Harewood parish:


Harewood, Benefactions transcription:

The various donations for All Saints Church, Harewood.

To the POOR of the Parish of Harewood. 2 Closes of grouond called Foxglove close, and Straikefoot Ing, lying at Weeton, left by Anthony Sawdrie, Parish Clerk, in the year of our Lord, 1631. Also an allotment for the same situated at Huby. The yearly rent to be used for putting out a Boy or Girl apprentice yearly, within the Parish of Harewood, viz- 1st. year to Harewood. 2nd. year To Wike, Wigton, Alwoodley, or Weardley. 3rd. year to East Keswick, Dun Keswick, or Weeton, so that it goes to Harewood every 3rd. year: viz. 1st. year to Harewood, 2nd. to Wike, 3rd. to East Keswick, 4th. to Harewood, 5th. To Wigton, 6th to Dun Keswick, 7th. to Harewood, 8th. to Alwoodley, 9th. to Weeton, 10 to Harewood, 11th. to Weardley. None to have benefit, but such as are born in wedlock, whose parents are inhabitants within the Parish of Harewood, within the space of 10 years. In defect of a Boy or Girl in any of the said places, the money to be laid out in Grey Cloth and given to the poorest persons there.

A house and Garth at Huby, left by Thomas Harrison of Stub house, whih with the lands before mentioned, are now let for £9:7:6. a year.

Three acres of meadow ground lying in East Keswick Fiffs left by James Flesher, Merchant of London, in the year of our Lord 1625, and now exchanged for 7 acres or nearly, of Land, lying in the Township of East Keswick, known by the name of Barnsley's Land, which is now let at £5 per year, to the use of the poor of this Parish.

Data transcribed by
Lin Duke © 2015.
from photography by Colin Hinson