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SHELF: Shelf Land Tax, 1704.

Shelf Land Tax, 1704.

Shelf Land Tax, 1704.

Land Tax imposed on the Township of Shelfe by virtue of an Act of Parliament, made in the second year of the Reign of Queen Anne.

AMBLER, Peter 5/5 ¾d
APPLEYARD, Samuel £1/5/4 ½d
BAIRSTOW, Abm. 18/1½d
BARTLE, James 12/8 ¼d
BARTLE, John 16/3¾d
BATEMAN, Daniel 7/3d
BEN, Joshua 7/3d
BENTLEY, Saml 18/1½d
BENTLEY, John £1/7/2½d
BLACKBROOK, Henry 4/10d
BROADLEY, Abm. 10/10½d
BROOK, John £1/0/6½d
BROOKSBANKE, James £1/16/3d
BURNLEY, John 10/10½d
BURNLEY, John 2/5d
CLIFFE, Mr 12/8¼d
CROWTHER, John 19/11¼d
DEANE, Joseph 7/3d
GREY, John 10/10½d
HARTLEY, John 9/8d
HOLLINGS, William £2/1/8½d
HOOLROID, Richd. £1/1/9d
JAGGER, Benjn. 14/6d
KNIGHT, Joshua senr. £1/16/3d
KNIGHT, Joshua junr. 12/8¼d
KNIGHT, David £1/5/4½d
KNIGHT, Joshua Senr. £1/16/3d
LANGLEY, Mr Abraham 19/11¼d
LEA, Nathaniel £1/3/6¼d
MARSHALL, John 9/0¾d
MEDLEY, John £1/1/9d
MITCHELL, Edward 16/3¾d
NORTHEND, Joseph £1/19/10½d
POOLE, Thomas 2/1/8½d
SCOTT, Timothy 10/10½d
SPENCER, Samuel £2/5/3¾d
SUGDEN, John Senr £1/5/4½d
SUNDERLAND, Joseph 7/3d
SUNDERLAND, Joseph [*]
SUNDERLAND, Joseph 12/8¼d
SUNDERLAND, Joseph 12/8¼d
SURRAGE, John 3/7½d
SURRAGE, John for Widow Brooksbank's Lande 4/2¾d
SUTCLIFFE, Nathaniel £1/5/4½d
SWAINE, Thomas 2/7/1½d
TERRY, John 7/3d
WALKER, Willam [*]
WALKER, Wm £1/5/4½d
WATERHOUSE, Josiah 14/6d
WHITLEY, Sam 16/3¾d
WILKINSON, Joseph 19/11¼d
WILSON, Joseph 2/3/6d
WOODHEAD, Joseph [*]
WOODHEAD, Abraham £1/5/4½d
WOODHEAD, Elizth. Widow 3/7½d
WOODHEAD, Elias 7/10½d
WOODHEAD, Joseph for Soerfield 4/10d
WOODHEAD, Abraham 16/3 ¾d
WOODHEAD, Joseph 18/1½d
[*] Jointly - for Colemynes 8/11d

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