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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for ILKLEY in Pigot's Directory of 1834.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for ILKLEY in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Ilkley, Thomas Stevenson, Post master
  • Post Office, Addingham, Thomas Lister, Post master

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Batty Mrs. Mary, Ilkley
  • Bowling Mr. William, Ilkley
  • Bradshaw Rev. Timothy, Addingham
  • Christie Lieut. William, R.N. Ilkley
  • Coates Mr. John, Addingham
  • Coates Mrs. Mary, Addingham
  • Coates Mr. William, Addingham
  • Cockshott Mrs. Dorothy, Addingham
  • Cunliffe Mrs. Mary, Addingham
  • Cunliffe Thomas Lister Thompson, esq. Addingham
  • Dean Miss Jane, Addingham
  • Dixon Mrs. Susannah, Easby hall
  • Duckworth Joseph, surgeon, Addingham
  • Ellis Mrs. Ann, Addingham
  • Fenton Rev. George, Ilkley
  • Gatliff Mr. Benjamin, Ilkley
  • Middleton William, esq. Middleton lodge
  • Young Mrs. Ann, Addingham


  • Holden Alice, Addingham
  • Patchett William, Addingham
  • Poole Fanny & Maria (ladies' boarding) Ilkley
  • Sutcliffe Hannah, Addingham


  • Atkinson Matthew, Addingham
  • Hudson James, Addingham
  • Mallisson William, Addingham
  • Wall Francis, Addingham


  • Birch John, Ilkley
  • Dean William, Addingham
  • Fawcett William & Joseph, Addingham
  • Robinson Francis, Addingham

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Dean John, Addingham
  • England Abraham, Addingham
  • Hartley William (cloth shoe) Addingham
  • Lister George, Addingham
  • Lobley Samuel, Ilkley
  • Nowell John, Ilkley
  • Powell Joseph, Addingham
  • Robinson Thomas, Ilkley
  • Showsmith John, Ilkley
  • Smith John, Addingham
  • Watkinson Samuel, Ilkley
  • Whitaker James, Addingham
  • Whitaker James, jun. Addingham
  • Whitaker Thomas, Addingham
  • Whitham William, Addingham


  • Bettomley Paul, Ilkley
  • Cockshott John, Addingham
  • Fentiman William, Addingham
  • Hodgson James, Addingham
  • Rigg John, Ilkley
  • Robinson Thomas, Ilkley
  • Skirrow William, Addingham
  • Wall Henry, Addingham

Cattle Dealers,

  • Hudson Edward (& corn) Ilkley
  • Hudson John (& corn) Ilkley
  • Hudson William (& corn) Ilkley
  • Myers Thomas, Addingham
  • Whitham George, Addingham

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Bland Anthony, Addingham
  • King William & Thomas, Ilkley & Otley
  • Spencer William & Co. Addingham

Cotton Spinners & Manufacturers,

  • Briggs Richard (manufacturer) Addingham
  • Fentiman John, Addingham
  • Horsfall Jeremiah, Addingham
  • Smith William (manufacturer) Addingham

Dress Makers,

  • Brown Mary, Addingham
  • Witham Isabella, Addingham

Grocers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Bland Anthony, Addingham
  • Brayshaw John (& earthenware dealer) Addingham
  • Cockshott James (& draper) Addingham
  • Cockshott John (& draper) Addingham
  • Haigh Thomas (& draper) Addingham
  • Hudson John (& draper) Ilkley
  • Janson William (& flour) Addingham
  • Lister Edward (& flour) Addingham
  • Lister William, Addingham
  • Mason Thomas (& flour) Addingham
  • Spencer William & Co. Addingham
  • Steel William, Ilkley
  • Wiggan John (& ironmonger) Addingham

Hair Cutters,

  • Riley William, Addingham
  • Whitaker George, Addingham

Joiners, Carpenters & Builders,

  • Dixon George, Addingham
  • Smith Robert, Addingham
  • Smith William, Addingham
  • Stevenson Thomas, Ilkley
  • Usher Edward, Ilkley

Lodging House Keepers,

  • Bealand Ann, Ilkley
  • Nichols Ann, Ilkley
  • Usher Edward, Ilkley


  • Lister Richard, Ilkley
  • Wall Thomas, Addingham

Patten & Clog Makers,

  • Gill John, Addingham
  • Whitaker Ellis, Addingham

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Pickles James (& tinman) Addingham
  • Robinson Sampson, Addingham

Stone Masons,

  • Breare Francis, Addingham
  • Gale William, Addingham

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Ruking Catherine, Addingham
  • Whitham Mary, Addingham


  • Addle Charles, Addingham
  • Barrett John, Addingham
  • Gray Peter, Ilkley
  • Read Humphrey, Addingham
  • Whitaker Francis, Addingham
  • Whitaker James, Addingham

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Craven Heifer, Thomas Myers, Addingham
  • Crown, Ellen Wilson, Addingham
  • Fleece, Mary Wall, Addingham
  • King's Arms, Marmaduke Spencer, Addingham
  • Lister's Arms (commercial inn) John Lister, Ilkley
  • Rose & Crown, Margaret Dale, Ilkley
  • Wheat Sheaf, Thomas Burnend, Ilkley
  • White Swan, John Cockshott, Addingham


  • England Thomas, Addingham
  • Fozzard William, Ilkley
  • Lister John, Addingham
  • Steel Zacheus, Addingham

Worsted Spinners & Manufacturers,

  • Andrew Joseph, Addingham
  • Bland Anthony, Addingham
  • Booth & Fieldhouse, Addingham
  • Cockcroft John, Addingham
  • Walter William (manufacturer) Addingham


  • Cockshott Lister, currier, Addingham
  • Croft Robert, wholesale Manchester warehouse, Addingham
  • Freeman Thomas, saddler, Addingham
  • Garside John, excise officer, Addingham
  • Hartley William, retailer of beer, Addingham
  • Leyland Jane, heald knitter, Addingham
  • Lister Ebenezer & John, tanners, Addingham
  • Lister Thomas, tallow chandler, Addingham
  • Reynold Richard, cooper, Ilkley
  • Scriven John & Son, ale and porter merchants, Ilkley
  • Steel William, nailer, Addingham
  • Wall John & Thomas, maltsters, Addingham
  • Wheatteam Jeremiah, retailer of beer, Addingham


  • To Bradford, Francis Dobson, from his house, Ilkley, every Thursday, and to
  • Leeds, every Tuesday & Saturday during the summer season


  • To Bradford, Francis Dobson, from Ilkley, and William Walker, from Addingham, every Thursday morning
  • To Leeds, Francis Dobson, from Ilkley, and William Walker, from Addingham, every
  • Tuesday & Saturday morning
  • To Otley, Thomas & John Wall, from Addingham, every Tuesday & Friday
  • To Skipton, George Bromfitt & Edward Lister, from Addingham, daily, William Bradly, every alternate day, and Richard Wingate, every Saturday
  • To York, Richard Wingate, from his house, Addingham, every Tuesday

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000