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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for GISBURN in Pigot's Directory of 1834.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for GISBURN in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Gisburn, Thomas Parker, Post Master
  • Post Office, Thornton, Jane Broughton, Post Mistress

Nobility, Gentry, and Clergy,

  • Baldin ---, esq. Shuttleworth hall
  • Coburn Mr. John (attorney) Gisburn
  • Crosdale Mr. James (steward to Lord Ribblesdale) Gisburn
  • Dawson Rev. Ambrose, Bolton
  • Hartley Miss Sarah, Gisburn
  • Hayes Rev. Thomas, Barnoldwick
  • Jones Rev. Ricd. Vicarage, Gisburn
  • Kay Rev. Arthur Smith, Thornton
  • Leach Mr. Henry, Gisburn
  • Littledale Mrs. ---, Bolton lodge
  • Ribblesdale Hon. Lord, Gisburn park
  • Spooner Rev. John, Barnoldwick
  • Stanniforth Rev. Thomas, Bolton
  • Warmight Mrs. Sarah, Thornton
  • Wilson Mr. Richard, Thornton

Academies and Schools,

  • Free School, Gisburn --- William Tomlinson, master
  • Green Ann, Thornton
  • Moor Hannah, Gisburn
  • Waite Ann, Barnoldwick
  • Waite Richard, Barnoldwick


  • Dugdale Ann, Gisburn
  • Peckles John, Gisburn
  • Stuttard Mary, Gisburn
  • Wilkinson Ellen, Gisburn


  • Bell Samuel, Barnoldwick
  • Edmondson John, Barnoldwick
  • Ottley James, Barnoldwick
  • Whitaker Thomas, Thornton
  • Wilkinson Thomas, Gisburn
  • Wilson William, Gisburn

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Denman William, Barnoldwick
  • Dobson William, Gisburn
  • Hewetson Robert, Barnoldwick
  • Lund Richard, Gisburn
  • Riley John, Thornton
  • Strickland John, Barnoldwick
  • Waite William, Barnoldwick
  • Waterworth James, Barnoldwick


  • Bell John, Thornton
  • Carr John, Gisburn
  • Clark William, Barnoldwick
  • Haworth John, Gisburn
  • Smith Thomas, Barnoldwick
  • Walton John, Gisburn

Clog Makers,

  • Dobson William, Gisburn
  • Robinson Thomas, Barnoldwick
  • Taylor John, Gisburn
  • Waite William, Barnoldwick

Coal Dealers,

  • Green John, Barnoldwick
  • Harrison William, Barnoldwick
  • Harrison William, jun. Barnoldwick

Cotton Spinners and Manufacturers,

  • Bracewell John (spinner) Barnoldwick
  • Brooks John (manufacturer) Barnoldwick
  • Grimshaw & Bracewell (spinners) Barrowford
  • Knowles Henry (manufacturer) Barnoldwick
  • Smith John (spinner) Gillions
  • Spencer Hartley (manufacturer) Barnoldwick

Grocers & Drapers,

  • Bracewell John, Barnoldwick
  • Broughton James, Thornton
  • Broughton Richard, Barnoldwick
  • Edmondson Robert, Barnoldwick
  • Lamb John, Barnoldwick
  • Leeming Ann, Barnoldwick
  • Turner Hartley, Barnoldwick
  • Varley William, Gisburn
  • Watson James (& brazier and ironmonger, and plumber & glazier) Barnoldwick

Heald Knitters,

  • Cooper John, Gisburn
  • Edmondson Henry, Gisburn
  • Hird William, Gisburn

Inns and Public Houses,

  • Cross Keys, Henry Knowles, Barnoldwick
  • Engine, Thos. Robinson, Barnoldwick
  • Greyhound, Henry Wigglesworth, Barnoldwick
  • King's Arms, Thomas Bond, Thornton
  • New Inn, Jos. Nightingale, Gisburn
  • Old George (& posting) John Cocks, Gisburn
  • Seven Stars, Thomas Smith, Barnoldwick
  • Wild Bull, Hy. Greenwood, Gisburn

Joiners & Cabinet Makers,

  • Broughton Robert, Thornton
  • Green John, Barnoldwick
  • Hartley Richard, Gisburn
  • Hudson James, Barnoldwick
  • Robinson Robert, Barnoldwick


  • Allison John & James, Barnoldwick
  • Moon William, Gisburn

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Edmondson James, Barnoldwick
  • Edmondson Robert, Barnoldwick
  • Holgate William, Barnoldwick
  • Livsey James, Barnoldwick
  • Lovecock John, Barnoldwick
  • Mitchell Edward, Barnoldwick
  • Parker Thomas, Gisburn
  • Pickles John, Gisburn
  • Slater John, Gisburn
  • Waites Henry, Barnoldwick


  • Tunstall William (& spirit merchnt) Gisburn


  • Atkinson Thomas, Gisburn
  • Atkinson Thomas, Barnoldwick
  • Lambert William, Thornton
  • Merryweather Jon. Barnoldwick
  • Riley John, Gisburn
  • Riley Matthew, Gisburn
  • Thornbur John, Gisburn
  • Turner Christopher, Barnoldwick


  • Chew Thomas, Gisburn
  • Cowgill Christr. & Wm. Thornton
  • Crooks James, Barnoldwick


  • Broughton Richd. stone mason, Barnoldwick
  • Clark John, auctioneer and appraiser, Barnoldwick
  • Cooper John, shuttle maker, Gisburn
  • Parker Thomas, saddler and harness maker, Gisburn
  • Thornton John, tea and coffee dealer, Barnoldwick
  • Waterworth John, glass and earthenware dealer, Barnoldwick
  • Whitaker Wm. excise officer, Gisburn
  • Wilkinson Henry, bobbin turner, Thornton


From the New Inn, Gisburn,

  • To Clitheroe, David Laycock, every Saturday
  • To Colne, Henry Seger, every Sat.
  • To Preston, Thomas Back, every Sat.
  • To Settle, Henry Seger, every Friday
  • To Skipton, Thos. Back, every Wednesday --- and David Laycock, every Sat.

The following are from their own houses, Barnoldwick,

  • To Burnley, Henry Slater, every Monday, Wednesday, Thurs. and Sat.
  • To Colne, Wm. Turner, every Wed. & Sat.
  • To Gargrave, Henry Slater, every Tuesday
  • To Skipton, Thos. Slater, every Tues, Thurs & Sat.

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000