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Help and advice for NORTHOWRAM: Northowram Poor Relief 1636-7.

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NORTHOWRAM: Northowram Poor Relief 1636-7.

Northowram Poor Relief 1636-7.

Northowram Poor Relief 1636-7.

Disbursements for "reliefe of the poore"
from John Lister's Church-Wardens' Accounts
[from 2nd July 1636 to 10th May 1637]

[amounts in Pounds, shillings & Pence]

Acherley child - in money and clothes 1.00.03d
Ambler, Joseph - in money 09.00d
Barraclough, John - in money 04.00d
Bearstow, Widdow. - in money, cloth, and in rent 2.00.08d
Booth, Edward - of the Hough, in money 05.00d
Booth, Michaell - in money and in rent 2.05.06d
Bower, John, - in money 1.15.00d
Child, Yewart - in money 13.06d
Coates - see Oldfield, Wilkinson, and Deane
Crowther, John - in money and in rent 1.04.00d
Deane, Widdow with Coates' child 16.06d
Dobson, Thomas wife 04.00d
Drake, John - Paid to... what he was behind in his accounts 9.00d
Ducksbury, Robert - in money 10.00d
Duckworth, John - in money and in rent 1.00.00d
Greencoughe, James - in oney and in charges for the children 1.00.00d
Hall, Nathan - in money 16.00d
Hardy, Peter - in money and in rent 1.05.00d
Hargreaves, Matthew 03.04d
Harrison, Thomas - in money 09.00d
Holdsworth, Michael - in money 03.06d
Holgate, Thomas 01.00d
Holmes, Richard - in money 1.05.00d
Jenkinson, William - in money 13.06d
Kirshaw, Widdow - in money 14.06d
Lacyt, Henry - in money and in rent 1.03.04d
Lee, Widdow - in money and in rent 15.00d
Lum, Mary - Bastard 13.06d
Oldfield wife - in money and in rent 19.06d
Oldfield, Charles and Widdow Pylocke with Jo. Coates 1.00.03d
Pylocke - see Oldfield
Pylocke, Widdow - in money 1.16.00d
Robinson, Ann - in money and in rent 14.10d
Ryley, Mary - Bastard, in money and in clothes 1.01.06d
Smith, James - in money 06.00d
Smith, Andrew - in money and in rent 1.04.06d
Smith, Joseph - in money 15.00d
Smith, William - in money and in rent 1.02.00d
Sowden, Jonas - in money 09.06d
Sutcliffe, Adam - for a child, in money 09.00d
Thornton, Jeremy - with two Coates children 2.13.10d
Townsend, Abraham 02.06d
Waterhouse child - in money 14.04d
Waterhouse, Joshua - in money and in rent 1.08.08d
Whiticare, Thomas - in money and in rent 1.10.06d
Whiticare, Widdow - in money 04.06d
Wilkinson, Widdow - with Thos. Coates for children 1.06.00d
Willson, Rowland - in money 1.07.04d
Wooler, Edward - in money and in rent 15.00d

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