The Northowram Registers

Important introductory notes

This book is titled "The Nonconformist Register" and was compiled by the
reverends Oliver Heywood (1644-1702) and T. Dickenson (1702-1752) - see the
illustrations supplied as .GIF files for the front page.

The book was Edited by J. Horsfall Turner, and published in 1881 (MDCCCLXXXI).

This electronic version was produced by scanning the above book and using OCR
software (TextBridge) to generate the Ascii. The resultant output was then
edited to remove errors by me (three times).

All page boundaries are made plain by

*************** page ****************

being inserted in the text. All lines of text are as per the book i.e. no
formatting has been performed. This means that there are the same number of
lines in this text on each page as there were on the original. Some of the
typographical errors I have corrected and put a note against them but I have not
been consistant - this will be corrected shortly, and this readme file updated.
I have done my best to remove errors made by the scanning/OCR process, but see
below also.

In some cases, I have added notes in the text. These are ALWAYS made plain by
the use of asterisks to mark the notes on each side e.g. **** note ******.

Please remember that the period when Oliver Heywood was making these records
was during the Persections (of nonconformists) - hence the two sets of records
which he kept (One as the official version, and the other (his 'Velum book with
one clasp' as the second (correct!) one.)

1. Words between { and } are in Italics in the book.

2. The word 'ye' means 'the', and 'yt' means 'that'.

3. During the period preceding 1752 (when the calendar changed from Julian to
Gregorian), officially the year began on March 25. Frequently in the book
the months of January February and March are given as appearing in two years
so for instance February will be given as February, 1661-2. In the actual
book, this takes 2 forms:
1. As above, 1661-2
2. As 166 followed by a half sign.
Where a half sign is used (or seven eigths), this is given as 1/2 (or 7/8).

See also the link to "Dates" from the WWW index page for this book.

4. During the period of these records, a double lower case f (ff) was used for
an upper case F (F), hence ffeb. etc etc.

5. Beware of jumping to conclusions that words used in 16xx mean the same as
they do now. A typical example of this is that no distinction in title is
made between married and unmarried women (other than those married women
whose husbands have died being know as 'widow' (or widdow, or wid. etc).
Thus the 'titles' Mitris, Mtris, and Mrs all mean Mistress (married or


I should add that the information in these files is of no use to me in my
quests for information! - my mother just happened across the book in Hatfield
(Herts) - her interests are in the history of Yorkshire. My interests are in
Hinson (Yorkshire/Lincolnshire), Chapman and Hood on the East Coast of
Yorkshire, can anyone help, or anyone need help?

Please, it is no good asking me about individuals or families mentioned in this
book - you have all the information I have, and also my knowledge of the West
Riding of Yorkshire is fairly small. Should you really need to communicate,
then please follow the email link on the WWW index page for this book.

If anyone manages to extract any useful information, I would appreciate the
odd line via e-mail, if possible giving some details as to what information was
of use - I will keep a log of this so that people using the same info. can be
put in touch with each other (if both parties agree!)

With many thanks to Phil Stringer who has made space available for all this
information, and also set up the WWW pages so nicely (and a load of other
things which go with all this!)

Colin Hinson.

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Transcribed by Colin and Pauline Hinson © 1995