Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: ILKLEY.     Church dedication: ALL SAINTS.     Church type: Discharged Vicarage.

Area, 7,600 acres. Skyrack wapentake, U. D. and Upper Claro wapentake. -Population, 1,063 *1; Church-room, 500 *2; Net value, £126. -Here was a Roman station called Olicana.

The Church was an ancient Rectory belonging to the patronage of the Kymes and Percies. It was appropriated to the Priory of Hexham by Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, and a Vicarage ordained in 1378.

Patron, G. Hartley, Esq. Impropriator, W. Middleton, Esq.

In Pope Nicholas's first taxation, the Church is valued at £26. 13s. 4d. and in his second at £17. 6s. 8d.

The Vicarage is valued in the King's books at £7. 13s. 8d. per annum ; and in the Parliamentary Survey, vol. xviii. page 349, at £20.

A Chantry is mentioned in the Valor Ecc.

Augmented in 1807 with £200 and in 1815 with £1,000 from the Parliamentary grant, -both by lot.

The glebe house was returned in 1818 as fit for residence, but in 1834 returned unfit.

The Register Books commence in 1597. Burials and marriages deficient 1656 to 1673.

Dr. Whitaker gives a list of the Vicars.

Free School. Founded by one Marshall, in the fifth year of King James I., and augmented by Reginald Heber in 1696. The trust deed provides that the schoolmaster shall teach and instruct all the male children within the parish gratis. The school has very long been conducted on the footing of an English school only, and the scholars, about forty in number, are taught reading without any charge, and writing and accounts on payment of a small weekly sum. Annual income £124, (of which £120 arises from the rent of 54a. 1r. 32p. and £4 from the interest of £100) The Vicar is the schoolmaster, who receives £46. 17s. 4d. out of the rents, and his assistant 701.

Poor's estate. Rent of somewhat less than three acres, and seven cattle gates, let for £15. 2s. per annum. 12s. 6d. is given to Ilkley poor, in bread, and 2s. 6d. in bread to Middleton poor. The rest is distributed in money.

Ilkley poor's money. The sum of £115 is placed upon mortgage. Out of the interest, 5s. is distributed in bread, and the rest in money. This sum of £115 is part of a sum exceeding £300 given by sundry benefactors to the poor of Ilkley township, but of the remainder no account whatever can be given.

Middleton poor's money. £45 given by William Carrer and others, is placed in the Otley Savings' Bank, and the interest distributed.

Benson's benefaction, being £30 lent on bond to Christopher Hawkesworth, and payment refused by his son, on the ground of deficiency of assets, and proceedings were about to be taken by the parish officers. -Vide 21st Report, page 608.

Post town: Otley.

Torre's MS. page 405. Abp. Sharp's MS. vol. i. page 119. Whitaker's Craven, page 215. Hargrove's Knaresbro, page 402.

*1 Viz. Ilkley, (including 166 visiters,) 691; Middleton with Stockhill, 166; and Nesfield with Langbar, 206. In 1834, the Population was returned at 940.

*2 111 additional sittings (of which 65 are free) have been procured, towards which the Society made a grant of £100.

From the original book published by
George Lawton in 1842..
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