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Ilkley parish:

Ilkley, War Memorial transcription:

The World War I Memorial at Ilkley.

The Front of the Memorial (see also Photo)

To the gallant men
of Ilkley
who fell in the
Great War 1914-1918
this memorial
is dedicated
Let those who come
after see to it that their
names be not forgotten
AllertonThomasPte.West Riding Rgt.
AmosJohn W.Lance Cpl. -- -- -- --
ArmitageLawrie R.2nd Lieut. -- -- -- --
AtkinsonClarenceSergt. -- -- -- --
BarnesEdwardSergt.?? Hussars
BeanlandReginald J.Cpl.Northd. Fus.
BeechWalterPte.Yorks & Lancs R.
BentleySamuelPte.West Riding Rgt.
BoddyBertPte.West Riding Rgt.
BottFredPte. -- -- -- --
Bottomley??? R.Lieut.R.E.A. & R.A.R.
BowkerJohn C.Pte.West Riding Rgt.
BradfieldWalter L.Pte.West Yorks Rgt.
BradleyWalter R.Lieut.W.R.R. & R.A.R.
BrunskillJosephPte.West Riding Rgt.
BryantJack H.GunnerR.E.A.
BuckHenryPte.West Riding Rgt.
BucknallGeorge EBombdr.R.E.A.
ChapmanErnestCpl.West Riding Rgt.
ClarkLeonardPte.Durham Lt. Inf.
ClarksonAmos ??Capt.West Yorks Rgt.
ClarksonHaroldPte.West Riding Rgt.
ClarksonJamesPte. -- -- -- --
ClemonsArthurCpl.Aus. Imp. Force
ColemanCecil2nd Lieut.Royal Air Force
CoultasJohn H.Pte.Durham Lt. Inf.
CowlingRoyPte.West Riding Rgt.
CrabtreeJ.R. ?Lance Sgt. ?West Yorks Rgt.
CrawleyHaroldPte.R.A.M.C ?
CalvertGeorge EPte.???

The Left side of the Memorial (see also Photo)

DacreBrianCapt.West Riding Rgt.
DacreMauriceR.Q.M.S. -- -- -- --
DaltonHorace M.2nd Lieut.East Yorks Rgt.
DarnboroughWilliamPte.Sherwood Fors.
DeanArthur R. D.C.M. 2nd Lieut.East Yorks Rgt.
DixonFarrellPte.West Riding Rgt.
DixonPhilip F.Cpl.Motor M.G.S.
DobsonNormanPte.West Riding Rgt.
DyellGeorgePte.Northd. Fus.
EarnshawEdgarSergt. -- -- -- --
EarnshawGeorge H.Bombdr.R.G.A.
EddisonT.D.Lieut.King's L'pool.
EllisCharlesTrooperYorks Hussars
EllisW. JamesPte.Durham Lt. Inf.
EllisPercy C.Pte.H.A.C.
EmmottCharles A.Pte.West Riding Rgt.
FarrarHarryPte. -- -- -- --
FawcettRichard W.2nd Lieut.South Staffs.
FeatherstoneAlbertPte.Northd. Fus.
FeatherstoneErnestPte. -- -- -- --
FeatherstoneGeorge H.A.B.Royal Naval Div.
FenwickB.M.Act.Sgt.Aus. Imp. Force
FieldEdwin A.2nd Lieut.West Yorks Rgt.
ForrestEdgarPte.Royal Fusiliers
GeareWilliam D.ChaplainR.A.Ch. D.
GillWilliamSergt.Canadian Inf.
GouldingJohn W.Pte.West Riding Rgt.
GravesonNathanPte.1st K.O.S.B.
GrayMartin K.2nd Lieut.K.O.Y.L.I.
GreenGeorge V.Pte.R.A.S.C.
GreenGordon C.Pte.Canadian Inf.
GreenJohn L.Pte.West Riding Rgt.
HabishawWilliam C.SapperRoy. Engineers
HaighJamesPte.West Riding Rgt.
HallWilfredLnce.Sgt.King's L'pool.
HardistyRobertPte.West Riding Rgt.
HardyAlan H.2nd Lieut.R.E.K.M.R. & R.F.C.
HarringtonE.Pte.Middlesex Rgt.
HarrisonArthur Pte.S. Staffs. Rgt.
HawkinsFredPte.West Yorks Rgt.
HealeyT.M.Pte.West Riding Rgt.
HighamArthur S.Pte.Canadian Inf.
HirstHaroldA.M.Royal Air Force
HodgsonAlbertPte.West Yorks Rgt.
HodgsonEdwardPte.West Riding Rgt.
HolmesHarryPte.West Yorks Rgt.
HolroydListerCapt.East Yorks Rgt.
HoltHaroldSergt.18th Hussars

The back of the Memorial (see also Photo)

HudsonCharlesPte.West Riding Rgt.
HudsonFredPte. -- -- -- --
HudsonGeorgeLance Cpl. -- -- -- --
HurtleyGeorgeTrooperYorkshire Hus.
IdesonMauricePte.Aus. Imp. Force
IdesonJoseph H.Lieut.Royal Air Force
KempE. HaroldSergt.Canadian Inf.
KendallWilliam H.GunnerR.G.A.
KingJackLce.Cpl.L'pool Scottish
KnowlesEric W.Cpl.Roy. Engineers
LambertBaden S.Pte.East Yorks Rgt.
LambertHarryCpl. -- -- -- --
LansdaleErnest C.Lieut.R.A.S.C. & R.A.F.
LayfieldCharles E.Pte.West Yorks Rgt.
LeeArthur B.Lieut.West Yorks Rgt.
LeylandH.E.Sergt.West Riding Rgt.
ListerEdwardA.M.Royal Air Force
ListerEdward O.Sergt.Roy. Engineers
ListerHubertPte.West Yorks Rgt.
LongbottomHenry2nd Lieut.S. Lancs. Rgt.
LundJames A.Pte.Cyclist Corps
LuptonG.A.Lce.Cpl.Royal Fusiliers
MallinsonEricLieut.West Riding Rgt.
MannBasil S.Capt. -- -- -- --
MaufeE. GordonPte.R. West Kents
MaufeStratham B.MajorWest Yorks Rgt.
MillsonA. EwerCapt.Royal Fusiliers
MoisleyAlanPte.Canadian Inf.
MossAlfredPte.West Yorks Rgt.
NewtonThomas H.Sergt.R.A.S.C.
NunnsWilliam A.Cpl-WhlrR.F.A.
OddyJames L.Capt.West Yorks Rgt.
OwstonVictor M.Pte.Aus. Imp. Force
PateyEdwinCapt.Rifle Brigade
PeacockGeorgePte.West Riding Rgt.
PerksLeslie S.Cpl. -- -- -- --
PettyJames L.Lance Cpl. -- -- -- --
PhilpotJohn E.Pte.Canadian Inf.
PickardBernardPte.Royal Fusiliers
PlowsFredPte.Durham Lt. Inf.
PoolJohn H.Pte.West Riding Rgt.
PotterKenneth M. D.S.O.MajorRoyal Artillery
PriestmanKenneth 2nd Lieut.Roy. Engineers
ReeveCharles S.Capt.East Surreys
RentonGeorge L.Pte.N. Zealand Inf.
RentonJosephPte.West Riding Rgt.
ReynardThomas Lce.Cpl. -- -- -- --

The Right of the Memorial (see also Photo)

RobinsArthur J.Cpl.Far.R.F.A.
RobinsonArthur Gunner -- -- -- --
RobinsonBernardPte.West Riding Reg.
RussellJackPte.West Riding Reg.
SaundersThos.W.GunnerM.G.C. (T.C.)
ScaifeJasperCpl.West Riding Reg.
ScottEric B.R.Lieut.Roy. Engineers
ScottEric J.Pte.West Riding Reg.
ShawE.H.Lieut.Cheshire Rgt.
SilverwoodAlbertPte.Durham Lt. Inf.
SimpsonPaul J.C.2nd. Lieut.K.Y.O.L.I.
SmeethWilliam B.2nd. Lieut.Irish Rifs. & R.A.F.
SmithDavidPte.West Yorks Reg.
SmithGodfrey M. (MC)2nd. Lieut.R.F.A.
SmithJosephCpl.West Riding Reg.
SmithRalphPte.West Yorks Reg.
SparrowE.C.Capt.Sharwal Rifs. ??
SpencerFrankPte.West Riding Reg.
StonesHarold A.Lce Cpl.Yorks & Lancs R.
SutcliffeLeslie P.Lieut.Roy. Engineers
TaylorLawriePte.Artist Rifles
ThorntonChas. A.S.S. -- -- -- --
ThwaitesEdwardPte.West Riding Reg.
TitleyA.G.Lieut.West Yorks Reg.
TolsonJosephCapt.Sherwood Fors.
TophamWilliamDriverRoy. Engineers
TravisJohn W.GunnerR.F.A.
TristramJohn H.Lieut.Durham Lt. Inf.
TurnerG. CorralCapt.West Yorks Reg.
TurnerJohn H.Lce Cpl.West Riding Reg.
VaughanWilliamPte.Labour Corps
VowlesJ.H.Signl.Sgt.Rifle Brigade
WaggottJohn C.GunnerCanadian Ar.
WaggittWilliamLce Cpl.West Riding Reg.
WalkingtonRobert S.Pte.West Yorks Reg.
WaughErnestPte.West Riding Reg.
WhittakerJames F.2nd. Lieut.K.Y.O.L.I.
WilkinsonEric P. (M.C.)Capt.West Yorks Reg.
WintleEdwardPte. -- -- -- --
WittingT. NoelPte.Durham Lt. Inf.
WittingStanley N.2nd. Lieut.Roy. Mar. Lt. Inf.
WoodFred N.Pte.12th Glos.
WoodcockArthur D.2nd. Lieut.West Yorks Reg.
WrightJames W.Pte.West Riding Reg.
WyvillMarmaduke L.MajorRifle Brigade
WhiteheadCharles H.Pte.Northd. Fus.

Data transcribed by
Patricia Hayward
from photography by Colin Hinson