The Northowram Registers

Nonconformists, Popish Recusants

117 Indulgences.

Note: Ind. = Indicted


SKIPTON, ffeb. 1678.
{Broughton}.-Stephen Tempest gent. Ann wife of Tho Tempest,
Esq. Robert Tempest Gent. Mary Brogden. James
{Hebden} -Francis Ward.
{Mitton}.-John Singleton, Jane his wife. Eliz. wife of Thomas
Shawe. Anne wife of Willm Hindle. Ellen wife of John
{Wigglesworth} -Mary Livesey, Eliabeth Harrison, ffrances
{Ingleton}.-Thomas Baynes, Isabell his wife. Widow Calvert.
Jeffrey Leak, Cicilly his wife. Anth. Leake, Agnes his wife.
Thomas Leak, and Eliz his wife. Richard Beesley, Agnes his
wife. John Taylor, Isabell his wife, Richard his son, Agnes
his daughter.
{Rathmell}.-Willm Husband, Ann his wife, John and Sarah his
{fforest of Bolland}.-Roger Parker, Gent. James Driver, Robt
Rawman, Edward Hesleth, Anne Swinglehurst, Eliz. Turner,
Tho. Driver, Mary Swinglehurst, Eliz Swinglehurst.
{Skipton}. -John Cotham, Eliz Butler.


Whereas the lawes and Statutes against Popish Recusants, &c.
These are therefore in his Mats. Name and in pursuance of the
said pclaymasion to require and command you that you omitt not
for any Libtye, calling to yor assistance the sevrall petty
constables within ye Libtye and others, but forthewith apprehend
the bodyes of all such popish Recusants and make search in their
sevrall houses for them as are mencioned in the schedule hereunto
annexed, or any that are so reputed and them convey before a
J.P., to find sureties for good behaviour. Anthony Bland
Constable of Burnsall to have 15s allowed him for conveying
George Long, a Popish recusant, to Wetherby Sess.


{Knaresbbrough}.-Mat Harrison Jnd. Wm Casse Ind. Ann
Parker Ind. Isabell Simpson Ind. Willm Cowton Ind. Ann
Young. Edw Bickerdyke. ffrancis Bridge. Rich. Casse.

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******* Note : Ind = Indicted. **********

118 Popish

Ind George Casse. Bndgett ux Rich Casse Ind. John
Tucker. Willm Ffawcett Ind. Eliz ux George Smith Ind.
Tho Jefferson Ind. Barbery ux Peter Simpson. John ffawcett
Ind. [icted.]
{Stainley}.-Hen. Swayle Bart. George Penington. Leo. Cowper.
John ffish.
{Weatherby}.-Chris. Hardcastle Ind. Tho Immerson.
{Ripley}.-Thomas Pallerser Ind. Willm Rayner Ind. Law.
Hodgson Ind. Martin Hodgson.
{Linton}.-Symon Swayle. Isabell ux ejus. Ann Robinson.
Isabell Wilford.
{Burrow Brigges} -Rich Waddington Ind.
{Minskipp}.-Mich. Wright Ind. Rich Earle Ind. Peter Earle
Ind. Chris. Smith Ind. Ann Gray Ind. Isabell ffearsey.
{Clint}.-John Mawtus. Chris. Mawtus Senior Ind. Chris.
Mawtus Ind. Tho Kenerdayle. Tho Hardcastley Ind. Rob
Joy Ind. John Tompson. Edw Wells Ind. Peter Shawe.
John Milner. James Shawe.
{Copgrave}.-Ninney Morras.
{ffainscliffe}.-Kat. Smith. Tho Milner.
{Awdfeild}.-Phillip Mawtus Ind.
{Rocliffe}.-Janet Trees. Edward Channeler. Willm Trees Ind.
Ann Young.
{Plumpton}.-John Parker Ind.
{Spofforth}.-Rob. Sumpter.
{Stainebeckdowne}.-Tho. Browne Ind. ffran. Toppan. Tho
ffryeare Ind. Rob. Graine.
{Winsley}.-James Whelehouse Ind. James Mawde.
{Harthwith}.-Mat. Burnett Ind.
Harrogate.-Tho Squire Ind.
{Panell}.-Edw Tompson Ind. Ralph Raynere Ind.
{fferansbye}.-Anthony Beckwith.
{Nesfeild}.-Tho Moore & Vx. Andrew Hard-wick.
{Barrobye}.-Willm Shillitoe.
{Mickley}. -Chris. Coates.



WESTRIDD ) Ad genal session pac dm Regis tent apd Pontefract
Com Ebor ) in le Westridd Com. prd. vicessimo nono die Aprilis

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Recusants. 119

Anno Regni Caro Scdi dei gra &c vicesimo primo
coram Johe Kay Barto Wilimo Ingleby Barto Thome
Yarburgh mil Johe Boynton mil Waltro Calverley
Willmo Lowther Willmo Hamond Thome Yarburgh
Jaspo Blythman Welbur Norton Willmo Ellis,
Bradwardne Tindall, Henrico Edmunds Thome
ffairefax Johe Beilby Thome ffawx & Wilimo Farrer
Aris Justic. Die Dom. Regis ad pacem ibm.

WHEREAS............ all of....................... in this
Rideing stand presented by the Grand Enquests for the Breache
of Seval Acts of Parliamt. made agt. Popish Recusants in the
Reignes of or. late Soveraigne Lady Queene Eliz: & or. late
Soveraigne Lord King James both of blessed memory these are
therefore in his matyes name strictly to charge & comand you &
every of you that imediately upon receipt hereof you omitt not for
any Libtye but enter the same and attach the bodyes of the
said.......................................and them forthwith
convey before some of his matyes Justice of peace for the said
Rideing pvided sufficient suertyes as well for their psonall
appeance at the next Gnall Quarter Sessions of the Peace to be
holden at Rotheram for the said Rideing as allsoe that in the
meanetime they keepe the peace & be of the Good Behavior
ffaile not herein as you will answer the contrary at yor pills [peril]
dated at the said Sessions the day & yeare above said.
To all Balliffs Constables P me
within the said Rideing but Jobes Peables Cl. pax
espially to the Constable of--- ibm
Wintersett.............Crosse gen & Thomas Scarrer.
Clayton in ffrickley. Michael Anne Esq Lawrence Chamney
Katherine his wife Katherine Champney
his daughter ffrances wife of Edw Tyas
John Whittikers Margt. his wife
Handsworth............Eliz. Berry Eliz: Barker & Sarah Hutching
Whittgift......... Mary Clerke and Mary Clerke
Cridling Stubbs ... Mary Briggs George Briggs Eliz Briggs
ffrances Briggs
Sheifeild....... Thomas Aire Widdow Abdye Widd Champer
know, Bridget ux Edw: Murphey Edward
Murphey yongr, Murphey sonne of Edmund
Garrett Murphey and his wife ffrancis Radcliffe
and Anne his wife

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12O Popish

Purston Jag: ... Anne hamerton Anne Hodgson Mary Darley
& Judith Adiman
Skelbrough Thomas Hornecastle and Alice his wife
[Non invent sunt.]
fferrifryston ...... Anne wife of Wm: Bedford James Calvert
Richard Iles & his wife Eliz : Cowpland
Hellen Jackson Mary Iles, Jos: Haire Margrt.
Norton Elizabeth Shillitoe Mary wife of Rob.
Speight Tho Stocks Gabriel Toothill Alice
his wife Dorothy Wright
[no invent.]
Hallam .............. John Barker & his wife
ffullwood ......... George ffox
Burrwallis ..........Michael Anne Esq Mary Copley Thomas
Hornecastle ffrancis Kendall Anne Mudde
Grace Smith Josias Smith Kath. Walton
Grace Woodhead Sarah ffossard
Ecclesfeild .........George Aire Mary Hall George Hall Eliz :
Hall Eliz: Mathewman & Gregory Revill
Reedneste ............Willm Smith
Drax .................John Cohen & Sarah his wife Willm Russam
Anne Russam widdow
Smeaton ..............Phillip Heppinstall George Holgate Eliz
wife of Phillip Heppinstall Peter Hepinstall
his sonne
Hampall.............. Stephen Ayre Jane Ayre Stephen Horne
Thomas Lawrance & wife
Goole ................Anthony Empson & Dorothy his wife
Woodsetts ............George Eyre gen
Swinfleete............Eliz. Ray & Mary Spinke
Stubbs Walden ........John and Scicilly Pearsey Rich Wassney
Snaith ...............Michal Gawbutt
Hooke ................Isabell wife of Tho. Empson Tho. Empson &
Mary his wife
Bradfeild John Brittlebank Michal Browne & Scicilly
his wife Rose ffenton Geo Hilton Anne Revill
John Wildsmith & his wife Hanna Revill &
Gartritt Revill
Appended is-
Bradfield the 20th 1679. These are to certifie this
Honble Court that Michael Brown & Cicilly his

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Recusants. 121

wife are ffrequent comers to Church
Wittnesse our hands
Thomas Ibittson John Hoole Mins.
Joseph Watearhouse Edward Taylear churchwarden
George Thomson
The following are notes from the respective Constables :-
South Emsall July the 22th (1679)
There is noe Popish Recusants in or
Constablerie save one Ellen Marris whoe is
Escapte and not to bee founde. By the
Constable William Haber
Clayton in ffrickley..July ye 22th 1679
These are to certifie the Right Worshipfull his
Maties Justices of ye Peace that accordinge to
a warrt. sent from the Clerke of the Peace
concerninge Popish recusants, I have to the
vtmost of my power endeavoured to have
taken the body of the said Recusants, wth the
Churchwardens Assistance, & other, but they
have either hid themselves, or fled away.
Christopher Hurst, Constable
Hauercroft July ye 22th 1679 These may certifie his
Maties Justices of peace that Laurence
Clarkeson hath not any Settlement in this
towneshipp of Hauercroft: And that ffrances
Clarkeson Widdow is very old and Infirme
and not able to come or Ride vnto this place.
John Clarkson, Constable
ffetherston Bill July ye 22nd 1679
As for Mr Thomas Hippon & Mrs Alis Hippon
they became bound before Mr Whyte to
apeare at this Sessions.
As for Mr John Hippon Margarett Thimbleby
and Alice the wife of John Spinke they are
non est Inuentus.
As for John Spinke & Mrs Brigitt Scholey I
have given them notice to be heare accordinge
to Order
William Malinson

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122 Popish

Burghwallis July the 22th 1679
These are to certifye that I Robert Sykes
Constable have in obedience of a warrt.
touching certaine recusants in our pish have
made due search att sundry times since I
received the said warrt For all the psons
therein nominated, but can find none of them
to carry to the Justices of Peace according
to the direcons of the said warrant
Nevertheles I doe certify that Mr Ann &
Thomas Horncastle have taken the oath of
Allegiance & given such bond as of them hath
been required
And Mary Copley & Sarah ffoster have also
taken the same oath and have sundry times
since the last sessions repaired to our Church
and have received the Sacrament there and
soe hath ffrances Kendall done but for any of
the rest they have reformed nothing.

Hutton Pannell ... Margret Purdye wife of William Purdye
These are to certifie that her husband is a
very poore aged and infirme man and shee the
said Margret a very poore weake and almost
blind and deafe woman and about 85 yeares
old and vnable to travell
this 8th of July 1679 Thos Stanhope, Robt
Turner, &c.
Certificate from John Marshe, Min. to same
Airmin in Snaith
Parish.............July 21th 1679
Elizabeth wife of Wm Jackson who was lately
a Roman Catholick hath now revoked the
same and is become Conformable to ye Church
of England
Ri: Petty Cu: ibid
Robt Hesletyne Church warden
Wakefield............Mem. That Mr Germane Poole of Wakefield
a Recusant at Leeds Sessions took both oathes
and at this Sessions brought a certificate of

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Recusants. 123

his conformity, according to the Statute and
was discharged. Leeds, July 1679
Memorandum of this date.
Recusants who took onely the oath of
allegiance, & had the oath of Supremacy
tendred but refused
ffrances Shippen wife of Peter of Scholes
Robert Bartlett of Weatherby
Isabell Stokes of K. Fenton
Agatha Hardwick of Grimsdike
Eliz. wife of John Stokes of Scholes
Mary Sh---- of Barmbow, vid
Anne----of Scholes
W ---- of Carleton
------ of Barwick
Elizth. Shippen of Barnbow
Eliz. Butcher of same


Hebden ffrancis Warde
Linton John Swale, & Isabel his wife & Eliz : Well-
ffountaines Earth .. Elizth Burrell Kathenne wife of John
Craven, Elizabeth Hardcastle widdow Dorothy
Pasley widd Elizabeth Swaileson Maudlin
wife of Richard Thomson
Stainebeckdowne ... ffrancis wife of William Baynes Thomas ffrear
Mary wife of William Geldart Mary Gill Anne
Grange Robert Orange Richard Gill Anne
Lowpe Jane wife of Peter Grange Jennet wife
of John Harrison Anne Gill Mary wife of
Robert Leathley Jona Rayner George Smith
ffrancis Shaw & his wife Anne Suttle Ralph
Suttle & Jane Suttle Thomas Thopham &
ffrances his sister Mary wife of Matthew Ray
Anne Thackery
Stainebeckup John Tully Eliz: his wife Anne Shaw wife of
ffra: Margrt Bayne
Buckden............. Widow Sadler
Midleton ............Andrew Hardwike Wm Gill Ellen his wife
Anne wife of Jo: Walton Isabell Bickerdike

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124 Popish

Tho Harrison Eliz : wife of Math. Hawks-
worth John Harrison Ellen wife of Chr.
Hodgeson John Gill Phillip Loftehouse &
Anne his wife Margt. wife of Tho Hodgson
Nesfeild Abraham Atkinson & Anne his wife Thomas
Moore ffrances his wife Mrs Ellen ffarrand
Willm Moore
Audfeild in Studley..Phillip Mautus Richard Mautus Sarah Mautus
Barbary Mautus Prusella Mautus
Boulton .............Thomas Fletcher Issabell Willden
Plumpton ............William Atkinson ffrances his wife ffrances
Bickerdike widd. ffrancis Briggs Elizabeth his
wife Edward Bickerdike & Issabell his wife
Ellen Briggs Thomasin the wife of John Coats
ffaith ffeming [sic] widd. Mary the wife of
Samll. Lathom Bryan Marser and Mary his
wife Hellen Plumpton John Swaile Elizabeth
his wife Robert Swaile Mary wife of John
Parker Anne Swaile widd John Trongleton
Margt Ramsden Margt Norton widd Jane
Norton of Plumpton & Anne wife of Robert
Sumptor of Spofforth
Burnsall ............George Longe
Farnham .............Kath. Atkinson Barbara Bickerdike Willm
Plumpton Ellen his wife Anne Lashells
"We have no such woman as Kath Atkinson
Barbara Bickerdike is very sick" Constable's

Roecliffe ..........Edward Challensor, Dorothy Foster Dorothy
Holden William Treese & his wife & John his
sonne John Treese Isabell Warde Anne Yonge
Mary Yonge John Yonge Jane his wife Anne
Yonge his daughter
Mem: from Constable states "Anne Younge
widdow and Mary her Daughter are gone out
our Constablerye. John Yeounge is a servant
at Sr Willm Tanckred's without our Con-
stablrye but his poore Children are within us.
Dorethy Houlden and Dorethy ffoster goe both
to Church and had a certificate from our
Minister. Issabell Warde wee cannot find.

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Recusants. 125

The rest carryed before Sr Wm Ingleby and
he lett them goe."
Stainley cum Cayton Dorothy Robinson & Katherine Ripley
Constable writes "Kath. Ripley is above four
score yeares of age and is maintained by our
parish and is not able to goe before any of his
maties Justiseas."
Arkendale ...........Anthony Beckwith Christian his wife & Anne
Minskipp ............Ellen Earle Mary Earle Anne Gray Isabell
Harrison Jane Norman Mical Wright Chr.
Skipton ...........John Catton

ffolifoote ........Anne wife of William Chapman ffrances wife of
William Chadwick Grace wife of William
Certif. from Timothy Platts Curate & others
states that all three attend Church and receive
Horton .............Alice wife of Willm Parkinson
Ingleton ............Thomas Baines & Issabell his wife Widdow
Calvert Jeffery Leake & Cicilly his wife
Anthony Leake Agnes his wife Eliz: wife of
Thomas Leake John Taylor and Issabell his
wife Richard & Agnes their children
Certi : John Lodge Curate & others that John
Taylor is sick and likely to die and his wife is
near her delivery and not able to travell
Grindleton ..........Elizth Turner Margt Tayler widd. Jane wife
of Thomas Wright
Knaresbrough .......William Cowton William Casse Emmanuel
his sonne William Casse yongr Elizabeth
ffawcett Anne the wife of Tho Jefferson Ellen
his daughter Anne wife of Thomas Parker
Katherine Wheelehouse Anne ffletcher George
Note. " Could not take them. Constable
Greene Hamerton... Anne ux Willm Marmaduke

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126 Popish

Wiglesworth ........ Mary Livesey
Rathmell ........... Anne wife of Willm Husband & John his
Certificates as follow
Brearton ........Anne wife of John Siser. She is of good
behaviour and delicate health
given by John Levet, Vic. & others
Ripley............. Dorothy Atkinson non est invent
Catherin Challenner "
Jane Haldesworth "
Jennet her sister "
Jennet wife of George Mitton "
Willm Hakin "
Anne Hodgson dangerous sicke
Grace ux ffrancis Gale extreame sicke
Mary Thomson non est inventa
Ellen Nursay ,,
Robert Nursey, Constable
Killinghall ........July the 16. 1679
'William Wardman and Alice Wardman is
not to be found in Kilinghal and I have made
dilligent search
Thomas Bradfielde Constable
Bilton cum Harrogate.Thomas Grimstone and Mary Squire not to
be found



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Hooke.-Thomas Empson & Isabell his wife, Mary his daughter,
Anthony his son
Goule.-Anthony Empson & ux eius. Willm Empson.
Catherine Empson spinster
Swinnfleet.-John Pennithorne, Mary Spinke, Jone Spinke,
Elizabeth Raper
Snaith.-Michaell Talbott and Katherine his wife
Whitgift.-Mary wife of Wm Clarke Junior
Little Smeaton.-Phillip Heppenstall and Issabell his wife (aged
about 40) Their son Peter (about 15)

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Recusants. 127

Bramwith.-Mr. Nathan Cooke
ffeatherstone.-Mr Thos. Ippon, Mr John Ippon, Mr Aleis Ippon
[sic] Mr Margret Thimellbee [sic] John Spink and Alies his
Langsett.-Margery Hage, Margaret Blackburne Anne Hage
spinster John Brownell their servant
Havercroft.-ffrances Clarkson Widdow Laronnce Clarkson the
son of ffrancis Clarkson
ffery fryston.-James Calvert and Martha his wife Edwd
Howcroft Richard Tempistt Edward Marchill.-{Servants of Mr
Canelvaert} Mary Illes Richard Illes and Mary his wife Thomas
Stocks Dorty Bramllay.-Sauervents of Richard Illes Mr Elling
Jackson and Jane her Dowther Anne Bedford Eller Eller
Elizabeth Shilato and Ellizibeth her douwther Marye Hight,
Wlte. Tutill Margret Norton Joseph Haier and frances his wife
Stappleton.--Mr John Gatenby and Lucy his wife
Cridlin.--George Briggs, Eliza his wife, Mary his Mother frances
his sister

Campsall.-Ann Baytes Widdow.
Tanshell.-Samuel Jackson and Ann Jackson his wife
Knottingley.-Isabell wife of Mychell Gage
Norton.-Ann dr of Thomas Goodridge (15 yrs old)
Purston Jackling.-Phillip Hamerton Senior Phillip Hammerton
and his wife, William Hutchison. Margrett Constable,
Elizabeth Robbinson John Hamerton Ann Hodgson, John
Darley and Mary his wife Michael Darley, Betteris Darley
Mary Darley and Thomas Champney.
Stubbs Walten.-Cicylie Perry (40 or 50 years of age) Mr Thos.
Pearie, Mrs Mary. Anthony.
Rotherham.--Jane wife of John Chadwicke, Robt Hall of
Barnebrough.-Basvile Moore Esq., and his wife Mary, ffrances,
Bridgitt his children. Mrs Julian his servant Mrs Alice Luland
Tickhill.-Ralph Hansby Esq. and his wife, his son 20 years of
age Ralph, ffrances above 16 years, Walter about 9 years
Burghwallis.- Michaell Anne Joseph Smith Grace Smith Anne
Mudd, Grace Woodward
Kirkeby.-Mary wife of Mr ffrancis Armitage
Hooton Roberts.-Elizth wife of Edward Pierson, Senr
Handsworth.-Thos Hutchinson and Sarah his wife, and four
young children. Joucy the wife of George Greaves. Thos

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128 Popish

Parker & Elizth his wife
Hallom.-George ffox gent. and Mary his wife, servants-John
ffox Gervase Sales, Elizabeth Wolstenholme, Katherine
Constable Ersula Ottawell. Children-Willm & George
Houghton.-Thos Prince and Anne his wife, Margt. Bilcliffe.
Mary Bilcliffe ye Elder, Mathew Bilcliffe, Anne Bilcliffe
Thomas ffleminge
Clayton.-Lawrence Champney and Catherine his wife, John
Whitekers and Margarett his wife, Alse the wife of Edward
Tyas, ffrances the wife of Richard Gascoyne, Michael Anne Esq
and his wife
Bradfeild.-Eliz. Revill Widd., Eliz. Wildsmith Widd., Geartrick
Revill, Ann Revill. Mary Smalfeild, John Wildsmith and his
wife, George Hillton and his wife, Roseman Fenton, John
Brittilbanck, Will. fenton, Jane Dungworth, Rowland Revill,
Ursely Revill
Ecclesfield.-George Eyre aged 20, ffrancis Wild pentioner aged
Hampsall, Stubbs.-Thomas Laurence & Anne his wife, Issabell
Skelbrooke.-Alice wife of Thomas Horncastle
Sheffeild Towne.-ffrancis Rattcliffe and Anne his wife Mary aged
18, Henry 16, Thomas 12, {servants} to ffrancis Rattcliffe-
Willm Savage, John Rose, Thomas Hodgkinson, Katherine
Stevenson and Millison Torre. Edmund Murphey and Bridget
his wife, Anne his daughter, 22 years, Mary 20, Mary Rose his
servant. Elizabeth Champernoone, Mary Abdye, Jane Oldom,
Elizabeth Ellis.
Roundhay.-Richard Aspinwall and Mary his wife, Anne Leigh,
poore, 60 yrs old.
Shadwell.-Mrs ffrances Thompson Mrs Cupgrace Thompson
Mary Sheppon
Scarcroft.-John Ryther, Gent, and Mary his wife
Kippax.-Richard Grococke and Eliz. uxor ej. Thos, Luke, John,
filii. Eliz. Grococke filia
Snydall.-Robert Hyemsworth, Gennit Hyemsworth Widdow
Mary Wright, Mrs Elizabeth Nettelton, Widdow Theasby,
Grace Theasby, Barbara Theasby, Jane Pease Widdow, Ann
Walton.-Thos Waterton, Esq., and Catran his wife. Thos
Kirshey and Winwefred his wife

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Recusants. 129

Catteran wife of George buxtan Mrs Brigit Constable Mrs Elizth
Crofton.-Joseph Ward and Margritt his wife, Robart Seele and
ffranceas his wife
Ilkley.-Ellinge wife of John Barnes and Margrett Gibbons the
said John Barnes his servant
Abberford.-Peter Slater & Mary his wife, Margrett and Cathren
his daughters, Wm. Tindsdall & Ursale his Wife, Wm Slater,
John Milner - Patsinton, Anthone ffulshurst and Ann his wife,
Robert Harison, John Heptenstall and Elizabett his wife,
George his sonne, Elinge Peper, John Peper hir sonne, Mare
Addaman wife of John Ademan, Ellisabeth Sarvant, Mare hir
dowghter Petronell Consett, Marey hir doughter Mary Hepton-
stall Philep Ealond and Marey his wife and Ellisabeth his
daughter, Ellisabeth Hey
Garforth.-Thomas Hunt, Bennett Johnson, Dorothy wife of
Willm Samson, Mary wife of Thomas Barugh, Ane Marshall,
widdow, Mary Varley, widdow, ffrancis Varley, Thomas
Barwick in Elmett.-Francis Johnson and Elisabeth his wife,
Marke Brunton and Alice his wife, Marke Brunton his son,
Edmonod Hunt and Mary his wife, William Shelletoe and Mary
his wife, Elinor Belhouse, Nicholas Shippen and Elisabeth his
wife, Elisabeth Butcher, John her son, Alice Shoore, Katherine
Sheppen, John Sheppen and Elinor his wife, Wm Smith and
Anne his wife, Wm Taylor, Elisabeth Stowker, Andrew Slayter
and Elisabeth his wife, Elisabeth Slaytor his daughter, ffrances
Shippen widow, John her son, Katherine her daughter, John
Holdcroft, William Hardwicke and Agatha his wife, Eliner
Nether Shitlinton.-None
Thornhill "
Chevet.- Noe papishes
fflocton "
Whitley "
Staineland "
Kirkburton "
Morton "
Aldmanbury "
Bingley "

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130 Popish

Bolling. None
Rawden. None
Stanley "
Yeadon "
Hothersfield "
Bramhope. " Secondly we have noe other Absenters from the
Church as Qvaker nor any others that refvse to come to devine
service or sermon. Thirdly All Hves & Cryes and other
warrants have bene dvly execvted & our Stocks are in good
Carleton.-No papists &c.
Wakefeild.-No papists
Horsforth "
Saxton.-John Cresey and Mary his wife, Isabell the wife of
Marmeduke Robeson, Margritt wife of Will. Shirdey, Ann
bywater, widdow, Richard Gibsonn, Thomas Core
Burton fullings.-Jane Lund, very ould woman
Braton com Thorpe Willaby.- -ran Penington widow and hir
doughter Ann aged about 9, her son John, 16
Sheerburne.-Elizabeth Barker
Lumby in Huddleston.-No popish recusant. John Simpson a
servant, absent from church a month
Gateforth.-Henry Smith & his wife, Henry and Cathran their
children, Elizebeth Richardson
Camelsforth.-Michael Hessay and Anne his wife, Peter his son
about 11 yeares old, Hugh Brumley and Mary his wife, Nicholas
Awdas an old man, Robert Riccald a single man, Issabell the
wife of John Cliffe, Mary the wife of Gabriel Palmer, Jony the
wife of Willm Hogley
Selby.-Thomas Wright and Ann his wife, Ellin Darton their
servant, John Stroyham gent.
Carleton.-Margret Goforth and Elizabeth ffuler servants to Sr
Miles Stapilton, Mrs Mary Chamnay, widow, John Newal,
John Tomson and Jane Harrison her servants, Barbara
Chamnay singlewoman, Thomas Kendall and Barbara Tomson
servants to Mary Kendall, John Etherington and Anne his
wife, Mary their daughter 11 years old, Mary Wentforth,
singlewoman, Willm Awdas, Catherine Stephenson, widow,
Margrett Kirkley widow, Catherine Ingram widow, Anne the
wife of James Peares, Alice the wife of Robte Walker, Mary
the wife of George Jubb, John Sothaby and Annie his wife.

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Recusants. 131

South Milforth.-Mary Prince, a poore woman near foure score
yeares of age wife of Thomas Prince a poore man
Barkston.--Willm Nicholson, Mary and Ann Nicolson, Villian
wife of Anthony Saxton
Kirke ffenton.-Mrs Barbaray Simson Widd, Isabell wife of
William Stoker
Drax.-Sarah Collins, Anne Rushem
Clifforth. -Henrie Puleine gent, Elizabett Gelstrupp
Bramham.-John Hurray and Mary his wife, Mathew Chalener
and Isabell his wife, and Thomas Darley and Elling his wife
belonging to Peter Liberty in York
Aberforth & Leutherton.-Ann Houlcroft, Margarit Houlcroft,
Anthony bell

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