Halifax Directory of Trades and Professions for 1822


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HALIFAX in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

  • Post Mistress, Tabitha Bagnold, Office, 6, Westgate.
  • Principal Clerk, Mr. Charles Haywood. Postman John Milner.
Academies, Schools Public Private,
  • Birdwhistle William, & Mrs. Leyland, Lancasterian
  • Brown George, Woolshops
  • Crabtree Elijah, Arches street
  • Greenwood Thomas, (Smith's charity) King street
  • Haslam W. C Blackwall
  • Horner John, (drawing) 6, Arches st
  • Ibbetson Miss Sarah, (ladies' boarding) 8, Savile green
  • Ingham Mrs. Horton street
  • Jarry E. (French) 2, Wade street
  • Kirk Wm., Isabella, (National school)
  • Lewthwaite Joseph, Wool shops
  • Leyland & Son, Wade street
  • Mitchell Ellenor, Crown street
  • Swale T. S. Blackwall
  • Watkinson S. & J. (ladies' boarding) New road
  • Webster Anne, (Ditto) 33, Square
  • Garlick Michael, & clerk to the trustees of water & streets 16, Square
  • Howarth Caleb, 43, King cross lane
  • Whitham Robert, (& agent) Cheapside
  • Howarth Caleb, (land and building) 43, King cross lane
  • Mitchell John, (land) Cow green
  • Ramsden Daniel, (to Sutcliffe & Son, corn millers) Woolshops
  • Simpson Richard, (London tea company) Crown street
  • Smith John, (carriers) North gate
  • Sutcliffe Wm. (general) Cow green
  • Casson John, Bath parade
  • Oates John, 7, Union street
  • Alexander L. & E. N. 1, Wade street
  • Cadney Wm. John, Stone trough lane
  • Edwards John & Sons, 10, Lord st.
  • Finch Thomas, (commissioner for special bail) North gate
  • Hall William, North parade
  • Hitchen W. D. Cheapside
  • Howarth Caleb, (conveyancer) 43, King cross lane
  • Norris James Edward South gate; house, Ward's end
  • Scatcherd W. S. 28, Horton street
  • Settle Robert, Causeway head; office, Crown street
  • Stead Samuel, Horton street
  • Stocks Michael, jun. Westgate
  • Thompson, Stansfeld, & Thompson, Cheapside
  • Wigglesworth Jas. (notary public) sq.
  • Wilcock William, Saville hill
Auctioneers and Appraisers,
  • Lister John, Woolshops
  • Townsend John, Silver street
  • Walton John, Gibbet street
  • Broomhead George, Gibbet street
  • Milner James, Cripplegate
  • Paul John, Woolshops
  • Watson Susannah, Woolshops
  • Briggs, Rawdon & Sons, (on Jones, Lloyd & Co. London) Cow green
  • Rawson John William & Christopher, and Co. (on Jones, Lloyd & Co. London) George street
  • Blamyre John, Northgate
  • Firth Daniel, Smithy lane
  • Firth Jonas, Jail lane
  • Gath William, Haley hill
  • Gill Samuel, Shaw syke
  • Greenwood William, Crib lane
  • Hartley James, Northgate
  • Pickering William, King cross lane
  • Pickersgill William, Fleet street
  • Riley Samuel, Jail lane
  • Robottom William, Cripplegate
  • Swaine Isaac & James, Harrison ln.
  • Asquith George, Barum top
  • Baildon John, King cross lane
  • Hirst John, Jail lane
  • Watson Robert, Woolshops
Booksellers, Stationers & Bookbinders,
  • Edwards Thomas, (scarce & valuable books) Old market place
  • Holden P. K. (stamp office & patent medicine vender) Old market, pl.
  • Lockhead R. (law stationer) New road
  • Pohlman Henry, (dealer in music and musical instruments, and fancy stationery) Corn market
  • Simpson Martha, (circulating library) Crown street
  • Sugden Richard, Hall end
  • Walker Thomas, Silver street
  • Whitley Nathan, Crown street
Boot and Shoe Makers,
  • Asquith Joseph, Foundry street
  • Atkinson John, Shaw syke
  • Birtwhistle William, Bull green
  • Blagborough Nathaniel, Church lane
  • Booth John, Cabbage lane
  • Booth Matthew, New bank
  • Brier John, Smithy lane
  • Brier Robert, Bull green
  • Crapper Hanson, Bridge street
  • Dennis John, 14, Crown street
  • Depledge Joseph, Fleet street
  • Duckworth William, Petticoat lane
  • Eastwood John, Garden street
  • Gill William, Crown street
  • Gledhill John, Petticoat lane
  • Halliwell Thomas, Union street
  • Holdsworth John 23, Silver street
  • Horsfall Henry, Union street
  • Jackson John, Hall end
  • Jenkinson Joseph, Church yard
  • Metcalf Elizabeth, Old market place
  • Nichols James, North bridge
  • Priestley John, King cross lane
  • Priestley Samuel, King cross lane
  • Riley Joshua, North bridge
  • Robertshaw Joseph, Swine market
  • Robertshaw Thomas, 1, Silver street
  • Shuttleworth William, Church lane
  • Siddall Joseph, Wade street
  • Simpson Thomas, North bridge
  • Smith John, John street
  • Stephenson James, Park street
  • Stocks Samuel, Woolshops
  • Sykes Isaac, Union street
  • Taylor Adam, Church lane
  • Taylor Jeremiah, Crown street
  • Taylor Joseph, Shaw syke
  • Whitaker William, Cabbage lane
  • Whitehead Joshua, King street
  • Wild Joseph, Cabbage lane
Boot Tree and Last Makers,
  • Foster William, Crown street
  • Townsend Thomas, Woolshops
Brass and Iron Founders,
  • Brooke Job, (iron) Foundry street
  • Holdsworth John, Crown street
  • Oates James (iron) Crib lane
  • Simpson Thomas, (brass) Northgate
Braziers and Tinsmiths,
  • Beaumont Jonathan, Bull green
  • Bolland William, Swine market
  • Bottomley Thomas, Northgate
  • Deardin Richard, Gibbet lane
  • Holdsworth John, Crown street
  • Stead Joseph, Petticoat lane
  • Taylor I. and T. Crown street
  • Taylor William, Southgate
  • Thomas Elizabeth, North bridge
  • Whiteley Mary, Silver street
Brewer of Ale and Porter,
  • Boothroyd Thos. Stone trough ln.
  • Appleyard Samuel, Wade street
  • Bark Richard, Southgate
  • Bates William, Ann street
  • Bayes John, Bridge street
  • Beanland Richard, 31, Hall end
  • Briggs Jeremiah, Northgate
  • Coates Richard, 40, Hall end
  • Garside William, JO, Albion street
  • Gill Thomas, 30 Thomas street
  • Green Isaac, Wade street
  • Green Samuel Cabbage lane
  • Hiley Rebecca, Smithy stake
  • Holdsworth Saml. 5 New market st.
  • Horner Stephen, Haley hill
  • Hoyle Joshua, 2, Albion street
  • Lister Thomas King cross lane
  • Machin John, North bridge
  • Mallinson William Wade street
  • Ogden John, Woolshops
  • Pollard George, Smithy stake
  • Proctor Leonard, Albion street
  • Proctor William, Bull green
  • Richardson James, 12 Albion street
  • Rushworth Thomas, petticoat lane
  • Schofield Joseph, Swine market
  • Scott William, 39, North bridge street
  • Spencer James 9, Albion street
  • Spencer John, Malt shovel yard
  • Spencer William, 8, Wade street
  • Whitaker Hannah, 5, Crown street
  • Wild James, 6, Lister lane
  • Worstenholme John Jail lane
  • Young John, Lower Kirkgate
  • Young Sarah, 24, Old market place
Cabinet makers,
  • Briggs James, 11, Saville green
  • Crowther William, King cross lane
  • Hardisty John, Albion street
  • Hebblethwaite James, Bull green
  • Johnston Robert, Albion street
  • Newill & Horsfield, Union street
  • Pollard John, 45, Silver street
  • Smith Benjamin, Southgate
  • Wilson Isaac, Cabbage lane
  • Wood Benjamin, Barum top
Carpet Manufacturers,
  • Abbott & Ellerton Albion street
  • Bateman Joseph, Berry lane
  • Crossley John 6, Albion street
  • Rooke Richard, Gaol lane
Card makers.
  • Aked Christopher, Cabbage lane
  • Atkinson Joseph, North parade
  • Bates J. O. Union street
  • Bates William, King Cross lane
  • Blackburn Joseph, Stannary
  • Blackburn Mark Haley hill
  • Bryar David, Smithy lane
  • Drake John, King street
  • Farrar John, Church lane
  • Fleming Joseph, Jail lane
  • Haigh James, Park street
  • Haley Abraham, Lister lane
  • Heap William, King Cross lane
  • Horsfall George, Cross field
  • Hutchinson John, King cross lane
  • Ingham Richard, Cross field
  • Milner & Bray, Horton street
  • Mitchell Gaukroger, Cross field
  • Mitchell George, Cross field
  • Naylor & Co. Jail lane
  • Platts William, 7, Arches street
  • Ramsden Harrison, & Co. Heath
  • Royston James, Heath
  • Royston James, King cross lane
  • Smith Thomas, Northgate
  • Stocks William & Son, Bank bottom
  • Swallow Luke, Stannary
  • Tillotson Samuel, Chapeltown
  • Walsh Anne, Blackwall
  • Walsh Robert & Son, High street
  • Whiteley John & Sons, Winding lane
  • Whiteley Joseph, Church lane
  • Hartley Elizabeth, South gate
  • Townshend Richard, Old market place
Chemists, Manufacturing,
  • Norris W. J. & Brother, Southgate
Chemists and Druggists,
  • Finch Thomas, Northgate
  • Lunn Edward & Geo. 18, Crown st.
  • Mellin Henry, Silver street
  • Robinson Dan. New market street
  • Suter Alexander, Old market place
Clock makers,
  • Flather William, King cross lane
  • Holdsworth Jonas, 1, Back street
  • Lister Joseph, Petticoat lane
  • Marshall Thomas, 33, Bath parade
  • Metcalf & Nicholl, (engine) Westgate
  • Shaw J. F. King cross lane
Clog and Patten makers,
  • Crowther Thomas, Woolshops
  • Foster William, Crown street
  • Gathorp David, (& last) Woolshops
  • Jackson John, Bull green
  • Parker James, Union street
  • Rawnsley William, King street
  • Rawnsley William, Old market place
  • Robertshaw Simeon, Bull green
Cloth Dressers,
  • Bancroft Joseph, Woolshops
  • Duncan Addison, Shaw hill
  • Duncan Thomas, Water side
  • Farrar Isaac, 7 Bath parade
  • Hebden John, West parade
  • Kitson Benjamin, Crib lane
  • Mitchell George, Swine market
  • Pollard Samuel, King Cross lane
  • Swift William, 16, Bath parade
  • Thompson James, Haley hill
  • Whiteley Benjamin, West parade
Cloth Glosser,
  • Ambler John, Kent street
Clothes Brokers and Dealers,
  • Crabtree James, 9, Silver street
  • Fletcher Sarah, New market
  • Howard James, King street
  • Oldfield Thomas, 7, Ann street
  • Sokeld Mary, Nelson street
  • Tiffany John, Northgate
  • Whitaker William, Petticoat lane
Confectioners and Fruiterers,
  • Atkinson Sarah, Silver street
  • Dean John 10, Crown street
  • Fourness Mary, Crown street
  • Green Martha, Woolshops
  • Hemingway Thomas, Northgate
  • Savage Sarah, Union street
  • Smurfitt Thomas, Woolshops
  • Walker Lydia, Woolshops
  • Witchell & Sharp, King cross lane
  • Atkinson John, Woolshops
  • Crabtree Elizabeth, Crown street
  • Crabtree James, Silver street
  • Lupton Thomas, Northgate
  • Rhodes William, Bull green
  • Simpson George, Woolshops
Corn Factors,
  • Ackroyd J. & W. Barum top
  • Binny Richard Cheapside
  • Driver Jonas, North bridge
  • Gregory E. & Co. corn market
  • Hodgson John, Halifax flour mills
  • Jackson Samuel, Smithy lane
  • Nelson Anthony, High street
  • Sutcliffe David, Haley hill
  • Swallow & Co. Sterne's mills
Corn and Flour Dealers,
  • Ambler Sarah, Southgate
  • Beatson Thomas Cheapside
  • Brooke Joshua, Lower Kirkgate
  • Freeman Luke, Bull green
  • Hoyle Elkanah, Bath parade
  • Jackson John, 69 King street
  • Nelson A. & A. Cheapside
Cotton Manufacturers,
  • Kershaw Richard, (fustian, calico, and stuffs) 3 Wade street
  • Whitworth John, 58, Silver street
Cotton Merchant,
  • Binns George, Gibbet street
Cotton Spinners,
  • Horsfall John, Ellenroyde
  • Huntriss William, Haley hill
Curriers and Leather Cutters,
  • Brearley Charles, Jail lane
  • Fawthorp Timothy, Woolshops
  • Gledhill Mary & Son, Barum top
  • Goodall Eli, Bull green
  • Horsfall Isaac, Swine market
  • Hutton John, Woolshops
  • Jackson Joseph, Gibbet street
  • Lister W. & J. Swine market
  • Walker George, Jail lane
  • Walker John, King cross lane
Cutler and Dealer,
  • Cartwright Thomas, 63, New Market
Distillers and Rectifiers,
  • Norminton Joseph, Silver street
  • Sutcliffe John, Cheapside
  • Carr & Barker, (cudbear manufacturers) Water side
  • Norris W. S. & Brother, Southgate
  • Ploman & Taylor, Woolshops
  • Richardson John, (ware grinder) Lilly mill
  • Bates Jas. (cotton & silk) Southgate
  • Bentley Joseph, Waterside
  • Eddlestone Robert, Stannary lane
  • Hebblethwaite Joseph, Church lane
  • Holmes & Co. Dean clough
  • Holroyd James, jun. Barum top
  • Mercer Augustus Ernest, Northgate
  • Patterson Matthew, Bailey hall
  • Wainhouse & Rigg, Bank bottom
Earthenware Dealers,
  • Ambler Cain, Northgate
  • Birtwhistle William, Bull green
  • Farrar John, Old Market place
  • Hartley William, Petticoat lane
  • Hutchinson Thomas, 55, Market place
  • Shackleton Mary, Northgate
  • Sutcliffe Abraham, King cross lane
  • Thompson Elizabeth, Northgate
  • Vicars & Viney, Old Market place
  • Bradley Thomas, (civil) New road
Engravers & Copper Plate Printers,
  • Dinsdale John, Bull green
  • Stott J. S. (and in wood) Hall end
Fire, Life, &c. Insurance Offices,
  • Albion, Richard Rooke, Jail lane
  • Atlas, Isaac Green, Grove street
  • County and Suffolk, Robert Swaine, Ward's end
  • Eagle, J. O. Bates, Union street
  • Globe, George Sanderson, Northgate
  • Hope, Thomas Youd, Cheapside
  • Imperial, Thomas Bland, Silver street
  • Newcastle, Chas. Whiteley, corn mkt.
  • Norwich Union, P. K. Holden, Old Market place
  • Pelican, (Life) U. Edwards, Lord St.
  • Phoenix Wm. Sutcliffe, Cow green
  • Royal Exchange, James Edw. Norris, Southgate; h. Ward's end
Fish Mongers,
  • Sutcliffe Thomas, Chapel town
  • Swale William, Swine market
  • Whitaker Joseph, 7, Cabbage lane
Furniture Brokers,
  • Ashworth Richard, Swine market
  • Greenwood Thos. 3 Old market place
  • Pearson John, Southgate
Gardeners, Nursery, & Seedsmen,
  • Clark John, Union Street
  • Firth Thomas, New road
  • Mason Mary & Son, Old Market place
  • Thompson James, 9, Shawsike
  • Throp William, 11, Shawsike
Glass and china Dealers,
  • Farrar John, Old Market place
  • Fourness Mary, Crown street
  • Vicars & Viney, Old Market place
Gold & Silversmiths, Jewellers, &c.,
  • Alfieri Paul, (jeweller) Union street
  • Powell T. 17, Crown street
Grocers, Tea, &c. Dealers,
  • Armytage Sarah, (tea) Southgate
  • Astin John, Church yard
  • Baxter Thomas, Petticoat lane
  • Bland Francis, Silver street
  • Brierley Joseph, Horton street
  • Brierley William, Southgate
  • Brooke Joshua, Lower Kirkgate
  • Crossley William, Berry land
  • Dearden Joseph, Bull green
  • Emmett James, Woolshops
  • Farnell James King cross lane
  • Farrar Edward, Cheapside
  • Green S. & N. Swine market
  • Gregory James & Sons, Corn market
  • Hartley Elizabeth, Southgate
  • Hastie James, Horton street
  • Hastie Nathan, Bull green
  • Hiley James, Northgate
  • Hobson John, Northgate
  • Hopkinson Joseph, Silver street
  • Hutchinson Benjamin, Smithy lane
  • Ibbetson Thomas, Fleet street
  • Jardine Grace, Upper Kirkgate
  • Linfoot Matthew, Woolshops
  • Longbothom Nathaniel, Northgate
  • Longbothom Thos. (tea) 17, John St.
  • Mason Mary & Son, Old Market place
  • Milnes John, Silver street
  • Moorhouse John, King street
  • Naylor John, Bull green
  • Parker Sarah, Silver street
  • Pearson Thomas, Newmarket
  • Porter David, (tea) Woolshops
  • Porter William, Waterside
  • Smith William, Swan street
  • Spencer James, Bull green
  • Styring John, Crown street
  • Sutcliffe J. & J. Cheapside
  • Thompson Robert, Bull green
  • Waddington Joseph, Northgate
  • Walker John, Swine market
  • Webster George, Crown street
  • Wild James, 2, Silver street
  • Wood Robert, 62, New Market
  • Wood Sarah, Bridge street
Gun Makers and Gun Smiths,
  • Crabtree John, (smith) King street
  • Turner Thomas, (maker) Copper st.
Hardware and Toymen,
  • Alfieri Paul, Union street
  • Cartwright Thomas, 63, New market
  • Crossley David, Crown street
  • Gath William, North bridge
  • Howard John, 22, Horton street
  • Stead Joseph, Petticoat lane
Hat Manufacturers and Warehouses,
  • Allen Joseph, Bank bottom
  • Bentley Joshua Crown street
  • Bentley Joshua, Bull green
  • Binns Joseph, Bull green
  • Dugdale John, North bridge
  • Farrar J. & J. Old market place
  • Farrar John, Church lane
  • Hitchin Joseph, Bank bottom
  • Hitchin Joseph, Corn market
  • Ogden Samuel, Northgate
  • Whiteley Charles, Corn market; h. King cross lane
Those marked thus * are Manufacturers.
  • Alkinson and Gelson, 7, Silver street, corner of Cow green
  • Baldwin Elizabeth, Bull green
  • Haigh Abraham, North bridge
  • Heaton James, Bull green
  • *Higham John, Swine market
  • Mounsey Samuel, Silver street
  • Ramsden Lawrence, Crown street
  • Rochfort Valentine, Westgate
  • *Swingler Robert, North bridge
  • Weewall Wm. Old market place
  • Whiteley John, 8, Silver street
Hotels, Inns, and Taverns,
  • Angel, Hannah Crossley, Dean clough
  • Black Bull, Wm. Kershaw, Copper st.
  • Black Horse, Jph. Bancroft, Woolshops
  • Black Lion, Saml. Baildon, Bull green
  • Black Swan, James Riley, Silver st.
  • Blue Ball, Jph. Patchett, North bdge.
  • Blue Bell, Jph. Thwaites, Woolshops
  • Boar's Head, Sarah Brooke, Southgate.
  • Brown Cow, Rd. Patchett, Copper st.
  • Buck, John Bollans, Northgate
  • Bull's Head, Wm. Baxendale, Bull gn.
  • Cat in the Window, John Denton Lower Kirkgate
  • Coach and Horses, James Thompson, Haley hill
  • Cooper's Arms, Elizabeth Crabtree, Swine market
  • Crown and Anchor, T. Illingworth, Bull Green
  • Duke William, M. Norminton Bdg. st.
  • Duke of Leeds Arms, (& gaoler) Joseph Scott, Jail lane
  • Duke of Wellington, J. Smithson, 10, Silver street
  • Duke of York, J. Rushworth, Petticoat lane
  • Dyer and Miller, John Barker, Bank bottom
  • Fleece, Joseph Taylor, Gibbet lane
  • Globe Inn, George Wadsworth, 26, Silver street
  • Golden Lion Eliz. Newby, Cheapside
  • Griffin, Lindley Hall, George street
  • Hambletonian, Isaac Kershaw, Silver st.
  • Hare & Hounds, Eli Wilson, Bull go.
  • King of Prussia, T. Robertshaw, King street
  • King's Arms, Samuel Lister, King st.
  • Lamb, Geo. Boocock, Bridge street
  • Lord Nelson, Wm. Bland, Cow green
  • Lower George, John Dawtrey, Wool-shops
  • Malt Shovel, J. H. Burgin, Northgate
  • Marquis of Granby, James Maud, Copper street
  • Mason's Arms, Austin Pollard, Woolshops
  • Mitre, Henry Patchett, Newmarket st.
  • Old Cock, Ralph Nicholson, Southgate
  • Old Crispin, John Jowitt, Causeway
  • Old Crown Rd. Priestley, Cow green
  • Old Shoulder of Mutton, Daniel Sugden, Petticoat lane
  • Old Three Pigeons, Samuel Ogden, Northgate
  • Pine Apple, Henry Watkinson, North bridge
  • Prince Blucher, Abraham Raistrick, Church lane
  • Queen's Head, James Pickles, Swine market
  • Ring of Bells, James Standeven, Upper Kirkgate
  • Rose and Crown, Joseph Sutcliffe, Cheapside
  • Royal Oak, Widow Parker, Ward's end
  • Saddle, Joseph Lassey, Newmarket st.
  • Shakespeare Tavern, John Bairstow, Ward's end
  • Shears, Dinah Whitaker, Paris gate
  • Shears, Josh. Keighley, Lee Bridge st.
  • Shoulder of Mutton, Nancy Bates, Cow green
  • Slip Inn, Matthew Naylor, North bridge
  • Sun, William Armitage, Woolshops
  • Talbot Inn, Isaac Rogers, Woolshops
  • Three Pigeons, Thos. Senior, Church ln.
  • Turk's Head, Isaac Worstenholme, Old market place
  • Unicorn Joseph Jackson, Bull green
  • Union Cross, Thomas Marchant, Old market place
  • Upper Crispin, Thomas Lister, King Cross lane
  • Upper George, Wm. Fletcher, Crown street
  • Waggoner's Inn, Thos. Leech, Northgate
  • Waterhouse Arms, William Moore, Nelson street
  • Wheat Sheaf, John Bottomley, New market street
  • White Bear, Betty Shaw, Cow green
  • White Hart, Nathaniel Wainhouse, Bull green
  • White Horse, James Swaine, Southgate
  • White Lion, John Jenkinson, Silver st.
  • White Swan, Thos. Chambers, Crown street
  • Adam William, Hall end
  • Alfieri Paul, Union street
  • Barrowclough Joseph, (lock and key manufacturer) Swine market
  • Crossley David, Crown street
  • Fourness Samuel, Crown street
  • Perkington Thomas, 22, Crown street
  • Ramsden James, Cow market
  • Robinson William, New market street
  • Wainhouse Robert, Northgate
Joiners and Builders,
  • Aked Thomas, King cross lane
  • Bradley William Southgate
  • Briggs Joseph, Nelson street
  • Casson John, Square
  • Davis Thomas, Fleet street
  • Dean & Gaukroger Harrison lane
  • Dearden Thomas, West Parade
  • Green John, Gibbet street
  • Green Richard, Long back yard
  • Green Samuel, Swine market
  • Hainsworth John, Pellon lane
  • Hardisty John, Albion street
  • Hitchen Thomas, Woolshops
  • Johnston Robert, Albion street
  • Priestley James, Foundry street
  • Riley James, Swine market
  • Smith T. E. Church lane
  • Swaine Isaac & James, Harrison lane
  • Thomas William, Smithy lane
  • Wilkinson William, Cow green
  • Wilson Isaac, Cabbage lane
  • Yates Leonard, Haley hill
Land Surveyors,
  • Howarth Caleb, 43, King cross lane
  • Mitchell John, Cow green
Leather Dressers and Sellers,
  • Cooke James, Corn market
  • Emmet Thomas, 4, Ward's end
  • Walsh George, R. S. King cross lane
Linen Drapers,
  • Armytage Sarah, Southgate
  • Atkinson & Gelson, Cow green
  • Baldwin Elizabeth, Bull green
  • Beaumont George, (bombazines & stuffs) Corn market
  • Bruce Thomas, Old market street
  • Butter William, Northgate
  • Carr John, Old market place
  • Davy William, Crown street
  • Dennison Jas. (travelling) 61, King st.
  • Farrar James, Crown street
  • Hastie James, (travelling) Horton st.
  • Haworth Peter, Crown street
  • Hoatson John, Bull green
  • Ibbetson H. & H. (silk mercers) Corn market
  • Knox David, Woolshops
  • Muir James, Union street
  • Priestley & Graveson, Southgate
  • Richardson & Duncan, (silk mercers) Corn market
  • Thompson Robert, Bull green
Linen and Woollen Drapers,
  • Hey Paul, Woolshops
  • Rayner John, Crown street
Machine Makers,
  • Farrar John, bottom of Square
  • Farrar Joseph, High street
  • Sunderland & Guy, Gibbet street
  • Whiteley Samuel, Barum top
  • Driver Jonas, North bridge
  • Ward Christopher, Ellenroyde
Those marked thus * are manufacturers, and those thus † stuff merchants.
  • Bates, Barraclough, & Co. Gibbet hill
  • Carr John, (linen) Old market place
  • Dixon George, (cloth & stuff) King cross lane
  • Gibson Launcelot, Church lane
  • *Greenwood Thomas, Bankfield
  • Haigh & Co. Mount
  • Haigh John, (fancy goods) Causeway
  • Hartley James, near King cross
  • Hatton William 13, Horton street
  • †Kershaw W. Sons, Union street
  • *Knight James & Co. Beanfield
  • †McKie Robert, Waterside
  • †Milner, Hebden, & Co. King cross ln.
  • Pollard John & Co. Green hill
  • *Poole John, Gibbet street
  • *Rawson & Saltmarshes, George st.
  • Rawson Jeremiah, Shaw
  • *Robinson William, 10, Union street
  • Rooke Richard, North parade
  • Smithson Joshua, Saville green
  • Staveley Luke, Saville green
  • Turner J. (fancy goods) Church lane
  • †Turney, Bates & Bates, Cheapside
  • †Wainhouse Edward, Ward's end
  • Walsh James, Stannary
  • *Waterhouse S. & J. West parade
Milliners and Dress makers,
  • Best Mary, Southgate
  • Calvert Mary, (mercer) Corn market
  • Davison Margaret, North bridge
  • Devlin Sarah, North bridge
  • Farrar Mary, Cheapside
  • Fourness & Holland, Hall end
  • Hunter Jane, Jail lane
  • Ibbetson H. & H. Corn market
  • Kirkpatrick N. A. & M. 20, Silver st.
  • Kitson Mary, 20, Oxford street
  • Lister Sarah, Northgate
  • Maugham Sarah, North bridge
  • Misdale Mary, Cheapside
  • Nicholl Anne, 32, Bridge street
  • Webster Hannah, 33, Square
Nail and Tenter Hook makers,
  • Hobson William, Woolshops Roberts
  • William, King cross lane
Oil Merchants,
  • Dixon George, Hopwood lane
  • Styring John, Crown street
Painters House and Sign,
  • Gledhill Eli, Turk's Head yard, Old market place
  • Gledhill James, (gilder) Northgate
  • Hoyland William, Gibbet street
  • Matthews James, Ward's end
  • Oates Holland, Causeway
  • Taylor James, Westgate
  • Thompson Mrs. Lord street
  • Whitaker & Shreeve, (enamellers) Aked's road
Paper makers and Warehouses,
  • Emmet William, 1, George street
  • Leeming Joseph, Back street
Patten Makers,
  • Crowther Thomas, Woolshops
  • Gathorp David, Woolshops
  • Jackson John Bull green
  • Rawnsley William, 1, Old market place
  • Rawnsley William, 65, King street
  • Blagborough James Causeway
  • Crabtree James, 9, Silver street
  • Green George, 1, Square
  • Lewthwaite Mary, Woolshops
Perfumers, &c.
  • Crossley David, Crown street
  • Crossley Joah, Union street
  • Holroyd John, 24 Silver street
  • Stancliffe James, Market place
  • Stancliffe John, Woolshops
  • Stancliffe Joshua, Northgate
  • Sunderland Henry, Cow green
  • Walton William, 12, Southgate
Periodical Publishers & Agents,
  • Nicholson Joseph, Foundry street
  • Pearson John, (agent to Brightleys) Fleet street, Crossfield
  • Alexander Gervase, Ward's end
  • Kenny M. S. George street
  • Moulson Richard, Northgate
Pipe makers,
  • Buckley John, York street
  • Hutchinson Charles, Cripplegate
  • Hutchinson Thomas, 13, Back street
  • Hutchinson William, Pellon lane
Plasterers, &c.
  • Bates John, Bank bottom
  • Dean Joseph, Cabbage lane
  • Edwards John, Horton street
  • Hallewell Josiah, Woolshops
  • Holroyd Jeremiah, Albion street
  • Ingham John & Son Causeway
  • Leaning Joseph, Back street
  • Shaw William, North bridge
  • Taylor James, Westgate
  • Yeadon William, High street
Plumbers and Glaziers,
  • Bollans John, Northgate
  • Collingwood Thomas, Foundry street
  • Dennis William, George street
  • Firth Samuel, Thomas street
  • Hitchen Nathaniel, 19, York street
  • Lawson William, Southgate
  • Mawson John 12, Mount street
  • Wild Betty, Woolshops
Pocket Book and Pattern Card Manufacturer,
  • Pool John, 3, Gibbet street
Porter Dealers,
  • Kitson Riley, (hops) Copper street
  • Webster George, Crown street
Printers, Letter Press,
  • Holden P. K. Old market place
  • Jacobs James, Petticoat lane
  • Nicholson Joseph Winding lane
  • Sugden Richard, hall end
  • Walker Thomas, Silver street
Provision, &c. Dealers,
  • Ashworth John, 52, Market place
  • Barber Elizabeth, Oxford street
  • Barker John, Bridge street
  • Barrow Robert, King street
  • Bates John, Bank bottom
  • Baxendale David, Temple street
  • Bentley Samuel, Senior yard
  • Best Charles, Cow green
  • Blagborough Nathaniel, Church lane
  • Brier Harriet, Barum top
  • Broomhead George, Back street
  • Corney George, 15, York street
  • Crabtree John, King street
  • Earl Mary, Woolshops
  • Farnell James, 11, King Cross lane
  • Farrar Jonathan, Woolshops
  • Farrar Joseph, Union street
  • Freeman Luke, Bull green
  • Gledhill Elizabeth North bridge
  • Hallewell Josiah, Woolshops
  • Hebblethwaite John, Back street
  • Hill John, John street
  • Hitchen Richard, Oxford street
  • Horsfield William, Bank bottom
  • Ingham John, West parade
  • Jackson John 69 King street
  • Kershaw James, (vegetables) 53, New market
  • Kershaw Richard, 5, Albion street
  • Lees Jane, 25 Silver street
  • Lockwood John, Church lane
  • Maude Sarah, Lower Kirkgate
  • Ogden Mary, 32, Pellon lane
  • Pickersgill Thomas, Barum top
  • Roper Luke, (shopkeeper) Lee bridge
  • Rushworth John, (fruit) New market
  • Scarborough Sarah, Gibbet street
  • Schofield Susannah, 54, Market place
  • Shaw William, North bridge
  • Shoesmith Joseph, Shaw sike
  • Sladen William, Church lane
  • Smith Joshua, Copper street
  • Speight Daniel, Upper Kirkgate
  • Stephenson James, North bridge
  • Tempest Joseph, Causeway
  • Townshend Richard, Old market
  • Wadsworth Lydia, Woolshops
  • Wadsworth Matthew, 52, Back street
  • Walker John, Swine market
  • Webster Henry, Petticoat lane
  • Whitaker Sarah, York street
  • Whitehead Joshua, King street
  • Williamson Squire, King street
  • Wood Thomas, 69, King street
Reed Makers,
  • Craven Jesse, Causeway
  • Greaves Henry, Smithy lane
  • Hanson Abm. Chapel yarn, Jail lane
  • Spencer John, Woolshops
  • Swift James, Smithy lane
Rope and Twine Manufacturers,
  • Cliberon Thomas, Barum top
  • Crabtree Margaret, Northgate
  • Crapper John, Woolshops
  • Currant John Northgate
  • Farrar James, Petticoat lane
  • Rawson Henry, North bridge
  • Fourness John, Crown street
  • Harger John, Silver street
  • Holroyd Kershaw Southgate
  • Horsfall Thomas Hall end
  • Jagger Samuel, Northgate
  • Whiteley John, Old Market place
Salt Merchants,
  • Gregory James, & Sons, Corn market
Savings Bank,
  • Attendance every Saturday from five till six o'clock in the evening
  • Old Cock yard-Mr. Wm. Tongue, 70, Woolshops, clerk
Serge Manufacturers,
  • Holdsworth George, Shibden mill
  • Holdsworth John, Shibden mill
Silk Spinner,
  • Binns George, Gibbet street
Sizers and Size Dealers,
  • Gledhill T. & Co. (sizers) Paper mill
  • Stead James, (sizer) North bridge
  • Walton Barnabas, (size merchant) Square
Spirit and Wine Merchants,
  • Boothroyd Thos. & Sons, Grove house
  • Farrar Samuel, King cross lane
  • Kitson Riley, Copper street
  • Norminton Joseph, Silver street
  • Ross John, North parade
  • Smith George, Silver street
  • Sutcliffe John, Cheapside
  • Sutcliffe Joseph Cheapside
Stone Masons,
  • Aked William & John King cross lane
  • Bradley James, Well lane
  • Collingwood Daniel, Westgate
  • Pritchett John, (marble) 4 Shaw sike
  • Rothery William Cross hill
  • Wood Joseph, Church yard
Straw Hat Manufacturers,
  • Bolton Elizabeth, Woolshops
  • Gill Mary, Northgate
  • Hemingway - Southgate
  • Holgate Elizabeth, Old market place
  • Illingworth Ruth, Bull green
  • Newton Ruth, King cross lane
  • Orange Mary, 16, Silver street
  • Wilkinson William, 18 Union street
  • Wilson Anne, Old market place
  • Young Jane, 19, Crown street
  • Crossley Ann, Water side
  • Hebden & Crowther, Blackwall
Stuff Manufacturers,
  • Beaumont George, (stuff warehouse) Corn market
  • Robinson William, 10, Union street
  • Walker John, Swine market
Stuff and Woollen Printers,
  • Ashworth John & Son Church lane
  • Rothwell Gamaliel, Church lane
  • Sladen William, Church lane
  • Aked Robert, Cabbage lane
  • Cockcroft John, 3, Aked's road
  • Drake F. T. Northgate
  • Fawthorp Joseph, Silver street
  • Garlick William, Northgate
  • Jubb Abraham, 12, Cheapside
  • Lightfoot Richard, 16, Westgate
  • Lister John, Woolshops
  • Morley & Wilton, Ward's end
  • Shaw George, King cross lane
  • Sunderland Joseph, (senior surgeon to the Halifax Dispensary) 6, Lord st.
Tailors and Drapers,
Those marked thus * are Drapers.
  • Akroyd William, Cripplegate
  • Alderson Joshua, back Horton street
  • Crowder John, Swine market
  • Denton Samuel, Southgate
  • Denton Thomas, Corn market
  • Gledhill George, Petticoat lane
  • Hall Robert, Foundry street
  • *Holroyd & Riley, Old Market place
  • Hutchinson Michael, Northgate
  • Keighley Joseph, 4, New market st.
  • Lee William, Bath parade
  • Lowe Adam 22, Causeway
  • Rushworth James, Swine market
  • Seaton George, Jail lane
  • Sugden Joseph, Hall end
  • Sykes William, Horton street
  • Thompson Joshua & Son, Silver at.
Tallow Chandlers,
  • Baxter Thomas, Petticoat lane
  • Gill Samuel, 44, Northgate
  • Gregory James & Sons, Corn market
  • Hemingway Joseph, Stone trough lane
  • Naylor John, Bull green
  • Pearson Thomas, Union street
  • Styring John, Crown street
  • Waddington Joseph, Northgate
Tanner, &c.,
  • Rhodes P. (tanner and oil leather dresser, and fell monger) North bridge
Timber and Raff Merchants,
  • Bradley William, Southgate
  • Gray Philip, (& mahogany) Upper Kirkgate
  • Hainsworth John, Chapel town
Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturers,
  • Bennet Hugh, Hall end
  • Boyne James, Silver street
  • Milne Samuel, Old market place
  • Naylor George, top of Woolshops
Turners in Wood, &c.,
  • Farrar Joseph, Barum top
  • Gray John, 20, Upper Kirkgate
  • Shaw Joshua, Church lane
Umbrella Makers,
  • Bates Joseph, Bridge street Metcalf
  • James, Woolshops
  • Hey Paul, Woolshops
  • Rayner John, Crown street
  • Richardson & Duncan, Corn market
  • Foster Thomas, 12, Chapel fold
  • Newhill & Horsfield, Union street
  • Pollard John, 15, Silver street
  • Smith Benjamin, Southgate
  • Wood Benjamin, Barum top
Veterinary Surgeons,
  • Gill John, (farrier and cow doctor) King cross lane
  • Wheatley Henry, Southgate
Watch Makers.
  • Bradley John, (& dentist) Woolshops
  • Bromley Charles, Northgate
  • Bromley William, Mount street
  • Fairclough Samuel, New market pl.
  • Hilton John, 3 & 4, Chapel town
Watch and Clock Makers,
  • Hebden James, Woolshops
  • Holdsworth Jonas, Back street
  • Holroyd Richard, George street
  • Lister Joseph, Petticoat lane
  • Pearson Samuel, Coin market
  • Dean & Gaukroger, Harrison lane
  • Harger Samuel, Union street
  • Swaine Isaac & James, Harrison lane
  • Townsend John, Foundry street
  • Bennett William, Petticoat lane
  • Moorhouse Thomas, Theatre yard
  • Nicholson Matthew Northgate
  • Rowbottom S. 3. Swine market
  • Wood James, (locksmith) Woolshops
Wire Drawers,
  • Collins John, Haley hilt
  • Royston James, (manufacturer of iron card, brass, & bobbin wire) King cross lane
Wool Comb Makers,
  • Best Henry, 9, Southgate
  • Green George, Woolshops
Woollen Drapers,
  • Holroyd & Riley, Old market place
  • Richardson & Duncan, Corn market
Woollen Manufacturers,
  • Akroyd James, Old lane
  • Akroyd Jonathan, (bombazine) 14, North parade
  • Dennis Jonth. & Son, Lee bridge mill
  • Emmet Henry, Old Cock yard
  • Hatton W. & Co. 52, Woolshops house, Horton street
  • Hitchen John, 18, Shaw sike
  • Kitson William & Son, Shaw hill
  • Nichol John, Haugh Shaw
  • Taylor, Son & Gibson, Heath
  • Turney, Bates and Bates, (general) Cheapside
  • Webster Robert, 3, Kent street
  • Abbot Robert & Son, Union street
  • Baldrey Robert, Square
  • Bates William, West parade
  • Ellerton Francis, Woolshops
  • Emmet William, Cheapside
  • Haigh John & Son, Woolshops
  • Haigh William, Wade street
  • Hodgson Joseph, Woodlands
  • Hodgson S. & J. Woolshops
  • Holroyd B. J. & Son, George street
  • Irvin John, Swine market
  • Nelson George, 8, Horton street
  • Pollard William, Spring house
  • Priestley Isaac, 11, Union street
  • Rawson & Saltmarshes, George st.
  • Ross Joseph & Co. Silver street
  • Stansfield Joshua and Caleb, Old Cock yard
  • Staples George Clark, Woolshops
  • Walsh William, Old Cock yard
  • Youd Thomas, Cheapside
Worsted Manufacturers,
  • Akroyd Jas. & Son, Bowling Dike mill
  • Aspinall James, 2, Square
  • Baldwin William, North bridge
  • Booth John, 17, Smithy lane
  • Chambers John, Aked's road
  • Emmet Henry, Old Cock yard
  • Garnet James, 8 Mount street
  • Green Henry, 3, Bridge street
  • Haley Daniel 4, Square
  • Holdsworth John, Woolshops
  • Stansfeld, Briggs & Stansfeld. (spinners & manufacturers of bombazines) Calder bnk. Luddenden foot
  • Travis James & Co. Dean Clough mill
  • Vaslet Thomas, Shaw sike
Worsted Spinners,
  • Akroyd James & Son, Bowling Dike mill
  • Aspinal James, Square
  • Aspinal Job, Church lane
  • Baldwin W. & j. (stocking, worsted & Woollen yarn mfrs.) Bailey hill
  • Gledhill Eli & Sons, North bridge mill
  • Haley Daniel, Square
  • Holdsworth John, & Co. Waterside mill
  • Murgatroyd John, Bailey hall house, Ward's end
  • Travis James & Co. Dean Clough mill
  • Aked William, Church lane
  • Akroyd Rev. John, 31, Pellon lane
  • Alexander Robert, Esq. Hopwood hall
  • Atkinson Jph. card mkr. North parade
  • Baines Simpson, clerk
  • Bates Mrs. Sarah, Wade street
  • Blagborough Joseph, New road
  • Brierley John, deputy constable, 5, Copper street
  • Briggs James, surveyor of taxes, Ward's end
  • Brown Isaac, Park street
  • Browne G. B. Esq. Myrtle grove
  • Burnett Agnes, New road
  • Chambers Mrs. B. gentlewoman, near Square Chapel
  • Cockin Rev. Joseph, Square
  • Cooke James, glove and breeches maker Corn market
  • Crowther John, apparitor, Cross fields
  • Davidson Ellen, gentwmn. Water side
  • Duncan Addison, surveyor of roads, Shaw hill
  • Emmet Thos. gent. Ward's end
  • Fleming Abraham, brace maker, New market
  • Garlick Mary, matron of the dispensary, 9, Church lane
  • Goodall George, Lilley mill
  • Goodall Isaac, beadle of the Court of Requests, Jail lane
  • Gray John, turner and carver, Upper Kirkgate
  • Gregory J. & R. whip manufacturers, Northgate
  • Grimshaw Mary, New road
  • Haigh Martha gentwn. North parade
  • Hextall Rev. John, 3, Lord street
  • Hiley Joseph, Nelson street
  • Hodgson John, 1, Wade street
  • Holroyd Eliz. shopkpr. 22, Silver st.
  • Horton Thomas, Esq. King cross lane
  • Ibbetson Thos. gent. Saville green
  • Jones Joshua, Church lane
  • Kirkpatrick Eliz. gentwn. Aked's row
  • Knight Rev. J. M.A . curate, Church ln.
  • Knight Rev. S. M.A, vicar, Vicarage
  • Lawrence Wm. brick mkr. Church ln.
  • Lister Jane, High street
  • Lister Mrs. Mary, Northgate house
  • Milnes Benjamin, sloop owner, Bath house
  • Misdale Rd. music teacher Cheapside
  • Moore Joseph, farmer, Hazlehurst, Northowram
  • Mudd Robert, bacon, butter and ham factor, 29 Hall end
  • Noble Wm. glass grinder, Fleet street
  • Parsons Rev. Edward, Wade street
  • Parsons Edward, billiard table keeper, Old Cock yard
  • Rawson Mrs. Catharine, Cheapside
  • Rothwell John, gent. Bull close
  • Rothwell William, gent. Ward's end
  • Selby Wm. high constable of Morley division, Blackwall
  • Smith Ellen, gentlewoman, Waterside
  • Staincliffe John, sett & blade maker, Fleet street
  • Stead John attorney's clerk, New rd.
  • Stocks Richard, bath keeper, Bath
  • Sutcliffe Henry, governor of the House of Industry.
  • Sutcliffe John, gent. Aked's road
  • Thompson C. 1, Lord street
  • Thompson Elizabeth, 15, Bath parade
  • Turner Thomas, gent. Park street
  • Wetherhead Capt. Old market place
  • Wigglesworth James, coroner, Square
  • Willmott Rev. Wm. M.A. incumbent of Trinity Church, Blackwall
  • Willson John, clerk to the Court of Requests, 4, Wade street
  • Wood William, coach guard
  • Yewdale Rev. Z. 17, Water lane
Manufacturers who attend Halifax Market,
  • Aked Richard, Lee
  • Akroyd James & Son, Halifax
  • Ambler Stephen, Illingworth
  • Anderton George, Shelf
  • Anderton John Cullingworth
  • Appleyard William, Shaw booth
  • Bairstow James, Illingworth
  • Bancroft James, Do.
  • Blackburn James, Lightcliffe
  • Buckley John, Todmorden
  • Carter John, Lightcliffe
  • Cordingley John, Do.
  • Crossley John & Sons, Falling royd
  • Edmonson & Co. Mitholm royd
  • Emmet Edward Northowram
  • Emmet Henry, Halifax
  • Feather Timy. & Brothers, Haworth
  • Forster William, Sowerby
  • Gledhill Eli & Sons, Stainland
  • Haigh William, Southowram
  • Hall Samuel, Do.
  • Heaton Michael, Haworth
  • Helliwell William, Erringden
  • Hey Jonas Haworth
  • Holdsworth George, Northowram
  • Holdsworth John, Do.
  • Holdsworth Richard, Do.
  • Holland John, Lightcliffe
  • Holroyd John, Stainland
  • Malinson Joseph, Northowram
  • Mitchell James, Wadsworth
  • Mitchell John, Sowerby
  • Mitchell Thomas, Wadsworth
  • Murgatroyd Squire, Warley
  • Nicholl John, Skircoat
  • Riley Joseph, Illingworth
  • Robinson George, Stainbury
  • Robinson William, Stainbury
  • Shaw Joseph & Sons, Stainland
  • Sowden Samuel, Lightcliffe
  • Stott James, Stainland
  • Sutcliffe J. & T. Hebden bridge
  • Thomas Michael, Sowerby
  • Thomas William, Do.
  • Thwaite Isaac, Southowram
  • Travis James, Halifax
  • Turney, Bates & Bates, Halifax
  • Vaslet Thomas, Halifax
  • Walker Joseph, Stainland
  • Walker William, Do.
  • Whitworth Richard Warley
  • Wilcock William, Erringden
  • Wood Abraham, Southowram
  • Wood Samuel, Warley
Worsted Spinners who attend Halifax Market,
  • Anderton George, Cleckheaton
  • Anderton John, Cullingworth
  • Ashworth D. G. & Co. Under bank
  • Aspinall James, Halifax
  • Bottomley & Co. Northowram
  • Carter Henry, Lightcliffe
  • Edmonson & Co. Mitholm royd
  • Firth & Son, Birkenshaw
  • Gill Thomas & Sons, Baildon
  • Greenup G. & W. Sowerby bridge
  • Haley Daniel, Halifax
  • Haley Isaac, Northowram
  • Holdsworth John, Halifax
  • Horsfall John, Under bank
  • Murgatroyd John, Halifax
  • Murgatroyd William, Scarr bottom
  • Sowden Samuel, Lightcliffe
Excise Office, Union Cross yard, Old market place:
  • John Clark, Clerk
  • John Hughlings, Haley hill, Collector
  • Stephen Burnett, Shaw's ct. Supervisor.
  • Robert Dixon Long, Mount street
  • Thomas Sewell, North bridge
  • Thomas Wilkinson, Cabbage lane
  • William Crossfield, Union street
  • William Davis, Ward's end
From the Union Cross, Old Market Place,
  • Alexander, at 7 the morning, to Bradford and Leeds.
  • New Mail, at ½p. 3 in the morning to Leeds & York; at ½ p. 5. aft. to Rochdale, Bolton & Liverpool.
  • The Fleece, at 9 mg. on Mon. Wed. & Fri. to Sheffield; returns on Tu. Thu. and Sunday.
From The Lower George, Woolshops,
  • The HARKFORWARD, to Wakefield, on Mon. Wed. & Fri. at 6 in the mg. & on Tu. Thu. & Sat, at 7 in the morning.
From the Upper George, Crown Street,
  • The Defiance, to Liverpool, at 20 min. p. 9 every morning; at 5 aft. to Bradford and Leeds.
From the White Lion, Silver street,
  • Highflyer to Leeds and York, at 11 in the morning; at ½ p. 12 to Manchester and Liverpool.
  • The MAIL, at ½ p. 6 mg. (Sunday excepted) to Rochdale, Manchester and Liverpool, and at p. 2 aft, to Leeds, York and Hull
Carriers by Water,
From Salterhebble & Sowerby Bridge,
  • Aire & Calder Co. vessels to & from Hull, weekly.
  • Cogswell's vessels to Wakefield and Liverpool, weekly.
  • Hall's to Wakefield and Liverpool, weekly, Gainsbro', Sheffield and Rotherham, occasionally
  • Leeds Union Co. to Wakefield and Liverpool, weekly, Leeds occasionally
  • Marsden's vessels to & from Hull, weekly.
  • Mells and Kipling's vessels to & from Hull, weekly.
  • Messrs. Cogswell's vessels from Sowerby bridge to Manchester every day, & to Liverpool every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Messrs. Milnes' contract vessels weekly from Salter-hebble to St. Catharine's wharf, London; agents, B. Milnes Silver street, Halifax, and J. Milnes, London.
  • Messrs. Varley & Holt's vessels regularly to Manchester & Liverpool, from Sowerby bridge.
  • Richardson's vessels to Wakefield and Liverpool, weekly.
  • Thomas Smith, to Wakefield and Liverpool, weekly, Sheffield and Rotherham, occasionally
  • Thompson's vessels to & from Hull, weekly.
From J. Smith's, Northgate,
  • J. Scott, (daily) to Leeds.
  • John Hargreaves, every Tu. and Thu. to Manchester and Preston
  • Messrs. Pickford, (daily) by land & water to all parts of the kingdom
  • Thomas Carver to Manchester and all parts of Lancashire, (daily)
From The Lower George,
  • Wm. Binns every Sat, to Howarth.
From J. Farrer's, Union street,
  • Deacon, Harrison and Co. to London, (daily)
  • Jas. Speak, to Huddersfield, (daily)
  • Jas. Wilson, 3 days a week to Settle.
  • Joseph Gamble, to Barnsley and Sheffield, 3 days per week
  • Joshua Farrar, to Huddersfield & Bradford, (daily)
  • Samuel Waterhouse to Rochdale, Bolton and Bury, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
From Wm. Cockerham's, Cow green,
  • Abm. Thornton, daily to Leeds, York, Hull and Shrewsbury, daily
  • Hallewell & Co. daily to Manchester and all parts of the kingdom
  • John Sutcliffe, to Todmorden, Burnley & Colne, 3 days per week
From James Hutton's, Cow green,
  • To Bradford, Otley & Knaresbro', daily
Country Carriers,
  • Batings, George Hartley, Tu. Thu. & Sat. Golden Lion, Cheapside
  • Gauksholm, John Sutcliffe, Tu. Thu. & Sat. Hare & Hounds, Bull green
  • Hebden Bridge, (Carr) Robert Smith, Sat. arr. 10, dep. 5, Mitre Inn, New Market street
  • Heptonstall, James Green, Tu. Thu. & Sat. Anchor, Bull green
  • Mytholm-Royd-Bridge Samuel Taylor, Wed. & Sat. Rose & Crown, Cheapside
  • Stainland, Howarth Priestley, Sat. Rose and Crown, Cheapside
  • Stoodley Bridge, John Sutcliffe, Thu. and Sat. Anchor, Bull green
  • Todmorden, Samuel Wilson, Sat. Rose and Crown, Cheapside
  • Underbank, John Hargreaves, Tues. Thu. & Sat. Anchor, Bull green

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BARKISLAND in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:
  • Horton Rt. Hon. Lady My. Howroyd
Miscellany of trades
  • Ainsley J. mason & vict. Bank top
  • Baxter Jn. master of the Free School, and agent to Miss Bold
  • Baxter Miss, ladies' boarding school
  • Baxter Wm. inspector of weights, &c.
  • Booth Thomas carpenter, Height
  • Buckley John, woollen manufactr.
  • Dyson Miss Barbara, Abbot royds
  • Haigh John, gentleman, Stones
  • Heward John, vict. Griffin
  • Holroyd Joseph, grocer & draper
  • Hoyle J. & shuttle mkrs. Height
  • Jackson Joseph, worsted manfr.
  • Lumb Joel, gent. Crumby hall,
  • Pearson James, horse dealer
  • Taylor Isaac, mercht. & mfr. Bowers
  • Taylor Zach. cloth dresser, Wood end
  • Walker Samuel & Co. corn factors. & worsted mfrs. Bowers Mill

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BRIGHOUSE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Aspinall William, butcher and vict. Black Bull
  • Brook Joseph, plasterer
  • Carr Jane, aqua fortis and spirit mfr.
  • Carrs and Norton cudbear mfrs.
  • Cartledge J. and Son, cotton spinners
  • Cawthra Elizabeth, carrier
  • Cooper John, gentleman
  • Cooper Thomas, gentleman
  • Day James, curer of spinal debilities in children
  • Denham John, wharfinger
  • Denham Joseph, dyer
  • Hammerton Joseph, ironmonger
  • Hargreaves James, glass, china and earthenware dealer
  • Holland John, worsted spinner & mfr.
  • Horner James, vict. Anchor Inn
  • Hoyle George, millwright
  • Ibbotson George, solicitor
  • Jessop Richard, sen. cloth miller
  • Jessop Richard, jun. shoemaker
  • Ledgard W.E. merchant
  • Mallinson S.H. vict. Wellington
  • Manly Martin, gentleman
  • Navey Wm. clock and watch maker
  • Noble Benj. foot post to Halifax
  • Simpson William, iron founder
  • Sugden Thomas, tallow chandler
  • Waddington Saml. vict. Black Swan
  • Wheatley Richard, linen draper
  • Pinder Benjamin
  • Thornton Joseph
  • Avison John
  • Avison Samuel
  • Pollard William
Cabinet makers,
  • Greenwood Wm.
  • Lenton John
Card makers,
  • Fairburn Charles
  • Goldthorp G.& J.
  • Goldthorp John
  • King John
  • Widdop William
Corn millers,
  • Brook John
  • Hoyle James
  • Sutcliffe Thomas
  • Denham William
  • Drake William, (& draper)
  • Sugden Thomas
  • Lockwood David, (dealer)
  • Tiffany Benj. (mfr.)
  • Bottomley John
  • Hutchinson Wm.
  • Woodhead John
  • Heaton Isaac
  • Thompson S.H.
  • Callow Joseph
  • Hopkinson Wm.
Tinners & Braziers,
  • Pilling Isaac
  • Smith Stephen
Wine and Spirit Merchants,
  • Mallinson S. & H. (spirit)
  • Ormerod John
Woollen Manufacturers,
  • Greenwood James
  • Howarth Joseph, (woollen cords)
  • Moses Sugden, to Huddersfield every Tues. dep. at 6.30 mg. ret. 4 evg. to Halifax dep. 8 mg. and ret. 4 evg. to Leeds and Wakefield occasionally.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for CATHERINE SLACK in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Scott James, vict. Bull's Head
  • Stocks Bentley, Catharine house
  • Stocks Michael, jun. Catharine house
  • Stocks Michael, Esq. magistrate, Catharine house

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for COLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Asquith John, vict. Malt Shovel
  • Blackburn James, worsted manfr.
  • Sunderland John, gentleman
  • Sunderland Joseph, Esq.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for ELLAND in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:
  • Ashworth Philip Esq.
  • Atkinson Rev. Christopher, AM.
  • Beattie Rev. J. master of free school
  • Holland J. gentleman, Stead House
  • Jackson John, gent.
  • Lambert Fenton, yeoman
  • Rushworth Joseph, Esq. North house
Miscellany of trades
  • Bray Anthony, vict. Nag's Head
  • Broad bent Isaac, tallow chandler
  • Brooke Nancy, vict. Rose & Crown
  • Burley Robert, hardware dealer
  • Crossland Mary, vict. Shears
  • Dalton Thomas basket maker
  • Dransfield Charles, card maker
  • Ewbank Mrs. gentlewoman
  • Farrar David, vict. Crown and Anchor
  • Flather Richard blacksmith
  • Garside Bathsheba, vict. Spread Eagle
  • Greenwood Mrs. Phoebe
  • Hawkyard Henry, cabinet maker
  • Hemingway Geo. vict. Wellington
  • Hemingway Joseph, saddler
  • Hiley John, earthenware dealer
  • Holroyd Mrs. Mary
  • Hopwood Thomas, hat manufacturer
  • Howarth Abraham, vict. Wheat Sheaf
  • Kitchen James, vict. Red Lion
  • Lumb Joshua, vict. Royal Oak
  • Maude Isaac, vict. Jolly Sailor
  • Maude John, hosier
  • Milner Betty, milliner & dress maker
  • Pickles John, patten maker
  • Pinder John, basket maker
  • Pitchforth John, worsted mfr.
  • Pollard Alice, vict. Golden Fleece
  • Ramsden John, wire manufacturer
  • Ramsden R. music master & organist
  • Sheard James, vict, Green Dragon
  • Smith Sarah, straw hat maker
  • Thornton Joseph, vict. Boot & Shoe
  • Townsend D. and L. cloth dressers
  • Townsend Thos. vict. Star Inn
  • Turner Robert, plumber and glazier
  • Wilkinson Rebecca vict. Saville's Arms
  • Winpenny Elizabeth, vict. Talbot Inn
  • Wood Joseph, stone merchant
  • Maude Isaac
  • Millers Edward
  • Peel George
  • Peel William
  • Sheard James
Clock and Watch makers,
  • Radcliffe Nathl.
  • Watson William
Coal proprietors,
  • Brear Joseph
  • Pitchforth John
Corn dealers,
  • Crowther Jonathan
  • Deaden Joseph
  • Farrar Wm.
  • Laycock Joseph
  • Dyson John
  • Hanson Joseph
  • Slater Thomas
  • Crossley Thomas
  • Mitchell Robert
Grocers, &c.
  • Beaumont Luke
  • Cookson Jonthn.
  • Ewbank William
  • Hemingway John
  • Hirst William
  • Hollingworth Thos.
  • Hoyle John
  • Milner Ralph
  • Shaw Joseph
  • Varley Ingram
  • Coultas William
  • Mann Godfrey
  • Ward James
  • Mathers James
  • Ramsden John
Scribbling & Fulling millers,
  • Carter and Co.
  • Crowther Thomas
  • Sykes Joseph
Shoe makers,
  • Brooke John,
  • Fell William,
  • Peel John
  • Hammerton John
  • Riley James
  • Hanson Joseph
  • Slater Thomas
Woollen Cord mfrs.,
  • Broadbent & Co.
  • Helliwell Thomas
  • Rushforth Benj.
  • Thwaite William
Woollen mfrs.
  • Balmforth & Son
  • Balmforth George
  • Calverley Wm.
  • Noble Thomas
  • Ramsden John
  • Wilkinson Eli
  • Wilkinson J. & W,
  • Wilson Jonathan
  • The Hark Forward, to Wakefield on Mon. Wed. and Fri. at ½ p. 6 morning; Tues. Thurs. & Sat. at ½ p. 7 morning; to Halifax every evening at 7.
  • The Royal Fleece, to Halifax Sun. Tues. and Thurs. 4 aft.; to Sheffield Mon. Wed. & Fri. half p. 9 mg.
Water Carriage.
  • George Sohorah, land carrier, to Leeds Tu. Thurs. and Sat.
  • Vessels from Wakefield every Mon. Tu. or Sat. Agent, T. E. Watson.,
  • Vessels to Liverpool, Hull, and all the intermediate places occasionally.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for ERRINGDEN in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:
  • Watman Rev. Peter, M.A.
Miscellany of trades
  • Barker William, joiner
  • Cockcroft Henry, gentleman
  • Greenwood John, paper maker
  • Halstead George, gentleman
  • Halstead Robert, gentleman
  • Hinchliffe Samuel, vict. Robin Hood
  • Oliver David, corn miller
  • Randall Thomas, vict. Neptune
  • Sutcliffe Richard, surgeon
  • Townend George, dyer
Cotton mfrs.
  • Hinchliffe Wm.
  • Ingham R. & A.
  • Morley David
  • Riley John
  • Uttley Mark
Cotton spinners,
  • Greenwood John
  • Hinchliffe U. & I.
  • Hinchliffe Wm.
  • Ingham R. & A.
  • Wright & Co.
Organ builders,
  • Hartley David
  • Hartley Isaac (and air gun maker)
Woollen cord mfrs.,
  • Greenwood John
  • Hinchliffe G. & I.
  • Morley David
Worsted spinners and mfrs.,
  • Foster Wm.
  • Murgatroyd & Co.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for EWOOD HALL in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Cockcroft Thomas, joiner, &c.
  • Fawcett James, worsted mfr.
  • Fawcett John, Commercial academy

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for EXLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Earnshaw Thomas, vict. Punch Bowl
  • Greame Henry, merchant
  • Greame Mary Anne, gentlewoman
  • Greenwood William, maltster

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for FIXBY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:
  • Cooper William, Esq. Fixby hall
  • Crowther G. commission agt. Fixby hall
  • Oastler Richard, steward to Thomas
  • Thornhill, Esq. Fixby halt
  • West Rev. James
Miscellany of trades
  • Crowther Saville, vict. Warren House
  • Holroyd Thomas, yeoman
  • Sykes Joseph, yeoman
Cloth Dressers,
  • Bell Robert
  • Holroyd John
  • Micklethwaite J.
  • Waterhouse Wm
Woollen mfrs.
  • Garside Richard, (cords)
  • Sykes Thos. (cloth)

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for GREETLAND in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:
  • Dyson Mrs. Eliz. Clay house
  • Dyson Scipio, gent. Bryan Royds
  • Rushforth Wm. gentleman
Miscellany of trades
  • Dyson J. & Co. paper makers
  • Fox John, victualler, Sportsman
  • Haigh Hugh, wool spinner
  • Haigh Thos. victualler, Fleece
  • Mann Oates, woollen cord mnfr.
  • Maude Mary, vict. Rose & Crown
  • Mitchell James, draper and grocer
  • Radcliffe Thos, schoolmaster
  • Cartledge James
  • Dyson Samuel
Woollen mfrs.
  • Ambler Joseph
  • Ambler Joshua
  • Bates Thos.
  • Burley John
  • Cartledge & Son
  • Clay Wm.
  • Dyson Wm.
  • Fielding John
  • Gath Daniel
  • Gledhill James
  • Holroyd Isaac
  • Holroyd James
  • Law John
  • Maude James
  • Maude John
  • Maude M. & P.
  • Outram Benj.
  • Robertshaw Wm.
  • Shaw James
  • Smith Eli
  • Smith Joshua
  • Stott James
  • Stott John
  • Walker James
  • Whiteley Sam. sen.
  • Whiteley Sam. jun.
  • Wilkinson James

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HEBDEN BRIDGE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Appleyard W. vict. Shoulder of Mutton
  • Ashworth John fustian mfr. & cutter
  • Ashworth Wm. gent. Machpelah
  • Bunting M. End wharf
  • Chambers Samuel, dyer & printer
  • Clayton Henry, painter
  • Coates Solomon, manufacturer
  • Crossley John & Sons, worsted spinners and manufacturers
  • Dyneley Thomas, surgeon
  • Fell Joseph, rope maker
  • Hartley Barnard, ironmonger
  • Hodgson William
  • Hollinrake James, cabinet maker
  • Horner Thomas, grocer, &c.
  • Jackson Wm. grocer &c.
  • Mitchel John, gent. Machpelah
  • Moorhouse Lawrence, cotton spinner and manufacturer, Midghole
  • Patchett James & Son, butchers
  • Patchett Richard, tanner
  • Patchett Sarah, vict. White Lion and post-office
  • Patchett Thomas, currier
  • Patchett William, vict. White Horse
  • Pickles John, druggist and grocer
  • Ramsbottom T. & J. Foster mills
  • Rendall M. End wharf
  • Smith Isaac, grocer, &c.
  • Sutcliff John, corn miller
  • Sutcliff John, solicitor, Machpelah
  • Sutcliff Wm. fustain mfr. Machpelah
  • Thomas Henry, surgeon, Macpelah
  • Thomas John, surgeon
  • Thomas Sarah, vict. White Swan
  • Wheelhouse Samuel wheelwright
  • Wilson James, fustian manufacturer
  • Robert Smith, to Halifax every Saturday.
Hebden Bridge Lanes,
  • Barstow Matthew, corn miller
  • Bolton John, grocer & linen draper
  • Coupe James, saddler
  • Gibson John, vict. Bull
  • Gill John, cotton manufacturer
  • Pearson John, tin plate worker
  • Spurr James, tin plate worker

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HEPTONSTALL in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:
  • Charnock Rev. Joseph
  • Cockcroft John, gent. Slattering
  • Foster John, gentleman, Learings
  • Foster John, gentleman, Sack
  • Howard Benjamin, surgeon
  • Ingham Amos, gent. Haggate
  • Jackson Henry, English master at grammar school
  • Mitchell Wm. gent. Highgreen wood
  • Shackleton John, gent. Hollins
  • Shaw Paul
  • Sutcliffe Richard, gent. Lumb bank
  • Sutcliffe William, gent. Newhouse
  • Sutcliffe William, gent. Slattering
  • Taylor Rev. James
Miscellany of trades
  • Clegg Matthew, vict. Hole in the Wall
  • Cockcroft James, butcher
  • Crabtree William, vict. Black Bull
  • Hargreave Adam, vict. Swan
  • Hodgson and Co. iron founders
  • Marshall John, vict. Green
  • Park Peter, currier
  • Patchett William, vict. Cross
  • Redman William, ironmonger
  • Townend Richard, butcher
  • Uttley Abraham, plumber & glazier
  • Uttley John, vict. Stag
  • Uttley Susan, vict. White Lion
  • Bury John
  • Hargreave Geo.
  • Hodgson John
  • Ingham William
  • Sunderland John
Cotton Spinners,
  • Gibson and Sons
  • Sutcliffe & Sons
  • Greenwood J. sen.
  • Greenwood J. jun.
  • Foster Thos.
  • Horner Thos.
  • Ackroyd Thos.
  • Duckworth John
  • Horsfall Wm.
  • Sutcliffe Wm.
  • Ackroyd Thos.
  • H. & T. Marshall, to Manchester Tues. and Fri. and James Green, to Halifax Tu. & Thu.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HIGH ROAD WELLS in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Gledhill William, shopkeeper
  • Helliwell John, bar keeper & grocer
  • Scott John, shopkeeper
  • Walton Mary, vict. Golden Lion
  • Wood John, woolstapler

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HIPPERHOLME CUM BRIGHOUSE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Appleyard William, carpenter
  • Aspinall J. vict. Dusty Miller, Hove edge
  • Aspinall William, stone merchant
  • Aspinall. Jas. & Thos. stone merchants
  • Blackburn Rachael, grocer, &c. Stonehl.
  • Blackburn Saml. worsted mfr. Stonehl.
  • Brook Thos. grocer & flour dealer
  • Carter John, worsted mfr. Giles house
  • Carter fly, worsted mfr. Giles house
  • Empsall Joseph, joiner & cabinet mkr.
  • Gledhill Jonas, gentleman
  • Greaves .John, cloth dresser, Wood end
  • Greaves Thos. woolstapler & mercht.
  • Holland John, worsted mfr. Slead house
  • Hudson 11ev. Richd. M.A. bdg. school
  • Nicholson Jas. vict. Hare & Hounds
  • North Benjamin, gentleman
  • Riley Joshua, vict. White Hall
  • Robinson Charles, surgeon
  • Robinson J. & Sons, card makers, &c.
  • Robinson Thos. card maker, &e.
  • Scholefield Benj. vict. Dum Mill
  • Scholefield Jas. flour, &c. dlr. Side hs.
  • Sharp Sand. vict. Pond, Hove edge
  • Sladdin Robert, boot & shoemaker
  • Sowden Samuel, worsted mfr.
  • Sunderland John, gentleman
  • Sykes John, stone cutter, Slead syke
  • Sykes Thos. stone mercht. Slead syke
  • Taylor Robert, tanner
  • Thornton John, heald maker
  • Turner Thomas, stone merchant
  • Waddington John, vict. Traveller's Inn
  • Watson Rev. John, A. M. curate

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HOLDSWORTH in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:
  • Fearnley John, gentleman
  • Turner Thomas, cotton mfr.
  • Wadsworth Elizabeth, gentlewoman

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for ILLINGWORTH in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Bland Wm. vict. & butcher, Swan
  • Brear James, cattle dealer
  • Dean M. gentleman
  • Riley Joseph, worsted manufacturer
  • Stock Thos. grocer & corn dealer
  • Walton David vict. Talbot
  • Wigglesworth Wm. vict. Compass

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for LEE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:
  • Heaton Joseph, gentleman
  • Sutcliffe Hannah, gentlewoman
  • Sutcliffe Henry, gentleman
Miscellany of trades
  • Aked R. G. worsted manufacturer

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for LIGHTCLIFFE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:
  • Armitage George, gentleman
  • Armitage Joseph, card maker
  • Bancroft James, cloth dresser
  • Batty James, cloth dresser
  • Brook Joseph, currier, Smith house
  • Bury Joseph, vict. Sun
  • Cordingley John, worsted mfr.
  • Hammerton & Greenwood, maltsters
  • Hargreave Joshua, saddler
  • Hirst Joshua, gentleman
  • Macauly Abm. Firth, Esq. Slead hall
  • Peel Rbt. card maker, Smith house
  • Priestley Edward, Esq. Cliff hall
  • Priestley William, Esq. deputy lieutenant, New House
  • Walker Jas. vict. Horse Shoe, Lidgate
  • Walker John, Esq. Crow nest
  • Walker Miss Mary, Cliff hall
  • Washington Jas. surveyor of highways
  • Washington Samuel, schoolmaster & land surveyor
  • Wilkinson Rev. Robert, M.A. minister
  • Wright Jonas, corn dealer, Bailiff bridge mill

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for LUDDENDEN in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:
  • Rawden Briggs, jun. Esq.
  • Sutcliffe Rev. Thomas
Miscellany of trades
  • Hargreaves John, vict. Lord Nelson
  • Helliwell Daniel, cloth miller
  • Patchett William, carpenter
  • Senior Thomas, vict. Red Lion
  • Turner Abm. vict. Anchor & Shuttle
  • Wormald T. vict. Murgatroyd's Arms
Corn millers,
  • Murgatroyd H.
  • Thompson Wm.
Grocers, &c.
  • Horsfield Eli
  • Horsfield James
  • Lees Samuel
  • Thomas Abm.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for MIDGLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Aked James, tanner, Kershaw house
  • Aked John, tanner, Ellen royd
  • Atkinson J. woollen spinner, Springs
  • Bedford S. cotton mfr. Thorney ln
  • Bedford Saml. cotton mfr. Pepper hill
  • Bracken Jnth. paper mkr. Dean mill
  • Brown T. vict. Mill Inn, Brearley mill
  • Dewhirst William, woollen cord mfr. Brearley hall
  • Eastwood John, cotton dlr. Mill house
  • Fawcett John, academy, Ewood hall
  • Foster Hny. maltster, Lower Brearley
  • Fowlds Thos. cotton mfr. Oates royd
  • Garnett John, worsted mfr. Fernley
  • Greenwood James, vict, White Lion
  • Holmes Joseph, grocer
  • Jackson Joseph, grocer, &c.
  • Lockwood John, gentleman
  • Midgley Robert, gentleman, Booth
  • Midgley Rt. plumber & glazier, Booth
  • Murgatroyd Henry, Esq. Greave
  • Murgatroyd Jas. cotton mfr. Greave b
  • Murgatroyd William, worsted spinner, Middle Foot
  • Patchett Geo. vict. Shoulder of Mutton
  • Patchett Joseph, grocer
  • Pollard Rev. Joseph, Booth
  • Sharp Benjamin, grocer
  • Smith Thos. butcher, Bank bottom
  • Sutcliffe G. H. and Co. corn dealers, Brearley mills
  • Tatham Joseph, gentleman
  • Thomas John, grocer & cotton mfr.
  • Titterington E. cotton mfr. Highley
  • Walker James, worsted top maker
  • Whitworth Henry, wool comb maker
  • Wilcock Mark, worsted cord mfr.
  • Saml. Taylor every Wed. & Sat. to Halifax.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for MILL WOOD in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Brooke William grocer, &c.
  • Sutcliffe Samuel, gentleman
  • Uttley Jonathan, schoolmaster
  • Walton Thos. & Son, linen & woollen drapers and grocers

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for MIXENDEN in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Garforth John, cotton manufacturer
  • Garforth Samuel, cotton spinner
  • Horsfield Wm. vict. Rose & Crown
  • Sheard Matthew, tanner
  • Smith Reuben, worsted manufacturer
  • Walton John, corn dealer
  • Walton Mary, vict. Mixenden moor

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for MYTHOLM in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Bent Hamlet & Co. merchants and fustian manufacturers
  • Bent Hamlet, merchant; house, Upper Mytholm
  • King James & Co. cotton spinners & calico manufacturers
  • Whiteley John, fustian dyer & finisher

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for MYTHOLM ROYD in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:
  • Walker Benjamin, Esq.
Gentry &c.:
  • Bradley Joseph, surgeon
  • Broadbent James, vict. Dusty Miller
  • Edmondson & Co. worsted manfrs.
  • Fearnley Geo. heald & reed maker
  • Heywood G. F. heald & slay maker
  • Howarth James, tanner
  • Howarth James, woollen cord manfr.
  • Morley Hy. cotton & woollen mfr.
  • Morley John, cotton & woollen mfr.
  • Ogden Isaac, vict. Shoulder of Mutton
  • Patchett Henry, vict. Royal Oak
  • Pollard Henry, grocer
  • Turner James, vict. White Lion
  • Samuel Taylor to Halifax every Wed, and Sat.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for NORLAND in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Bates Henry & William, iron founders
  • Bates John, card maker, Follinworth
  • Binns Nath. card maker, Under scar
  • Dyson George, vict. Stork bridge
  • Fearnside Thos. & Son, corn merchts. Mearclough bottom & Watson mills
  • Hellifield Jph. card maker, Watting
  • Ingham Mat, cloth mfr. Greenhead
  • Smith Eli, cloth mfr. Green head
  • Taylor Benj. cloth mfr. New halt
  • Wainhouse Edward, jun. grocer, &c.
  • Wainhouse Edward, sen. heald maker
  • Walton Abraham, vict. Blue Ball
  • Wilson Jas. worsted mfr. & friezer

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for NORTHOWRAM in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Anderton George, worsted mfr.
  • Anderton James, gent. Spring head
  • Anderton John, worsted mfr.
  • Anderton Joseph, worsted mfr.
  • Aspinall William, card maker, Field
  • Barstow Robert, gent. Brown house
  • Barstow S. corn miller, Netherton mills
  • Booth John, stone mert. Wester croft
  • Booth Joseph, stone mason
  • Bottomley Sarah, vict. Shibden mill
  • Butterworth Joseph, worsted mfr.
  • Clark Joseph, tanner, Lee house
  • Clark Thomas, tanner, Stumps
  • Copley Thomas, vict. Old Yew Tree
  • Dobson Joseph, worsted mfr.
  • Green John, corn dealer, Mythom
  • Greenwood Thomas gent. Windmill
  • Haley Isaac, worsted mfr.
  • Haley John, gent. Godly bridge
  • Halliday Mary, earthenware mfr.
  • Hamerton John, gent. Stumps
  • Holdsworth George worsted mfr.
  • Holdsworth Richard, worsted mfr.
  • Lassey William, vict. New Queen's Head, Shucktin
  • Mallinson Jonathan, vict. Stag's Head
  • Mallinson Joseph, worsted manufacturer, Salterlee mill
  • Maude Adam & Co. stone merchants
  • Mayer Charles, gentleman
  • Mitchell William, gent. Boothtown
  • Moore Joseph, justice clerk
  • Moore Joseph, worsted mfr. Green ln.
  • Moore Thos. & George, card makers
  • Moore William, vict. Stump cross
  • Moore Wm. Esq. Northowram hall
  • Northend John, joiner & cabinet mkr.
  • Pearson Wm. vict. Punch Bowl
  • Richardson Joseph, schoolmaster
  • Robinson George, card maker, currier and wire drawer, Lower brier
  • Scott, Carver and Co. carriers
  • Steel Alexander, gent. Quarry house
  • Stocks Joseph gent. Shibden hall
  • Sutcliffe Rhd. worsted mfr. Longshaw
  • Sutcliffe William, woolstapler and agent to the Phoenix Fire Insurance office, Stump
  • Walker Robert, card maker
  • Wharton Peter vict. New Dolphin
  • White Rev. J. Independent minister
  • Wilkinson William, gent. Higher brier
  • Wilkinson William, gent. Hough
  • Wilson R. R. gent. Godly house
  • John Scott to Bradford, Leeds, Halifax, &c. daily.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for OVENDEN in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Ackroyd James and Son, worsted manufacturers, Brook house
  • Ackroyd John & Wm. corn dealers & maltsters, Bracken bed & Halifax
  • Ackroyd Jonathan, gent. Lane head
  • Areton Rd. worsted mfr. Wadsworth
  • Barstow James, worsted mfr.
  • Bates W. butcher & vict. Causeway ft.
  • Blagbrough James, joiner, Shaw lane
  • Blagbrough Js. joiner, &c. Mason gm.
  • Bold Peter, cotton manufacturer
  • Bolton Thomas, worsted mfr.
  • Chapman Mark vict, White Lion
  • Crabtree Jonathan, vict. Broad Tree
  • Dean Samuel, gent. Scauseley
  • Dewhirst Wm. cotton mfr. Shaw lane
  • Firth James, worsted manufacturer
  • Gibson James, worsted manufacturer
  • Greenroyd Geo. tanner, Bracken bed
  • Haigh John, jun. woolstapler, Lee bdg.
  • Harrison Squire, worsted mfr.
  • Helliwell Hy. worsted mfr. Shaw lane
  • Higginbottom James, cotton spinner, Jumples mill
  • Holdsworth Joseph, vict. Wheat Sheaf, Mount Pellan
  • Holmes T. vict. Old Gin Pit, Soilhill top
  • Illingworth John, vict. Ovenden Cross
  • Illingworth Miss Mary, Shaw lane
  • Isles Nathan worsted manufacturer
  • Lassey John, coal merchant, Soil hill
  • Lassey Joseph, coal mercht. Soil hill
  • Midgley James, worsted mfr.
  • Moss Rev. Anthony, curate
  • Moss George, cotton mfr.
  • Ramsbottom Robert, gent. Birks hall
  • Ramsden Rev. Edward, Jumples
  • Ramsden John, dyer
  • Riley James, tailor, &c. Little moor
  • Skelton Joseph, stone merchant
  • Snowden Robert, stone merchant
  • Sutcliffe Thos. Esq. Ovenden hall
  • Swaine Grace, vict. Friendly Inn
  • Taylor Thos. grocer & corn dir. Stodfold
  • Thompson Robert, maltster
  • Wadsworth Elizabeth, gentlewoman
  • Wainhouse John, vict. Hare & Hounds, Peat pitts
  • Walton Richard, gentleman
  • Wilcock Jas. coal mercht. Bradshaw
  • Wilkinson D. tailor & draper, Shaw ln.
  • Wilson John, worsted mfr.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for QUEEN'S HEAD in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Blamire John, vict. Marquis of Granby
  • Briggs John, worsted manufacturer
  • Fawthorp Francis, grocer
  • Hirst Thomas, worsted manufacturer
  • White John, vict. Queen
  • White Mary vict. Queen's Head
  • Woodhead Samuel, grocer

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for RAISTRICK in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:
  • Armitage John, Esq. Lower Woodhouse
  • Armitage Margaret, gentlewoman
  • Burton Rev. Thomas, curate
  • Crisp Rev. J. H. dissenting minister
  • Firth Joseph, yeoman
  • Firth Thomas, yeoman
  • Fryer Lucy, gentlewoman
  • Fryer Nancy, gentlewoman
  • Fryer Simeon, surgeon
  • Greenwood Thomas, gentleman
  • Helm Mary, gentlewoman
  • Pitchforth Charles, gentleman
Miscellany of trades
  • Aspinall Thomas, blacksmith
  • Aspinall Thos. sen. vict. George Inn
  • Bell John, jun. vict. Sun
  • Bottomley Joshua, plumber & glazier
  • Bottomley Thomas, corn dealer
  • Clegg James, schoolmaster
  • Dearnally Thomas, saddler
  • Dyson Wm. music preceptor
  • Eastwood Jph. vict. Shoulder of Mutton
  • Hepworth Richard, vict. White Lion, Clough House
  • Horsfall Abraham, vict. Red Lion
  • Houghton James, card maker
  • Lees James, clog & patten maker
  • Pearson Wm. vict. Star
  • Pratt John, vict. Duke of York
  • Rushforth Wm. millwright
  • Sheffield John, vict. Mason's Arms
  • Taylor Eli, vict. White Hart
  • Walker Abraham, wheelwright
  • Walker Marmaduke dyer
  • Walker Wm. plain and fancy heald & reed maker
  • Aspinall Job
  • Pratt John
  • Smith Jonas
Boot & Shoemakers,
  • Booth John
  • Bottomley Joseph
  • Brooke Christ.
  • Stott Crispin
Cabinet makers,
  • Booth Jonas
  • Chambers & Hepworth
  • Brooke Emanuel
  • Fox Joseph
  • Thornton Fredk.
Cloth dressers,
  • Smith Charles
  • Smith Elijah
  • Sykes John
Fancy mfrs.
  • Barraclough Copley
  • Clay John
  • Crawshaw John
  • Earnshaw Wm.
  • Fryer Jph. & Wm.
  • Helm Wm.
  • Percival Wm.
  • Schofield Jonth.
  • Walker James
Grocers, &c.
  • Jagger Robert
  • Lancaster John
  • Mallinson Joseph
  • Marshall James
  • Pearson Joseph
Linen drapers, &c.
  • Fryer John
  • Lindsey Robert
  • Rushforth Rhd.
  • Clay John
  • Earnshaw Wm.
  • Fryer Joseph
  • Fryer Jph. & Wm. (& Bdg. st. Black Friars, London)
  • Fryer Robert
  • Fryer Thomas
  • Mann Wm.
  • Schofield Jonth.
Quarry owners,
  • Aspinall Thos. jun.
  • Holroyd J. & J.
Stone masons,
  • Bell John, sen.
  • Bell John, jun.
  • Brooke Joseph
  • Horsfall Abraham
  • Armitage Wm.
  • Goodaire Joseph
Woollen cord manufacturers,
  • Aspinall John, sen.
  • Aspinall John, jun.
  • Bentley James
  • Bottomley Jerm.
  • Brooke Wm.
  • Curtis John
  • Denham Jerm.
  • Denham John
  • Eastwood Wm.
  • Holstead Wm.
  • Rayner John
  • Robinson John
  • Robinson Wm.
  • Rushforth Richard
  • Sykes Joseph
  • Thornton Thos.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for RIPPONDEN in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Beesley John, vict. Prince of Orange
  • Garside John, gent. Small lees
  • Garside Joseph, vict. Golden Lion
  • Hitchen Geo. vict. Star
  • Holroyd & Denton, cotton spinners
  • Holroyd John, butcher
  • Howarth Richard, Esq. solicitor
  • Hoyle Elkanah, gent. Hollings
  • Isherwood Henry, barkeeper
  • Nield Daniel, surgeon
  • Schofield John, vict. Old Bridge
  • Shaw Samuel, book-keeper
  • Waterhouse Samuel, cart cover mkr.
  • Webster Rev. Robert, minister of Ripponden chapel
  • Whiteley John, plumber & glazier
  • Younger Rev. William, minister at Deanhead chapel
  • Henry Riley to the White Lion, Huddersfield, every Tu.
  • Samuel Waterhouse, to Rochdale, Mon. Wed. & Fri. to Halifax, Tu. Thu. and Sat.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for RISHWORTH in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Garside John, vict. Darby Inn
  • Hitchin Wm. vict. Cross Pipes
  • Hoyle Michael, Esq. Grove House
  • Lumb Thomas, vict. White Horse
  • Mallalien James, cotton spinner, Spring mill
  • Pickles Wm. master of free school
  • Shaw John, book-keeper
  • Shepherd William, paper maker, and vict. Boothwood Inn
  • Wells G. cotton spinner, Booth bridge
  • Wheelwright John, corn dealer, Richworth mills
  • Whiteley James gent. Moseldine
  • Whiteley Thomas, grocer and draper Cockcroft

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SALTERHEBBLE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Bates Joseph, merchant, Spring hall
  • Bird Adam, gardener, Bank house
  • Blakey William, shear maker
  • Bray Jas. lime merchant, Bank house
  • Broadbent Stephen, stocking yarn mfr.
  • Brown Copley, wire drawer
  • Fletcher Wm. vict. Elephant & Castle
  • Goodall Isaac and Son, merchants
  • Goodall James, corn miller
  • Haigh Abraham, wire drawer
  • Lees John, lime merchant
  • Morton James, earthenware mfr.
  • Morton William, earthenware mfr,
  • Nichol Harle, physician
  • Oates Ann, gentlewoman
  • Oates Matthew, schoolmaster
  • Rhodes Samuel, wharfinger
  • Shaw Joseph, joiner & cabinet maker
  • Turney, Bates & Bates, worsted spinners and manufacturers
  • Walker William, whitesmith.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SCAMMONDEN in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:
  • Falcon John, gentleman
  • Falcon Rev. Thomas, A. M.
  • Shaw Rev. Lawrence, Baptist minister
  • Younger Rev. Ralph, incumbent
Miscellany of trades
  • Bottomley William, constable
  • Crosley Sarah, vict. Shoulder of Mutton
  • Hey William, joiner
  • Lumb Levi, vict. Board
  • Rothwell Richard, corn miller
  • Stott Wm. vict. Waggon and Horses
  • Taylor Thomas, overseer
  • Walker John, merchant
  • Walker John, mfr. & scribbling miller
  • Weavill George, vict. Royal George

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SHELF in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Bates William, schoolmaster
  • Hemingway Wm. wheelwright
  • Lister Wm. vict. Duke William
  • North William, coal owner
  • Northern & Rogers, coal merchants
  • Ogden Thos. vict. Shoulder of Mutton
  • Petty Richard, shuttle maker
  • Riley John, tailor
  • Stockwell Chas. vict. Duke of York
  • Sugden John, surgeon
  • Sutcliffe Richard, farmer
  • Woodhead Robert, corn miller
  • Asquith Samuel
  • Murgatroyd Jas.
  • Sutcliffe Nathan
  • Booth John
  • Oates Richard
  • Asquith Samuel
  • Barnes Samuel
  • Northern Joseph
Grocers, &c.
  • Butterworth Agnes
  • Lister Joseph
  • Oaths Richard
  • Barraclough John
  • Bland William
  • Ferdinand John
  • Haigh John
  • Rushton Robert
  • Deighton James
  • Deighton John
  • Sharp Daniel
Worsted mfrs.
  • Anderton Sarah
  • Bottomley Moses
  • Butterworth Jabez
  • Butterworth Jph.
  • Crowther Thomas
  • Pearson Joseph
  • Smith and Peel
  • Woodhead Joseph

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SKIRCOAT in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Binns Wm. worsted mfr. Bolton brow
  • Bottomley John, butcher
  • Cordingley Day. joiner & cabinet mkr.
  • Culpan John, woollen cord mfr.
  • Denton Thos. & Son, cattle dealers
  • Denton Wm. grocer & flour dealer
  • Dyson Brothers, merchts. Willow hall
  • Dyson Joseph, joiner and cabinet maker, Bolton brow
  • Dyson Miss Maria, Willow hall
  • Dyson Samuel, plumber and glazier, Bolton brow
  • Dyson Thos. Esq. Willow Edge
  • Edwards John & Sons, merchants and manufacturers, Pye nest
  • Farnell Fran. cotton mfr, Bolton brow
  • Garside Benjamin agent to the Calder and Hebble Navigation
  • Hallewell Geo. cloth mfr. Oakes royd
  • Hallewell James, woolstapler
  • Halliwell Benjamin cloth mfr.
  • Horsfall J. & Sons, dyers, Washer In.
  • Kaye & Charlesworth, cloth manufacturers, Copley mills
  • Mellor Thos. cloth mfr. Stafford house
  • Mitchell Thos. grocer & flour dealer
  • Newby Wm. gentleman
  • Norris Wm. John and Brother, manufacturing chemists, Darcey Hill
  • Peas George, stone mason
  • Pollit Tho. & Co. merts. & drysalters
  • Preston & Son, merchts. Green royd
  • Rawling John, corn merchant
  • Sladen Thomas, Lower Woodhouse
  • Stelling Geo. grocer, Bolton brow
  • Sutcliffe John, cotton manufacturer, & merchant, Lower Willow hall
  • Swallow John, Upper Woodhouse
  • Swallow and Sladen, corn merchants, Stern mills
  • Wainhouse William, cotton spinner, Washer lane
  • Wainhouse, Son, and Co. dyers, Washer lane
  • Walker Joseph corn merchant, Mearclough mills

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SOUTHOWRAM in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Aspinall John, stone mercht. Bank top
  • Aspinall Luke, stone mercht. Law hill
  • Aspinall S. stone mercht. Pasture hs.
  • Barber John, card maker, Bank top
  • Barber Wm. card maker, Barker royd
  • Barker John, vict. Dyer & Miller
  • Bentley John, cloth dresser, Law
  • Brook John, corn dealer, Cross fiats
  • Clayton J. stone mert. Cromwell btm.
  • Crowther Abm. jun. card maker
  • Crowther John, card maker, Binns top
  • Dixon John, vict. Chequer Inn, Bank top
  • Drake Thomas, Esq. Ash day
  • Freeman Jas. horse dealer, Crom. bot,
  • Freeman Saml. stone mercht. Lodge
  • Gledhill James, cloth dresser, Binns
  • Gledhill John, vict. Rawson's Arms
  • Gledhill Thomas, cloth dresser
  • Gomersall John, cloth dresser, Coat hl.
  • Greenwood Richard, vict. Cross Keys
  • Haigh George, stone merchant
  • Haigh Joshua, stone merchant
  • Haigh Samuel, vict. Single Sisters
  • Haigh Wm. worsted manufacturer
  • Hall Samuel, worsted mfr. Marsh
  • Hemingway John, stone merchant
  • Holden Rd. cloth dresser, Siddall hall
  • Ingham J. vict. Cock & Bottle, Bank top
  • Kitson John, cloth dresser, Siddall halt
  • Lister James, Esq. Shibden hall
  • Mallinson Thos carpenter, Park gate
  • Milner James, cloth dresser, Law
  • Morton J. earthenware mfr. Cinder hills
  • Morton W. earthenware mfr. Cinder his,
  • Naylor Jph. stone mert. Brookfoot
  • Nettleton John, worsted mfr.
  • Peel George, vict. Malt Shovel
  • Rawson John, cloth mert. Ashgrove
  • Rawson Mrs. gentlwmn. Stoney royd
  • Rhodes Joseph, vict. Neptune
  • Rhodes Samuel, vict. Pack Horse
  • Rigg Samuel, dyer, Bank bottom
  • Schofield & Mitchell, card makers
  • Schofield James, worsted mfr.
  • Schofield Saml. jun. stone merchant
  • Shaw Joseph, worsted mfr.
  • Swift John, cloth dresser, Siddall
  • Taylor Eli, vict. Colliers' Arms, Bank
  • Thompson John, gent. St. Ann's
  • Thwaite I. worsted mfr. sank top hs.
  • Waddington Joshua, gentleman
  • Walker John, Esq. Upper Walter clough
  • Westwood T. cloth dresser, Siddall wells
  • Womersley J. stone mert. Marsh delphs
  • Wood Abraham, worsted manufacturer, Lower Walter clough
  • Wood Jermh. cloth dresser, Ash day
  • Wood John, worsted mfr. Hill top

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SOWERBY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Barraclough Silvanus, grocer, &c.
  • Bates Hannah, vict. Royal Oak
  • Bates Henry, tanner
  • Bates James, vict. White Bear, Ponds
  • Binns & Wrigley, silk and wool spinners, Severhills & Soyland mills
  • Binns Anthony, clerk King cross
  • Binns John, millwright, Sowerby st.
  • Clay John, cotton manufacturer
  • Cockcroft James, vict. King's Arms
  • Dewhirst & Halstead, cotton spars.
  • Earnshaw Henry, grocer
  • Fletcher Elias, gent. Higgin chamber
  • Foster Wm. woollen cord mfr. Styes
  • Greenwood David, cotton & woollen mfr. Dobb
  • Halliwell Susnh. gentwn. Grange hs.
  • Hatton Rev. James
  • Hitchen D., cotton & woollen, mfr. Pinfold
  • Howarth John, Esq. Hollings house
  • Ingram Hy, woollen mercht. Breck
  • Milnes Rev. Thomas
  • Mitchell James and George, cotton spinners, Higgin chamber mills
  • Mitchell John, worsted manfr.
  • Mitchell Samuel, stuff manfr.
  • Murgatroyd Thomas, corn dealer
  • Ogden Rev. Joseph, M.A.
  • Priestley Geo. Esq. White windows
  • Priestley Henry, Major in the Second West York Militia, Haugh end
  • Priestley John and Walker, woollen mfrs. & merchants, Thorpe
  • Rawson W. H. woollen & flannel mfr.
  • Riley James, cotton & woollen mfr.
  • Scott Timothy, butcher
  • Sottonstall, Ellis & Co. woollen cord manfrs. Fields
  • Stansfield Robert, Esq. Fieldhouse
  • Sutcliffe Charles, plumber & glazier
  • Sutcliffe Job, vict. King's Head
  • Sutcliffe Robert, vict. Bull's Head
  • Thomas Wm. cotton & woollen mfr.
  • Whitehead J. jun. cotton spnr. & mfr,
  • Whitehead J. sen. cotton spur. & mfr.
  • Whiteley John, auctioneer &vict. Star
  • Wilkinson James, cotton & woollen cord mfr. Fields
  • Wilks J. & Co. flax sprs. Stansfield mill
  • Wylde Wm. vict. Triangle Inn

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SOWERBY BRIDGE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Akeroyd Joshua, saddler
  • Arthington Joseph, brass founder
  • Bancroft Titus, church clock maker
  • Bates Timothy, iron founder, Bank
  • Brearley Joseph, raff merchant
  • Cooper Isaac, tailor & draper
  • Crawshaw Stephen, iron founder
  • Crowther James, blacksmith
  • Crowther Wm. & John, corn millers
  • Denton John, agent to Swallow and Sladen, corn merchants
  • Dyson Chas. carpenter & wheelwright
  • Eastwood J. wood turner, Water hill
  • Fielding Abraham, wharfinger to the Rochdale Canal Company
  • Firth Thomas, draper & grocer
  • Fletcher James, druggist
  • Fox Joseph, raff merchant & joiner
  • Franks Rev. James, M.A.
  • Green W. corn miller, Regulator mills
  • Greenup W. & G. cloth mfrs. & merts,
  • Greenwood William, maltster
  • Laycock John, nursery & seedsman
  • Lea John, nurseryman
  • Merchant James, surgeon
  • Murgatroyd John, painter & gilder
  • Siddall James; grocer & draper
  • Smith Isaac, lime dealer
  • Strafford James, surgeon
  • Sugden Mary, grocer, &c,
  • Sugden Robert, plumber & glazier
  • Thompson Samuel, tin plate worker
  • Tong James, corn dealer
  • Turner Sarah, vict. Bull's Head
  • Walton James, woolstapler
  • Wilkinson John, whitesmith
  • Wilson Mary, grocer & draper
  • Wilson Robert, currier & saddler
  • Wood S. worsted spnr. & mfr. Hollins
  • Wylde Samuel, vict. Wharf Inn

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SOYLAND in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Binns Henry, cotton spinner and manufacturer, Dyson lane
  • Clegg James, vict. Damside
  • Clough James, vict. New Inn
  • Fielden Thos. corn miller, Kibroyd mill
  • Hadwin & Co. cotton spnrs. Kilbroyd ml.
  • Hartley J. cotton spnr. Greenhole mill
  • Holmes Brian, cloth mert. Thrum hall
  • Hoyle J. cotton spinner & manufacturer, Dyson lane
  • Hoyle Miss Mary, gentwn. Royd
  • Learoyd Jas. engineer, Clough mills
  • Learoyd Joah, cotton spnr. Clough mills
  • Mallalien and Lawton, cotton manufacturers, Thrum
  • Patchett Miss Betty, academy
  • Peel Roger, vict. White Hart, Dyson ln.
  • Taylor Geo. cloth miller, Swift place
  • Turner Rhd. cloth miller, Swift place
  • Wells Richard, vict. Blue Ball
  • Whiteley & Clayton, cotton mfrs.
  • Whiteley Wm. grocer, &c. Thrum hall
  • Joseph Garside, from Dowry to Rochdale, Mon. Wed. and Fri. to Huddersfield, Tu. Thu. & Sat.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for STAINLAND in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Aspinall Wm. stone mert. New Laith
  • Barraclough Rev. David
  • Barren Benj. cloth mfr. Gosporth
  • Bottomley John, victualler, Waggon and Horses, Out lane
  • Bottomley W. cloth mfr. Beeston Lee
  • Broadbent Wm. grocer
  • Clegg Philip, victualler, Red Lion, South Wood
  • Dyson Joshua and Co. paper makers, Firth house mills
  • Fallows Samuel, cotton manufacturer
  • Furnis Phineas, paper maker, Firth house mills
  • Gledhill Amos, worsted top mfr.
  • Gledhill J. vict. Hare & Hounds
  • Goddards Samuel, grocer
  • Hall Joseph, cloth dresser
  • Hall Wm. cloth mfr. Knowl top
  • Halstead John, flock dealer, Out lane
  • Halstead Joseph, vict. Bay Horse
  • Hewitt Thos. vict. Swan, Out lane
  • Hirst John, paper mkr. Bradley mills
  • Hirst Joseph, grocer
  • Hodgson Jph. worsted spnr. Car hill
  • Holroyd Benj. gent. White house
  • Holroyd Benj. vict. Black Horse
  • Holroyd J. B. and Son, woolstaplers
  • Holroyd J. clots mert. Far south wood
  • Holroyd Wm. gent. Bank
  • Holroyd Wm. plumber and glazier, Sow wood green
  • Law Charles, cloth mfr. Beeston Lee
  • Lister Luke & John, scribblers, Barkisland mills
  • Littlewood Joseph, grocer, &c.
  • Mellor Benj. cloth mfr. Holywell grn.
  • Mellor Benj. cloth mfr. Kitchen
  • Morton Ruth victualler, waggon and Horses, Holywell green
  • Pearson Betty, vict. Red Lion
  • Rhodes Rev. Samuel
  • Shaw and Sons, cloth manufacturers, Holywell green
  • Smithies Charles, worsted mfr.
  • Stott Elkanah, worsted top mfr. Holywell green
  • Stott Thos. cloth mfr. South hey
  • Sykes John, woollen cord manufacturer, Gosporth
  • Sykes Joseph, card maker
  • Sykes Jph. cloth mfr. Jagger green
  • Sykes Rhd. vict. Coach & Six, Out ln.
  • Sykes Thomas, stone mason
  • Talbot Miss Lydia, gentwn. New st.
  • Taylor Benj. cloth mfr. Cliff
  • Taylor Joseph, cloth mfr. Hard platt
  • Walker Eli & Sons, worsted spinners
  • Walker Eli, cloth mert. Far south wd.
  • Walker John, vict. Duke of York
  • Walker John, worsted top manufacturer, Holywell green
  • Walker Jph. worsted top mfr. Forest
  • Walker Samuel, worsted top manufacturer, Holywell green
  • Walker William, woollen cord mfr. Sow wood green
  • Walker Wm. worsted top mfr.
  • Whiteley Thos. & Son kersey mfrs.
  • Whittell Joseph, vict. Dog & Bull
  • Whittell Joshua and Benjamin, woollen cord mfrs. Broad Royd
  • Wood Geo. woolstapler, Knowl top
  • Howarth Priestley, to Huddersfield Tu. to Halifax Sat.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for TODMORDEN in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

  • The names to which a * is attached are resident in Stansfield, those with a † are in Langfield, those in Todmorden are without.
  • Edmund Bloomley, Post Master
  • A Riding-post arrives here from Halifax every morning, (Tuesdays excepted,) at ten o'clock, and returns at twelve.
Gentry &c.:
  • *Barker Abraham, gent. Stoney lee
  • *Blackburn Rev. Myrtle grove
  • Cowell Rev. Joseph, M.A.
  • Crosley Betty, gentlewoman, Todmorden hall
  • Crosley Grace, gentwmn. Scaitcliffe
  • Crosley John, Esq. Magistrate, Scaitcliffe
  • *Crosley John, gent. Great house
  • Crosley Mary, gentwmn. Scaitcliffe
  • Dean Rev. George, Kitson wood
  • Eastwood John, gent. Eastwood
  • *Eastwood Thomas, gent. Eastwood
  • *Eastwood Wm. gent. Eastwood
  • †Fennell Rev. John, Stoodley house
  • Fielding Jane, gentwmn. Waterside
  • Greenwood Samuel, gent. Stones
  • *Halliwell John, gentleman, Greenhurst day
  • †Hanson John, gentleman
  • †Hanson Samuel, gentleman
  • *Hodgson Thomas, gent. Pudsey
  • *Horsfall Luke, gent. Underbank
  • †Ingham Arthur John, gent. Shaw
  • Kowles Thomas, gent. Dobroyd
  • †Lacey Henry, gent. Longfield
  • †Lord Sarah, gentlewoman
  • *Sutcliffe John, gentleman, Stansfield hall
  • *Sutcliffe Peggy, Lower laith
  • *Sutcliffe Samuel, gent. Mill wood
  • Taylor Ann, gentwn. Todmorden hall
Miscellany of trades
  • Butterworth & Scarr, stone masons
  • †Chaffer Richard, wheelwright
  • Chambers Jonas, printer & stationer
  • †Close John, currier
  • Fielding Brothers, calico printers, Waterside
  • Greenlees Samuel, saddler
  • Hammerton Thomas Edward, solicitor and agent to the Atlas Insurance Company
  • Jackson Jeremiah, machine maker
  • King Sarah, leather cutter & clogger
  • *Law George, tanner, Brigg royd
  • Marland John, roller mkr. Strines mill
  • †Merral John, surveyor of Todmorden, Halifax, Burnley & Littlebro' roads
  • †Nicholson John, supervisor of excise
  • Parkinson Giles, warp sizer
  • *Rawden C. & J. wool merchants, Underbank
  • Riley Gill clock & watch maker
  • Schofield Abm. auctioneer & appraiser
  • Schofield James, land surveyor
  • Schofield William ironmonger
  • Shackleton Roger, tallow chandler
  • Stansfield James, iron founder
  • Stansfield Wm. whitesmith
  • Uttley John, plumber & glazier
  • Williamson Margaret, tinplate worker
  • †Wilson Samuel, fishmonger
  • Crabtree John
  • †Shackleton John
  • Cockcroft George
  • Cockcroft John
  • *Crosley Robert, Woodend
  • *Fielden Wm. New road bottom
  • Greenwood Robert
  • Greenwood William
  • †Sutcliffe Joseph
  • †Taylor James
Cabinet Makers,
  • Ashworth William
  • Butterfield John, Dawson weir
  • Firth William
  • †Holt James
  • Horsfall James
  • *Walton Thomas, Millwood
Corn and Flour Dealers,
  • Dearden Edward, Wattey mill
  • Greenwood John (& maltster)
  • Greenwood Wm. Stones wood
  • *Heap George, Fieldhouse mill
  • Parkin Bell, Travis mill
  • †Sutcliffe Wm. Middle Stoolley
  • *Sutcliffe Wm. Stansfield mill
  • †Sutcliffe Wm. Underbank house
  • *Thompson James, Wood mill
Cotton Manufacturers,
  • *Barker John, Bank
  • *Barker John, jun. Knasebottom
  • *Barker John, Owlers
  • *Bent & Co. Mytholm
  • *Bent Hamlet, Upper Mytholm
  • Buckley John, sen.
  • Buckley John, jun.
  • Cockcroft George
  • *Crabtree James, Rodwell end
  • *Eastwood Henry, East lee
  • Fielden Brothers, Waterside
  • †Firth Joseph
  • *Gledhill Wm. Moss hall
  • *Hollinrake Abraham, Lob mill
  • †Hollinrake Samuel, Langfield
  • †Hollinrake William
  • *Horsfall John, Stumps
  • *Horsfall Wm, Underbank
  • †Howarth William
  • †Ingham James, Mankinholes
  • †Ingham Richard & Brothers, Haugh
  • *Ingham Richd. & Sons, Castle lodge
  • *King James & Co. Mytholm
  • †Knowles James Mankinholes
  • †Lacey Gilbert, Stoodley house
  • Naylor Richard Kitson wood
  • Ormrod John, Todmorden edge
  • †Stansfield John, Ewood & Lincholm mill
  • Sutcliff John, Thomas & James, Stoodley bridge
  • *Sutcliffe John, Great house dough
Cotton Merchants,
  • *Bent & Co. Mytholm
  • *Bent Hamlet, Mytholm
  • Fielden Brothers, Waterside
  • Ramsbottom Thos. Ewood mill
  • †Sutcliff John, Thomas and James, Stoodley bridge
  • †Sutcliffe John, Thomas & Co. 33, Lawrence lane, London
Cotton Spinners,
  • *Barker Enoch, Dyson mill
  • *Barker John, Owlers
  • Bottomley Thomas, Spring mill
  • Buckley John, sen.
  • Fielden Brothers, Waterside
  • Fielden Samuel, Clough
  • *Greenwood John, Lander hill
  • †Greenwood W. J. & J. Lomberts
  • Helliwell Thomas, Firths mill
  • *Hollinrake Abraham, Lob mill
  • *Hollinrake Samuel, Longfield
  • Hollinrake Wm. Oldroyd mill
  • Horsfall John, Stumps
  • Ingham Richard, Haugh
  • *Ingham Richd. & Sons, Castle lodge
  • Key James, Butcher hill
  • *King James & Co. Mytholm
  • Law Thos. & Robert, Ramsden wood
  • *Naylor Richard, Kitson wood
  • Ramsbottom Henry
  • Ramsbottom Thomas, Ewood mill
  • *Ramsden Thomas, Winters
  • *Stansfield Abraham, Hole bottom
  • Stansfield J. Ewood & Lincholm mill
  • Taylor Thomas
  • Chambers James & William
  • *Morton John
  • *Whiteley John, fustian dyer and finisher, Mytholm
  • Barker Abraham
  • *Barker Wm. Crosslee
  • *Brook Wm. Mill wood
  • *Crabtree Wm., Upper East lee
  • *Dearlove James, King street
  • †Fielden Samuel
  • *Fielding Wm. New road bottom
  • *Fowles Norman
  • *Holdworth John, Blindlane head
  • Pickles William
  • *Sager John, New shop
  • Sager William
  • Stansfield William
  • †Sutcliffe John Lee bottom
  • Sutcliffe John, Knowl wood
  • *Sutcliffe Wm. New shop
  • †Suthers John
  • Thomas Mary
  • Thomas Thomas
  • †Uttley Abraham, Lomberts
  • *Uttley John, Underbank
  • *Walton Thomas & Son, Millwood
  • Wilson Matthew
Inns, Taverns, &c.
  • Black Bull, H. Sutcliffe, Gauxholme
  • Black Swan, Robert Greenwood
  • *Blue Ball, William Sutcliffe, Blackshaw head
  • *Castle, Abraham Ashworth
  • *Cross Stones, Wm. Dawson
  • *Free Mason's Arms, D. Hollinrake
  • †Golden Lion, Edmund Blomley
  • Lord Nelson, William Sutcliffe
  • Navigation Inn, J. Jackson, Gauxholme
  • *New Inn, Jesse Horsfall, Holme
  • Royal George, James Howarth
  • *Shoulder of Mutton, Jas. Stansfield, Toad bar
  • *Shoulder of Mutton, John Turner, Blackshaw head
  • †Sportsman's Arms, John Mitton, Lombarts
  • *Sportsman, John Hargrave. Shaw ln.
  • *Sportsman, Wm. Midgley, Kebcoates
  • Spring Gardens, Thomas Hartley
  • White Hart, George Eccles
  • White Lion, Martin Mitchel
  • *Woodmill Inn, Rd. Horsfall, Bottoms
Linen Drapers,
  • Barker Abraham
  • †Fielden Samuel
  • Fowles Norman
  • *Holdsworth John, Blind lane
  • Sager William
  • *Walton T. & Son, Millwood head
  • Smith William
  • †Whitaker James
Reed Makers,
  • *Pickles Robert, Millwood
  • Pickles William
  • †Helliwell Thomas
  • Taylor John
  • *Uttley Jonathan, Millwood
  • Atkinson Henry
  • Dewhirst John
  • Sutcliffe James, Butcher hill
  • Hardman James, Dobroyd
  • Heyworth Heyworth
  • Cooper Thomas
  • Lacey John
  • Ramsbottom John
  • Roberts Edward
  • Roberts John
Timber Merchants,
  • *Barron Wm. Stoodley bridge
  • †Firth William
  • †Hanson William & Samuel
  • †Holt John
  • Wilson Matthew
  • Hill John Gauxholme wharf
  • Taylor Thomas, Todmorden wharf
Woollen Drapers,
  • Cooper Thomas
  • Lacey John
  • *Walton Thomas & Son, Millwood
  • Wilson Matthew
Worsted Manufacturers,
  • Buckley John, sen.
  • Buckley John, jun.
Worsted Spinners,
  • Ashworth D.G. & Co. Calais hill
  • Aspden Andrew, (& heald yarn manufacturer,) Harley house; agent, John Hall, No. 10, Birchen lane, Manchester
  • * Horsfall John, Underbank
  • A Coach from Todmorden every Monday at one o'clock, and every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, at five in the morning, to the New Boar's Head, Manchester.
  • A Coach to Halifax every Saturday, at seven o'clock in the morning.
Carrier by Water:
  • *James Vevers, Low Kilnhurst, from Sowerby Bridge, to and from Manchester, twice every week.
  • Francis Horsfall to the Anchor, Bull Green, Halifax Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • John Hargreaves, Underbank, to the Anchor, Bull Green, Halifax, Thursday & Saturday.
  • †John Sutcliffe, to the Hare and Hounds, Halifax, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays; and
  • Richard Hendon, to Rochdale every day;
  • †Samuel Brook, to Rochdale every day;
  • †Samuel Wilson, to the Rose & Crown, Halifax, every Saturday.
  • William Laycock, to the New Boar's Head, Manchester, every Monday and to Oldham every Friday.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for WADSWORTH in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Ashworth Roger & Co. cotton manufacturers, High Hirst
  • Bancroft John, worsted mfr. Wilcroft
  • Bancroft Wm. worsted mfr.
  • Cockcroft John, gent. Little Burlees
  • Cockcroft Wm. gent. Mayroyd
  • Cousin John, cotton mfr. Old Town
  • Cousin Wm. gent. Boston hill
  • Foster Henry, gentleman, Banks
  • Greenwood Henry, vict. Hare and Hounds, Lane Ends
  • Greenwood Rd. worsted mfr. Wainsgt.
  • Helliwell John, grocer and draper
  • Hodgson James, cotton mfr. Burlees
  • Hodgson Wm. cotton mfr. Lanes
  • Hollinrake Rev. Henry
  • Holroyd Rev. Mark
  • Lees George, cotton manufacturer
  • Lister Royal, gentleman, Old Town
  • Mallalieu James, warp mfr. Nutclough
  • Maude John, grocer, Boston hill
  • Midgley Capt. Benj Stephenson house
  • Mitchell John, worsted manufacturer, Broad Bottom
  • Mitchell Thomas, worsted manufacturer, Broad Bottom
  • Pickles James, worsted mfr. Raw
  • Shackleton James, gent. Goodgreave
  • Shackleton Jas. fustian manufacturer, Wood End
  • Shackleton John, gent. Goodgreave
  • Shackleton Thos. gent. Goodgreave
  • Shackleton Wm. gent. Goodgreave
  • Sutcliff Henry, cotton manufacturer
  • Thomas John gent. Banks
  • Wheelhouse Wm. & Son, corn millers, Mayroyd mill
  • Wilkinson Wm. vict. Robin Hood, Pecket well
  • Robert Smith to the Mitre Inn, Halifax, every Saturday.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for WARLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Appleyard J. merchant, Shawhooth
  • Appleyard W. worsted mfr. Wainstall
  • Calvert J. cotton mfr. Holme house
  • Calvert John, grocer, Saltonstall
  • Chambers Rev. John, Butt's green
  • Crosley Thomas, wheelwright
  • Crowther Joshua, cloth mfr. Cooper h.
  • Crowther Samuel, gent. Stock lane
  • Dearden John, Esq. magistrate
  • Farrar Joshua, stuff mercht. Magson h.
  • Foster Wm. maltster, Peacock house
  • Greenup Geo. Esq. Warley house
  • Greenwood Daniel, hair and worsted shag manufacturer, Low
  • Greenwood S. cattle dlr. Popplewell
  • Greenwood Thomas, grocer & tea dlr.
  • Hardy Jonas, worsted mfr. Watherhill
  • Hatton Joseph, boarding school
  • Hawkins Rev. Thos. Laurestina grove
  • Helliwell Wm. grocer, Coat hill
  • Hitching Thos. gent. Saltonstall
  • Holdsworth John, stuff manufacturer
  • Illingworth John, worsted mfr. r. Ivy hs.
  • Midgley Elijah, worsted top mfr. Throstle nest
  • Milne & Turner, cloth mfr. Longbottom
  • Milne Thos. and Sons, wine and spirit merchants, Cliff hill
  • Murgatroyd D. B. worsted mfr.
  • Murgatroyd Hartley, gent. Hoyle grn.
  • Murgatroyd J. worsted mfr. Green edge
  • Murgatroyd John, top maker, Clough
  • Murgatroyd Squire worsted manufacturer, Warley Wood
  • Murgatroyd Thos. vict. Maypole
  • Murgatroyd Wm. vict. Friendly Inn
  • Murgatroyd Wm. worsted mnfr. Slack
  • Ratcliff John, grocer, Somerset place
  • Rideal David, hop dlr. Warley edge
  • Robinson T. grocer, Binns hill
  • Schofield Samuel, cotton mfr. & card maker, Cold edge
  • Shaw John, worsted mfr. Clough
  • Stansfield J. woolstapler, Hand grn.
  • Tasker David, serge and kersey manufacturer, Somerset place
  • Tasker Joshua, woollen manfr.
  • Thomas Abm. worsted mfr. Clough
  • Titterington James, Cotton manufacturer, Old Ridings
  • Turner John, vict. Bull, Coat hill
  • Whitworth John, magistrates' clerk
  • Whitworth Richard mfr. Newland
  • Whitworth Richard, worsted manufacturer, Peelhouse mill
  • Wood Samuel, stuff manufacturer

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for WHEATLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades
  • Boyne James, tobacco manufacturer
  • Greenwood Jas. woollen & cotton mfr.
  • Irving William, dyer
  • Sutcliffe William, tea dealer
  • Varley James, vict. Tankard
  • Wilkinson Crossley, dyer

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003