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It should be stated that Mr. Heywood's Register is arranged
for three columns to a page, for baptisms, marriages, and burials
or "ffunerals," as he sometimes heads it ; but he seems
to have utilized vacant columns and spac s in the Register by
transcribing from 'the little velum book with one clasp' the entries
he refers to. This accounts for many of the columns being written
in a slightly more modern hand. The whole of the entries to
within a few days of his death are, however, in his own hand-writing.
It is worthy of remark that two pages are left blank before
Mr. Dickenson, his successor, resumes the entries, and not one
word as to Mr. Heywood's death and burial occurs. He, who had
been so particular in noting the deaths of his friends, and who
was succeeded by a minister as particular as himself, has no line
in his own book in which his death is recorded. Yet those two
blank pages speak volumes. Even the Revs. Dr. Fawcett, Richard
Slate, and Joseph Hunter, have not exhausted the lessons to be
derived from the life and writings of good Oliver Heywood.

Before proceeding to copy from Mr. Dickenson's portion
of the Register, we will digress by supplying a large quantity
of unpublished notes bearing on the ecclesiastical history of
the West Riding of Yorkshire from 1672 to 1700. In 1672 Charles
the Second issued his DECLARATION OF INDULGENCES. From the thousands
of applications for licenses to preach, or for preaching places,
(now preserved at, the Public record Office, London,) the following
list for Yorkshire has been compiled by Mr. Marsh. The {Indulgence}
lasted only till 1673, but the number of applicants shows that
the severe laws from 1662 had not been effectual in securing conformity.

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Preacher. Meeting House. Place. Denomination.
The abbreviations used are as follows :-O.H., Own House;
P., Presbyterian; C., Congregational; B., Baptist; A., Ana-
baptist; I., Independent.
----- .. John Armitage...... Kirkburton.........P
Armitage Robert ... Lilibury House Holbeck P
Robert Armitage was ejected from a living at Holbeck, and
died in 1689; aged 78.
Astley Richard John Robinson Kingston-on-Hull . .I.
Bagshaw William ... William Garlicke Denting P.
...John Balme Bradford C.
Bentley Eli O.H Halifax P.
... Timothy Bentley Halifax P.
Bayley Sam OH Morley C.
Benton William . . . O.H Thornsco P.
William Benton was ejected from the curacy of Thornsco, and
afterwards became a maltster. He died in 1688.
Birbweek Thomas ... O.H Sheffield P.
Bloome Matthew ... Arthur Powell Attercliffe P.
Matthew Bloome was ejected from a living at Sheffield, and
afterwards turned maltster, but continued preaching as well.
He was once imprisoned in York Castle, and died in 1686.
... Mathew Bloome Arcliffe P.
... Nat. Bothamley Cowthorne P.
The Brick House Briggate, Leeds P.
Theophilus William Wombwell . York B.
Burdsall Thomas... - . . York P.
Thos. Burdsall was ejected from the curacy of Selby, and
afterwards became chaplain to Mrs. Hutton, of Popleton,
sister of Lord T. Fairfax. He died in 1686.
Calvert James O.H York P.
James Calvert was ejected from a living at Topcliff. In 1675
he became chaplain to Sir W. Strickland, and afterwards
filled the same office in the house of Sir W. Middleton. He
died in 1698.
Clayton Luke - . . .Rotherham P.
Luke Clayton was ejected from the vicarage of Rotherham. He
was the first minister after the Bartholomew Act to be im-
prisoned in York Castle. He died in 1674 ; aged 50.
Clayton Samuel . .O.H. Rotherham P.
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Preacher. Meeting House. Place. Denomination.
Coates Samuel O.H Wath P.
Collier Josiah Sarah Grimshaw Guiseley I.
Cooke Robert Elizabeth Wentworth Browdsworth P.
Core Richard O.H Tonge An.
Richard Coope, D.D., was ejected from Tong Chapel, and
afterwards practised physic. He died in 1688.
Darnton John O.H West Tanfould P.
Dawson Joseph O.H Birsteld P.
Joseph Dawson was ejected from Thornton Chapel, and he
died in 1709; aged 73. Four of his sons entered the
ministry, and the youngest had seven sons, all of whom be-
came Dissenting ministers, but left the profession, and four
became ministers of the Church of England.
--- Joseph Dawson Birstol P.
Dawson Joseph O.H Halifax P.
Sibbe Dawson Leeds C.
Denton John John Steen Osgoodby Grange,
N. Riding P.
Denton Nathan Silvanus Rich nr. Peniston C.
Nathan Denton was ejected from a living at Bolton-upon-
Dearn. He was living in 1713. A son entered the ministry.
---- James Dixon Wakefield,
Northgate P.
Donkinson John -------- . York P.
Dickinson Robt..O.H Fishlake C.
---- Hiram Duffield Sherborne C.
Duncanson James.O.H Selby P.
James Duncanson was ejected from the curacy of Sand-Hutton.
Durant Robert Fisher Sheffield C.
---- Samuel Ellison. .....Leeds P.
Forbes Henry James Brook Ellingthorpe P.
Todd Cornelius ---- . . . Healy Manor P.
Frankland Richard ---- ... Rusholme P.
Gargrave Michael O.H Bradford P.
William Garlick Dunting P.
Grant Jonathan .O.H Hurnescoe Grange..P.
GunterJohn O.H Helaugh C.
John Gunter was ejected from the rectory of Bedal. For a
time he was chaplain to the merchant adventurers at Ham-
burg; then he returned and was appointed chaplain to
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Preacher. Meeting House. Place. Denomination.
Oliver Cromwell. Lord Wharton was a very good friend to
Gunter. He died in 1688, aged 63.
Thomas Haigh Haslehead P.
John Hall Bradford P.
Hancocke Rowland O.H. Shercliffe P.
- O.H. Shercliffe A.
Rowland Hancock was ejected from the curacy of Bradfield,
and was once imprisoned in York Castle. He died 1685.
Handow William ...O.H. Sherborne P.
- . John Hardaker Guiseley I.
Hartley James ---- . ..Guiseley I.
---- ...O.H Kildwich Craven C. & I.
Hawdon William . .White House Sherborne P.
- ..John Herd Eckelsell, Bradford C.
Heywood Oliver O.H. Halifax P.
John Butterworth Halifax P.
Oliver Heywood was ejected from the curacy of Coley. He
suffered very much from persecution in the Ecclesiastical
Courts, and was imprisoned in York Castle. Yet he never
ceased his ministerial labours when out of custody. Two of
his sons entered the ministry.
---- Thomas High Halsehead House,
Penistone C.
Hobson John Kirksandal Hall, Yorkshire C.
Hobson Richard ...James Brooke Ellenthorpe P.
Holdsworth Josiah O.H. Wakefield P.
Josiah Holdsworth was ejected from Popleton, near York, and
he died in 1677, aged 75.
- ... William Hookby Shellore P.
Joshua Horton Meeting house Quarrel-hill, Sowerby,
Holdsworth Josiah..Eliz. Reyner Sutton C.
Josiah Houldsworth was ejected from the curacy of Sutton
and afterwards became chaplain to Sir Rd. Houghton, of
Houghton Tower, Lancashire. He died in 1685. aged 50.
Hall John O.H Thornton, Bradford..C.
- . . John Hull nr. Northallerton P.
- .. .Hutton's house Popleton P.
- . ..Joseph Jackson Leeds C.
Sale James James Moxon Leeds P.
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Preacher. Meeting House. Place. Denomination.
essot [Issot] John, jun. . . . O.H Harberry C.
Johnson Thomas Sandall Magna P.
Thomas Johnson was ejected from the vicarage of Sherburn.
Kirby, M.A., Josiah.O.H Wakefield P.
Josiah Kirby, M.A., was ejected from a living at Wakefield.
He was several times imprisoned at Lambeth and York
Castle. In 1676 he died at Wakefield, aged 59, and, being
excommunicated, was buried in his own garden. (Noncon-
formists' Memorial.)
---- . The Kiln House Flanshaw Lane,
Wakefield C.
Lamb Nathaniel . . .O.H York P.
- - . Mrs. Lassell Mountgrat's P.
- . . Thomas Ledgard Calverley P.
Long John Wakefield P.
Luck William Bridlington P.
William Luck was ejected from the curacy of Bridlington.
Tucker William Bridlington P.
- . . William Luke Bridlington P.
Marshall Christr. . O.H. Topcliffe Hall,
Yorkshire C.
--- . Christopher Marshall. West Ardsley C.
Maulton Richard Beverley P.
... A new meeting house. Blackfriar's gate,
Kingston-on-Hull .P.
- . . Meeting house Idle C.
Milner Jeremiah... Lady Rhodes Haughton C.
Jeremiah Milner was ejected from Rothwell, near Leeds, and
afterwards preached in a chapel belonging to Lady Rhodes.
He died in 1681, aged 41.
- ... Robert Morley Tadcaster C.
- . . Robert' Morewood . . Selby P.
Nailor Peter Boniface Cooper Pomfret P.
Nesse Christopher Leeds C.
Christopher Nesse, M.A., was ejected from a living at Leeds.
He was excommunicated, and then retired in London. In
1705 he died, aged 84, and was buried at Bunhill-fields.
Newton Edward ... William Harrison ... Parish of All Saints,
Leeds P.
Noble John Leonard Ward West Riding P.
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Preacher. Meeting House. Place. Denomination.
John Noble, M.A., was ejected from a living at Smeeton, and
died in 1679, aged 68.
Oliver Thomas John Mares Newland I.
Packland John John Newton Anterly, near Hull I.
James Peckring Parish of St Michael's.
Leeds P.
Pluxton John George Taylor ---- P.
John Prior Shipley P.
Proctor, M.A.,
Anthony ---- Kirkby Massard P.
Prime Edward O.H. Sheffield P.
---- Robert Britsworth's
malthouse Sheffield P.
---- Sir Henry Quentine. . Beverley P.
---- ... Christopher Richard-
son Shiplangton P.
Richardson Chris
topher William Cotton Denby P.
Christopher Richardson was ejected from the Rectory of Kirk-
heaton. He died 1698, aged 80.
Rogers John O.H Lartington P.
Rookes John O.H Westhall, Hatfield C.
Root Thomas Samuel Goodall Lee P.
Sale Jas O.H Leeds P.
James Sale was ejected from a living at Leeds, and he died in
Sharpe,M.A., Thos .O.H Leeds P.
Thos. Sharpe, M.A., was ejected from the curacy of Addle.
He died in Leeds, 1693, aged 59.
Sharpnell Henry ... ---- Bradford B.
Shaw Joseph . . William Rookby Arkworth P.
Snowden John O.H Sherbourne P.
---- . Ralph Spencer Hurlstey P.
---- . Samuel Stables Calverley P.
Stretton Richard . James Richardson ... Cawood P.
---- Andrew Taylor Michaelgate, York I.
Taylor Richard .Mr. Fisher Sheffield C.
Richard Taylor was ejected from Long Haughton, and died in
1681, aged 40.
Taylor Richard John Wadsworth Swath C.
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Preacher. Meeting House. Place. Denomination.
Thelwell John O.H Whiston I.
Thorp Richard O.H Hopton P.
John Todd Tadcaster P.
Treggatt Mark Kirksandall Hall Yorkshire C.
---- . . Room or rooms in
Trinity House Greasebrooke P.
- . . Josiah Walker Bingley P.
Walker Thos O.H Horton, Bradford . A.
Ward, George O.H Bradford P.
Ward Noah O.H Little Askham P.
Noah Ward was a student at the time of the ejectment of the
Nonconformists. He became chaplain to Sir John Went-
worth, and afterwards was an itinerant preacher all his life.
He died in 1699, aged 59.
Ward Ralph Brian Dawson Ousegate I.
Warham Richard .. . --- Milcock Badsworth P.
---- . . The Lady Watson . .. Saviour Gate, York.I.
---- . . Alice Wentworth Broadsworth P.
Whitechurch Rich..- Westhall Hatfield C.
Richard Whitechurch was ejected from Laughton-en-le-Morthen,
and he died in 1697.
Williams Peter O.H. York P.
Peter Williams was ejected from a living at York, and after-
wards lectured in the house of Lady Watson. He died
1680, aged 55
Wilson Joseph Newland, near King
ston-on-Hull P.
Joseph Wilson was ejected from a living at Beverley, and died
in 1678.
Wilson Joseph Richard Barnes Kingston-on-Hull.. P.
Woolhouse Robert. O.H. Chapwell C.
- .. Orsula Wrightson Aulne P.
Trinity House, in Greasebrook, Rotherham, York, belonging to
the Earl of Strafford, for a Presbyterian congregation.
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The following notes I gathered some years ago from the West Riding Sessions Rolls. They are so voluminous that I shall content myself by little more than a bare recital.

Thomas Bentley, constable of Southowram, procured an indictment against Thomas Wakefield and others, for not attending the Parish Church at Halifax, and not receiving the Sacrament, 1675. Also against the said Thomas for calling the constable a fforsworne rogue, and saying the King's precept was a ffratching paper. Thomas Wakefield's name will be found frequently in the preceding pages from Heywood's Register.

Sarah Hurd, on Sunday, March 7th (old style), 1674, in a very disorderly and seditious manner, com'd into the Church of Bradford in time of divine service, and did then and there by some indecent and clamorous speeches disturb the minister in his prayer and the whole congregation in their devotion.

Nicholas Shippen, and Elizabeth his wife, of Barnbow, summoned for not attending church: Pontefract Sessions, 1675.

William Taylor and Elinor his wife, of Scoles, for the same, 1675.

At Doncaster Sessions, 1677, six indictments were preferred against David Noble, of Heckmondwike, and his hearers for holding a Conventicle at Batley.

Joshua Smith, of Halifax, was committed, 1679, for refusing the oath of Allegiance tendered to him. Ordered to be brought to Doncaster Sessions. He was a noted Quaker.

Robert Harrison and twenty-two others, of Garforth, Aberford, &c., bound to answer for Recusancies : Wetherby Sessions, January, 1678.

Henry Barrows, Constable, of Skipton, under a warrant for apprehending Popishe Recusants, took John Cotton, of Skipton, a papist, who called the constable "a pittifull rogue and rascall."

Peticon of John Ffox Bayliffe of the Maner of Wakefield haueing a prisnor one Robt Seele a papist, one Thomas Kirshawe of ye same religion came riding to my dore asking if the prisor. was gone. John ffox replyed and tould ye said Kirshawe yt ye said Seele was sett att liberty and yt Mr Thome Watterton came and lent him money to release ye sd Seele alsoe ffoxe tould Kirshawe if there was an honest man in Yorkeshire of a papist he thought yt Mr Watterton was one with that Kirshawe replyed againe yt a papist was as good a man as he and as good a religion, ffox tould him noe, ffor he tooke ye oath of Suprmise and ye oath of allegiance.

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