LondonCabinet Maker26 ElizabethHANSONDaughter of Thomas, Gardener 26 By Banns
10 06 1867JamesGREENSMITHSon of John, FarmerSheffieldGardener29 CatherineWESTONDaughter of George, LabourerFirbeck Hall31 By Banns
21 07 1867WrightCALVERT     CarolineMELLING Worksop  By Banns
01 01 1868ThomasCHESTERSon of John, LabourerIvy LodgeLabourer24 Mary AnnDESFORGESDaughter of Joseph, LabourerMaltby21 By Banns
12 04 1868StephenCOOPER     FannyWHITAKER    By Banns
15 07 1868James McGregorBARRATTSon of James McGregor, StewardFirbeck HallGardener22 HannahSPENCERDaughter of Robert, JoinerBlyth20  
07 07 1870Joseph WilliamFRITCHLEYSon of Richard, GentlemanSt.George, DoncasterWine Merchant24 EmmalinaFARMERDaughter of Henry Grimes, FarmerHaven Farm19 By Banns
25 10 1870WilliamUTTING     EmmaBINNEY Bawtry  By Banns
22 02 1872GeorgeHACKFORD/HOCKFORDSon of John, Tinner & BrazierTickhillTinner & Brazier22 AnnePENNYDaughter of John, GroomParkHill24 By Banns
04 04 1872EdwardRICHSon of Joseph, JoinerWorksopJoiner36WidowerElizabethPENNYDaughter of John, GroomParkHill30 By Banns
10 11 1872JohnMAGFIELD Haworth   AliceHEWARDINE    By Banns
29 01 1873CharlesCOOPERSon of Stephen, LabourerStoneGardener28 ElizaWHITEDaughter of Robert, LabourerFirbeck Hall23 By Banns
21 09 1873WilliamGREAVES     SarahCOLEMAN Blyth  By Banns
12 10 1873WilliamTAYLOR     ElizabethBALE Blyth  By Banns
26 03 1874MatthewWARDSon of Samuel, TailorLetwellGardener28 Mary AnnPHILLIPSDaughter of James Pritchard, LabourerFirbeck Hall33WidowBy Banns
01 05 1876JosephASHERSon of Joseph, LabourerWalesCollier54WidowerEllenSTANLEYDaughter of John, Labourer 45 By Banns
27 12 1876JohnCANTON/COUCOM?Son of Thomas, LabourerMaltbyLabourer29 Jane EllenCARLESSDaughter of Robert, Labourer 21 By Banns
29 12 1878FrancisBEESTON     MariaTORR Blyth  By Banns
09 11 1880GeorgeSUMMERSSon of Elijah, GardenerSandbeckGardener31 Florence AnnieSPURRDaughter of James, Farmer 21  
09 02 1881John DixonSTEVENSSon of John, SchoolMasterThe YewsFarmer & Miller28 Mary AnneCOLEDaughter of Josiah, Farm BailiffFirbeck Farm19 By Banns
29 04 1883WilliamJACKSON     EllenSHERRIFF Balby  By Banns
21 02 1884CharlesBURCHBYSon of George, WoodmanIvy LodgeWoodman41 AnneFRANKSDaughter of Benjamin, Labourer 37 By Banns
27 08 1884FrederickRICHSon of John, Hotel Keeper43 Grover Road, Regents Park, Marlyebone, LondonClerk24 Isabella MaryVINCENTDaughter of George, Grocer 21 By Banns
24 06 1885JohnHANSONSon of Thomas Henry, Gardener Gardener42 AnnaHOLMESDaughter of William, LabourerParkHill27  
20 09 1885WilliamSWANNACK     Mary JaneLATY Ballesford, LEI  By Banns
06 12 1885John JosephHAGUE     Sarah EmmaBAGGALEY Brimington, DBY  By Banns
28 12 1885RobertCHESTERSon of George, LabourerTickhillLabourer26WidowerSarah AnneSTOREYDaughter of Charles, LabourerStone18 By Banns
22 12 1886Charles ArthurWILKINSONSon of Reuben, LabourerHaven LodgeGardener25 MarySTOCKSDaughter of Joseph, LabourerYews Mill23 By Banns
26 12 1887JamesSANDERSSon of William, LabourerChapeltownLabourer25 HarrietSTOCKSDaughter of Joseph, LabourerYews Mill30 By Banns
28 10 1888JamesHODKIN    WidowerMary EllenSHERRIFF Smallwood, CHS  By Banns
25 04 1889John Sidney BurtonBOROUGHSon of John Charles Burton, EsquireChetwynd, SALGentleman  Edith Fanny MaudJEBBDaughter of Henry Gladwyn, Clerk in Holy Orders   By Banns

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