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NORTHOWRAM: Northowram Land Tax, 1704.

Northowram Land Tax, 1704.

Northowram Land Tax, 1704.

An Assessment of £300.4s.3d was imposed upon the Township of Northowram in the second year of the Reign of Queen Anne.

{Names in lower case are farms without owners name]


Adriggate - £1.5s.1d
AKEROYD, John 14s.4d
ALLINSON, William £1.12s.3d
ALLINSON, John £17.11d
Ambler Thorn - 7s.2d
AMBLER, John 10s.9d
AMBLER, Joshua or occupiers £2.3s.0d

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BAIRSTOW, William - Waterside £1.1s.6d
BAIRSTOW, Robert 17s.11d
BAIRSTOW, Jonathan £1.15s.10d
BAIRSTOW, John - Windybank £1.5s.1d
BAIRSTOW, Widow - Lymed house £1.12s.3d
BARMFORTH, William £1.1s.6d
BARMFORTH, James 14s.4d
BARRACLOUGH, Richard £1.12s.3d
BAXTER, Jeremiah £3.18s.10d
BEN, Benjamin 17s.11d
BENTLEY, Thomas £2.10s.2d
Blackimpres - occupiers £1.1s.6d
Bollshaw - occupiers £1.1s.6d
BONEY, William jnr 14s.4d
BOOTH, Robert - Landshead £3.0s.11d
Bothomford Mill & houses - occupiers £1.1s.6d
BOYES, Nathaniel £1.8s.8d
Brayan Scholes 17s.11d
BREARCLIFFE, John - Little Moor 7s.2d
Brearley Farm, occupiers of £1.8s.8d
BRIGG, Widow 10s.9d
BRIGG, John or occ. of Catherine Slack colemyne 7s.2d

CAWBERT, Widow - for a colemyne £1.8s.8d.
CAWBERT, Wid. & Jos. Holroyd - for a colemyne £1.5s.1d
CHARNOCK, William £1.19s.5d
CLARKE, Thomas £4.6s.0d
CLAY, William £2.10s.2d
COWLING, Robert £2.3s.0d
CROWTHER, Joseph £2.17s.4d
CROWTHER, Samuel - Damhead £2.3s.0d
CROWTHER, Joseph - Adriggate £1.5s.1d
CROWTHER, Samuel - Landshead £1.8s.8d
CROYSER, Matthew £1.1s.6d
CROYSER, Anthony 10s.9d

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DEANE, Richard 14s.4d
DRIVER, John £1.8s.8d
DUCKWORTH, Jonathan 5s.7d
ELLETT, John - Hungerhill 14s.4d
ERWYN, Lord - for two farms 17s.11d
FAWCETT, Robert £2.6s.7d
FEARNSIDE, John 17s.11d
FLATHER, Thos. £1.1s.6d
Fold - more for £1.8s.8d
Frankleton Farm - more for £14s.4d
FURNESS, Mr [heirs for Jas.Dickinson] £1.15s.10d

GARNETT, Samuel £1.19s.5d
GLEDHILL, Jonathan or occupiers 10s.9d
Greave Farm occupiers £1.15s.10d
GREAVES, James - for a colemyne £2.6s.7d
GREENWOOD, Wido £2.13s.9d
GREGSON, James - Whinney & Whitley Closes £1.15s10d
GREGSON, James jnr 14s.4d

HALL, Abraham £5.7s.6d
HANSON, Abraham 17s.11d
HANSON, Michael 10s.9d
HANSWORTH, Nathan £1.5s.10d
HAYLEY, Richard £2.3s.0d
HEMMINGWAY, Martin 10s.9d
Hewesshroggs - occupiers £1.1s.6d
HEYWOOD, Abigail 10s.9d
HOLDSWORTH, Widow £1.12s.3d
HOLDSWORTH, Mrs. Thos. £3.4s.6d
HOLDSWORTH, John £1.5s.1d
HOLDSWORTH, Samuel £1.12s.3d
HOLDSWORTH, Saml. jnr £1.5s.1d
HOLDSWORTH, Joseph - Onely houses £1.1s.6d
HOLDSWORTH, John - Whting Royd £3.0s.11d
HOLMES, Widow 10s.9d
HOLROYD, Joseph £1.5s.1d
HOLROYD, Joseph and wid. Cawbert - for a colemyne £1.5s.1d
HOLT, Abraham £1.19s.5d
HOLT, Timothy £4.2s.5d
HORTON, Mr - for a colemyne £2.13s.9d
Horwithing 14s.4d
Hudson Farm occupiers 17s.11d

INGHAM, Myles £2.13s.9d
Jagger Farm - occupiers 17s.0d
Jepson Farm £14s.4d
KAY, Wido 7s.2d
KERSHAW, James £1.12s.3d.
KITSON, Joshua £5.14s.8d
KITSON, Thomas £5.0s.4d
KITTSON, Robert - for closes £1.5s.1d

LANGLEY, John - heirs of 7s.2d
LEAROYD, John £3.4s.6d
LEEDS, My Lord Duke of - rents £1.15s.10d
LISTER, James - for Mill and land £4.13s.2d
Long Quarles 3s.7d
LONGBOTHAM, Jonathan £4.6s.0d
MANCKS, Thomas 7s.2d
MASON, Robert £2.3s.0d
MAUDE, John [or occupier] £2.10s.2d
MEDLEY, John £1.1s.6d
MELLIN, Abraham £2.6s.7d
Mill and land £2.3s.0d
MILNER, John 17s.11d
MILNER, Abraham £2.13s.9d
MOOR, Jeremy £2.3s.0d
MORRIS, John snr 3s.7d
MORRIS, Thomas 10s.9d
MORRIS, John 17s.11d
Muttonpitts 14s.4d

NALSON, John - Tillyholm 7s.2d.
NAYLOR, James £1.15s.10d
NAYLOR, Abraham £1.15s.10d
NORTHEND, William £1.8s.8d
NORTHEND, Ann [more] 17s.11d
NORTHEND, Robert £2.10s.2d
NORTHEND, Jonas £1.1s.6d
OATES, Jeremiah £1.19s.5d
OATES, Joseph or occupiers 7s.3d.
ODDY, George 7s.2d
Oldfield Holms - occupiers 7s.2d
OLDFIELD, George £1.15s.10d
OLDFIELD, Geo. or occupiers Lang Farm 3s.7d
OLDFIELD, Timothy £1.12s.3d

PETTY, Christopher 14s.4d
PHILLIP, Joseph - for a colemyne £1.15s.1d
PHILLIPS, Joseph 17s.11d
POLLARD, Samuel £1.1s.6d
POOLE, John 10s.9d
PORTER, Robert £1.19s.5d
POWER, Mrs - occupiers Moorfields 7s.2d
POWER, Mr - more for Banks £1.5s.1d
PRIESTLEY, Jonathan £2.13s.9d
PRIESTLEY, Mary - widow £2.3s.0d
Pule 17s.11d

RAMSDEN, John - Hall houses £1.5s.1d
RAMSDEN, Mary - widow - £3.4s.6d
RAMSDEN, John £1.8s.8d
RAMSDEN, John - Pule 17s.11d
RAWSON, Jonathan £2.10s.2d
RHODES, Jeremiah £1.15s.10d
RISHWORTH, Joseph £1.8s.8d
ROOKE, William 17s.11d
RYALL, John - heirs of £1.5s.1d

SCHOLEFIELD, James £1.1s.6d
SCOTT, Abraham £1.12s.9d
SCOTT, Daniel - Barehead £1.8s.8d
SCOTT, John 14s.4d
SENYOR, John £2.3s.0d
SHARP, William £2.19s.9d
SHARP, John, jnr £2.3s.0d
SHEPHERD, Samuel - for a colemyne £1.8s.8d
SMITH, John - for a colemyne £2.3s.0d
SMITH, Isaak 10s.9d
SMITH, James £1.12s.3d
SNOWDEN, Widow £2.17s.4d
STANCLIFFE, John £2.3s.8d
STANSFIELD, Joseph £2.17s.4d
STOCKS, Samuel 17s.11d
Story Farm 14s.4d
SUTCLIFFE, Adam £1.12s.3d
SUTCLIFFE, John or occupiers £1.15s.10d
SUTCLIFFE, John £3.0s.11d
SUTCLIFFE, Widow 17s.11d

Tasker Farm 10s.9d
TAYLOR, Adam £1.12s.3d
Thorp land £1.1s.6d
THREAPLAND, Joshua £1.5s.1d
THREAPLAND, Jonathan £1.1s.6d
TURNER, John 7s.2d
VICKERS, Jonathan £1.1s.6d
WADE, Christopher £2.3s.0d
WADSWORTH, John - heirs of 10s.9d
WADSWORTH, Timothy - for a colemyne 7s.4d
WALLIS, James £1.5s.1d
WATERHOUSE, John £1.15s.10d
WELLS, John 10s.9d.
WHITELEY, Jeremy 17s.11d
Whitley land 14s.4d
Wilkinson Farm - occupiers 17s.11d
WILKINSON, Willm. £1.8s.8d
WILKINSON, John £1.19s.5d
WILKINSON, Francis £1.12s.3d
WILKINSON, Daniel £2.10s.2d
WILLSON, Isaack £2.10s.2d
WILSON, John 14s.4d
WOOD, James - for a colemyne 17s.1d
WOODHEAD, Michael snr £1.15s.10d
WOODHEAD, Abram. - Hareclough 3s.7d
WRIGHT, Josh. or occupiers £1.5s.1d

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