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HALIFAX: The Coiners of Halifax

The Coiners of Halifax

The Coiners of Halifax.

Although coins had been "milled" since 1662 to deter the clipping or filing of silver and gold coins it was not sufficient to prevent the practice. The clippings were melted down and poured into dies to make new coins, often Portuguese and other currencies which were still legal tender in Britain. In 1561 it was made "Misprision of Treason" [contempt of treason] to forge foreign coin. For the forging of coin of the Realm, however, the charge was High Treason, the punishment for which was:
  1. that the offender be drawn to the gallows, and not be carried or walk
  2. that he be hanged by the neck and then cut down alive
  3. that his entrails be taken out and burned while he is alive
  4. that his head be cut off
  5. that his body be divided into four parts
  6. that his head and quarters be at the king's disposal
This punishment was later considerably modified and in most of the instances listed below the offenders were executed by hanging at Tyburn. Some were taken down after execution and put into "chains" and hung on Beacon Hill, Halifax, for all to see - the bodies remaining there for months. The following is an index of the coiners of Halifax, their punishment, and witnesses and victims of their crimes, during the years between 1767 and 1774.
ARDELL/ORDEL, Bob of Halifax - coiner 
BARKER, John of Stansfield - coiner - York Castle
BARKER, Peter of Stansfield - coiner
BARKER, Wm of Soyland/Erringden - coiner
BARRATT, John of Huddersfield - witness against coiners
BARRETT, Wm - witness against coiners
BARROWCLOUGH, Jonathan - coiner
BATES, James of Soyland - suspect
BATES, John of Halifax - coiner - York Castle
BOLTON, John of Erringden, - coiner
BOLTON, Jonas of Erringden - coiner
BOLTON, Jonathan of Sowerby - coiner
BROADBENT, James of Wadsworth - informer and coiner
BROADBENT, Joseph - witness
BROADBENT, Thomas - charged with rescuing John SUTCLIFFE
BROOK, James of Collingbob, Turvin - coiner
CAWTHREY, John - witness
CLAYTON, Thomas of Turvin [Sowerby] - coiner - escaped on way to York Castle
CLAYTON, William of Sowerby - coiner
CLEGG, Charles of Turvin - coiner
CLEGG, Richard of Turvin - coiner
COCKROFT, John of Marsh Lane - coiner - York Castle, execution reprieved,
transported to Africa
CRABTREE, James of Inspector of Worsted Yarn 1769 - informer
CRAMPTON, Thos of Soyland - coiner - York Castle
CROSSLEY, Abraham - coiner - York Castle
CROSSLEY, Ely - coiner
CROSSLEY, Father and son of Booth Town - coiner - custody at Bradford
CROSSLEY, John of Westfield - coiner
CROSSLEY, ? of Halifax - coiner - gaoled in Lancaster Gaol Jan.1769
DEWHURST, Isaac of Luddingden Dean Warley - coiner
DEWHURST, Luke of Turvin - coiner
DEWHURST, Thos of Highgreens, Erringden - coiner
DOWIES, William - coiner
EASTWOOD, Jonas of Erringden - coiner
FEATHER, John of Roughhead Denholme - absconded
FOLDS, William of Errenden - accessory murder Dighton
GASSED, James of Soyland - coiner
GELDER[T], Joseph of Hx - coiner
GOMERSALL, Thomas of Leeds - disclaimer
GREENWOOD, Daniel of Wadsworth Banks - coiner - York Castle
GREENWOOD, Daniel of Turvin - coiner - custody at Bradford
GREENWOOD, David of Hilltop, Erringden - High Treason
GREENWOOD, John - - - murder of A.INGHAM - acquitted
GREENWOOD, Thomas of Wadsworth Banks - coiner - York Castle, discharged
GREEN, Jas. of Halifax - coiner
GREEN, Walter of Lighthazles - coiner
HALEY, William of Norton - informer
HANSON, Joseph of Halifax - coiner - escaped - wanted notice
HARPUR, William of Lee Bank - coiner - custody at Bradford
HARTLEY, David of Bell House, Errenden - coiner - gaoled York castle executed
Tyburn 28.4.1770
HARTLEY, Isaac of Erringden - coiner
HARTLEY, Wm of escaped - coiner
HEAP, John, of Lod., Westfield - coiner
HEAP, John, Turley of Westfield - coiner
HELLIWELL, Daniel of Lighthazles - coiner
HELLIWELL, James of Lighthazles - coiner
HEPWORTH, Matthew of Ovenden - coiner
HILL, Ely - coiner
HILL, John - coiner
HOLDSWORTH, Sam of Westfield - coiner
HOLMES, Joseph - coiner
HORSFALL, Nathan of Saltonstall Warley
HOULDSWORTH, Joseph - informant
IBBETSON, John of Ovenden - coiner
INGHAM, Abraham - murdered
IREDALE, Robert of southowram - forgery, High Treason - executed Tyburn 1776
JAGGER, James of Sowerby - coiner - gaoled York castle - murdered A.INGHAM
KERSHAW, Abraham of Wood, Turvin - coiner
KERSHAW, Alexander - witness
KERSHAW, James of Wood, Turvin - coiner
LAW, John of Erringden - coiner
LAW, Mark of Turvin - coiner
LAW, William of Turvin - coiner
LILEY, Richard of Soyland Mill - coiner
LISTER, John of Bent, Turvin - coiner
LISTER, Joshua of Hx - coiner
LUM, Abraham of Turvin - coiner
MARTON, Stephen of Elland - coiner - gaoled York Sep 1769
MILNER, James - informant
MORTON, Stephen - coiner - York Castle
MURGATROYD, Thos. of Haley - Found in possession of gun which killed Dighton
NEWALL, Mary of Heptonstall - charged murder Abra. INGHAM - acquitted
NORMANTON, Mathew of Sowerby - murder of Dighton - Executed Tyburn 1775, chains
Beacon Hill
OLDFIELD, James of Warley - coiner - gaoled York Sep 1769 executed Tyburn
ORDEL/ARDELL, Bob of Halifax - coiner
o'SMITH, George of Soyland - suspect
PARKER, John of Shackleton, Stansfield -
PICKLES, John of Wadsworth Row - coiner - gaoled York Sep 1769
PICKLES, Thomas of Wadsworth Bank - witness
PICKLES, wife of John - coiner - county gaol
PROCTOR, James of Blue Ball - Soyland - coiner
PROCTOR, Wm. of Maiden stones - Soyland - coiner
RADCLIFFE, John jnr of Lighthazles - coiner
RADCLIFFE, John snr of Lighthazles - coiner
RADCLIFFE, Thos. of Lighthazles - suspect
RADCLIFFE, Wm [s.John] of Lighthazles - suspect
ROBERTS, William of Bacup - coiner - Lancaster Castle
RUSHFORTH, James of Bradford - witness
SALTONSTALL, Js., of Westfield - coiner
SALTONSTALL, Mark - coiner - executed 1783
SHARP, Joshua of Turburwin - witness
SHAW, James of Bradshaw - coiner - county gaol
SHAW, Joseph - coiner - imprisoned Bradford
SHAW, Joshua of Hx - coiner
SHIPLEY, George - accessory murder Dighton, - York Castle 1774
SLADDIN, John of Wadsworth - coiner
SMITH, Josias of Bradford - coiner
SPENCER, John of Lee Bank - coiner - custody at Bradford
SPENCER, Thomas of Warley, weaver - murder of Dighton - hanged
STANCLIFFE, Joshua of watchmaker - threatened [re D Hartley]
STANSFIELD, Thos. of Booth Town - coiner - custody at Bradford
STELL, Joseph - coiner - 1768 executed
SUNDERLAND, Thos - coiner
SUTCLIFFE, Anthony of Swamp, Turvin - coiner
SUTCLIFFE, Benjamin of HX - coiner
SUTCLIFFE, John of Lighthazles - coiner - York Castle
SUTCLIFFE, Richard of Erringden - coiner
SUTCLIFFE, Thos of Erringden - coiner
SYKES, Wm of Watson Mill, Sowerby - coiner
TATHAM, John of Wadsworth - coiner
TAYLOR, Paul, - coiner - custody at Bradford
THOMAS, Robert of Wadsworth Banks - charged murder Dighton - executed Tyburn,
hung in chains Beacon Hill, Hx. 1774
THOMAS, William of Lighthazles - coiner
THOMPSON, George of Halifax area - coiner - Newgate prison Newcastle
TILLOTSON, Jonas of Mixenden - coiner - gaoled York on suspicion
TOMMIS/THOMAS, Robert of Wadsworth - charged murder Dighton - executed Tyburn,
hung in chains Beacon Hill, Hx. 1774
UTTLEY, John of Luddenden - coiner
VARLEY, Thos [s.Wm] of Warley - coiner - acquitted
VARLEY, William of Warley - coiner - sentenced to death
WAID, Thomas - coiner - York Castle
WALSH, Robert - coiner
WESTERMAN, Thos of Leeds - coiner - gaoled York on suspicion
WHITELEY, Jas. of Erringden - suspect
WILCOCK, John of Keelliam, Erringden
WILCOCK, William of Erringden - coiner
WILDE, Israel of Deerplay, Sowerby - suspect
WILKINSON, Abel of Midgley - Witness
WILSON, Thos. of Leeds - coiner - gaoled York on suspicion
WOOD, John - coiner - execution reprieved, transported to Africa

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The Yorkshire Coiners and Old Halifax"