Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: HAMPSTHWAITE.     Church dedication: ST. THOMAS A BECKET.     Church type: Vicarage in charge.

Area, 9,600 acres. Claro wapentake, L. D. -Population, 2,589 *1; Church-room, 650 *2 ; Net value, 264l. -This Church anciently belonged to the patronage of the Stutevilles of Knaresborough, and afterwards of Richard, Earl of Cornwall, who gave it to the Friars of Knaresborough, to whom it was appropriated, and a Vicarage ordained therein, 5th August, A.D. 1257.

The present patrons and impropriators are the heirs of the late T. Shann.

The Chapel of Hampsthwaite, as appendant to the mother Church of Burgh (or Boroughbridge), by composition paid a pension thereto.

There was a Chantry in this Church.

In Pope Nicholas's taxation, Hampsthwaite is placed in the Deanery of Boroughbridge, and is valued at £5; in the King's books, at £13. 6s. 8d.; in the Parliamentary Survey, vol. xviii. page 141, at £50 per annum.

There was a decree in the Exchequer, relative to tithes, in Michaelmas Term, 2nd Car. I., but which is unreported.

Mr. Torre gives a close catalogue of the Vicars to 1686.

29th September 1820, faculty to take down and rebuild the chancel and body of the Church.

Glebe-house fit for residence.

The Register Books commence in 1603. Marriages defective 1631-1636.

Poor's Lands. -10a. 3r. 27p. Five pounds are paid to Fuiston parish, and the residue of the rent is distributed to the poor not receiving parochial relief. They were the gift of persons named Pullein, Thompson, Jeffrey, and Newale.

William Ridsdale's School, by will, dated 21st November 1711. Rent-charge of 42s. for educating six poor boys of Hampsthwaite.

John Turpin, by will, dated 23rd April 1736, left a rent-charge of 20s. per annum, to be given in bread.

Felliscliffe Poor's Land. Rather more than two acres.

Birstwith Poor's Estate. House, and 8a. 21p. of land.

Menwith cum Darley Poor's Land. 2a. 2r. 7p.

Meyer's Garth. 1a. 1r. Rent distributed to the poor.

Isabel Day's gift, by deed, dated 16th August 1773. Moiety of rent of six acres of land at Starbottom, to be distributed on St. John's day and WhitSunday.

Francis Day's cloth gift, by will, dated 29th December 1748. Interest of £50, for purchase of woollen cloth for poor persons of Menwith Hill who do not receive parish relief.

Skaife's and Metcalfe's gifts. 20s. per annum ; rent-charge for poor widows.

West Syke School, founded under the will of John Richmond, dated 11th September 1711. Rent-charge of £14 per annum to a master, who instructs about thirty free scholars in reading, writing, accounts, and the Church Catechism. -2nd Report, page 456.

Hookstone School, Menwith Hall, founded by deed, dated 11th May 1748, by Francis Day, for teaching poor children. The schoolmaster to be a bachelor. -Vide 2nd Report, page 456, and 4th Report, page 414.

Post town: Ripley.

Torre's MS., page 195. Abp. Sharp's MS., vol. i. page 84.

*1 Viz. : Birstwith, 747 ; Felliscliffe, 341 ; Hampsthwaite, 445 ; Menwith with Darley, 742; and Thornthwaite and Padside, 304.

*2 According to the return of 1818: no return made in 1834.

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George Lawton in 1842..
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