Waddington, Memorial Inscriptions transcription


Great Mitton parish:


Waddington, Memorial Inscriptions transcription:

The World War I and II memorial at Waddington.

The front left panel of the memorial (see also Photo)

This cross
was errected
by the
inhabitants of this
in Memory of
those brave men
who sacrificed their
lives in the
Great War
1914 ---- 1918
that we here
might live in

The front right panel of the memorial (see also Photo)

George Bannister
Albert Herd
Joseph Jackson, M. M.
Robert Ross
James Hanson, M. M.
Fred Brown
Arthur Stones
Robert Stewart
Roy Black
Richard Brotherton
Albert Chester

The front bottom panel of the memorial (see also Photo)

Engraved below are the names of
those who fell in the Second World War
1939 - 1945

David Walter Jackson  William Robinson
John Noel Waddington John Boyle Whalley

Data transcribed by
Colin Hinson.
from photography by Colin Hinson