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FIRBECK: The Parish Marrigage Registers for Firbeck, 1890-1929

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom NotesGroom ParishOccupationAgeStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride NotesAgeBride ParishStatus
26 02 1891EdwardBAILEYSon of John, Police Constable Footman24 Clara LaviniaWARDER/WASDENDaughter of Thomas, School Attendance Officer26  
24 12 1891FrederickRADLEYSon of Charles, Labourer Labourer28 AnnSTOCKSDaughter of Joseph19The Yews, Maltby 
01 03 1892JamesMARTINSon of William, Gardener Butler  ElizaHOLMESDaughter of George, Farm Bailiff   
30 03 1893Edward JosephHUNTSon of Joseph Edward, FarmerSouthseaDraper40WidowerKateCOLEDaughter of Josiah, Farm Bailiff28  
06 08 1893Edward WalterLARJEAUT ?     Mary AnnFITCHETT  Blyth 
09 09 1893Robert WalkerBREARLEYSon of Thomas, SecretaryHalifaxClerk23 AnnieHODKINDaughter of James, Builder24  
25 12 1893ChristopherBUTLERSon of William, LabourerWoodsettsLabourer26 MaryCHARLESWORTHDaughter of Thomas, Mason19  
03 06 1894Thomas HenryWILKINSON     Mary EllenCUTTS  Wooley 
23 02 1895Fred JohnSPURRSon of James, Farmer Farmer32 Frances ClaraNEWTONDaughter of James, GameKeeper30  
29 06 1896CharlesBEIGHTONSon of John, Labourer GameKeeper26 ElizabethPICKERINGDaughter of George, Labourer20Laughton 
18 01 1898JamesNEWTONSon of James, Farm Bailiff GameKeeper71WidowerAnnWILKINSONDaughter of John Rawson, Farmer52 Widow
14 06 1898AmosKITCHENSon of John, Foreman PlateLayer29 Littlemoor Street, DoncasterSignal Fitter29 AliceBROWNDaughter of Stephen, Woodman23Ivy Lodge 
16 11 1898Henry CrowtherBOWMANSon of Henry, deceased Leather MerchantManchesterClerk of J. Clements49 MaryFISHERDaughter of John, Farmer38  
26 12 1898DavidDENTSon of John, GroomNewarkPlate Layer29 Frances SarahWILKINSONDaughter of Reuben, Gardener26  
30 01 1899Willie ArthurFISHERSon of William, deceased LabourerOldcoatesLabourer21 Sarah AnnCASHDaughter of Thomas, Woodman21  
07 08 1899HerbertCASHSon of Thomas, Woodman Labourer29 ElizabethCHAPPELLDaughter of William, Labourer21  
01 03 1900GeorgeTWIBELLSon of ?, Labourer Labourer23 Alice ElizabethCASHDaughter of Thomas, Woodman19  
25 09 1900Frank CollierLINDSAYSon of John, LabourerBalbyLabourer26 ElizabethBROWNDaughter of Stephen, Woodman23  
31 01 1901William LeonardPERKINSSon of Samuel, LabourerRavenfieldLabourer20 Harriet AnnSHAWDaughter of John, Sailor21  
09 02 1901William ArthurSEMPERSon of William, LabourerBrightsideStoker24 MyraRADLEYDaughter of Joseph, Farmer27  
27 05 1901GeorgeWHETTONSon of Henry, deceased EngineerSt.John's, WorksopGrocer30 MarthaWARDDaughter of George, Woodman27  
28 05 1901SamuelLEVERSSon of Benjamin, Miller Farmer51WidowerElizabethLAWDaughter of Joseph Hague, Farmer57MexboroughWidow
08 09 1901EdwinWADESon of Edwin, Joiner Joiner25 Helen HannahBENNETTDaughter of David, deceased BlackSmith31Norton 
13 04 1903John WilliamTYSONSon of Alfred, Farm LabourerMansfield, WoodhousePit Banksman23 MaryTRAVISDaughter of Thomas, Farm Labourer23  
20 05 1903HerbertBEIGHTONSon of James, GasManThe Yews, MaltbyLabourer35 EmmaBROWNDaughter of Stephen, Woodman29Ivy Lodge 
10 08 1903CharlesHARGRAVESon of Edward, LabourerChrist Church, DoncasterCountry Labourer27 JaneLOUNDDaughter of William, Labourer29  
04 06 1904William FrancisBEIGHTONSon of John, Labourer Labourer37WidowerEmilyWILKINSONDaughter of Reuben, Labourer38  
22 04 1905ArthurSPENCERSon of Frederick, EngineerWhistonEngineer31 AmyBIZLEYDaughter of George, Publican23  
25 12 1907Richard HenryLAMBERTSon of ?, deceased Gardener Gardener50WidowerLouisa Mary AnnCASHDaughter of Thomas, Woodman22  
15 07 1909William HerbertCLARKSon of John Spense, FarmerTickhillFarmer26 Ethel MaryWILLOWSDaughter of Thomas Henry, Farmer29  
28 01 1913GeorgeHOLMESSon of George, Woodman Farmer72WidowerHarriet EllenFISHERDaughter of Reuben, BootMaker49  
09 11 1914WilfredHAMPSONSon of Emmanuel, Railway DriverSt.John's, GainsboroughPrivate Soldier23 Mary ElizabethOGLEYDaughter of John Edward, Coal Deputy21  
28 07 1915HaroldGOODINGSon of John, Butcher Gardener30 AnnieISAACDaughter of Edward, Woodman27  
28 07 1915William HarsleyMAWSon of Henry Harsley, Farm LabourerTickhillPit Labourer25 SarahISAACDaughter of Edward, Woodman22  
26 10 1916James BlandBEIGHTONSon of Francis William, LabourerMill House, StoneH.M.Forces23 FrancesTAYLORDaughter of George, Labourer18Roche Abbey Cottage, Stone 
25 11 1916AlfredGOSLINGSon of John, Labourer Labourer20 Ethel MayHEALDDaughter of Richard, Labourer22  
19 04 1917IsaacHANCOXSon of Isaac, ButcherDinningtonButcher44WidowerConstanceMAYDaughter of George, deceased Designer29  
14 02 1920George RaymondHILLSon of George, Farmer Farmer30 Margaret AnnMEREDITHDaughter of William Charles, Gardener28  
27 03 1920HenryMILNERSon of Thomas, MinerDinningtonMiner69WidowerElizaRILEYDaughter of Samuel Coleman, Silk Glove Hand71 Widow
22 04 1920GeorgeTRICKETTSon of George Jenkinson, FarmerWoodall, HarthillFarmer24 SarahJUBBDaughter of Herbert John, Farmer23  
28 03 1921John FarmerATKINSSon of Henry, MinerMaltbyMiner23 ElsieWALKERDaughter of John, Fruiterer Stone 
15 04 1922CharlesATTWOODSon of John, Labourer Labourer55WidowerElizabeth AnnCASHDaughter of James Riley, BrickMaker58 Widow
17 04 1922ErnestCREASERSon of Cromwell George, Cotton PackerMelthawHairdresser27 DorothyKAYDaughter of Frank, Exhauster Attendant18  
24 07 1922William RadcliffeTHICKETTSon of Frank Chapman, FarmerLaughtonFarmer25 Edith MayHILLDaughter of George, Farmer22Yew Tree Farm 
18 09 1922Joseph WilliamWRIGHTSon of George Ernest, Engineering FitterBernard Road, WallingtonMunicipal Clerk of Lahore?30 Lilian MaudHILLDaughter of George, Farmer24Yew Tree Farm 
02 04 1923William AndersonWILSONSon of William, Timber MerchantMiddle RasenTimber Merchant29 Charlotte ConstanceJUBBDaughter of James, Farmer23  
05 09 1923William HenryBELLAMYSon of Herbert Henry, Farm ForemanEvertonFarm Horseman25 Emmaline MabelFISHDaughter of George Thomas, Mason25  
09 07 1924Harold AmbroseSKINNSon of George Frederick, WoodmanMaltbyJoiner32 Dorothy MabelCUCKSONDaughter of Tom, Licensed Victualler29  
08 09 1924George William ArthurCUCKSONSon of Tom, Licensed Victualler Electrician27 Gladys AlexandraPOWELLDaughter of James, Colliery First Aid Attendant22Stainton 
24 09 1924HenryBETTSSon of George, FitterMaltbyEngineer25 IreneWYATTDaughter of James, deceased BrickLayer23  
24 02 1925WilliamSHAWSon of John Edward, deceased MinerDinningtonMiner26 MaryWALKERDaughter of John, Fruiterer21  
01 09 1926John RobertHARRISONSon of William David, GardenerHarewoodGardener27 Kathleen MargaretFISHDaughter of George Thomas, Mason22  
25 11 1926John LeonardFISHERSon of Charles, deceased Nursery ManSale, CHSNursery Man24 Naomi Mary JaneBUTTERSDaughter of James Fielding, Labourer23  

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
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