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Help and advice for HARTHILL: The index of names on the gravestones of Harthill All Hallows

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HARTHILL: The index of names on the gravestones of Harthill All Hallows

SURNAME, Christian name(s)Grave No.
ALDER, Ella[909]
ALDERSON, Anna Maria[144]
ALDERSON, Anna Maria[144]
ALDERSON, August Mary[144]
ALDERSON, Revd Jonathan[144]
ALDOUS, Nathew[305]
ALLEN, Fred Benjamin[728]
ALLEN, Nellie[728]
ALLEN, Nellie[728]
ALLISON, Edward[507]
ALLSOP, D[617]
ALLSOP, Edna[203]
ALLSOP, John[690]
ALLSOP, Kate[690]
ALLSOP, Lily[203]
ALLSOP, William[203]
ARCHER, John[291]
ARCHER, Juliana[291]
ASHBY, John[151]
ASHBY, John[151]
ASHBY, Richard[154]
ASHMORE, Elizabeth[179]
ASHMORE, Henry William[179]
ASHMORE, John[179]
ATKIN, Arthur[345]
ATKIN, Frank[564]
ATKIN, Jessie[564]
ATKIN, Lily[345]
BAGSHAWE, Elizabeth[630]
BAGSHAWE, William H[630]
BAKER, Nigel[744]
BANKS, Constance[330]
BARKER, Annie[202]
BARKER, Ethel[210]
BARKER, Francis[202]
BARKER, Francis Horace[202]
BARKER, Hilda Annie[202]
BARLOW, Cissie[577]
BARLOW, Edith[590]
BARLOW, Edith[711]
BARLOW, Hannah Mary[633]
BARLOW, John[633]
BARLOW, John Edward[780]
BARLOW, Sarah Jane[820]
BARLOW, Thomas Joseph[597]
BARNE, Bishop George[210]
BATEMAN, Annie[390]
BATEMAN, Beatrice[924]
BATEMAN, John[924]
BATEMAN, Mary Victoria[437]
BATEMAN, Moses[390]
BATLEY, Harriet[671]
BAYLISS, William[902]
BENNETT, Alice[664]
BENNETT, Annie[742]
BENNETT, Annie[742]
BENNETT, Edwin Simpson[885]
BENNETT, Elizabeth[521]
BENNETT, Elizabeth[930]
BENNETT, Faith[569]
BENNETT, Mary Elizabeth[478]
BENNETT, Mary Jane[885]
BENNETT, Mathew[159]
BENNETT, Rachel[159]
BENNETT, Robert[159]
BENNETT, Robert[478]
BENNETT, Robert[742]
BENNETT, William[521]
BENNETT, William[521]
BENNETT, William[930]
BENNETT, Willis[312]
BENNETT, Winifred Agnes[312]
BIERLEY, Lizzie[581]
BIGGIN, Frank[262]
BIGGIN, Frank[563]
BIGGIN, Hannah[262]
BIGGIN, Jessie Mary[563]
BIGGIN, Jessie Mary[563]
BIGGIN, R[262]
BILHAM, Alec Presswood[759]
BILHAM, Charlotte[760]
BILLAM, Albert Thomas[776]
BILLAM, Elizabeth[436]
BILLAM, Elsie[776]
BILLAM, Florence[358]
BILLAM, John[358]
BILLAM, Joseph[436]
BILLAM, Mary[472]
BILLAM, William[472]
BOOTH, Bertram William[446]
BOOTH, Charles[138]
BOOTH, Clara[446]
BOOTH, Clara[446]
BOOTH, Elizabeth[138]
BOOTH, Elizabeth[138]
BOOTH, George[594]
BOOTH, Harriet[321]
BOOTH, Harriett[321]
BOOTH, Herbert ShawNG 5
BOOTH, John[138]
BOOTH, John[138]
BOOTH, John[446]
BOOTH, John[665]
BOOTH, Roland[757]
BOOTH, William[138]
BOOTH, William[321]
BOWLEY, Kathleen[592]
BOWN, Jane[795]
BRADFORD, Elizabeth[290]
BRADFORD, George Hunter[290]
BRADFORD, Nellie[290]
BRADSHAW, Eric[298]
BRADSHAW, Florence Sarah[375]
BRADSHAW, John W[298]
BRADSHAW, John Willie[375]
BRADSHAW, Marion E[298]
BRADY, Annie[810]
BRADY, Emma Dixon[250]
BRADY, Mary Elizabeth[335]
BRADY, William[250]
BRADY, William[250]
BRADY, William Henry[335]
BRAMALL, George[88]
BRAMALL, George[88]
BRAMALL, Hannah[88]
BRIGHT, Lillian Elsie[366]
BRITT, Mary E[570]
BRITT, Mary Elizabeth[570]
BRITT, Mathew[570]
BROWN, Charles[511]
BROWN, Harriet[511]
BROWN, Len[889]
BROWN, Len[940]
BRYANT, Chrystabel Bessie[73]
BRYANT, Mary[261]
BUCK, Ann[173]
BUCK, Mark[173]
BURMAN, William[326]
BUXTON, Mary[248]
BUXTON, Richard[248]
CADMAN, Ann[112]
CADMAN, Ann[113]
CADMAN, Frances[113]
CADMAN, Lucy[115]
CADMAN, Luke[112]
CADMAN, Luke[113]
CAPE, Sarah Ellen[350]
CATTERALL, Henry[39]
CHAMBERS, Alice Mary[626]
CHAMBERS, Charles[419]
CHAMBERS, Charles[419]
CHAMBERS, Frank[506]
CHAMBERS, Frederick[626]
CHAMBERS, Mathilda[419]
CHAMBERS, Maud Elizabeth[506]
CHAPMAN, Charles[194]
CHAPMAN, Elsie[210]
CHAPMAN, Frances[176]
CHAPMAN, George[176]
CHAPMAN, William Bartholomew[176]
CHILD, Mary Harriet[255]
CHILD, William[255]
CLARK, Emma[692]
CLARK, Ernest H[692]
CLARK, Ernest N[639]
CLARK, Malcolm Robert[459]
CLARK, Mr AlbertNG18
CLARKE, Constance[609]
CLARKE, Frances[447]
CLARKE, George[447]
CLARKE, George[725]
CLARKE, Sarah Ellen[725]
CLARKE, Susannah[166]
CLARKE, William[166]
CLARKE, William[609]
CLARKSON, Annie[733]
CLAYTON, Elizabeth[169]
CLAYTON, Elizabeth[172]
CLAYTON, Elizabeth[172]
CLAYTON, George[169]
CLAYTON, George[172]
CLAYTON, George[172]
CLAYTON, George[242]
CLAYTON, Mary[169]
CLAYTON, Samuel[38]
CLAYTON, Samuel[38]
CLAYTON, Sarah[38]
CLAYTON, Thomas[242]
COATES, Hilda[805]
COATES, Hilda Evelyn[805]
COATES, John Edward[805]
COLE, George Edward[681]
COLE, Gillian Ann[600]
COLE, John Henry[876]
COOKE, JH[348]
COPE, Daisy Mary[839]
COPE, Florence[538]
COPE, Florence Emily[538]
COPE, Hilda Mary[887]
COPE, John[886]
COPE, John W[538]
COPE, John William[538]
COPE, William[538]
COUSINS, Eliza[180]
COUSINS, Henry[180]
COUSINS, Isaac[180]
COUSINS, Mary[195]
COVELL, Arthur Leslie[371]
COVELL, Charles[372]
COVELL, Fanny[372]
COVELL, Lucy Rebecca[294]
COVELL, Martha[322]
COVELL, Mary[906]
COVELL, Robert WM[906]
COVELL, Samuel[294]
COVELL, William[322]
COWLEY, Lillian Annie[857]
CREASEY, Annie[192]
CREASEY, Arthur Sydney[192]
CROFTS, Joseph[531]
CROOKES, Ada[897]
CUTTS, Samuel[80]
DAY, Alan[768]
DEAKIN, Mary[149]
DEAKIN, Mary Jane[715]
DEAKIN, Samuel[149]
DENT, Emily Anne[679]
DENT, Harold[679]
DENT, Harold[679]
DENT, Raymond[868]
DICKSON, Frederick W[296]
DICKSON, Gertrude F[296]
DICKSON, William Bertram[296]
DOWNING, Edith[556]
DOWNING, Harriet Elizabeth[709]
DOWNING, Joseph[556]
DRABBLE, Ann[355]
DRABBLE, Anne[357]
DRABBLE, Edith[354]
DRABBLE, Edith Mary[360]
DRABBLE, Elsie Mary[354]
DRABBLE, Emma[198]
DRABBLE, Frances Annie[359]
DRABBLE, Fred[357]
DRABBLE, George[198]
DRABBLE, Joseph[323]
DRABBLE, Mary[198]
DRABBLE, Mary[356]
DRABBLE, Mary Elsie[356]
DRABBLE, Sarah Ann[323]
DRABBLE, Thomas[356]
DRABBLE, William[198]
DRABBLE, William[357]
DRABBLE, William Henry[354]
DRABBLE, William Henry[360]
DRIVER, Joseph Sydney[749]
DUCKWORTH, Anne[269]
DUCKWORTH, Samuel[114]
DUCKWORTH, Samuel[269]
DUCKWORTH, Samuel[269]
ELLIS, Dorothy Beatrice[844]
ELLIS, Mary[120]
EVERSON, Abigail Abbie[457]
EVERSON, Clarinda Willoughby[457]
EVERSON, Herbert Rouse[76]
FEATHERSTONE, Annie Elizabeth[721]
FEATHERSTONE, Bertram[306]
FEATHERSTONE, William[720]
FEATHERSTONE, William[721]
FIELD, Albert[806]
FIELD, Annie[621]
FIELD, Annie[655]
FIELD, Elizabeth[397]
FIELD, Florence[806]
FIELD, George[621]
FIELD, George Henry[397]
FIELD, James[397]
FIELD, James William[621]
FIELD, James William[655]
FINNER, Ted[3]
FISHER, Elizabeth[732]
FISHER, James[732]
FLETCHER, Alexander[425]
FLETCHER, Bert[611]
FLETCHER, Ella[611]
FLETCHER, Joseph R[425]
FLETCHER, Naomi[425]
FLOCKTON, Benjamin[174]
FLOCKTON, Sarah[174]
FLOWER, Ann[523]
FLOWER, Ann[523]
FLOWER, Edith Leticia[865]
FLOWER, Edith Letitia[921]
FLOWER, Ernest[865]
FLOWER, George[285]
FLOWER, Hannah[285]
FLOWER, Joseph[523]
FLOWERS, George Henry[696]
FOLD, John[69]
FOULDS, Eleanor[67]
FOULDS, Eliza Ann[71]
FOULDS, George[67]
FOULDS, Helen Mathilda[70]
FOULDS, Mary[71]
FOULDS, Samuel[71]
FOX, John[9]
FRASER, Margaret[677]
FRASER, William John[677]
FRITH, Beatrice Mary[737]
FRITH, Elsie Hannah[932]
FRITH, Ernest William[737]
FRITH, George[104]
FRITH, Mary[104]
FRITH, Maude Ethel[932]
FROGGATT, Clarice[860]
FROGGATT, Eliza[522]
FROGGATT, Walter John[522]
FROGGATT, Wilfred[758]
FROGGATT, William Henry[860]
GAFNEY, John[546]
GAFNEY, John[546]
GAFNEY, Julia[546]
GAFNEY, Nellie[571]
GALLOWAY, Eliza Alice[400]
GALLOWAY, William[400]
GALLOWAY, William[400]
GARBUTT, Jenny[352]
GARDINER, Frank[883]
GERMAN, Joseph William[891]
GERMAN, Mary Elizabeth[939]
GERMAN, Robert Henry[938]
GIBSON, Stanley Richard[476]
GILLATT, Ann[105]
GILLATT, George[49]
GILLATT, Sam[48]
GILLATT, Sarah[49]
GLOSSOP, Ann[122]
GLOSSOP, Ann[218]
GLOSSOP, Ann Blankley[132]
GLOSSOP, Charles[122]
GLOSSOP, Charles[125]
GLOSSOP, Charles[128]
GLOSSOP, Charles[128]
GLOSSOP, Charles[132]
GLOSSOP, Elizabeth[121]
GLOSSOP, Elizabeth[128]
GLOSSOP, Elizabeth[131]
GLOSSOP, Francis[127]
GLOSSOP, Francis[132]
GLOSSOP, Francis[132]
GLOSSOP, George Francis[367]
GLOSSOP, John[121]
GLOSSOP, John[131]
GLOSSOP, John[132]
GLOSSOP, Joseph[132]
GLOSSOP, Lillian Maria[368]
GLOSSOP, Marian Elizabeth Lilly[116]
GLOSSOP, Mary[122]
GLOSSOP, Mary[131]
GLOSSOP, Mary Jane[353]
GLOSSOP, Mary Marsh[116]
GLOSSOP, Mary Marsh[287]
GLOSSOP, Mary Marsh[567]
GLOSSOP, Percy Leonard[369]
GLOSSOP, Peter[57]
GLOSSOP, Robert[116]
GLOSSOP, Robert[287]
GLOSSOP, Robert[567]
GLOSSOP, Samuel[128]
GLOSSOP, Samuel[128]
GLOSSOP, Sarah[57]
GLOSSOP, William Edward[567]
GODFREY, Eric LloydNG10
GOULDTHORPE, Maggie[579]
GREGORY, John[6]
GUEST, Elizabeth[376]
GUEST, Jarvis[376]
GUEST, Jarvis[545]
GUEST, Jessie[545]
HALE, Alfred[745]
HALL, Ada[340]
HALL, Edward Benjamin[340]
HALL, Frederick[801]
HALL, John[126]
HALL, John[126]
HALL, John[126]
HALL, John[126]
HALL, John[126]
HALL, John[126]
HALL, Judith[126]
HALL, Judith[126]
HALL, Judith[126]
HALL, Judith[126]
HALL, June[340]
HALL, Lydia[801]
HALL, Lydia H[688]
HALL, Margaret[126]
HALL, Mary Hoyle[126]
HALL, William Hoyle[126]
HALLAM, John Henry[662]
HANCOCK, Ann[143]
HANCOCK, Delphia[27]
HANCOCK, Elizabeth[21]
HANCOCK, Elizabeth[143]
HANCOCK, Fanny[21]
HANCOCK, Henry[25]
HANCOCK, Jemima[27]
HANCOCK, Peter[21]
HANCOCK, Peter[143]
HANCOCK, Philadelphia[21]
HANCOCK, Sarah[143]
HARPHAM, Ann[206]
HARPHAM, Elizabeth[205]
HARPHAM, Isobella[206]
HARPHAM, Martha[205]
HARPHAM, Mary[206]
HARPHAM, Samuel[205]
HARPHAM, Samuel[206]
HARRISON, Claude JW[754]
HARRISON, Doris[754]
HARRISON, Herbert[736]
HARRISON, John Henry[693]
HARRISON, Mary[437]
HARRISON, Olga Mary[693]
HARRISON, Sam[437]
HARRISON, Sam[437]
HARRISON, Wilfred[736]
HARTLEY, Edith Mary[309]
HARTLEY, Edith Mary[761]
HARTLEY, Ina[755]
HARTLEY, John[755]
HARTLEY, Murial[651]
HARTLEY, William Ezekiel[309]
HARTLEY, William Ezekiel[761]
HARTLEY, William Vernon[651]
HARVEY, Gertrude M[303]
HAYDOCK, Sarah[712]
HAYWARD, George[927]
HAYWARD, Janet Eileen[927]
HAYWARD, John[547]
HAYWARD, Mary[547]
HAYWARD, Rose[927]
HEADWORTH, Emma[441]
HEADWORTH, Frances M[812]
HEADWORTH, Thomas[441]
HEADWORTH, Thomas[441]
HEBRON, John George Smith[461]
HEDGE, Edith Annie[201]
HEDGE, Elizabeth[201]
HEDGE, Joseph[201]
HENRY, John[283]
HEPWORTH, Mary Ellen[559]
HERRING, William[238]
HERRINGTON, Lilian Elizabeth[341]
HERRINGTON, William[341]
HICKLIN, Annie Elizabeth[931]
HICKLIN, Edith[346]
HICKLIN, George[931]
HICKLIN, Jesse[381]
HICKLIN, June[381]
HICKLIN, Lydia[381]
HICKLING, George[656]
HICKLING, June[656]
HICKS, Ellen[149]
HICKS, James[149]
HIGGINGS, Joyce Veronica[476]
HIGHFIELD, Charles[225]
HIGHFIELD, Fuller Pilch[1]
HIGHFIELD, Gertrude[612]
HIGHFIELD, Hannah[225]
HIGHFIELD, John Henry[1]
HIGHFIELD, John Phillips[612]
HIGHFIELD, John Phillips[612]
HIGHFIELD, Martha[1]
HIGHFIELD, Martha[2]
HILL, Annie Elizabeth[787]
HILL, Gilbert James[787]
HILL, James[869]
HIND, Percy[426]
HIRST, Henry[462]
HIRST, Henry[462]
HIRST, Marjorie[462]
HIRST, Rose[462]
HIRST, Rose[462]
HOGG, Catherine Jane[352]
HOLDEN, Alice[901]
HOLDEN, Harold[900]
HOLDEN, Harry[756]
HOLDEN, Theresa Veronica[821]
HOLLIS, Arthur G[667]
HOLLIS, Ellen[667]
HOLMES, Agnes Mary[230]
HOLMES, Albert[691]
HOLMES, Cyril Herbert[214]
HOLMES, Elizabeth[212]
HOLMES, Elizabeth[212]
HOLMES, Elizabeth[214]
HOLMES, Elizabeth[231]
HOLMES, George[231]
HOLMES, George[231]
HOLMES, Helen[231]
HOLMES, John Edward[212]
HOLMES, John Edward[214]
HOLMES, Joseph[231]
HOLMES, Joseph[231]
HOLMES, Mary[230]
HOLMES, Mary Edith[691]
HOLMES, Ralph Ernest[214]
HOLMES, Ruby[750]
HOLMES, Thomas[230]
HOLY, Charlotte Maria[144]
HOLY, Thos B[144]
HOPKINSON, Read[152]
HORSLEY, Emma[685]
HORSLEY, James[685]
HUDSON, Frederick Eli[231]
HUGHES, Beatrice[555]
HUGHES, Charles[555]
HUGHES, Ellen Maud[622]
HUGHES, Hannah[239]
HUGHES, John[239]
HUGHES, John[239]
HUGHES, Samuel[240]
HUGHES, William Henry[622]
HUGHES, William Henry[622]
HUNTER, Annie[541]
HUNTER, Nellie[790]
HUNTER, Samuel[541]
HUNTER, Samuel[541]
HUTCHINSON, Raymond[602]
HUTTON, Lily[496]
HUTTON, Nettie Gwendoline[496]
HUTTON, Thomas E[496]
HYDES, Arthur Alonzo[766]
HYDES, Cora[227]
HYDES, Cora[251]
HYDES, Cora Emma[370]
HYDES, Edmund[13]
HYDES, Emma[402]
HYDES, Emma[402]
HYDES, Frances Mary[767]
HYDES, Frank[402]
HYDES, George Henry[653]
HYDES, Gertrude[708]
HYDES, Hariott[13]
HYDES, HarryNG18
HYDES, Hugh Walker[13]
HYDES, John[12]
HYDES, John[12]
HYDES, John[41]
HYDES, John William[402]
HYDES, Juliana[41]
HYDES, Mark[227]
HYDES, Mark[251]
HYDES, Mark[370]
HYDES, Mary[12]
HYDES, Minnie[653]
HYDES, Phyllis Emma[227]
HYDES, Rawlings[13]
HYDES, Sarah[12]
HYDES, Susan[605]
HYDES, Thomas Charles[42]
HYDES, Wallace[251]
HYDES, William[10]
HYDES, William[12]
HYDES, William[12]
HYDES, William[12]
HYDES, William[12]
HYDES, William[13]
HYDES, William[402]
HYDES, William[402]
HYDES, Willis[605]
HYDES, Willis[605]
HYDES, Willis[867]
HYDES, Winifred[227]
IBBERSON, Frank[640]
IBBERSON, Julie[315]
IBBERSON, Lilian Maud[640]
IBBERSON, William[315]
IBBOTSON, Annie[377]
IBBOTSON, Elizabeth[374]
IBBOTSON, Elizabeth[374]
IBBOTSON, Elizabeth[620]
IBBOTSON, Francis George[620]
IBBOTSON, Mathew[374]
IBBOTSON, Mathew[620]
IBBOTSON, Thomas Francis[377]
JACKSON, Hannah[158]
JACKSON, James[699]
JACKSON, Mary[699]
JENKINSON, Dorothy[510]
JENKINSON, Elizabeth[261]
JENKINSON, Enid Mabel[228]
JENKINSON, Florence Mary[510]
JENKINSON, George[61]
JENKINSON, George[261]
JENKINSON, George[261]
JENKINSON, George[746]
JENKINSON, Hilda[746]
JENKINSON, John Charles[510]
JENKINSON, Lilian Elizabeth[510]
JENKINSON, Robert[52]
JENKINSON, Robert[61]
JENKINSON, Robert[61]
JONES, ColinNG18
JONES, Fred[926]
JONES, George[729]
JONES, Sarah[752]
JONES, Sarah Ann[729]
JONES, Sarah Louise[871]
JONES, Sydney[683]
JONES, Violet[683]
KEANE, B Bloomfield[293]
KEANE, Rebecca K Bloomfield[293]
KEEP, Horace Horatio[898]
KEETON, Francis[109]
KEETON, Mark[109]
KEETON, Walter[109]
KEMP, Arthur[928]
KEMP, Edward[560]
KEMP, Fred[945]
KEMP, Sarah[560]
KING, Beatrice[342]
KING, Clarence[454]
KING, Emma[794]
KING, Ernest Richard[794]
KING, Ernest Richard[794]
KING, Frederick[342]
KING, Kenneth Douglas[811]
KING, Mrs Mary King Mrs HildaNG18
KIRKBY, Ada C[267]
KIRKBY, Ada C[465]
KIRKBY, Ada C[534]
KIRKBY, Alice Carter[751]
KIRKBY, Anne[451]
KIRKBY, Edwin[189]
KIRKBY, Elizabeth[7]
KIRKBY, Elizabeth[8]
KIRKBY, Henry[7]
KIRKBY, Henry[534]
KIRKBY, Joe[267]
KIRKBY, Joe[465]
KIRKBY, Joe[534]
KIRKBY, Joe[534]
KIRKBY, John[7]
KIRKBY, John[8]
KIRKBY, John[189]
KIRKBY, John[465]
KIRKBY, Lily[534]
KIRKBY, Mark[278]
KIRKBY, Mark[279]
KIRKBY, Mark[808]
KIRKBY, Percy[534]
KIRKBY, Roland[751]
KIRKBY, Sarah[278]
KIRKBY, Sarah[279]
KIRKBY, Sarah[808]
KIRKBY, Sarah[808]
KIRKBY, William[451]
KITCHEN, Elizabeth[39]
KITCHEN, William[39]
LAKIN, Charles[11]
LAKIN, Elizabeth[244]
LAKIN, John[244]
LAKIN, Sarah[11]
LAKIN, T[11]
LAKIN, Thomas[244]
LAKING, Alice[203]
LAKING, Also Charles[337]
LAKING, Annie[925]
LAKING, Annie[925]
LAKING, Charles Joseph[337]
LAKING, Elizabeth[532]
LAKING, Ernest[562]
LAKING, Florence[562]
LAKING, George Henry[532]
LAKING, John[469]
LAKING, Lois Catherine[804]
LAKING, M[333]
LAKING, Mary Jane[337]
LAKING, Phyllis[925]
LAKING, Ruth[469]
LAKING, Thomas[106]
LAKING, Thomas[106]
LAKING, Tom[803]
LAKING, Tom[803]
LAKING, Tom[804]
LAKING, Tom[925]
LAKING, Tom[925]
LAKING, William[562]
LAMB, Fanny[347]
LANCASHIRE, Emily[509]
LANCASHIRE, Emily[509]
LANCASHIRE, Ernest Samuel[918]
LANCASHIRE, William[509]
LANGSDALE, Edith[796]
LANGSDALE, Harry[796]
LAWSON, Beatrice[753]
LAWSON, Harry[730]
LEE, Dora Eleanor[332]
LEE, James William[332]
LEES, John Francis[879]
LISTER, Ann[14]
LISTER, Ann Hancock[15]
LISTER, Anne[275]
LISTER, Barnabus[181]
LISTER, Barnabus[181]
LISTER, Edward[15]
LISTER, Edward[160]
LISTER, Edward[160]
LISTER, Edward[256]
LISTER, George[275]
LISTER, Hannah[181]
LISTER, Mary Ann[15]
LISTER, Mary Ann[160]
LISTER, Mary Ann[182]
LISTER, William[14]
LUDFORD, Alfred George[453]
LUDFORD, Alfred Robert[453]
MACDONALD, Mabel Harriet[368]
MAGGS, Annie[242]
MAGGS, Annie[463]
MAGGS, David[241]
MAGGS, Enoch[242]
MAGGS, Enoch[463]
MAGGS, Enoch[463]
MAGGS, Enoch[463]
MAGGS, Frank Stanley[241]
MAGGS, John Clayton[463]
MAGGS, Maria[241]
MAGGS, Millicent Annie[242]
MALLENDER, Ann Glossop[218]
MALLENDER, Elizabeth[217]
MALLENDER, Kate[638]
MALLENDER, Mary Elizabeth[217]
MALLENDER, William[217]
MALLENDER, William[217]
MALLENDER, William[638]
MANGHAM, Captain JackNG 1
MANGHAM, Jack GrahamNG 8
MARSH, Elizabeth[164]
MARSH, John[60]
MARSH, John Barker[164]
MARSH, Matilda[164]
MARSH, Richard[164]
MARSH, Richard[164]
MARSH, Richard[164]
MARSH, Richard[164]
MARTIN, William[904]
MASSEY, Jack[748]
MASSEY, Joseph[502]
MASSEY, Robert[747]
MATHEWS, George Edward[893]
MEEK, A[895]
MEEK, A[895]
MEEK, Kate Ivy[895]
MIDDLETON, Fanny[471]
MIDDLETON, William[471]
MILLS, Ada[815]
MILLS, Frederick[815]
MILNER, Gervase[165]
MILNER, Sarah[165]
MONTGOMERY, Sarah[129]
MOODY, Hilda Fanny[735]
MOSEY, Eliza[324]
MOSEY, William[320]
MOZLEY, Denis[832]
MULLINGS, Mary[28]
MULLINGS, Robert[28]
MULLINGS, Robert[28]
MULLINS, Alice[148]
MULLINS, Also Samuel[216]
MULLINS, Elizabeth[257]
MULLINS, Geo[54]
MULLINS, George[31]
MULLINS, George[31]
MULLINS, George[32]
MULLINS, George[148]
MULLINS, George[257]
MULLINS, George[529]
MULLINS, Juliana[32]
MULLINS, Levenia[529]
MULLINS, Mathilda[529]
MULLINS, Mary[216]
MULLINS, Rebecca[54]
MULLINS, Sam[528]
MULLINS, Sam[528]
MULLINS, Sarah Ann[528]
NEWBOLD, Elsie[504]
NEWBOLD, Lawrence Edmund[504]
NEWTON, A[845]
NEWTON, John[845]
NEWTON, Robert[86]
NILAN, Annie[661]
NILAN, Wilfred Thomas[661]
NILAN, WR[525]
NOBLE, Doris[894]
NOBLE, Willis[894]
NOCK, Ann[120]
NOCK, George[117]
NOCK, William[120]
OAKTON, Pattie[779]
OBRIEN, Julianna[159]
OSBORNE, Fanny[272]
OSBORNE, Fanny[623]
OSBORNE, George[272]
OSBORNE, Joe[272]
OSBORNE, Joseph[623]
OSBORNE, Joseph George[289]
PAGET, Norman JamesNG 2
PARKER, Hugh[144]
PARKER, Sarah[144]
PASHLEY, Elisabeth[24]
PATRICK, Bernard[723]
PATRICK, Bernard[723]
PATRICK, Kathleen[723]
PEARCE, Alice[146]
PEARCE, Alice[148]
PEARCE, Florence[934]
PEARCE, George[148]
PEARCE, George Cutt[148]
PEARCE, HaroldNG15
PEARCE, Harriet[146]
PEARCE, John[146]
PEARCE, Joseph[934]
PEARCE, JosephNG 4
PEARCE, Mary[146]
PEARCE, Samuel[148]
PEAT, Annie Maria[937]
PEAT, Bertha Hannah[613]
PEAT, Cecil William Henry[518]
PEAT, Clara[253]
PEAT, Clara[799]
PEAT, Clifford James[77]
PEAT, Colin[253]
PEAT, Eli[253]
PEAT, Eli[799]
PEAT, Eli[799]
PEAT, Eliza[415]
PEAT, Elizabeth[175]
PEAT, Elizabeth[175]
PEAT, Elizabeth Ann[518]
PEAT, H[935]
PEAT, Hannah More[77]
PEAT, Henry Tallis[77]
PEAT, John William Tom[313]
PEAT, Luben[175]
PEAT, Ma Peat H[936]
PEAT, Mary[77]
PEAT, Mary Jane[77]
PEAT, Millicent[253]
PEAT, Nellie[313]
PEAT, Thomas[415]
PEAT, William[77]
PEAT, William[170]
PEAT, Winifred Edith[613]
PEAT, Wright[937]
PETTIT, Ann[276]
PITTSON, Frederick[724]
POSTHILL, Ann[187]
POSTHILL, James[187]
POSTHILL, John[187]
POSTHILL, June[187]
PRESSWOOD, Florence[660]
PRESSWOOD, George[660]
PRESSWOOD, George[660]
PRIESTLEY, Nora[870]
PULLEN, Sarah[761]
RADLEY, Rachel[103]
RADLEY, Thomas[103]
REED, Ann[650]
RICHARDS, Frances H[710]
RICHARDS, Mac[710]
RICHARDS, William E[710]
RICHARDSON, George[557]
RICHARDSON, George[557]
RICHARDSON, George Henry[888]
RICHARDSON, Henry[480]
RICHARDSON, Jenny[557]
RICHARDSON, Mabel Annie[727]
RICHARDSON, William[727]
ROBERTS, Annie[473]
ROBERTS, George[158]
ROBERTS, George[158]
ROBERTS, George[158]
ROBERTS, George[158]
ROBERTS, George[158]
ROBERTS, George[159]
ROBERTS, George[159]
ROBERTS, Hannah[158]
ROBERTS, Hannah[158]
ROBERTS, Hannah[159]
ROBERTS, Hannah[159]
ROBERTS, Hannah Julia Mcmoran[159]
ROBERTS, John[159]
ROBERTS, Julia Ann[159]
ROBERTS, Julia Ann[159]
ROBERTS, Mary[158]
ROBERTS, Mary[158]
ROBERTS, Mary[159]
ROBERTS, Sarah Ann[158]
ROBERTS, Thaddeus[473]
ROBERTS, William Nailor[159]
ROBINSON, Alfred[246]
ROBINSON, Charles S[34]
ROBINSON, Charles William[608]
ROBINSON, Frances Alice[34]
ROBINSON, George[280]
ROBINSON, George[280]
ROBINSON, George[479]
ROBINSON, Hannah[280]
ROBINSON, Jane[246]
ROBINSON, Leonard[246]
ROBINSON, Mary Harriet[479]
ROBINSON, Sarah Ann[34]
ROBINSON, Wright[34]
RODGERS, Fanny[384]
ROSE, Ethel Dorothy[911]
ROSE, Frederick[517]
ROSE, Frederick[517]
ROSE, Henry[670]
ROSE, John[512]
ROSE, John Frederick[856]
ROSE, Phyllis Minnie[826]
ROSE, Sarah Ann[517]
ROSE, Sarah Ann[517]
ROSE, William[834]
ROSS, Annie[210]
ROSS, Annie[892]
ROSS, Elizabeth[669]
ROSS, Fanny[841]
ROSS, George Arthur[892]
ROSS, William[669]
ROTHERHAM, Elizabeth[302]
ROTHERHAM, George[302]
ROWBOTTOM, Annie Gertrude[713]
ROWBOTTOM, Arthur[689]
ROWBOTTOM, John[713]
RUDD, Jane[200]
RUDD, Thomas[200]
SAMSON, W[527]
SAYLES, Edward[933]
SAYLES, Edward[933]
SAYLES, Elsie[933]
SCHOFIELD, John[101]
SCHOFIELD, Mary[101]
SCOTT, Albert[861]
SEVERN, George[489]
SEVERN, William[672]
SHAW, Bertha[686]
SHEARMAN, Lilly[429]
SHIPSTONE, Frank[881]
SHIPSTONE, Winnifred[882]
SHOOTER, Ada Mary[850]
SHOOTER, Harry[851]
SHORTHOUSE, Nettie[807]
SIMPSON, Elizabeth[146]
SIMPSON, Henry[146]
SIMPSON, Joseph[123]
SINGLETON, John Thomas[4]
SMITH, Adalaide[615]
SMITH, Adelaide Elizabeth Betty[614]
SMITH, Albert Arthur[666]
SMITH, Alice[542]
SMITH, Amy[814]
SMITH, Annie Maria[714]
SMITH, Barbara[379]
SMITH, Bessie[769]
SMITH, Cass[236]
SMITH, Cass[300]
SMITH, Douglas[680]
SMITH, Douglas[694]
SMITH, Elizabeth[301]
SMITH, Evelyn Alma[695]
SMITH, George[907]
SMITH, George Charles[615]
SMITH, George Henry[461]
SMITH, Georgina Frances[461]
SMITH, Harold Holmes[456]
SMITH, Harriet Holmes[300]
SMITH, Herbert[542]
SMITH, Herbert[542]
SMITH, Horace[714]
SMITH, Isaac[461]
SMITH, Janet[456]
SMITH, Job[461]
SMITH, John DenisNG14
SMITH, John Luther[455]
SMITH, Kate[550]
SMITH, Lilian[455]
SMITH, Martha[5]
SMITH, Mary[284]
SMITH, Mona[680]
SMITH, Robert Hugh[769]
SMITH, Robert Hugh[770]
SMITH, Samuel[301]
SMITH, Sarah[666]
SMITH, Sarah Ann[635]
SMITH, Sidney[550]
SMITH, Thomas[379]
SMITH, William[5]
SMITH, William Arthur[666]
SMITH, William Ernest[666]
SNELL, Ann G[687]
SNELL, Elizabeth[292]
SNELL, Elizabeth[292]
SNELL, George William[220]
SNELL, Helena Annie[783]
SNELL, Helina[327]
SNELL, Miriam Elizabeth[783]
SNELL, Robert[292]
SNELL, Robert[327]
SNELL, S[327]
SNOWDEN, Annie[328]
SNOWDEN, Annie Elizabeth[328]
SNOWDEN, Douglas[328]
SNOWDEN, Douglas[328]
SNOWDEN, Harriet Ellen[199]
SNOWDEN, Henry[199]
SNOWDEN, Henry[616]
SNOWDEN, Horace Arnold[199]
SNOWDEN, Joseph[764]
SNOWDEN, Lucy[616]
SNOWDEN, Mrs[763]
SNOWDEN, Sarah[349]
SNOWDEN, Thomas[680]
SNOWDEN, William[328]
SNOWDEN, William[328]
SNOWDEN, William[762]
SORBY, G[40]
SORBY, Kathleen[40]
SPENCER, Frances Elizabeth[684]
SPENCER, George[684]
SPENCER, Samuel Spencer Hannah[568]
STALEY, A[853]
STALEY, Francis[782]
STALEY, Francis[782]
STALEY, L W Eric[235]
STALEY, Laurence William Eric[853]
STALEY, Nellie[782]
STANILAND, Charles[190]
STANILAND, Charles[191]
STANILAND, George[190]
STANILAND, George[190]
STANILAND, Harriet[190]
STANILAND, Harriet Clark[191]
STANILAND, Sarah[56]
STANLEY, Ann[468]
STANLEY, Ann[539]
STANLEY, George Thomas[539]
STANLEY, George Thompson[539]
STANLEY, Hannah Maria[539]
STEVENS, Hannah[270]
STEVENS, Joseph[270]
STEVENS, Joseph[270]
STEVENSON, Harry[774]
STEWARDSON, Martin[673]
STONE, Elizabeth[183]
STONE, John[183]
STONE, Thomas[183]
STOREY, Ann[215]
STOREY, Ann[237]
STOREY, Ann[271]
STOREY, Charles[339]
STOREY, Charles[392]
STOREY, Charles Edward[642]
STOREY, Elizabeth[339]
STOREY, Elizabeth[392]
STOREY, Elizabeth Ann[254]
STOREY, Elizabeth Ann[384]
STOREY, Emily Irene[339]
STOREY, Emma[642]
STOREY, Fanny[384]
STOREY, Frances[216]
STOREY, George[193]
STOREY, George[215]
STOREY, George[215]
STOREY, George W[793]
STOREY, Hannah Mary[519]
STOREY, Harold[434]
STOREY, Irene Lillian[793]
STOREY, Isiah[108]
STOREY, Joseph[78]
STOREY, Joseph[254]
STOREY, Joseph[384]
STOREY, Mary[78]
STOREY, Mary[108]
STOREY, Mary[215]
STOREY, Percival[215]
STOREY, Sam[215]
STOREY, Sam Clayton[254]
STOREY, Samuel[215]
STOREY, Samuel[216]
STOREY, Thomas[519]
STOREY, Wilfred[349]
STOREY, William[237]
STOREY, William[271]
STOREY, William[271]
STORR, Fanny[841]
STORR, John Henry[841]
STORY, George[641]
STREET, Ann[250]
STREET, Thomas[250]
STRIBBLEY, Freda Mary[355]
STRIBBLEY, Henry[355]
STUBBINGS, Betsy[286]
STUBBINGS, John[286]
STUBBINGS, John[286]
SWABY, Albert[668]
SWABY, Daisy[668]
TAYLOR, Ann[110]
TAYLOR, Ann[211]
TAYLOR, Frances[111]
TAYLOR, Harry[849]
TAYLOR, Henry[110]
TAYLOR, Ivy[252]
TAYLOR, Joan Elizabeth[772]
TAYLOR, Norah Mary[462]
TAYLOR, Ottoline Alexandra[849]
TAYLOR, R[771]
TAYLOR, William[110]
TAYLOR, William[111]
TAYLOR, William[111]
TAYLOR, William[211]
THOMPSON, Edith Lillie[802]
THOMPSON, George[802]
THOMPSON, George Frederick[802]
THOMPSON, Hannah[338]
THOMPSON, Thomas[338]
THOMPSON, Thomas[338]
TOWNSHEND, George[72]
TREVERS, John[66]
TRICKET, Fred[307]
TRICKET, Rosamond Dorothy[307]
TRICKETT, Edith[304]
TRICKETT, Emily Herbert[304]
TRICKETT, Ethel[304]
TRICKETT, George Jenkinson[304]
TRICKETT, Selina Edith[304]
TURNER, Ann[295]
TURNER, Daniel[659]
TURNER, Fanny Kate[266]
TURNER, George[295]
TURNER, George Edward[792]
TURNER, Herbert[303]
TURNER, Naomi[792]
TURNER, Robert[266]
TURNER, Sarah[303]
TURNER, Thomas[303]
TWIBELL, Arthur[840]
TWIBELL, Nellie[840]
TWIBELL, Sarah[75]
TWIGG, Annie Cecilia[734]
TWIGG, Thomas[734]
TWIGG, Thomas[734]
TYAS, Harry[864]
UNWIN, Alice[391]
UNWIN, Annie[421]
UNWIN, Annie[603]
UNWIN, Constance[281]
UNWIN, Cordelia Ann[281]
UNWIN, Edgar[464]
UNWIN, Edgar[464]
UNWIN, Edgar[533]
UNWIN, Edna[318]
UNWIN, Edwin[422]
UNWIN, Eliza[533]
UNWIN, Ellen[273]
UNWIN, Faith[245]
UNWIN, George[243]
UNWIN, George[274]
UNWIN, Helen[243]
UNWIN, Henry Kirkby[719]
UNWIN, Horace[452]
UNWIN, Jane[464]
UNWIN, John[223]
UNWIN, John[223]
UNWIN, John[273]
UNWIN, John[391]
UNWIN, John[421]
UNWIN, John[421]
UNWIN, John[603]
UNWIN, John Henry[603]
UNWIN, Joshua[281]
UNWIN, Joshua[702]
UNWIN, Joshua[702]
UNWIN, Mary[274]
UNWIN, Mary Matilda[702]
UNWIN, Roger Darling[318]
UNWIN, Sarah[223]
UNWIN, Walter[318]
UNWIN, William[245]
UNWIN, William[245]
UNWIN, William[331]
VARNEY, Elizabeth Louisa[317]
VARNEY, Katherine Mary[317]
VARNEY, Mary[648]
VARNEY, William Russell[648]
VARNEY, William Russell[648]
VICTOR, Clifford[941]
WAGSTAFF, Edward[646]
WAINSCOAT, Elizabeth[440]
WAINSCOAT, Elsie[809]
WAINSCOAT, Francis John[316]
WAINSCOAT, James[86]
WAINSCOAT, James[219]
WAINSCOAT, James[219]
WAINSCOAT, James Geoffrey[232]
WAINSCOAT, James Geoffrey[316]
WAINSCOAT, James W[818]
WAINSCOAT, Jessie Selina[301]
WAINSCOAT, Maurice[311]
WAINSCOAT, Susanna[86]
WAINSCOAT, Susanna[219]
WAKEFIELD, Eileen Enid[920]
WAKEFIELD, Elizabeth Anne[777]
WAKEFIELD, Elizabeth Anne[778]
WAKEFIELD, Harriet[781]
WAKEFIELD, Henry[277]
WAKEFIELD, Henry[405]
WAKEFIELD, Henry[405]
WAKEFIELD, Samuel Henry[277]
WAKEFIELD, Sarah[277]
WAKEFIELD, Sidney Carr[781]
WAKEFIELD, William Redvers[777]
WAKEFIELD, William Redvers[778]
WALKE, James Edgar[644]
WALKE, Lucy[644]
WALKE, Lucy[644]
WALKER, Ann[17]
WALKER, Ann[168]
WALKER, Arthur[622]
WALKER, Caroline Ann[465]
WALKER, Elizabeth[229]
WALKER, Ernest[503]
WALKER, Ernest[842]
WALKER, Ethel[336]
WALKER, Eva[831]
WALKER, Fanny[168]
WALKER, Fanny[168]
WALKER, George[17]
WALKER, George[17]
WALKER, George[17]
WALKER, George[155]
WALKER, George[465]
WALKER, George W[636]
WALKER, Henry CB[336]
WALKER, John[150]
WALKER, John[167]
WALKER, John[168]
WALKER, John[168]
WALKER, John[310]
WALKER, John[310]
WALKER, Joseph[150]
WALKER, Joseph[150]
WALKER, Joseph[150]
WALKER, Joseph[229]
WALKER, Joseph[299]
WALKER, Joseph Davy[229]
WALKER, Margaret[310]
WALKER, Mary[150]
WALKER, Mary[150]
WALKER, Mary Ann Marion[299]
WALKER, Walter[636]
WALKER, Walter[636]
WALKER, Wilfred[831]
WALL, Arthur Guy[44]
WARD, Ann[91]
WARD, Annie[185]
WARD, Elizabeth[185]
WARD, Jane[810]
WARD, Mary[185]
WARD, Mary[637]
WARD, Mary[915]
WARD, Mary Ann[249]
WARD, Samuel[91]
WARD, Samuel[91]
WARD, William[185]
WARD, William[249]
WARD, William[249]
WARDELL, Donald[784]
WARING, Elizabeth[195]
WATERS, M[946]
WATERS, Willie Hewitt[946]
WATSON, Joseph[588]
WATTAM, Alice[652]
WATTAM, John[652]
WEBSTER, Annie[698]
WEBSTER, Harriet[403]
WEBSTER, Joseph[403]
WEBSTER, Joseph[403]
WEBSTER, William Henry[698]
WESTON, Gertrude E[591]
WESTON, Gertrude Elizabeth[591]
WESTON, Herbert[344]
WESTON, John[591]
WESTON, May[344]
WESTON, May[344]
WESTON, Nellie[682]
WESTON, Richard[682]
WESTON, Thomas[362]
WESTON, Walter[363]
WEYMAN, Cyril[847]
WEYMAN, Cyril[847]
WHITE, G[382]
WHITEHEAD, George[107]
WHITEHEAD, Mary[107]
WHITEHEAD, Sarah[196]
WHITING, John Henry[555]
WHITING, Lucy[555]
WHITLAM, Ann[157]
WHITLAM, Ann Whitlam Anne[157]
WHITLAM, Anne[157]
WHITLAM, Annie[543]
WHITLAM, Elizabeth[157]
WHITLAM, Elizabeth[157]
WHITLAM, Francis[380]
WHITLAM, Frank[606]
WHITLAM, Frank[875]
WHITLAM, George[157]
WHITLAM, George[157]
WHITLAM, George[157]
WHITLAM, George[543]
WHITLAM, Hugh[544]
WHITLAM, Jane[913]
WHITLAM, Mary[157]
WHITLAM, Mary[157]
WHITLAM, Mary[380]
WHITLAM, Mary E[380]
WHITLAM, Mary E[380]
WHITLAM, Sam[874]
WHITLOCK, Lydia[357]
WIDDOWSON, B Widdowson Maud[580]
WIDDOWSON, George[580]
WIGHTMAN, Stanley[859]
WIGMORE, Alfred[536]
WIGMORE, Arthur[394]
WIGMORE, Fanny[385]
WIGMORE, Florence[645]
WIGMORE, Francis[385]
WIGMORE, Jane[537]
WIGMORE, John Charles[470]
WIGMORE, Joseph Francis[643]
WIGMORE, Mary Ann[470]
WIGMORE, Sarah[394]
WIGMORE, William Cuthbert[537]
WIGMORE, Worthy[645]
WIGMORE, Worthy[645]
WILKINSON, George[161]
WILKINSON, George[259]
WILKINSON, George Marsh[264]
WILKINSON, Maria[260]
WILKINSON, Mary[163]
WILKINSON, Mary Rawlings[161]
WILKINSON, William[163]
WILKINSON, William[260]
WILKS, A[141]
WILKS, Alice[142]
WILKS, Alice[142]
WILKS, Dennis[268]
WILKS, Eleanor Elizabeth[133]
WILKS, Elenor[134]
WILKS, Elizabeth[33]
WILKS, Elizabeth[33]
WILKS, Elizabeth[137]
WILKS, Elizabeth[138]
WILKS, Elizabeth Catherine[33]
WILKS, Elizabeth Catherine[139]
WILKS, Ellen[135]
WILKS, Ellen[140]
WILKS, Francis[33]
WILKS, Francis[33]
WILKS, Francis[135]
WILKS, Francis[139]
WILKS, George[134]
WILKS, George[134]
WILKS, JH[141]
WILKS, John[133]
WILKS, John[134]
WILKS, John[138]
WILKS, John[140]
WILKS, John[140]
WILKS, John Edwin[141]
WILKS, John Henry[142]
WILKS, Lilian[33]
WILKS, Martha[33]
WILKS, Mary[33]
WILKS, Mary[135]
WILKS, Sarah[134]
WILKS, William[33]
WILKS, William[139]
WILKS, WilsonNG18
WILLERTON, Eveline[718]
WILLERTON, Langwith Richard[718]
WILLIS, Alice[549]
WILLIS, Herbert Favel[540]
WILLIS, Richard[549]
WILSON, Annie[438]
WILSON, Bernard Walter[873]
WINDLE, Annie[203]
WINDLE, James[203]
WINDLE, Martha[203]
WINGFIELD, Clara[586]
WINGFIELD, Percy[586]
WINGFIELD, Percy[586]
WOOD, Bennett[439]
WOOD, Bennett[439]
WOOD, Eliza[439]
WOODALL, Arthur[297]
WOODALL, Edith[297]
WOODALL, Lilian[610]
WOODALL, Phoebe[424]
WOODALL, Samuel[424]
WOODALL, Samuel[610]
WOODALL, Samuel Rhodes[297]
WOODWARD, Agnes[516]
WOODWARD, Clarence[454]
WOODWARD, Herbert[516]
WOODWARD, Herbert[516]
WOODWARD, John Herbert[516]
WRAGG, Ada L[343]
WRAGG, Geo[343]
WRIGHT, Elizabeth[178]
WRIGHT, John[178]
WRIGHT, Sarah Anne[265]
WRIGHT, Thomas[262]
WRIGHT, Thomas[263]
WRIGHT, Thomas[265]
WRIGHT, Vera Rose[265]
WRIGHT, William[178]
WYRILL, Ann[247]
WYRILL, Edward[45]
WYRILL, Mary[45]
WYRILL, Mary[247]

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