Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: HATFIELD.     Church dedication: ST. LAWRENCE.     Church type: Perpetual Curacy.

Area, 21,150 acres. Strafforth and Tickhill wapentake, S.D. -Population, 3,000 *1; Chapel-room, 750; Net value, £139. -Formerly an ancient Rectory, till given in the 19th Edward III. by John, Earl Warren, to the Abbey of Roche, to which it was appropriated, and a Vicarage ordained therein in 1346. Archbishop Sharp says the Vicarage is in the Crown, but there has been no institution since Queen Elizabeth's time.

Patron and impropriator, the Countess of Coventry.

The Church is valued in Pope Nicholas's taxation at £46. 13s. 4d.; in the King's books (where it is called a Vicarage in charge) at £15. 5s.; in the Parliamentary Survey, vol. xviii. page 469, it is stated " The Rectory impropriate belongs to the Earl of Devonshire, who lets the same for £800 per annum, and allows the minister a certain salary of £10 per annum, now of late increased by the said Earl to £36. 13s. 4d., but dissolvable at his pleasure." Certified value in 1707, £42. 14s.; and in 1818, at £80. 4s. 3d. per annum.

Augmented in 1727 with £200, to meet benefaction of £140 and lands worth £60 from the Rev. Marmaduke Drake ; and in 1812, with £400; in 1813, with £200; and in 1824, with £200 -all from the Parliamentary grant, by lot.

There were unreported decrees in the Exchequer, in Michaelmas Term, 7th Car. I., and in Trinity Term, 12th Car. II.

" The impropriator is only entitled to 2d. an acre in lieu of the tithe hay of the lands called the North Ings; to 2½d. a year for every ancient messuage, orchard, and garden; to 1½d. a year in lien of the tithes of an ancient cottage; to lid. for every litter of pigs under five; to the value of half a pig for every litter above that number, and under ten; to one pig in every ten ; to 2d. a head for Easter offerings, and to other moduses in lieu of the tithes of calves, cows, goslings, chickens, bees, taps, and ewes; to 1d. an acre in lieu of the tithe hay of ancient grounds, and to the tithes of Bramwith Hall." Popplewell v. Hatfield. 2 Wood, page 398.

" The occupiers of ancient messuages in the manor, pay the tithes arising on Thorn North Common and the other waste lands appurtenant to the said messuages, to the Rector or Vicar respectively of the parish in which the ancient messuage is situated, and not to the Rector or Vicar of the parish in which the right of common is enjoyed." Hunt v. Etherington. 4 Wood, page 368.

Inclosure Acts were passed 23rd Geo. III., 27th Geo. III., and 51st Geo. III. For the inscriptions and catalogues of the Rectors and Vicars, see Hunter's South Yorkshire.

There were two Chantries in this Church.

10th May 1746, faculty to build a gallery.

23rd July 1764, ditto to erect two galleries.

There is no glebe house.

The Register books commence in 1566.

Henry Travis, by will, dated 29th May 1706, devised all his lands and hereditaments in the counties of York and Lincoln, for the support of a charity to certain poor children of the inhabitants of the three parishes of Thorne and Hatfield in the county of York, and of Wroot in the county of Lincoln, in such manner and form as was contained in a certain draft in his own hand writing; by which draft he appointed the Archbishop of York for the time being to be visitor, with power to make orders and rules; and by an order of the Court of Chancery, dated 27th November, 7th Anne, in a certain cause, Tench and another v. Travis and another, it was referred to the Master to settle the draft of settlement, who reported on the 5th July 1710, and on the same day the premises were conveyed to trustees. Vide 17th Report, page 815. This charity having a special visitor, the Commissioners could not report further thereon.

Doles and Rents-charge. John Myrfin's, by will, dated 8th November 1592. Twenty marks were left to provide 6s. 8d. per annum for a schoolmaster and 6s. 8d. for the poor. Only £10 was paid, and the parish applied the money towards building a school-house, and pay 6s. 8d. per annum to the schoolmaster, and 3s. 4d. to the poor.

John Spirey's gift, by will, dated 17th January 1619. Rents-charge of £2 per annum to a fit schoolmaster to teach children at Hatfield, and £2 a year to the minister.

John Spirey, by deed, in 1609. £1. 13s. 4d., 3s. 4d., and 3s. 4d. per annum. Object not stated in the Report.

Thomas Wormeley, by deed, 1st January, 3rd Car. I. Rents-charge of £1 per annum for the poor of Hatfield, and 10s. for the poor of Hatfield Woodhouse.

William Sutcliffe's rents-charge. 5s. a year to the church, and 10s. a year to the poor.

Cornelius Dickenson's, in 1667. Rent of allotments of land, let at the time of the Report for £4. 4s. Half for the poor, a quarter for the schoolmaster, and a quarter for the minister. Also rent-charge of 13s. 4d. per annum for the poor.

Sarah Bears, by will, dated 24th February 1669. 10s. per annum to the poor.

Cornelius Lee's. Rent-charge of 8s. 5¾d. per annum for the poor.

Thomas Lee's, in 1669. 10s. per annum for the poor.

William Moor's, 1713. Interest of £10 left to the poor. Paid out of the rates.

William Woodhead's, by will, in 1713. Rent-charge of 15s. per annum for the poor.

Free Grammar School. Founded 1st January, 3rd Chas. I. by Thomas Wormeley, in order that an able scholar of one of the Universities, if conveniently he might be had, might be therein placed and maintained for the free instruction of the children of all the inhabitants of the parish, as well in religion as other good literature. An augmentation took place in 1716. Endowment, a rentcharge of £10 per annum. At the time of the Report, no free scholars appear to have been taught, and it appeared desirable to apply the income to the sup- port of an ordinary national school.

Robert Forster's charity, by will, dated 22nd January 1619. Rent of 10a. 2r. 39p. of land, to be applied in purchasing every year four rug gowns ; the first year for four poor men of Hatfield. the second year for four of Hatfield Woodhouse, and the third for four of Stains-forth, and so for ever; the gowns to be given every Michaelmas day, and the men to go to Church to hear a sermon preached by the minister, to whom he directed 3s. 4d. to be paid for that purpose; and that the minister of Hatfield should every third year have a gown, and that another gown should be given every third year to the schoolmaster of Stainforth. The rental being at the time of the Report £24. 1s. per annum, the minister was paid £1. 10s. per annum, and also received for his gown once in three years; and twelve coats, value about 25s. each, were annually given instead of four gowns; but the allowance to the schoolmaster at Stainforth has not been regularly made.

William Porter's charity, by will, about 1788. Rent of nearly ten acres of land, to be enjoyed by two poor widows of the constabulary of Hatfield, each to be upwards of seventy years of age.

Rent-charge for repairs of the church, 2s. 4d. per annum, out of a croft called St. Catherine Garth. -Vide 18th Report, page 616.

Post town: Thorne.

Torre's MS. page 917. Abp. Sharp's MS. vol. i. page 217. Nonae Roll, page 219. Peck's Bawtry, page 89. Hunter's South Yorkshire, vol. i. page 150.

*1 Viz. Hatfield, 2,148; and Stainforth, 852. The eighty-eight labourers not agricultural in the township of Stainforth, are mostly employed as boatmen in the navigation.

Other information:
HENES. - (Parish of Hatfield.)-A Cell of St. Mary's Abbey.

William, Earl Warren, gave and granted to the Abbey of St. Mary's, York, and to the monks there serving God, Henes with the moor and marshes about it, to do therewith whatever might be improved to their own profit, as well in the land already gained, and marshes and Munkeflete, with all the fishings. -Torre's MS. page 930.

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