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NORTHOWRAM: Northowram Church Warden's Accounts 1636.

Northowram Church Warden's Accounts 1636.

Northowram Church Warden's Accounts 1636.

These are the accounts of John Lister of Over Brear, Churchwarden for Northowram in 1636, of moneys received for disbursement to the poor. [Amounts in pounds, shillings and pence]. Moneys disbursed as Poor Relief are on a separate index.

........., Thomas 12 months 2s.0d
ALLINGWORTH, John 12 months 3s.0d
BALMEFORTH, James for 7 months 1s.2d
BATES, James jnr, 7 months 16s.4d
BATES, James, Eldr. £2.10s
BATES, Joseph for 6 months 2s.6d
BAXTER, Richard 12 months 2s.0d
BEAMONT, Humphrey 12 months 2s.0d
BEARSTOW, Grace and her children for 7 months 16s.4d
BEARSTOW, Jeremy, 12 months 6s.0d
BEARSTOW, Michael, Upper Rands 12 months 5s.0d.
BEARSTOW, Michaell, lower Rands for 9 months 4s.6d
BEARSTOW, Willins 12 months 3s.0d

BENTLEY, John, Stoups for 7 months 2s.4d.
BENTLEY, John, for 7 months 3s.6d
BENTLEY, Nathan 12 months 4s.0d
BERRY, Hugh for 11 months 1s.10d
BEST, Abraham for 7 months 2s.4d.
BLACKETT, Richard, for 7 months 9s.4d
BOOTH, John and his mother - Item of 18s.
BOOTH, Tobye 12 month 5s.0d
BOYES, John for 7 months 5s.3d
BOYES, John, 12 months 12s.0d
BROOKE, William 12 months 2s.0d
BUTLER, William for 7 months 2s.4d.
BUTTERWORTH, Joseph, for 7 months 9s.4d.

CLAY, John for 7 months 9s.4d
CROWTHER, Henry for 12 months 12s.0d
CROWTHER, Jonas, 12 months 8s.0d
CROWTHER, Joseph, for 7 months 3s.6d
CROWTHER, Nathan, for 7 months 3s.6d
CROWTHER, Robt. 12 months 4s.0d

DAWSON, Thomas 12 months 2s.0d
DEANE, ......, Blakehill for 7 months 2s.4d.
DEANE, ........., Northbridge for 6 months 6d.
DRAK, John, Hingingroyd 7s.2d
DRAKE, Ffrinciss, for 7 months 10s.6d
DRAKE, Jeremy, for 7 months 4s.8d
DRAKE, John £2.5s.6d
DRAKE, Nathan, for 7 months 10s.6d

FAWCITT, Richard 12 months 2s.0d
FIRTH, Gilbert 12 months 1s.0d
FLETCHER, Henry 12 months 4s.0d
FLETCHER, John for 9 months 9d

HAIGH, John 12 months 2s.0d
HALL, Mermaduke for 7 months 2s.11d
HALL, Michaell 12 months 1s.0d
HALL, Robert 16s.9d
HALSTEADE, Joseph for 7 months 3s.6d
HANEWORTH, Abraham 12 months 2s.0d
HARGETT, Samuel for 7 months 3s.6d
HOLDSWORTH, John for 7 months 2s.4d.
HOLDSWORTH, Jonas, for 7 months 10s.6d

HOLGATE, Jeremy for 7 months 2s.4d.
HOLGATE, Michael for 11 months 2s.9d
HOPKINSON, John 12 months 2s.0d
HOPKINSON, Michael for 7 months 2s.11d
HOYLE, John junr, mother and brother, 7 months 7s.0d
HOYLE, John Eldr, 12 months 10s
HOYLE, Nathan 5s.5d

JUDSON, Edward 12 months 1s.0d

LEA, Joseph 12 months 2s.0d
LISTER, John 12 months £1.16s
LISTER, Joseph, for 7 months 8s.2d
LISTER, William and wife 12 months 4s.0d
LONGBOTHOME, George and mother 5s.2d
LORD, John 12 months 2s.0d
LUM, John 15s.2d

MELLINNS, John for 7 months 1s.9d
MITCHELL, Jacob for 7 months 2s.4d.
MITCHELL, John 18s.9d
MOORE, Henry 12 months 3s.0d
MOORE, John for 7 months 1s.9d
MOORE, Richard, for 7 months 4s.8d

NICHOLLS, Edward for 7 months 2s.4d.
NICHOLLS, Robert, 12 months 6s.0d.
NORTHEND, Edward, Right Royde 12 months 4s.0d
NORTHEND, Henry for 7 months 17s.6d.
NORTHEND, John, Willroyd House 12 months 4s.0d
NORTHEND, Michael and Sonne John for 8 mon. 4s.0d.
NORTHEND, Widow Richard and sonne John 4s.0d

PHILIPS, Thomas for 7 months 1s.2d
POLLARD, Samuel 12 months 2s.0d
PRIESTLEY, John 12 months 1s.0d

RAMDSDEN, Adam, for 7 months 8s.9d
RAMDSDEN, Widow Hugh for 7 months 2s.4d
RAMSDEN, Martha 12 months 2s.0d
RICROFT, Nicholas 12 months 3s.0d
ROGER, Widow for 8 months 2s.0d
ROTHERWOOD, Daniel for 7 months 3s.6d
RYLEY, John 12 months 4s.0d

SCOLEFIELD, Oswald for 7 months 3s.6d
SHARPE, John 12 months 1s.0d.
SMITH, Henry, for 7 months 3s.6d
SMITH, John 12 months 4s.0d
SMITH, William, for 7 months 3s.6d.
SPEIGHT, Willins 12 months 3s.0d
STOCKES, William 1s.0d.
SUNDERLAND, Abraham - Imprimis of, £4
SUTCLIFFE, John, Ambler Thorn, 12 months £1.10s
SUTCLIFFE, Susan, for 7 months 8s.9d

TENNANT, Giles for 7 months 3s.6d
THOMAS, John 12 months 2s.0d
THORNETON, Jeremy for 7 months 7d.
THORPE, Alice 12 months 3s.0d
THORPE, Mary 12 months 4s.0d
TILLY, Robert 12 months 1s.0d

WADSWORTH, John for 7 months 1s.9d
WALLIS, James 12 months 2s.0d
WALLIS, John 12 months 3s.0d
WATERHOUSE, Anthony for 7 months 1s.9d
WATERHOUSE, John jnr. 7 months 1s.9d
WATERHOUSE, John Eldr. 12 months 4s.0d
WHITELEY, George, for 7 months 5s.10d
WHITICARE, Laurence 12 months 3s.0d
WILBY, John for 7 months 7d
WOOD, Joseph, for 7 months £1.11s.6d
WOOLER, John 12 months 3s.0d
WORSMAN, Giles, for 7 months 3s.6d

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