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NORTHOWRAM: Northowram Hearth Tax, 1665.

Northowram Hearth Tax, 1665.

Hearth Tax, Northowram 1665.

The Hearth tax, or Hearth money, was a tax levied on hearths or fires in every dwelling house, at the rate of two shillings [in today's money 10p] per hearth or stove. It was established by William the Conqueror, later receiving parliamentary sanction in the reign of Charles II and was abolished under William and Mary. Those who were excused from paying the tax were from the poorer classes, dwelling in more humble cottages. The following is an index of those who paid [and the number of fires], and those who were excused, in the Township of Northowram. The total number of hearths or stoves is 387, an average of just over 3 per household, and there were 157 persons excused.

All spellings are as per original.

Booth, Thomas 2
Bothemley, John 3
Brewer, Robt. 1
Brigg, Jeremy 3
Brigg, John - Strines 3
Brigg, Jeremy 2
Briggs, Mrs Hanna 5
Briggs, James 2
Browne, George 3
Browne, Abraham 1
Charnell, James 2
Clerke, William 1
Cowlyng, Robt. 2
Craven, Samuel 3
Crowther, Nathan 5
Crowther, Joseph 3
Crowther, Robert 1
Crowther, Joshua 2
Crowther, Robt. 1
Crowther, Jonathan 1
Dawson, Joseph (Dam Head) 4
Dawson, Thos. 1
Dawson, Widd. 1
Deane, John 1
Derby, Widd. 1
Dickinson, James - Senr 7
Dickinson, James 2
Dickinson, Jeremy 2
Drake, Matthew ?
Drake, Judith 3
Driver, Widd. 2
Duckworth, John 1
Eastwood, Martha 1
Elswicke, Mich. 1
Fearnside, Robt. 2
Firth, Isaac 2
Flather, Tho. 3
Gawbert, John - a house in the occupation of, vacant 0
Gill, William 2
Gill, Edward 2
Gill, Abraham 2
Hall, Robert 6
Hall, John 3
Halliday, Johathan [sic] 3
Hardy, Wilbe 6
Hargate, Samuel. [Widd.] 4
Hargreaves, Abraham 1
Harstow, Sam - Senr. 1
Hartley, John 1
Hartley, Willm. 1
Hemminway, Timothy 2
Henry Croft - a house in the occupation of, empty 1
Hill, Peter 1
Hint, Abraham 4
Hodgson, Willm 1
Hodgson, Joshua 2
Holdsworth, John 4
Holdsworth, Samuel 1
Holdsworth, Martha 1
Hopkin, Josuah 4
Hoyse, Rich. 4
Hudson, Edward 4
Illingworth, John 1
Illingworth, Diomis 2
Jackson, Willm. 1
Jagger, Jeremy 2
Jagger, Matthew [Widd.] 2
Jagger, James - Boulsha 1
Jawbert, Jonas 3
Lister, Samuel 3
Longbothom, John 3
Lord, Simeon 1
Lumbe, John 4
Maud, John 1
Mellin, John 3
Methley, John 2
Midgley, Willm 2
Midgley, Samuel 2
Mitchell, Mary [Widd.] 3
Mitchell, Ann [Widd.] 4
Mitchell, Daniell 4
Northend, Jonas 1
Northend, John - Ouram 2
Northend, David 6
Northend, John - Northfield 1
Northend, John 1
Northend, Grace 2
Northend, Edward 1
Oates, Widd. 1
Oates, John 1
Occupiers of Oneley House 3
Oultfield, Thomas 3
Pearson, Wm. 1
Pearson, John 1
Pellington, Daniell 2
Peter Rycroft ?
Phillip, John 2
Pollard, Edward 4
Pollard, James 7
Pollard, John 2
Pounell, Thos. 7
Riding, Martha 4
Rishworth, Arthur 1
Rishworth, Thomas 2
Rishworth, Samuell 1
Robertshaw, John 1
Roper, Jeremy 2
Roydes, Jonas 1
Roydes, Willm 1
Ryecroft, Nicholas 2
Scott, John 7
Sellars, John 1
Senior, Joshua 4
Sharpe, Nathan 2
Shaw, Abraham 5
Smith, Matthew 1
Smith, James 2
Smith, Isaac - Hill 1
Smith, John - Shibden 2
Smith, Richd 1
Smith, John - Hingingroyd and two not finished 3
Smith, Isaac - Syke 3
Staincliffe, John 7
Staincliffe, John 3
Stocks, Roger 2
Sucksmith, Joseph 3
Sutcliffe, John 1
Sutcliffe, Susan [Widd.] 2
Swift, Samuel 3
Taylor, John 2
Taylor, James 1
Taylor, Adam 2
Tenante, Giles 2
Thomas, Jonas 3
Thornton, Jeremy 1
Threapland, Jonathan 2
Townend, Richd. 2
Tutan, Thomas 2
Walker, Willm 2
Walker, Timothy 1
Waterhouse, Anthony 1?
Wells, John 1
Whitaker, Rachell 4
Whitley, John 2
Whitley, Sibell 1
Wilby, John 1
Wilkinson, Henry 1
Wilson, Jonas 3
Woller, James 1
Wood, Robert 1
Woodhead, Michael [a house in the occupation of, empty} 1
Woodhead, Abraham 2
The following were excused, or "Not Chargable"
Aldershay, Widd.
Ambler, John
Ambler, Abraham
Ambler, Widd.
Asheham, Robt.
Ashman, Joseph
Atkinson, Robert
Barraclough, Joseph
Barraclough, John
Barstow, Edward
Baumforth, Joseph
Bentley, Rich.
Bentley, Jeremy
Binns, Abraham
Blakebrooke, Mary - Widd.
Blakeburne, Wm
Bland, Wm
Booth, Joseph
Booth, John
Booth, Daniel
Bowcocke, Jonas
Bower, Matthew
Boy, John
Brayfoote, Widd
. Brearley, David
Brewley, Robert
Broadley, Rich.
Broardley, John
Browne, Anthony
Browne, Samuel
Bunny, Wm.
Butler, Wm.
Cley, Mathew
Crabtree, Martha
Crooke, Francis
Crowther, Willm
Crowther, Michael - wife
Crowther, Eliza.
Deane, Widd.
Deane, Widd.
Drake, John
Drake, Jonathan
Duckworth, John
Duckworth, Abraham
Duckworth, Widd.
Duckworth, Joseph
Dugdall, Widd.
Eagland, Widd.
Elswicke, Francis
Fearnside, John
Fearnside, John
Fearnside, Mary
Firth, Thomas
Flather, John
Fletcher, John
Fournes, Willm.
Gawbert, John
Gleadell, John
Gray, Rich.
Greene, Jeremy
Greenfield, Michael
Greenwood, Michaell
Greenwood, Paul
Habershaw, Daniel
Hall, Widd.
Hall, Xpofer
Hall, Robt.
Hall, Widd.
Hardisly, Abraham
Hargreaves, Joseph
Harrison, Thomas
Hartley, John
Hartley, Thomas
Hartley, Willm
Heape, Abraham
Hell [?Hill/Hall], Jonathan
Hill, Widd.
Hodgson, Michael
Holdsworth, Henry
Horsfield, Widd.
Hudson, Stephen
Ingham, Ambrose
Jagger, Jeremy
Jenkinson, Abraham
Kershaw, John
Kershaw, Edmond
Lazie, Isaac
Lazie, Henry
Lazie, Edward
Lazie, Widd.
Lee, John
Lee, Widd.
Leech, Saml.
Lumb, John
Maud, John
Mercer, Joseph
Midgley, Abraham
Midlebrooke, Bridgett
Milnes, James
Mitchell, Widd.
Mitchell, Willm.
Moore, John
Moore, Henry
Morris, John
Noble, Oxpofer
Oates, Willm.
Oldfield, Grace
Ouldfield, John
Padget, Widd.
Pearson, Abraham
Peele, John
Pickering, John
Pollard, Michaell
Pollard, Michael
Pollard, Thomas
Rishworth, Joseph
Rookes, Willm
Roydes, John
Roydes, James
Ryley, Abraham
Ryley, George
Scott, Widd.
Sharpe, John - Junr.
Shepard, John
Slater, Thomas
Smith Earle, John
Smith, John
Snowdon or White, Martha
Stockes, John
Sutcliffe, Thomas
Taylor, Widd.
Teasdell, John
Thomas, Abraham
Thornton, Thomas
Thorpe, Joseph
Towne, John
Wallis, Richard
Wallis, James
Wate, Oliver
Watkinson, Wm.
Webster, Jeremy
Whitakre, James
White or Snowdon, Martha
Whitley, John - De Lees
Whitley, George - page
Whitley, George
Whitley, Saml.
Whittaker, Margret
Whitworth, Simeon
Wikney, Matthew - a house Lite [late] of, rent now empty
Wilkinson, John
Wilkinson, John
Willson, Sarah
Wilson, John
Wood, Jeremy
Wooller, Abraham
Worbanke, Henry

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