LINDLEY: Lindley Oakes Church Baptist Church History up to 1912.



The Oakes Church, Lindley, is another of the many children of Salendine Nook, and was formally constituted on December 29th, 1864, with thirty-six members who were originally in fellowship at "The Nook." They met in the meeting house at Quarmby, their early baptisms being held in a mill reservoir, and in a pond. Mr. E. Cameron, of Rawdon College, was invited to the pastorate in January 1867, but illness—the result of an accident—terminated in the following June a life of much promise.

In June, 1868, Rev. S. C. Burn settled as minister, and the new chapel was opened in December of that year, a substantial structure, seating 700 persons. It may interest the reader to know that the gallery front of iron tracery work is a reproduction of the gallery front in the first Metropolitan Tabernacle. Mr. Burn resigned at the close of 1872, and was followed by Rev. D. Davies (1873-8). During this period the school premises were erected, and opened in 1878. The total cost of the chapel and schools was £11,000, but the debt was entirely removed by the year 1885.

In April, 1879, Rev. George Duncan accepted the pastorate, which he resigned in 1887, to be followed by Rev. W. H. Ibberson (1888-94), under whose strenuous ministry the cause made excellent progress, and an organ was purchased at a cost of £1200. In 1895, Rev. W. H. Holdsworth, M.A., was invited to the pastorate, but ill-health compelled his removal to Australia in 1897. Rev. J. H. Robinson was minister from 1898 to 1901, and in 1903 Rev. Evan Williams undertook the charge, which he held for three years. The present pastor, Rev. N. Bosworth, followed in 1907.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
from the "Present Churches" section of
The Baptists of Yorkshire
by Rev. J. Brown Morgan
and Rev. C.E. Shipley