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HALIFAX: All Souls' Church and Cemetery, Halifax

a brief history, photograph, and Monumental Inscriptions

Halifax All Souls church

All Souls was built by Edward Akroyd (1810-1887), grandson of James - who in 1811 founded what was to become the largest worsted manufacturers in the world: James Akroyd & Son. A benevolent employer, and mindful of the needs of his employees, Edward supported many organisations and institutions which enabled workers to improve their lives, he provided low cost allotments, and did much to build the village of Ackroyden to house his workers. Edward was concerned that the fast growing local community had no local church or burial ground and in 1854 bought a former Baptist chapel in Haley Hill and had it licensed for Church of England services, the Parish of All Souls' being formed in 1855 when the new church building commenced.

The burial ground is a short distance from the church on separate land, and near the entrance was a mortuary and Memorial Chapel built by Edward and his brother Henry in memory of their father, Jonathan. The corner stone of the chapel was laid on 21st April 1855, the inscription reading:
The Corner stone
of the
Chapel of All Souls' Cemetery,
Founded by Edward Akroyd Esq. of Bank Field
A deputy Lieutenant of the West Riding of this county,
and a Justice of the Peace for the said Riding,
was laid by George Beaumont, Esq., a Justice of the Peace
for the Borough of Halifax,
on the 21st day of April
Charles Richard Holmes MA, Curate
James Mallinson & Thomas Healey, Architects

[note: this is not a complete list of the MI's]
 Section H    Row C
  No.8  Kerb surround

In loving memory of
the beloved wife of Fred Elston,
who died 10th January 1912
aged 27 years
[right hand side]:

Also of
Jane Rothera, wife of Thomas Rothera
 No. 9   Headstone & Kerb
In Loving Memory of
The beloved wife of John Gath of Claremount
died Oct 21st 1901 aged 60 years
 No. 10   Headstone & Kerb
Affectionate Remembrance
George Carter
died February 8th 1901
aged 74 Years.
In Life respected, in Death lamented
Also Elizabeth
widow of the above
died March 20th 1902 aged 74 years
Her End was Peace
[Right hand kerb]:

Also James Sutcliffe
died Sep 2nd 1924, aged 59 years


No. 11   Headstone & Kerb
In Loving Memory of
Tom Scratcherd
Who died Aug 19th 1926
aged 68 years.
Also Ann Jane, beloved
wife of the above
who died Oct 12th 1900
aged 43 years.
Also Edgar, son
of the above
who died in his Country Service,
April 28th 1917 aged 27 Years

H Crowther

No.12   Headstone & Kerb
In Affectionate Remembrance of
The Beloved Wife of
Thomas Cooper
Died March 4th 1902
in her 53rd Year.
He Giveth His Beloved Sleep.
Also the above
Thomas Cooper
Died April 10th 1916 in his 74th Year.
Gone but not forgotten.
Also Lily Agnes Cooper,
daughter in law of the above
Died July 21st 1919
in her 40th Year.
At Rest.

Also Alice, daughter of the above
Lily Agnes Cooper
Died Oct 12th 1945 Aged 36 Years


 Section Q    Row B
No.14  3-stepped cross
[front face]:
In Loving Memory of
The Beloved Wife of
Thomas Swift
who Died Nov 24th 1890
Aged 62 Years 
"She was, words are wanting to say
What: Think What a Wife & Mother
Should be and she was That"
Also the above
Thomas Swift
Died Dec 9th 1897
Aged 71 Years
[right hand side]:
Hanson Hargreaves
Grand Daughter of
Thomas & Ellen Swift
Who Died Jan 15th 1894
Aged 3 years
 No.16   Headstone
In Affectionate Remembrance of
Elizabeth Rothera
The Beloved Daughter of
John & Hannah Bedford of Halifax
Who died Dec 14th 1875
Aged 39 Years.
In Life Respected, in Death Lamented.
Also the above John Bedford
Who Died Dec 31st 1885
Aged 64 Years
Also Hannah, widow
of the above John Bedford
who Died February 10th 1896
Aged 80 Years
 No. 17   Headstone
In Loving Memory
Sarah Ann
Wife of John Ogden Died July 28th 1902
Aged 62 Years.
Also Harry, Beloved Husband
of Ann Ogden
and son of the above
Died march 13th 1907
Aged 29 Years
His End Was Peace.
Also Caroline Hine
Sister of the above
Who Fell Asleep Feb 8th 1913
In her 76th Year.
Also of Walter Ogden
The Beloved Husband of Mary Hannah Ogden
Died May 3rd 1937 Aged 64 Years
 Section B   Row F
 4.  Headstone
In Loving memory of
Beloved Husband of Annie Elizabeth Rothery
Who Died April 24th 1937 Aged 37 Years
Also of the above
Annie Elizabeth Rothery
Who Died Dec 27th 1957 Aged 54 Years
 6.  Headstone
In Loving Memory of
The Beloved Wife of Monty Foster
Died Feb 26 1938 Aged 61
Also Montague Foster
Dearly Loved Husband of the above
Died Oct 25 1957 Aged 82
[right hand kerb]:
In Loving Memory of
Hector Firth
Dearly Loved Husband of Phyllis
and son in law of the above
Died September 8 1941 Aged 41

Mason: Wright & Sons Ltd, King Cross

 Section I    Row D
No. 11  Headstone
In Loving Memory of
Cain Rothera
Born May 6th 1843
Died August 18th 1904
Also Mary
wife of the above
Born December 16th 1843
Died March 19th 1923
Blessed are they who rule
their household well.
Also Fred, son of the above
Born June 30th 1865
Died February 17th 1933
Also the above
Mary Ellen Rothera
Borne June 11th 1871
Died September 29th 1948
 No.12  Stone kerb surround
no headstone
In Loving Memory of
[left hand kerb]:

Joseph William Littlewood

Died March 17th 1941 aged 64 years
 No.13  3-stepped cross
top broken off
[centre front]:
Sacred to the Memory
the Beloved Husband of Ann Haggas
Born March 9th 1846
Died May 16th 1905
Sleep In Peace Until We Meet Again
Also of the above named
Ann Haggas
Who Died April 7th 1914
Aged 66 Years
At Rest
[right hand side]:
Pte. Fred Stansfield
Durham Light Infantry
Killed somewhere in France
Sep 10 1918 Aged 19 Years
Also Thomas Stansfield
Died Feb 18th 1927
in his 62nd Year
[left hand side]:
Also of Hannah
Beloved Wife of
Thomas Stansfield
Died Dec 21st 1938
Aged 71 Years.
 Section K   Row F
 F5   Headstone
In Loving Memory of
Manks Bottomley
Who Died November 8th 1904
Aged 59 Years
also Hannah, widow of the above
Who Died April 24th 1909 Aged 69 years
Also of
Sarah Jane, Elizabeth Ann,
and Fred
Infant children of the above
Rest in Peace
Also Joseph Crossley
son of the above
Died August 19th 1955
Aged 82 years
 F6  Headstone
In Affectionate Remembrance of
John Gill Holroyd
of Halifax
Who Died 18th July 1873
Aged 60 Years
Also of Martha, wife of the above
Who Died 9th July 1878
Aged 72 Years
Also Clara Fleming Holroyd
daughter of the above
Born February 25th 1839
Died January 23rd 1904
 F7   Headstone
In Memory of
Thomas Greenwood
of Old Lane
Who Died April 19th 1877
Aged 55 Years
Also of Robinson his Son
Who Died October 29th 1873
Aged 2 years and 5 months
Also of Hannah, relict of the above
and beloved wife of
Joseph Garforth who Died June 10th
1886 aged 54 years
Also of the above Joseph Garforth
Who Died October 2nd 1905
Aged 64 Years
"Thy Will Be Done"
 F8   Headstone
In Loving Memory of
Herbert Rothera
Who Died Jany 5th 1899
Aged 34 Years
Gone but not forgotten
 F9   Headstone
In Memory
Jane Briggs
Died July 16th 1864
Aged 37 Years
 Section B   Row F
 2.  Headstone
In Loving Memory of
Beloved Husband of Mary Ellen Gledhill
Died 13th May 1937 Aged 74 Years
Loved in Life, In Death not Forgotten
Also of Mary Ellen Gledhill
Beloved Wife of the above
Died 24th January 1941
Aged 74 Years
Also of Joseph, son of the above
Killed in Action 11th Nov 1914
Aged 19 Years

Mason: Crossley

 3.   Headstone
In Loving Memory of
Samuel Clark
Died 28th Dec 1935 Aged 51 Years
Loved in Life, In Death Not Forgotten
Also Samuel, Beloved son of the above
Who Fell Asleep Aug 6th 1939
Aged 9 Years
'Love is the Golden Chain that binds'

Mason: Crossley

 7.   Headstone
[left hand kerb]:
Also the aforesaid Alice Ann Hanson
Died April 24th 1952
Aged 77 Years

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