The Northowram Registers

Popish Recusants

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It would be interesting to continue the search from 1700 to
1800, but it does not come within the period of this Register.
I will conclude my notes from the West Riding Sessions Rolls
with another list of Roman Catholics.
Mrs Catherine Palmes a Roman Catholick how living at the
house of Mr Thomas Waterton of Walton in ye west rideing hath
by undue means and practises got into her custody Ann
ffrances Stringer daughter of Wm. and Christabella Stringer,
Gentleman and Gentlewoman, protestants, (an infant) and detains
her from her mother, ordered that she be given up.
Sr. John Powell, Justice of Assize.
Wakefield October, 1690.
The Chief Constables issued orders to bring Papists to Justices
to take the oaths ; also to disarm them, and seize their horses
above the value of £5 which were to be sold. Their arms,
(guns, &c.) to be taken for their Majesties service-Skipton,
July 1691. This was effected upon
Wm Husband of Bentham, Gent.,
Thos. Grimes of Austwick,
Arthur Ingleby, of Lawkland, Esq.,
Richard Beesley of Twiselton, Gent.
The following Papists were reported at Leeds Session, Augt.

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Spofforth-John Middleton Esq: & Jaine his wife, Squire
Plumpton, Henry Pullan, Abm Atkinson, Will. Gill, James
Hawkesworth, Gabriel Loadman, George Crooke, Catherine
Smithson, Ann Shearewood, Elizth Loftas, John Swaile, Ann
Sumpster and Ann her daughter. [See Middleton below.]
Brearton -- Ralph Grimston

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158 Popish

Wetherby-Thomas Emmerson.
Ripley-Wm Pallister, Lawrence Hodgson, Martin Hodgson, John
Eavson, Wm. Hawkin, Dorathy Plenom, Widd., Mary Hodgson,
Wid., ffrances Hakeins, singlewoman, Anne Hodgson, single-
woman, John Matson Labr., Michaell Mawd, Wm Dobson &
Jane his wife, Alice ye wife of Wm Pallister.

Plumpton-Wm Atkinson & Ffrances his wife, Widow Bicker-
dike & John her son, Wm Mercer, John Parker & Mary
his wife, Edwd Bickerdike & Isabel his wife, Mrs Hellen
Plumpton, Ann Swaile, Barbary Clayton, Edwd Briggs & Eliz.
his wife, John Swaile and his wife, ffrancis Briggs, Ellen
Briggs widow, Thomasin Coats, Margt. ye wife of John
Knowles, Stephen Shann & Eliza Pullen.

Stainbeck Downe-Geo Smith, ffrancis topham, Thos Topham,
Rich Gill, Thos Fryer, Ralph Suttle, Francis Shaw, Thos.
Stainbeck Up-Thomas Jully.
Fountaine Earth-Thomas Spence.
Midleton-- John Midleton Esq., & his wife, Abraham Atkinson
& Wm Gill their servants, Andrew Hardwick, Thos. Hawks-
worth, Philip Lofthouse & Ann his wife, Ellinor the wife of
Christopher Hodgson, Wi1liam Gill, Wm Harrison, Thos.
Harrison, Margt. wife of Thos Hodgson.
Nesfeild-Thos. Moon & ffrances his wife, Wm Moon, Abm
Atkinson & Ann his wife & Thos his son.
Knarsbrough-Thos Jefferson, Geo. Cass, Emanuel Cass, Wm.
Deubon, Richard Cass, Lyolett Slater, Mathew Harrison,
Stephen Cass, Wm. Colbon, John Linton, Joseph Harrison,
Geo. Smith.
Hartwith cum Hinsley-Mathew Burnit, Jas. Whelous, Wm.
Crosland, James Mandes.
Aserelay--Chas. Dufil, George Runfit, Henry Duffil, Mathew
Duffil, Michell Duffil.
Audfeild-Richard Mautus.
Norton--Thos Gudridge & ffrances his wife.
ffery friston--Jas Calvert, Martha his wife, & 2 maid servants.
Mrs Mary Iles, Richard Tempest, Thos. Stockes, Richard
Barker, John Scott, Jude his wife, Mary Speight, Elizabeth
Shillito, Ann Bedford, Joseph Harre & his wife, Margret
Norden, Elizabeth Cowplon.
Wistow-Mary Brogden, Eliz Morritt.

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Recusants. 159

Staineley Cum Caton-Solomon Swale Barronett, Mr Alderage
Swale, Will Kilburn & his wife, Anthony Bretherick & his wife,
George Pennington & his wife, Leonard Coup & his wife,
Francis Benson & his wife, John Barton & his wife, Thos
Wheelehouse & his wife, John Thompson, Sarvant, John
Wright, Sarvant
Roundhey--Richard Aspinwall Laborr, Stephen Lodge Laborr,
Anthony Lodge Husbandman, Ann the wife of Robt Lee.
Linton-Thos. Whitham, John Whitham, Edwd Moore.

Killinghall--Wm Wardman, Alice Wardman his mother.
Harrigate--Mr. Jo. Fawcett Robt. Young and his wife,
Barbary ye wife of Peeter Simson, Elizabeth Simpson
his daughter, Henry Young, Thos. Squire & Mary
his wife, Mrs Mary Copley.
In Pannell-Edward Thompson, & Julian his wife
Ralph Reynard & Elizth his wife, Robt. Reynard
Wm Reynard.
Minskip--Christr. Smith, Peter Earle, Thomas Darley, Charles
Lowrey, Michael Wright.
Borough Bridge--Mr Francis Calvert, Mr John Calvert, Mr
Ambrose Jackson, Mr Geo. Hammerton, Robt Bartle.
Burton Leonard-Stephen Umpleby & Jane his wife, John
Swale & Ellin his wife, Elizth. Baynes, widow.
Arkendall--Robert Hargreaves, Widdow Beckwith, Elizth Smith.
Tadcaster--Ann ye wife of Thomas Taylor, Gentln.
Sicklinghall--No papist nor dissenter but Thomas Brown a poor
Timble--Mr Wm Hardisty.
fetherston--Mr John Hepron, Mrs Alice Hepron.
South Kirby--Mrs Mary Armitage, John Marshall.
Castleford--Anne Norton, Sarah Atak.
Bramham--Matthew Challenger & his wife.
Purston Jackling--Mr Mathew Hammerton & his wife, Mr
Edward Killingbecke, Mrs Winifrid Killingbeck, Mr Luke
Brittan, Mr Attwood, Willm Darley, Jane Darley, Katheran
Darley, Mary Prince, (last four servants) Mr George Steemson
& his wife, John Spinke & his wife, Joseph Stringer & his
wife, John Darley & his wife, Michaell Darley, John Darley
Junior, Anne Dailey, ffrances Darley, Anne Darley their
servant, Edward Owram & his wife.

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160 Popish

Houghton--Matthew Billcliffe, Ann his wife, Margrett & Mary
Knottingley--Katherine Geys, & Ellin Wood.
Tickhill--Henry Beslay, Ralph Hansbey, the wife of Thomas
farnworth, the wife of Jonathan Adeson.
Bentham in Eucross--Cudbert Parkinson, Robert Turner, Mr Wm
Husband of Lankishire.
Crofton--Joseph Ward Robert Steele.
Hallam--Wm ffox gent., Wife of John Casollton.
Kimberworth--Henry Rattliffe & his brother Robert Rattliff, Ann
Rattliffe their mother.
Bawtry--Henry Scott Labourr.
Bradfeild--Rowland Revell, Edward Cheshire & his wife, George
Hilton and his wife, John Wildsmith & his wife, Gregorie
Revell, Gartrude Revell, Ann Rovell, Mary ffox, Rosamond
ffenton, John Brittlebanke.
Auston cu Membrs--Elizabeth wife of John Shuttleworth, William
Everritt her sonne, John Marshall her nephew aged about 16.
Rotherhan-- John Chadwick, Wm Jessop, Garvis Sailes.
Clayton cu Ffrickley--Michael Anne, Esq, & Ffrances his wife,
Thomas Champney & Anne his wife, Catherine Champney
widd., Margt ye wife of Alexr Watkin, Barbarah Marsden,
Richard Gaskin, & ffrances his wife, & Eliz the wife of Thomas
Kettlewell-Lawrence Dent.
Sheffield-Edmund Murphey, Edward Murphey, Agneis wife of
Mr Tho. ffreeman, Elizabeth wife of John. Ellis, Jane Aldam
widd., Mary Aldam maide, Elizabeth Champernoone widow,
Mrs Abdy widow, Hellen Walker neese to George Walker.
Hansworth-- Joseph Crownshaw, Thomas Parker, Thomas
Austwicke-- Arthur Ingleby Esq., Thomas Grime, Thomas
Ingleton---Mr Richard Beeslay & Agnes his wife, Isabell Tayllor,
Isabell Redmayne, Thomas Leake & Eliz. his wife, Agnes
Leake widow.
Rathmell--George Moftley, John Husband, Thomas Tindall.
Broughton-- Thomas Tempest Esq., Stephen Tempest gent.,
Richard Tempest gent, John Tempest Labourer, Robert
Tempest Laborr, Thomas Yorke Labor, Edward Yorke Labor,
Stephen Yorke Labor, Christopher Oxnerd Labor, Stephen

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Recusants. 161

Oxnerd Labor, Mrs Elizth Yorke Widow, William Lofthouse
Labor, Adam Lofthouse Labour., Bridget ye wife of xpher
Oxnerd, Margery Tempest & Jane Tempest singlewomen.
Carleton---James Singleton gent., Henry Singleton (removed).
Skipton---Mr John Mitchell Atturney at Law, John Cotham.
Havercroft---Laorence Clarkson, ffrances Clarkson.
Langside--John Browne, Robert Blackburn.
Skelbrook--Thomas Horncastle & Alice his wife, ffrances his
daughter. This Thomas Horncastle is servant to Mr Michael
Anne of Burghwallis.
Burwallis--Michael Anne Esq., & Jane his wife.
Scriven & Tentergate--John Tucker, Anthony Cass, Daniel
Hooton Roberts-Elizabeth Pearson, Vid. about 70.
Grewelthorpe-Mary Atkinson, Jane Walker.

Stotton--Sir Walter Vavasour Bartt & Jane his Lady, Richard
Green, George Wilson, Mathew Tinsdall, Richard Swayle &
his wife.
Stubbs Walden--Mrs Cisalle Pearcy, Mrs Dorathy Pearcy, Mrs
Mary Pearcy, Elizabeth Singalton.
Armin--Elizabeth Jackson.
Little Smeaton--Phillip Heptenstall & Isabell his wife, Peter
Heptenstall & Ann his wife.
Larton--Elizabeth Raynard.
Whitgift--Mary Cleark.
Hurst cum Hurst--Ann Arnitt.
Kirkby Malzeard--Elizabeth Hemsworth, Mary Harieson.
Thorp Audlin--Ann ffearnley.
Otley---Jane wife of Richard Birch, Mary wife of John Ffarnell.
Brotherton---Thos Allison & Jane his wife, Anthany Jefferson,
Richard Jefferson.
Gowle-Dorathy Emson & her sons William & Gregory.
Snayth-Mr Tallbot & his son Dowderst.
Barkeston--Wm Ringcrosse & Ann his wife, Julian Sapton
Widdow, Margratt Nicholeson Widdow, Margratt Sisan.
Chlint cu. Hambletts--John Tompson, Thomas Hardcastle, Christ.
Maulthouse, John Maulthouse, Robt Shann, Thomas Kendall,
Francis ffish, Robt Joy, Peter Shan, ffrancis Happerton, Thos
Happerton, Christopher Smith, Edward Thorpe.
Brayton-Katherine Penington, Elizabeth Richardson.

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162 Popish

ffishlake cum Sikehouse--Clara wife of Willm Dynnis, Junr. of
Towton--Mr Gervas Hamond & Katherine his wife, Thomas
Marshall & Ann his wife.
Saxton -cum- Scarthingwell--- Mrs Johane Hamond, William
Allingson & ffrances his wife, Johannah ffletcher, Isabel the
wife of Marmah Duke Robinson, Marmah Duke Barker Servant,
Mary Mood, Henry Mood, Johanah Mood, Anne Bywater, John
Bywater and Mary his wife, Thomas Bywater, Richard Gilliam
Senior, Steven Gilliam his sone, Mary Gilliam his daughter,
William Sauer and Mary his wife, William Wright and Ellen
his wife, Richard Wright & his wife, Catheran Wright and
Robert her sonne, Anne Barker Widow, John Cressey & Mary
his wife, Christopher Barker & Margaret his wife, John Speech
and Anne his wife, Margaret Slater Servant, Margaret Robinson
Servant, Mrs Sturdy Widow.
Haddlesey West--Anne Matthewes Spinster.
Sherburne--John Simpson & Margret his wife, John Hall &
Winifrid his wife, Ann Creadway widdowe.
Leod, parish of Ryder---John Wright and his wife.
Aston cum Aughton---Cladeous Penny.
Shadwell--Mrs Cuphras Thompson, Mary Shippen, Izabell Daniel,
Mr Milles Lodge (sometimes resident).
Gerford--Thomas Heptonstal, William Shillito, Edward Marshall.
Hotton Panell---Thomas Shann & Jane his wife.
Huddleston cum Lumbe--Phillip Hamerton & his wife.
Thurnscho---Mr Stephen Horne.
Thorton--Joseph Busby and his wife.
Cawood--Robt Gael & his wife, & Ann his maide, Robt
Thorold, John Claeton, Peter Dotchon & his wife, Mary Gudger,
Barbara Adcock.
Barwick in Elmet-Thomas Gascoigne Esq., William Taylor,
Andrew Slator, John Butcher, Willm Cooke, John Sheppen
Senior, Rich. Sheppen, John Sheppen jnn, Cuthbert Procter,
John Holcroft, Nicolas Sheppen, Mark Brunton, Samuel
Robinson, Peter Sheppen.
Follifoot---Edward Bayram & Margret his wife, Roger Deighton
& Barbury his wife.
Lothertan cum Abberford--Antany Bell, John Bell, Ellin Bell.
Thorner---Thomas Prince.

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Recusants. 163

Kippax--John Grocoke, Elez. Grocoke, ffrancis Johnson, Ann
Abberford---Wm Slater, Wm Tinsdale, Peeter Slater, John Milner,
Wm Tarleson.
Selby---Mr William ffoxcroft & wife, Mr George Dalltry.
Carleton cum Camlesforth---Sir Miles Stapelton Bart, Nicholas
Erington Esq., Mr John Sotheby, John Reynall, Thomas
Shillito, Wm Audas, Phillip Ealand, Thomas Walker, John
Tomson, William Bell, Anthony Emson, Robert Richard [sic]
and barbara his wife, Mary Palmmer, John Talor and Usley his
wife, Mary Pearson, Nicklas lessay, Mrs holgstaf, John briton,
Joney hodgley, Ladye Stapleton, Maddam Erington, Jane
Askue, Dorate Askew, Mary Wenforth, John Collin, Mrs
Sotheby, Elizabeth Sotheby, Mrs Champney & her sister,
Cattaran Awdas, Elling Awdas, Mary Walker, Margitt Rigsby,
Ann Peares, Mary Empson.
Parlington--Mr John Gascoigne, John Pepper, John Adiman,
George Heppenstall, Nicholas Messenger.
Criddleing Stubbs---George Briggs & Elizabeth his wife.
Scarcroft---John Ryther Esq, & Mary his wife, Grace Daniel, vid.
Ossett---Thomas Pashley.
Austrop--- Mr Remmey George.
Shiplay--- Mr Richard Tempest.
Morley---Mr William Stephenson of Howley.
Snydall--- Wm. Willson, Robert Hainsworth, William Pease,
Robert Wager, Thomas Pease, John ffanning Esq, and his
three men Timothy Bryan, Edward Darrley, and Dennis, also
Francis Parkison and Joseph Wright Junr., which have not
been apprehended.
Eland cum Greetland----Richard Randell Esq.
Hallifax---John Bollard, Henry Hanson, Willm Priscod.
Barmbrough---Anne Roe.
Walton cum Bretton---Thomas Watterton Esq., Thomas Kershay,
Thomas Avison, Joab Cooper.
Waddington cum Bradford-Stephen Anderton, Laurence Ward.

Thus endeth our chapter of iniquities,-a chapter we, as
Protestants, ought to be ashamed of, unless Roman Catholicism
is something more than a religious creed, and involves the safety
and property of the country.

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Transcribed by Colin and Pauline Hinson © 1995