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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for GIGGLESWICK in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Post Office,

  • Settle, Robert Scott, Post Master.
  • Letters are despatched to London and all parts of the South every afternoon at three, and arrive every morning at half-past seven.
  • A horse post to Kirkby Lonsdale, by which letters are despatched to meet the North Mail, every afternoon at three, and arrive every morning at half-past ten.

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Birkbeck John, esq. Settle
  • Bolland William, esq. Settle
  • Bradley Mrs. Mary, Settle
  • Clapham Rev. John, Giggleswick
  • Clapham Mrs. Stackhouse
  • Dawsons Miss, Marshfield
  • Foster Miss Ann, Settle
  • Foster Miss Nanny, Settle
  • Geldard John, esq. Coppleside hall
  • Howson Rev. John, Giggleswick
  • Ingleby John, esq. Settle
  • Ingram Rev. Rowland, Giggleswick
  • Lund Miss Ann, Stackhouse
  • Lund Miss Elizabeth, Stackhouse
  • Lund Miss Mary, Stackhouse
  • Moffatt John, esq. Settle
  • Peart John, esq. Settle
  • Picard Mrs. Mary, Settle
  • Pim Thomas, gent. Swanbeck
  • Preston Mrs. Jane, Settle
  • Stackhouse Anthony, esq. Settle
  • Swale Mrs. Langcliffe hall
  • Wilman Miss Mary, Settle

Academies & Schools,

  • Cragg Miss Elizabeth (ladies' boarding) Giggleswick
  • Free Grammar School, Giggleswick--Rev. Rowland Ingram, head master; Rev. John Howson, second master; Mr. William Stackhouse, mathematical assistant
  • National School, Giggleswick- William Lodge Paley, master
  • National School, Settle-William Bailey, master


  • Carr Richard, Stackhouse
  • Carr William, Stackhouse
  • Edmondson Christopher, Settle
  • Hartley & Dudgeon, Settle
  • Leeming Richard, Settle
  • Robinson William, Settle


  • Birkbecks, Alcocks & Co. Settle- (draw upon Barnard, Dimsdale and Co. London)
  • Savings' Bank, Settle-Lord Ribblesdale, president; Jonathan Tatham, secretary


  • Bowskill William, Settle
  • Harling John, Settle
  • Lee Thomas, Settle
  • Ralph Luke, Settle
  • Widdington John, Settle

Booksellers & Stationers,

  • Brown John (& binder) Settle
  • Scott Robert, Settle

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Clough Thomas, Settle
  • Hurtley Thomas, Settle
  • Parkinson Edward, Settle
  • Preston Ellison, Settle
  • Redmayne Marmaduke, Giggleswick
  • Wildman Mathias, Settle

Braziers & Tinmen,

  • Maudsley Richard, Settle
  • Wilman Joseph, Settle


  • Bowskill Ellen, Settle
  • Calvert William, Settle
  • Carr Roger, Settle
  • Carr Thomas, Settle
  • Gifford William, Settle
  • Hargraves Isabella, Settle.
  • Hargraves John, Settle
  • Pollard John, Giggleswick
  • Wilman William, Settle

Carpenters, Joiners, &c,

  • Hallpike Vincent (and cabinet maker) Settle
  • Hanger Robert, Settle
  • Morphet Stephen, Settle
  • Wilkinson George, Settle
  • Wilman Stephen (& builder) Settle

Cotton Spinners and Manufacturers,

  • Brinnand Thomas, Settle
  • Clayton & Son, Langcliffe place
  • Proctor John & Son. Settle


  • Tatham John & Son, Settle

Earthenware Dealers,

  • Dodds Thomas, Settle
  • Harger Richard, Settle
  • Scott Robert, Settle

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • County (York) Richard Leeming, Settle
  • Leeds, Francis Ellis, Settle
  • Norwich Union, Hartley & Dudgeon, Settle
  • Phoenix, William Birkbeck, Settle
  • Provident (life) Richard Leeming, Settle
  • Yorkshire, Tatham & Son, Settle


  • Scott Robert, Settle
  • Tatham & Son, Settle


  • Golden Lion (and posting house)
  • Robert Hartley, Settle


  • Lancaster Robert, Settle
  • Redmayne Christopher, Settle

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Hardacre Elizabeth, Settle
  • Horner Ann, Settle
  • Metcalf Robert, Settle
  • Preston Elizabeth, Settle
  • Redmayne Giles & Robert, Settle
  • Tatham & Son (and importers of Irish linens) Settle

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Dodds Mary, Settle
  • Horner Ann, Settle
  • Kendall Ann, Settle
  • Preston Elizabeth, Settle
  • Theakstone Betsey, Settle
  • Wilkinson & Oldfield, Settle

Nail Makers,

  • Baldwin John, Settle
  • Cart Richard, Settle

Painters, Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Brinnand James, Settle
  • Harger Richard, Settle
  • Silverwood James, Settle

Paper Manufacturers,

  • Wood & Croudace, Settle

Rope Manufacturers,

  • Leace John, Settle
  • Waddington John, Settle


  • Bilton William, Settle
  • Hargrave Thomas, Settle
  • Marsden William, Settle

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Armistead Anna, Settle
  • Armistead Richard, Settle
  • Carr William, Giggleswick
  • Harger Richard, Settle
  • Hulton Ellen, Giggleswick
  • King Henly, Giggleswick
  • Parker John, Settle
  • Wilman John, Settle
  • Windsor Joseph, Settle


  • Burrow Thomas Dickson, Settle
  • Harrison Edward, Settle
  • Robinson Thomas, Settle
  • Sutcliffe William, Settle


  • Cooke James, Settle
  • Fell Thomas, Settle
  • Hutchinson John, Settle
  • Knowles Geoffery, Settle
  • Mangham John, Giggleswick
  • Robinson Robert, Settle
  • Snell Henry, Settle

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Brayshaw Mrs. Giggleswick
  • Skirrow Peter, Settle

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Black Horse, John Waller, Giggleswick
  • Hart's Head, Robert Garstrang, Giggleswick
  • Joiners' Arms, Thomas Bowskill, Settle
  • Naked Man, Eli Harger, Settle
  • New Inn William Brown. Settle
  • Royal Oak, Joseph Harger, Settle
  • Spread Eagle Robert Atkinson, Settle
  • Talbot (& excise office) William Dugdill, Settle
  • White Horse, Ellen Bowskill, Settle

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Hargraves Thomas, Settle
  • Parkinson Edward, Settle


  • Harling William, Settle
  • Parker Cuthbert, Giggleswick
  • Slater John, Settle

Wine & Spirit Dealers,

  • Howson William, Settle
  • Ramsey Joseph, Settle


  • Broughton Robert, cooper, Settle
  • Clarke Thomas, lime burner, Giggleswick
  • Cork William, hair dresser, Settle
  • Messing William, flour dealer, Settle
  • Read John, clog & patten maker, Settle
  • Redmayne Robert, sub-distributer of stamps, Settle
  • Redshaw William, currier, Settle
  • Sutton Robert, millwright, Settle
  • Thornber John, auctioneer, Settle
  • Turner William, hat manufacturer, Settle
  • Walker William, printer, Settle
  • Whittam Matthew, tanner, Settle
  • Wilman William, cattle dealer, Settle


  • To Kendal, the Royal Union (from Leeds) calls at the Golden Lion, every evening at five.
  • To Leeds, the Royal Union (from Kendal) calls at the Golden Lion, every day (Sundays excepted) at twelve; goes through Long Preston, Hellifield, Conistone and Gargrave.
  • To Manchester, the Independent, from the Golden Lion, every Monday, Thursday & Saturday at twelve; goes through Long Preston, Gisburn &c. and the Defiance, from the Spread Eagle, every Monday forenoon at half-past 11, and every Thursday & Saturday mornings at six; goes thro' Gisburn, Burnley and Bury.


  • To Gisburn, Mary Wilman, from her house, every Thursday.
  • To Halifax, Richard Shepherd from his warehouse, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; goes thro' Skipton.
  • To Kendal, John Dowker, from. Shepherd's warehouse, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday; goes thro' Kirkby Lonsdale.
  • To Lancaster, Thomas Charnley, from the same warehouse, every Monday and Thursday.
  • To Leeds, Richard Shepherd, from his warehouse, daily; goes thro' Skipton, Keighley and Bradford.
  • To Pateley Bridge and Grassington, John Gill, from the Joiner's Arms, every Wednesday morning.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003