MILNSBRIDGE: Milnsbridge Baptist Church History up to 1912.



The Milnsbridge Church had its first home in an upper room, and building its first sanctuary on the banks of a river, called it "AEnon." Its Church roll commences on May 28th, 1843, when it received the signatures of twenty members who, residing in the locality, were transferred from Salendine Nook. Although the neighbourhood was but thinly populated, they at once proceeded to build, opening their chapel on April 25th, 1844. The Rev. John Hanson became pastor in 1846, and for ten years led the Church's progress.

He was followed by Rev. Edward Parker, who was ordained here on August 19th, 1857, and remained two years. He was afterwards more widely known as Dr. Parker, President of Manchester Baptist College. Rev. J. T. Jones served the Church from 1861 to 1864. Brief pastorates appear to have been the general experience of the Church :—John Chadwick (1866-70); H. Dunn (1871-4); Robert Speed (1877-81); and H. C. Field (1883-8). During Mr. Field's ministry the new schools were built at a cost of £3700, and were for some years used for day school and Sunday school purposes, until the erection of new Board School premises rendered the day school unnecessary.

Rev. A. J. Davies settled at Milnsbridge in 1892. He laboured for eight years with much success, and, at its jubilee, the Church raised £1000 for chapel alterations. Rev. E. R. Lewis followed Mr. Davies in the New Year of 1901, and is the present pastor. Additional classrooms were added to the school, and, assisted by the generous gift of a site, the Church proceeded to build a manse. Mr. G. H. Hanson, and his sister, Mrs. T. Lockwood, who presented the site, added to it a gift of 450. The Church property is valued at £12,000, and its history has been one of steady progress and increasing service.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
from the "Present Churches" section of
The Baptists of Yorkshire
by Rev. J. Brown Morgan
and Rev. C.E. Shipley