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Conventicle Act

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Forasmuch as Joseph Hubert an old Irishman was brought to
the Sesss. being suspected to be a Popish Priest and to have had
a head in the popish plott who being required to fynd suretyes for
his good behavyor hath refused to doe the same, committed to
York Castle.-Wakefield, Jan., 1680.
A Conventicle, held at Heckmondwike, March 12th, 1681, was
reported, when Josias Holdsworth was preaching at the house of
Isabell Rayner, and persons were there from Gomersall, Batley,
Mirfield, Heckmondwike and other places. It 1682 it is recorded
in the Leeds Session Call Book that for six or seven years great
numbers of people have gone to Topliffe Hall to an Independent
Conventicle, and that Josias Holdsworth, of Heckmondwike,
preached there in May last, when sixty persons were present.
At Rotherham Sessions, August, 1681, we meet with the
traverse of Margaret Blackburn, of Langsett, a Recusant.
Doncaster, Jan., l682.-Wm Bridges Rector of Castleford
certifies that Thomas Fleming of Houghton for several years a
popish Recusant did 3 or 4 months agone declare his sorrow for
persisting so long in that his recusancy whereupon he procured
his absolution from the Ecclesiastical Court and since that time
hath duly resorted to his parish church of Castleford as a member
of the Church of England.-Dated 15 Jan. 1682.
Similar certificate by Sam. Hundle curate of KIRK BRANWITH
and others, that Jane wife of Francis Kertshaw of Braithwait
hath for some Lords days last paist com'd to the church to divine
service and behaved herself orderly and decently, and is resolved

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132 Conventicle

to continew a dutiful and observant churchwoman for the future."
Dated 15 Jan. 1682.
Doncaster, Jan. 1682, certificate-that Thomas Bishop of our
toune of Hatfield hath bene of late several lords dayes at our
parish church dureing the time of divine service & doth promise
to be a common frequenter of the same. Dated Jan. 15, 1682.
Signed by Simon Simpson the minister and others.
Mr Yarbrough's record of a Conventicle "Speaking or praying,"
in 1682.
Certificate dated 17 April, 1683,-John Collins hath & doth
in all things behave himself as a true conformeable son of the
Church of England as flow established.-Signed Jo Brewer,
curate of Drax.
West Ridd ) Decimo die Julii Anno R. Regs, Carol Scdi nunc
Com Ebor ) Angliae &c. xxvto Annoque Dom. 1683.
Memorial of the account of ye moneyes menconed in ye Record
Certifyed at ye last Qr. Sessions of ye peace houlden at Weatherby
for ye sd Rydd. by Tho: Parker & Chr Wilkinson Esqres two of
his Matys Justices of peace for ye same (forfeited as in ye sd
Record is menconed in an unlawful assembly Conventickle or
meeting held in the dwellinghouse of Wm. Holgate in Sawley
upon Sunday ye 10th day of December last undr Colour of
Exercise of Religion in other manner than according to ye Liturgy
and practice of ye Church of England
A pticular of such moneyes & forfeitures as have beene pd into
ye hands of the sd Justices since the sd Qr Sessions held at
Weatherby amounting in all to the sume of ten pounds his Matys
third pte of ye same being three pound six shillings and eightpence
tendred into ye Cort of ye genrale Qr. Sessions of ye peace held
at Skipton ye 10th day of July 1683 And by the Apointmt of
ye same by the sd Justices paid to Mr. deputy
sheriffe for ye County afforesd to his Matys use.

£ s. d.
Thos. Driver of Gisburne ... ... ... O0 O5 OO
John Aspenale of Standen in ye County of
Lancre ... ... ... ... ... OO O5 OO
John Aspenall in respect of ye poverty of the
abovenamed Wm Holgate ... ... ... O9 10 OO
Suma 10 00 00

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Act. 133

His Matys third pte of ye 03 06 08
sd sume of £10 is ...

Wetherby Sessions, Jan. 1682, According to the Record in
which John Lawson of Sawley husbandman and Richard Hayte
of the same husbandman are the informants whose information is
dated 29th December 1682 & is made at Gisburne before Thos.
Heber, Thos. Parker Henry Marsden and Chr. Wilkinson, the
conventicle was on the 10th December, at Holgates house in
Sawley and there were found present Will. Holgate and Tho.
Driver of Gisburne, John Scott of Sawley, Elizabeth Scott of the
same, spinster, Ric. Cowburne of Clytherow in Lancashire, yeom.,
and John Aspenagh of Standen in same County yeoman. Holgate
was fined £20 & the others 5 shillings each.

The return of ye Constable of Askwith, Wetherby, Jan. 1682.
These persons hereafter named absent themselves from ye church
-Robert Smith & Jane his wife & John Brown his Servant,
Isabell Thackeray, Dorathy Shutt, Elizabeth Shutt, Ffrancis
Kendall, Christopher Greenwood, Edmund Greenwood, Margrett
Smith, Henry Thomson, Elizabeth his wife, Edward Thomson,
Jane Gill, Thomas Crooke, John Brown of ye fold, George
Darraine & Eliz. his wife, Will. Blakey, Thomas Pauson, &
Eliz. his wife, All these be called Quakers. December 28th,
Wee found these persons assembled in an house belonging to
Henry Thomson, Senior. Henry Thomson Senr. de Askith,
John Overend of Guisley, Will: Bradley of Swinesty, Jane Smith,
Peter Hardcastle, John Barber of Leathley with several others yt
refused to declare their names. December 31th we came to the
same place and entring the house found the parlour door made
fast soe yt we could not enter but suppose some persons were
there and then assembled but we know not who they were.
Antony T ffell Constable his
mark Lawrence L K Kendall Overseer.
Joseph Hargreaves Churchwarden

1682, Dec. 31, Sabbath day. Meeting at house of Benjn.
Parker of Thornton, Butcher, where, besides the family, were
Thomas Higson of Kelbrooke Hatter, Joseph Higson of Easeby
Linnen Webster, John Parker of Acronley in Lancashire, Rich
Boothman, of Salterforth, husbandman, Willm Ellis of Broughton

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134 Conventcle

husbandman, all of them reputed Quakers, silently sitting in ye
house, not a speaker amongst them.
Joseph Higson confessed before Justice Assheton that he was
present, but would not tell who else was there neither would he
subscribe to his confession.
Benjn. Parker confessed there was a meeting at his house but
who were there or what it was about would not confess, and would
not sign the confession respecting himself.
1683 Jeremiah Grimsaw of Rawden and many others indicted
for being at a Conventicle there.
July ye 7th (82
Recud. then of Christopher Tankred, Esqr, the sume of six
pound thirteen shillings & four pence, (to be distributed among
the poor of the town & parish of Little Ousburn, as the statute
in that case directs) being the third pt. of the sume of Twenty
pounds which was levied by distress on the goods of Richard
Blythman; for suffering a conventicle to be holden at his house,
Wee say recud by us
John Abbay
William leak
Overseers for ye poor.
Barnsley, Oct. 1682, Rolls.
Thomas Cowper of Knottingley a Quaker indicted for being at
an vnlawfull conventickle, contemptuously refused to plead to the
indictment, fyned tenn pound, which he refused to pay ; to be
conveyed to be imprisoned. Barnsley, Oct. 1682.
Joseph Bailey of Denby, Edward Dickinson of the same,
Robt Ellis of Penniston and Thos Cowper of Knotingley,
Quakers, for absence from church three Sondayes, refused to find
sureties: committed to gaol.
Joshua [Green] of Denby, Matthew Burdett of Nether Denby,
Thomas Spavald of Bawtry, William Hill of Thorne, indicted and
convicted upon a Premunire refused to take the oath of allegiance.
Committed to gaol. Barnsley, Oct, 1682.
John Turner of Cawthorne, Quaker, being absent from church
for three Sundays, required to find sureties but refused; com-
mitted to York Castle.

Robert Clarkson of Pontefract, a Quaker, contemptuously
refused to take the oath of allegiance; committed to gaoler of

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Act. 135

Thomas Cooper of Knottingley (who was speaking or praying),
Sarah his wife, Thomas Scafe of Pontefract, Samuell Wiedye of
Pontefract, Richard Crabtree of Owston, Abraham Brigg of
Kildwicke Parish, Peter Barrett of Carleton, on Dec. 24 last,
held a conventicle at the house of Elizth. Stones.
Barnsley, Oct. 1682.

Tho. Midlebrook of Thorne, Robt Hallyfax, Henry Rustell, Thos.
Brewley & Ro. Smith of Thorne, Joseph Clark of Rawmarsh,
Hen Huntington of fferybridge, ffra. Boothes of Smawfitt, Quakers,
committed. Barnsley Oct. 1682.
Mark Trickett (ejected minister) both preached and prayed at
Tanshelf: committed. 1682.


Wakefield, July, 1683.
Lotherton cum Aberforth.-Anthony Bell, Robert Sawer, Ann
Holcroft, Ann Barker.
Carleton cum Camblesforth.-Sir Miles Stapilton Bart, John
Tayler, John Collin, Elizth Chapman, John Sothebie, gent,
and Ann his wife, John Titherington and Ann his wife, William
Awdas & Cath. his wife, John Britton, Michaell Hessley,
Isabel Cliffe, Mary Palmer, Johne wife of Willm Hoyley
Quakers 1683. James Marshall of Idle towpp. ffynd £20
Ephraim Sandall of Idle ,, £20
John Adcock of Idle ,, iijs
Dec. 6. 1683. On Sunday last 11 a.m, the Ch.wardens of
Weston being informed of a conventicle in a house belonging to
Henry Thompson of Askwith; they found Henry Thompson
Senior, Shoemaker, Christopher Greenwood of Askwith, Laborer,
Edwd Greenwood Junr of same, laborer, Edward Thompson of
ye same, cordwainer, John Browne of ye same, Laborer, Elizth
ye wife of George Darwen of the same, laborer, Jane the wife
of Robt Smith of the same mason, Dorathye wife of William
Shutt of ye same labr., ffrancis Kendall of ye same laborer,
Elizabeth Shutt of same spinster, Henry Thompson of Weston
cordwainer, John Pawson of ye same, Catherine Ackman of ye
same spinster, Mary Smith of ye same spinster, Robert Barber
of Leathley cordwainer, John Myers of Otley linen webster, Mary
the wife of John Blakey of Denton, laborer, Alice the wife of
John Bainbridge of Lyndley, laborer, William Bradley of
Swinstye, Walter ffawcett of Haverey Parke, labourer.

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136 Conventicle

29 Novr. Thursday, 1683 in a house at Askwith, they found
Joshua Dawson of Addingham, yeom. George Myers of same
husbandman, John Myers of Otley Linnen webster, Samuell
Thornton of Beckwith Shaw, Labr., John Bainbridge of Lyndley,
Labr, John Onerend, clothier, Robt Smith of Askwith mason,
Wm Bradley of Swinstee cordwainer, ffrancis Kendall, Walter
ffawcett, &c.
John Elum, John Whittiker Thomas Holmes & William
Midgley of Halifax and Joshua Smith, Thomas Barber and John
ffirth of Sowerby, and Robert Cowlinge of Northowrame, brought
before Justices Farrer & Horton by order of Ambrose Pudsay
Esquire, High Sherriffe : They refused to give bond : Committed
to York Castle. Leeds, July 1683.
Joshua Smith quaker fined £60, same date.
John Wordsworth of Horbury indicted for being psent at a
conventicle, refuses to enter into recognizance Committed to
York Castle. Leeds, July 1683.
John Wright of Grindleton in Waddington is a true sonne to
our comon mother the church of England.
Certified, (Leeds Sess: July 1683,) Willm Calverley pastor ibid.
Jo: Assheton
Tho. Parker
Henri Marsden
Chr. Heber
Chr. Wilkinson.
[These 5 were J.Ps.]

Abbigaill Stott Wid. for suffering the sd )
conventicle wittingly to be held in her house ) lb s d
£20, but adjudged not able warrant sent ) 10 00 00
out to levye vpon her goods and chattells )
only £10 pt. thereof )
Abbigall Stott her daughter for being psent and ) 00 05 00
a hearer ... .., )
Braidley. Edward Wadkinson and Jane his ) 00 10 00
wife hearers ... ... ... )
Jtm. a ffine of 10lb pt of Abbigall Stott ) 00 10 00
fine of £20 ... ... ... )
Skipton. John Hall, Taylor, Speaker for )
Teacheingn there fined 20lb but he adjudged ) 09 00 00
notable ... ... ... )

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Act. 137

Jtm. Elizabeth his wife a hearer ... ... 00 05 00
Empsay. Richard Thompson Labr. & Anne ) 00 10 00
his wife hearers ... )
Jtm. fine £5 upon Richard, pt. of John Hall ) 05 00 00
fine . . . . .. )
Carleton pish. Peter Barrett labr. hearer ... 00 05 00 OS 00
fined, part of John hall fine ... ... 02 10 00 00
John Smith and his wife hearers ... 00 10 00 00
fined part of John Hall fine ... ... 02 10 00 00
Skipton. John Cowper Labr. and Alice his ) 00 10 00 00
wife, hearers ... ... ... )
Jtm. fined pt. of John Hall fine... .. 01 00 00 00
Thomas Smith & Anne his wife labor, ) 00 10 00
hearers )
ffrancis Dune laborer hearer ... ... 00 05 00
Jane Bowcocke wid. hearer ... ... 00 05 00
Joshua Bowcocke labr. hearer ... ... 00 05 00
Sum of 44lb. OOs. 00d.

27 die 0 bris 34 Car 2di
Hen Fairfax
Tho. Fairfax
Conventicle att ye house of Willm Sidgswick of fflasby when
Willm Morehouse of Craco in Burnsall yeoman, preached; Christr
Morehouse of Hetton, Tho. Morehouse of Hetton, Rich. Ibatson
of Rilston yeomen, & others present.
Knaresbro' Oct. 1688.

Fines. Richard Harrison ... ... ... 14 14 00
Jon Mason ... ... ... ... 00 05 00
Mary Mason, Gilbert Lund, Rebecca Lund,
Jon Hugonson, Mar. Hugonson, James
Capestick, Antho Mason, Eliz. Green-
wood, Eliz. Lund, George Capestick
Senr, Geo Capestick Junr., Chr.
Capestick, Emma Capestick, Jon Dent,
each 00 05 00 ... ... ... 03 10 00

Total ... ... £18 09 00
The Kings third pte of the same is £06 03s. 00d.

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138 Conventicle


Committed to gaol for being present-
Samuel Thornton of Beckwithshaw, labor.
Stephen Marshall of Yeadon ,,
Abm Marshall of Burley ,,
Robt Smyth of Askwith mason
ffrancis Kendall ,, laborer
Joshua Dawson Adingham yeoman
George Myers ,, ,,
All discharged.
Thurgoland, Oct. 1683.-Absenters from Church--Ann Morton,
widd., Josias Coldwell & Mary his wife.
Munk Breton.- Jonathan Broadhead & Jane his wife, Will
Broadhead & Hannah his wife, Will Selvister & Elizabeth his
wife, Henry Ellis, Alice Hill Widd., Joseph Sawnderson, all
Clayton.-Laurence Champney & Katherine his wife, Thomas
Champney, John Whiteker & Margt. his wife, Alice ye wife of
Edward Tyas, Frances ye wife of Richard Gaskin, Michael
Anne Esq., & ffrances his wife

Wakefield Sessions, 1683.
Walton cum Breton.-Mr. Thomas Watterton and his wife
Catherine, Thomas Kirshaw and his wife Winnifred

Lowton.- Gervis Hamand Esq, & Katren his wife, Thomas
Challander and Mary his wife, Thomas Marshall and Anne his
wife, all supoased papest
Braton.- John Walker, Joseph Arnell, Rich ffoster, Thos
Collin, Catheren Peninton
Ossett.-Thos Pasley, Tho Schorey, popish Recusants. Tho
Naylor, John Atacke, John Rider, James Rider Jun, John
Claughton, Will. Claughton, Ann Claughton, John Bradford,
Martha Pickard, Quakers
Cleckheaton.-James Graue, William Pearson, Quakers
Saxton cu Scarthingwell.-Joan wife of Willm Hamand, Esq.,
Widow Bywater and John her son, Willm Wright and Ellin
his wife, Widdow Bellerby, Richard Gilliam and Mary his wife,
Steven and Mary Gilliam theire children, ffrancis the wife of

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Act. 139

Willm Allison, Isabell wife of Marmaduke Robinson, Christopher
Barker, Margaret his wife. Noe Conventiclers
Ryther cum Osendyke.-Cattran Wright, John Wright, Elezebeth
Wright, Mary Leafe, Edward Sedall, Susanna Sedall, Tho.
Sedall, Cattran Sedall
Waverley.-Abraham Wadsworth and Bridgett his wife and Benj.
his son, Richard Lawson and his wife, and Wm Coppley
Shelley.-John Robuck & Sarah his wife, John Kay and
Elizth. his wife, Willm Kay, Daniell Broadhead, Joshua
Midgley.- Quackers. Jos. Wadsworth, John Turner, Sam
Turner, Mary Wiggen, Henry Bettes & and his wife, Abraham
Hellewell & his wife
Gateforth.-Henry Smith & his wife, & Elizabeth Richardson
Chrigleston.-John Reyner
Crofton.-Robert Seele and ffrances his wife, Joseph Ward and
Margrett his wife-popish recusants. Caterine ffirth stands
excomunicate. Jennit Jefferson & Thomas Jefferson her son
in law that lives in incest
Aberforth.-Peter Slater and Mary his wife, William Tinsdaile
and Vrsulay his wife, William Slater and Matthew Tinsdaile,
John Milner
Rothwell.-ffrancis Raner, chrisfor Roods, Will moor, Joseph
Lupton, Abraham Buterfield Susan his wife, Edmond Walker,
Elizabeth Moor, Gilbert Crauen
Barkston.-William Nicholson, Mary his mother, Ann his sister,
Julian wife of Anthony Saxton, Mary Cowthet, papists. Mar-
garet wife of William Nicholson a dissenter
Kirk Ffenton.-Charles Barker & Elizabeth his wife, Christopher
Batley and Anne his wife.
Ledsham.-Richard Gent. (? Sykes) Mrs Sykes and ye daughter
of Mr Sikes
hodersfilld.--Edmond Horsfall & Sara his wife, Edmond Kaye
and Sara his wife, and Mary Kaye, ffilleph Horsfall, Anna
Marsden, John Brooke, Richard Brooke, Quakers
Parlinton.-Papists, Robert Harison, Thomas hepenstell, George
Hepenstell, Elizabeth Hepenstell, John Peper, Ellin Peper,
Dorothy Samson, Mary Hepenstell, Mary Sarvan. {Quakers}
John Harrison & Mary his wife
Monk ffriston.-a poore widow, quaker
Maningham.-John Jowett of Breck Lane

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140 Conventicle

Selby.-There is none that absents from the church but Quakers
That are already psented and are prisoners at York And are
vnder Bayle when they come to Selby. Mrs Wright now
married to Mr Potman a ptestant
Qvarmby.-John Marslland & Doraty his wife qvakers
Battley.-Samuell Hurd, James Janson, John Bradley, Nicholas

Leeds.-Lawrence Benson Lect. of Leeds tests. that Richard
Atkinson attends church, and promises to take ye Sacrament
next Lords Day
John Ryder of Ossett ffyne lOOli. Robert Lumbe of West
Ardsley fyne 1OOli. Committed to York Castle till they pay
it: ffyned for refuseing the oath of allegeance. Quakers
Grace ux. Ja. Pearson for being at a conventicle sub. fyne 4Os.
Jacob Earnshaw, Dewsbury, for conventicle £10, Rotherham
Sess., July 1683. He sent an apology to the magistrates and
promised to go to church.
Wm Taylor, Scholes, popish recusant, refused to take the oath
of allegiance
Ger. Canby, Selby, Quaker for conventicle ... 40s. fyne
Rob. Scott, Stainr., Quaker ,, ... 1Os. ,,
Jo Leake Selby ,, ,, ... 4Os. ,,
Anthony Collyer, Selby ,, ,, ... £3 ,,
{Quakers}.-Jo : Walker, of Brayton, for conventicle £3 fyne Roth.
1683. Hen. Jackson, of Holmfirth, refused to take the oath
of allegiance, quaker, £10, 1683.
John Earnshaw, Dewsbury for a conventicle, £10, petition to
have it forgiven and he would become a good Churchman. 1683
Joshua Raude, 6 Oct. 1682, I doe pmise to come noe more to
any vnlawfull conventicles, Roth. July 1683
John Burgess and Henry Dickinson of Hooton Pannell, Quakers,
committed to Castle at York. Roth. July 1683
Skipton Sessions, 1683, report of a conventicle at the house of
Samuel Watson, gent., Stainforth in Gigleswick
Preston Jaclin.- Oct. 1683.-Absent from church three weeks
Philip Hamerton & his wife, Henry Addison & his wife, John
Darley & his wife, John Spink & his wife, Sall. Shillitoe
Quaker, ffrancis Shillitoe Quaker

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Act. 141

Langsett.-Dissenters: Hen. Dickinson & ux, Mary ux Dan
Marsden, John Coldwell & ux, Geo Trout & ux, Jn Greene &
ux, Margaret Haigh vid, Ann Haigh, Margt Blackburne, Jn
Brownell, Jane Brownell, Jn Wordsworth
Remington Constable reports-July 29, 1684, Wm Oddy & his
wife, Tho Dryver & his wife, Jo Baldwin & his wife, Ja. Hoult
now prisoner at York Castle, & Johnas Chapman all reputed
Quakers, absent from church
Conventicle at Wm Masons Stonehouse in Dent, recorded at
Knaresbro, Oct. 1684
Tempest Illingworth, of Tong, Labr., indicted for speaking
severall maliciouse and oprobrious words in contempt and
derogation of the booke of Comon Prayer, Leeds, July
The foregoing notes corroborate the statements made in some
histories that the time of greatest persecution under the Stuarts
was in 1683-4. Other particulars respecting the persecution of
the Quakers will be found in {Besse's Sufferings}, and of other
Nonconformists in {Calamy's Lives of the Ejected}, but I am not
aware that anyone has gathered full materials for a history of the
Yorkshire Sufferers.
We have now reached the period of the " Glorious Revolution,"
and I am delighted to be able to place in a permanent form a list
of the Founders of Nonconformist Congregations in the West
Riding ; a list, probably complete, which I gathered from the
numerous bundles of Sessions Rolls preserved at Wakefield. My
extracts extend from 1689 to 1700. They are entered under
the so-called TOLERATION ACT.

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