HAREWOOD: Geographical and Historical information from the year 1750.


"HAREWOOD, a parish in the W.R. of Yorkshire."

"ALWOODLEY, in the parish of Harewood, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, commonly called ALLINGLEY, near Ottley, formerly the seat of the Franks, and afterwards the estate of Sir Gervase Clifton, who had more wives than K. Hen. VIII. for whereas that K. had 3 Kates, 2 Nans, and 1 Jane, the Knt. had 3 honourable, 3 worshipful, and 1 well-beloved. He died in 1666."

"GAUTHORP HALL, in the parish of Harewood, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, midway bet. Leeds and Knaresborough, famous for the residence of the ancient family of the Gascoigns; but is now the manor and fine seat of James Boulter, Esq;."

"HARWOOD CASTLE, in the parish of Harewood, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, near Gawthorp-Hall, was a neat strong building in Camden's time, and had variety of masters, one of whom, viz. a Fitzgerald, in the R. of K. John, obtained a grant for a Mt. and Fair here. In the R. of Edw. III. it was valued at 400 marks a year, and bel. to John de Lisle. From his family it came to the Rithres, who served as sheriff for several Rs. and perhaps oftner than any other family in the Co. This castle was ruined in the civil wars. A late Ld. of this manor was John Boulter, Esq;. It has 8 or 9 dependent constabularies, wherein are many antiquities. Here is a pretty little T. with a costly stone-bridge of 11 arches over the Wherfe, which runs in a bed of stone, and looks as clear as rockwater. In its Ch. was interred Sir Will. Gascoigne, who had the courage to commit Prince Henry, afterwards K. Hen. V. to the King's-Bench, for affronting him at Westminster, while he was in the seat of office; for which act of regard to the authority of the K. more than to the image of his person, the Prince himself, when he came to the throne, not only forgave, but justified him."

[Transcribed by Mel Lockie © from
Stephen Whatley's England's Gazetteer, 1750]