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HEPTONSTALL: St. Thomas A Beckett & St. Thomas the Apostle, memorial inscriptions

Memorials of St. Thomas A Beckett & St. Thomas the Apostle, Heptonstall.

In memory of John SUTCLIFFE Of King Street, who died Sep 24th 1866, aged 63 years. Also of Ann, relict of the above John SUTCLIFFE, who died Dec 30th 1872, aged 72 years. Also of Bertha and Hugh, children Of James and Martha Ann GIBSON, And great-grand-children of the above.

Thomas Beloved son of William & Mary SUTCLIFFE, Of Hebden Bridge Born November 17th 1878 Died june 9th 1885. Also of an infant. Also of Thomas SUTCLIFFE Their beloved son, Born Aug 23rd 1893 Died Oct 26th 1899. Also of the above named William SUTCLIFFE, Who died at Blackpool Oct 16th 1906, aged 51 years. Also of the above named Mary SUTCLIFFE, Who died Sep 3rd 1911 Aged 55 years.

Grace Wife of Jonathon SUTCLIFFE Of Rawtonstall Who died April 22nd 1780 Also of Jonathon SUTCLIFFE, Her husband, who died Oct 21st 1825 Aged 88 years. Also of Olive, wife of Richard SUTCLIFFE, who died Sep 12th 1843, aged 47 years. Also of Richard SUTCLIFFE Her husband, who died Oct 5th 1860, aged 63 years. Also of Sarah, daughter of Richard and Olive SUTCLIFFE, Who died Sep 4th 1901, Aged 71 years.

In memory of Sally Daughter of William SUTCLIFFE, Of Higher Rawtonstall, who died April 12th 1814, aged 11 years. Also of Henry, son of Jonathon SUTCLIFFE, who died Jan 8th 1850, aged 76 years. Also of Edmund Henry, son Of John and Hannah WADSWORTH, Of Higher Rawtonstall, who died Dec 15th 1879, aged 14 years. Also of the above named John WADSWORTH, Who died Sep 22nd 1900, Aged 65 years. Also of the afore-said Hannah WADSWORTH, Who died Jan 5th 1915 Aged 87 years. Interred at East End of old Church.

Hannah Wife of William SUTCLIFFE Of Upper Rawtenstall, Who died Feb 17th 1810 Aged 37 years. Also of William SUTCLIFFE, her Husband. Who died July 25th 1841 in his 74th year. Also of Thomas SUTCLIFFE, their Son, who died June 16th 1863, Aged 56 years. Also of Hannah, wife of Thomas SUTCLIFFE, who died Aug 16th 1876, aged 68 years.

To the Memory of Mary, wife of Robert SUTCLIFFE, of Lower Rawtonstall, Who died 26th Dec 1847 aged 47 years, and of the said Robert SUTCLIFFE, who died at Dean, Near Lower Rawtonstall 7th April 1875 aged 76 years.

On other side of same stone

To the Memory of John SUTCLIFFE of New Edge Golden, Who died 7th Dec 1792. And Mary SUTCLIFFE, his wife, who died 12th Jan 1794. Also Susan, daughter of Richard & Olive SUTCLIFFE of Higher Rawtonstall, died October 11th 1925, aged 82 years.

Here Restet h The Body Of Ionathon SV TCLIFFE Son Of Iohn SUTCLIFF E Of Heptons tall Who Wa S Bvried The 18? Day Of Septem ber Anno Domi ni 1717? I S 1730 JS 1738 MS 1796 Aged 26 Alfo Martha SUT CLIFFE 1805 Aged 51

In Affectionate Remembrance of Elizabeth Daughter of William and Sarah SUTCLIFFE of Popples in Ovenden Who died December 9th 1843, aged 14 months. Also of Susan, Their daughter, who died August 17th 1848, Aged 15 years. Also of Mary, Their daughter, who died May 24th 1855, Aged 17 years. Also of Jane, Their daughter, who died July 13th 1856, Aged 25 years. The said William SUTCLIFFE, who died September 26th 1866, Aged 60 years. Also of Sarah, widow of the said William SUTCLIFFE, who died January 2nd 1889, Aged 80 years. And Also of William Henry Their Son, who died at Popples, Aforesaid on March 1st 1895, Aged 60 years.

In Memory of Sally the wife of John SUTCLIFFE, who died Jan 18th 1840 aged 87 yrs Also of John SUTCLIFFE her husband, who died Feby 6th 1842, aged 99 years.

W S 1771 R S 1784 M S 1787 A S 1797 E S 1825 T S 1837 W S 183? M S 1837

Here lieth the Body of Richard SUTCLIFFE who died Sept 11th 1802 Aged 4 years. Also of Henry SUTCLIFFE who died July 24th 1845 aged 42 years.

Here lieth the Body of Salley the wife of Thomas SUTCLIFFE who died May 2nd 1806 in the 38 year of her age Also In Memory of Thomas SURCLIFFE *oster Clough who died July 4th 1845 Aged 76 years. Also of MAry his wife who died Jan 10th 1873 in her 98th year.

In Loving Memory of Beatrice Wife of James SUTCLIFFE, sackville Street, Hebden Bridge Born May 22nd 1872, Died June 21st 1903. Also the above anmed James T SUTCLIFFE Eldon House Hebden Bridge Born Dec 28th 1865, Died Oct 7th 1939

In Loving Memory of Mary ELizabeth Beloved wife of Jackson SUTCLIFFE, who died Feb 11th 1917 aged 46 years Also of the above named Jackson SUTCLIFFE who died Feby 20th 1951 aged 80 years.

In Memory of William SUTCLIFFE of Bacup who died January 6th 1866 aged 64 years.

In Memory of Hannah, Relict of John PICKLES of Colden, who died at Haworth, April 6th 1869, aged 69 years. Also of Sally SUTCLIFFE, her sister, who died May 13th 1869 aged 77 years. Also of Elizabeth Hannah, Daughter of John & Hannah PICKLES who died Jany 12th 1907 aged 83 years.

In Loving Memory of Thomas SUTCLIFFE, Wood End, Hebden Bridge, Who died Dec 28th 1911, aged 57 years. Also of Sarah Ellen,his daughter, who died June 18th 1898, aged 9 years. Also of Ellen, wife of the above Thomas SUTCLIFFE, who died Feby 7th 1924, aged 72 years.

In Memory of Hannah, daughter of John and Mary SUTCLIFFE, of Hebden Bridge Lanes,Who died Aug 28th 1869, aged 19 years. Also of MAry, the wife of John SUTCLIFFE, of Hawksclough, who died March 12th 1895, aged 78 years. Also of the above named John SUTCLIFFE, who died April 13th 1900, aged 74 years.

In Memory of Mary the wife of William MIDGELY, who died Dec 24th 1828 aged 62 years. Also of Mary, daughter of the above and wife of Joseph SUTCLIFFE, who died August 11th 1854, aged 51 years. Also of Joseph SUTCLIFFE, her husband, who died Dec 30th 1867 in the 55th year of his age. "Lord I have lovd the habitation of thy house, and the place where thine honour dure Well." Also of Grace SUTCLIFFE, his second wife, who died March 16th 1872, aged 61 years.

Here lieth the body of Grace the wife of Robert SUTCLIFFE who died Sept 8th 1813 aged 33.

In Memory of Sarah Ann The beloved wife of Sutcliffe CHATBURN, of Heptonstall. Who died Jany 3rd 1881, aged 41 years. Also of their infant. Also of the above named Sutcliffe CHATBURN, Who died June 3rd 1887 aged 46 years. Also of Fanny CHATBURN, of Old Chamber, Sister of the above Sutcliffe CHATBURN, who died June 15 1896, aged 57 years. Also of Susan CHATBURN who died Nov 7th 1952 Aged 88 years.

In Memory of Hannah wife of Abraham SUTCLIFFE, of Heptonstall, who died Feby 11th 1852 aged 26 years. Also Nancy their daughter, the wife of Hugh MCMANUS, who died April 20th 1867 aged 38 years. Also of Abraham SUTCIFFE, who died March 6th 1877 Aged 73 years.

Transcribed by
Melanie Whitehead ©2006