Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for KEIGHLEY in Pigot's Directory of 1829.


Post Office,

  • Low-street, Keighley, Martha Cook, Post Mistress.
  • Letters for all parts are despatched to Bradford at ten minutes before twelve at noon, and arrive therefrom at twenty minutes pas; six in the morning.

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Binns Mrs. Ann, Croft house
  • Bronte Rev. Patrick, Haworth
  • Dawson Robert, gent. Mill hill
  • Dury Rev. Theodore, Keighley
  • Greenwood Joseph, esq. Springhead
  • Heaton Robert, gent. Ponden hall
  • Horsfall Jonas, gent. Sanders
  • Miles Rev. Oddy, Haworth
  • Mitchell James, esq. Oldfield house
  • Nichols Rev. Abraham, Keighley
  • Plummer Rev. Thomas, Keighley
  • Saunders Rev. Moses, Haworth
  • Tyler Rev. William, Keighley

Academies & Schools,

  • Berry Ann and Catton (ladies' boarding) High street
  • Dewhirst David (commercial) Old Bridge street
  • Grammar School, Keighley-Rev. Thomas Plummer, head master; Thomas Swinbourn Carr, second do.
  • Metcalfe Edward, (boy's day) Chapel lane
  • National School (girl's) Mill hill; Susannah Illingworth, mistress
  • Sharman Elizabeth (ladies' day and boarding) Skipton road


  • Dawson Thomas, (& clerk to the water works) Greenwood's place
  • De la Fare Thomas, Temple row
  • Metcalfe Leonard, Bank place
  • Netherwood Christopher, Skipton road


  • Aked John Bible New Bridge street
  • M'Vay Barnard, North street
  • Parker John, Eastwood row

Bacon & Flour Factors,

  • Jowett William, (& butter) -Cook lane
  • Morley John, New Bridge street
  • Naylor Betty (flour dlr.) Change gate
  • Ramsden John, High street
  • Raw John, Upper green


  • Midgley Joseph, Denbigh square
  • Parker William (& seedsman) Low street and Old Mil bridge
  • Whitaker John, School lane
  • Youdle Abraham, Pinfold

Booksellers, Stationers and Binders,

  • Aked Robert (& printer & sub-distributer of stamps) Low street
  • Cawood Jesse, High street
  • Crabtree Charles, Church street

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Ambler Henry, High street
  • Batty Edward, South street
  • Blakey John, High street
  • Cure George (dealer) Low street
  • Gill Jonathan, Low street
  • Greenwood Abraham, South street
  • Haggas Simeon, Low street
  • Midgley Charles, High street
  • Robinson James, Dam side

Brass & Iron Founders,

  • Brook John (iron) New street
  • Brook Robert (brass) Temple row
  • Frankland Joseph, Low street
  • Mills Thomas, (& machine maker and ironmonger) Low street

Braziers, Tin-Plate Workers & Ironmongers,

  • Hartley William, (& iron plate worker) Haworth
  • Heaton Hugh (furnishing and nail maker) High street
  • Lawson William, Change gate
  • Laycock John (furnishing and nail maker) Change gate
  • Smith Phineas, High street
  • Smith Simeon, North street


  • Barker Grace, Market place
  • Booth Edward, Townfield gate
  • Booth Joseph, Market place
  • Cawood James, Low street
  • Ellison John, Market place
  • Kendall John, Low street
  • Lister Robert, (& grocer) Hope street
  • Scott William, High street
  • Smith John, Market place
  • Smith William, (& grocer) North street
  • Stowell Robert, Low street
  • Town Joseph, Damstones
  • Town Nathan, Church street
  • Town Timothy, New Bridge street

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers,

  • Carter Anthony, Brick houses
  • Dean William, Low street
  • M'Vay Barnard, North street
  • Preston James, New Bridge street

Carpenters & Builders,

  • Binns Joseph, South street
  • Craven John, School house
  • Robinson George, Temple row
  • Steel William, Paper-mill bridge
  • Sugden William, Coney lane

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Falshaw Philip, Northgate
  • Hardacre Joshua, Haworth
  • Spencer Thomas, Low street
  • West James, Change gate

Clog Makers,

  • Baldwin Thomas, North street
  • Binns James, (& shoe mkr) Haworth
  • Hartley John, Haworth
  • Robertshaw Benjamin, (& patten maker) Haworth
  • Swire Jonas (& grocer) Low street
  • Swire Thomas, High street


  • Smith John, Low street
  • Smith William, Change gate

Corn Millers,

  • Ackroyd James, Haworth
  • Blakey John, Low bridge
  • Craven & Murgatroyd, Haworth
  • Smith Joseph, Stock bridge
  • Townend William, Keighley Mills
  • Wilkinson William, Upper green

Cotton Spinners,

  • Clayton William & Son, Low Mill, Keighley
  • Greenwood John & Sons (& merchants) Keighley
  • Lister Thomas, Haworth
  • Newsom William & Son (& stuff manufacturers) Haworth

Curriers and Leather Dressers,

  • Ireland William, North street
  • Maud William, Greenwood's place

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Leeds & Yorkshire Thomas Smith, Bank place
  • Norwich Union, David Illingworth, Market place

Grocers & Drapers,

  • Carrodus John & Son (and pawnbrokers) High street
  • Dewhirst Richard & David (& druggists and, shoe warehouse) New ridge street
  • Driver James, Haworth
  • Gill Jonathan, Low street
  • Holmes John (grocer) Low street
  • Illingworth David, Market place
  • Lambert Tobias (grocer) Haworth
  • Lee William, (& tobacco mnfr) High street
  • Smith James (grocer) Market place
  • Smith Thomas, jun. (grocer) Low street
  • Smith Thomas, sen. (& seed merchant) Change gate
  • Sunderland Samuel, Upper green
  • Thomas John, Haworth
  • Weatherhead David Wilkinson (grocer) Low street
  • Wood John (and flour dealer) Haworth

Hat Manufacturers,

  • Atkinson Mary & Son, Old Mill bdg
  • Carrodus John, jun. (dealer) High street
  • Whitaker John, Low street


  • Crown, John Ellison, Market place
  • Devonshire Arms, Samuel Morgan, Market Place
  • Fleece, John Walker, Low street
  • King's Arms, Joseph Booth, Market place

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Blagbrough Thomas, Low street
  • Guyer Ishmael (and silk mercer & hatter) Change gate
  • Irving William, (At tea dealer) High street
  • Powell Isaac (and silk mercer) Change gate
  • Sayer John (and hatter and hosier) High street
  • Waterhouse Thomas, (& stuff & calico manufacturer) South street

Machine Makers,

  • Longbottom Titus, South street
  • Smith Berry, King street


  • Atkinson Joseph, Hope street
  • Barstow William, Eastwood

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Atkinson Margaret Ann, New Bridge street
  • Hall Mary (& draper) High street
  • Illingworth Clarissa, Low street
  • Walbank Elizabeth & Sarah, Temple row

Painters & Gilders,

  • Bradley John, Upper green
  • Radcliffe Joseph, Low street
  • Yeomans Thomas, Townfield gate

Paper Makers,

  • Emmet John & Son, Ingram Mills
  • Smith & Towns, Turkey Mills; warehouse commercial court, Leeds.


  • Cryer James, Wellington street
  • Mitchell Thomas, Church street

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Harrison James, New Bridge street
  • Lawson Thomas, Sun street
  • Smith William, Low street

Reed & Heald Makers,

  • Farish John, Upper green
  • Smith Hannah, Low street
  • Topham Francis, New Bridge street

Rope & Twine Makers,

  • Beecroft Henry, Cook land
  • Beecroft William, Low street

Saddlers and Harness Makers,

  • Barwick James, Low street
  • Laycock Edmund, North street
  • Outterside Thomas, New Bridge street

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Longbottom Grace, New Bridge street
  • Lund John, Dam side
  • Midgley Thomas, Church street
  • Mitchell Thomas, Church street
  • Pickles Barnard, Low street
  • Robinson Joseph, Church street
  • Smith James, Low street
  • Smith Mary, King street
  • Stobart Anthony, (& shoe mkr)Hope street
  • Topham Francis, New Bridge street
  • Whitaker Edward, Low street

Spindle, Roller and Ply Makers,

  • Emmet & Bland, Greengate
  • Hattersley Richard & Sons (and millwrights in general) Mill hill
  • Smith John & Samuel, Low Bridge
  • Smith William & Sons, Denbigh street

Stone Masons,

  • Betts Allan, Dam street
  • Smith William, Low street
  • Waterhouse George, Darn street

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Aked Eliza, Martha & Hannah, Low street
  • Illingworth Clarissa, Low street


  • Beck George, Dam side
  • Lister Joseph, Denbigh square
  • Mitchell John, New Bridge street
  • Sewell William, High street


  • Brown Thomas, Chapel lane
  • Diskson William, Beck street
  • Holmes Nathan (& draper) High street
  • Holmes Thomas (& shopkeeper) Upper green
  • Schoon Richard, New Bridge street
  • Shakleton William (& shopkeeper) Low bridge
  • Walker James, Sun, street

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Hodgson Thomas, Low street
  • Smith James, High street
  • Umpleby Thomas; North street

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Black Bull, Elizabeth Ackroyd, Old Bridge street
  • Black Bull, Abraham Wilkinson, Haworth
  • Black Horse, Martha Cook, Low street
  • Coach & Horses, John Ogden, Stanbury
  • Commercial Inn, William Weatherhead Church street
  • Cross, William Thomas -Haworth
  • Cross, Joseph Wignall, Stanbury
  • Fleece Greenwood Wilson, Haworth
  • Hare & Hounds, Booth Beecroft, Low street
  • Hole-in-the-Wall, Thomas Corlass, Market place
  • Hope & Anchor, M. Edmondson, Hope street
  • King's Arms, John Gledhill, Haworth
  • Lord Rodney, William Fox Market place
  • Mason's Arms, Sarah Foulds, Low street
  • Punch Bowl, Joshua Sunderland, Stanbury
  • Sun, Thomas Ackroyd, Haworth
  • Three Horse Shoes, John Parker; Eastwood row
  • White Lion, William Garnett, Haworth
  • White Swan, George Corlass, Low bridge
  • Wool & Booth Banks, Acre square

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Barraclough John, (& ironmonger and grocer) Haworth
  • Keighley William, King street
  • Lawrance Charles, Change gate
  • Moore John, jeweller (and iron monger) High street
  • Sewell George, New Bridge street
  • Smith Lawrence, Denbigh square


  • Dickinson John, School lane
  • Fieldhouse Thomas, Holy croft
  • Lund James, Low street
  • Youdle Joseph, Upper green

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Beaumont Thomas, High street
  • Dawson Charles Knowlton, High street
  • Thomas William, Haworth
  • Wall Thomas, Cook lane

Wool Come Makers,

  • Nailor Henry, High street
  • Sharp James, Mill hill
  • Smith Henry, Sun street
  • Sugden Nathan, Coney lane


  • Bailey Thomas, South street
  • Butterfield David, Fleece house
  • Clapham Holmes & Sons, Utley
  • Wright & Taylor, Stanbury

Worsted Spinners,
(See also Worsted Spinsters and Manufacturers.)

  • Ackroyd John, Haworth
  • Feather George, Haworth
  • Greenwood Joseph & William, Haworth
  • Haggas William, Spring head
  • Hird Jonas Royd house, Haworth
  • Pighills Robert, sen. Haworth
  • Robinson Thomas, Greengate
  • Smith Berry, King street
  • Williamson John, Change gate

Worsted Spinners and Stuff Manufacturers,
Marked thus * are Manufacturers only.

  • Bailey Thomas, South street
  • *Barret William, Low street
  • *Binns William, Calversike hill
  • Briggs John, Guard house
  • *Buckley Joseph, Utley
  • Butterfield Isaac, Hope street
  • *Butterfield Matthew, Calversike hill
  • Calvert & Clapham, Stubbing house
  • Clough John, Ingram Mills
  • Clough Robert, Grove Mill
  • Craven John, Walk Mill
  • Dawson William, Keighley
  • *Eccles William, Haworth
  • Feather Tim. & Brothers, Haworth
  • Greenwood John & James, Haworth
  • *Greenwood William, jun. Haworth
  • Greenwood William, Moorhouse
  • *Hanson John, Calversike hill
  • Hanson John, King street
  • Hartley Bernard, Keighley
  • *Hartley James, Providence Mill
  • Hey John, Haworth
  • Hey Jonas, Haworth
  • Holmes John, Haworth
  • Illingworth Thomas, Low street
  • *Lambert Tobias, Haworth
  • *Lister Robert, New Bridge street
  • *Lund John, Dam side
  • *Lund Robert, Utley
  • Marriner Benjamin & William, (& manufacturers of heald yarn) Greengate Mill.
  • Mitchell John, Hope street
  • *Ogden Joseph, Haworth
  • Ogden Robert, Haworth
  • Pighills John (& heald yarn manufacturer) Haworth
  • Pighills Robert, jun. Haworth
  • *Redman William, Haworth
  • Robinson George, Stanbury
  • *Robinson John, Calversike hill
  • Robinson Richard, Hill top
  • Robinson William, Stanbury
  • *Roper William, Ingrow
  • *Smith William & Son, Bank place
  • *Sugden John, Bracken bank
  • Sugden John, Providence Mill
  • *Sugden Thomas, Haworth
  • Sugden William, Fleece Mill
  • *Sutcliff John, Haworth
  • Whitlow Jonathan, New Bridge street
  • Williamson & Rishworth, Croft house and Holme Mill
  • *Wright William, Haworth


  • Barwick William, pastry cook, High street
  • Carr John, gun & whitesmith, High street
  • Carrodus John, hair dresser & perfumer, High street
  • Carter Jonathan, nursery & seedsman, Skipton road
  • Cowell Elizabeth, stay maker, New Bridge street
  • Craven Hiram, architect, Haworth
  • Dunbar Weldon, engraver, china painter, & career & gilder, Low street
  • Gas Works, Changegate, William Lawson manager
  • Gill Thomas, land surveyor, Upper Green
  • Laycock Edm, timber merchant, School lane.
  • Lister Robert, earthenware dealer & rag merchant, New Bridge street,
  • Midgley John, slater, Temple road
  • Procter Jonathan, stocking manufacturer, Church street
  • Ramsbottom Jno, veterinary surgeon, South street
  • Rhodes & Son, feather sellers, High street
  • Savings' Bank, Chapel lane--Edward Metcalf, clerk; open every Saturday afternoon from five to seven
  • Smith Joseph, pastry cook, Low street
  • Summerscale William, worsted dyer, Dam side
  • Sunderland Abraham, Stansfield, teacher of music, & organist to the parish church of Keighley
  • Thompson Mary, sizer, Greengate
  • Wilkinson William, corn mercht, Upper grn


  • To Bradford, the Mail Car (from Skipton) calls at the Post-office, every afternoon at two-and a Market Coach, from the Crown Inn, very Thursday morning at seven.
  • To Halifax, the Crown Union, from the Crown Inn, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning at seven.
  • To Kendal, the Union (from Leeds) calls at the Devonshire Arms, every day (Sundays excepted) at half-past 12; goes through Skipton, Settle, Ingleton and Kirkby Lonsdale,
  • To Leeds, the Union (from Kendall calls at the Devonshire Arms, every afternoon (Sundays excepted) at four-the Invincible (from Preston) every afternoon (Sundays excepted) at a quarter past three-and the Alexander (from Skipton) calls at the Fleece, every morning (Sundays excepted) at half-past 6; all go through Bingley and Bradford.
  • To Preston, the Invincible from Leeds) calls at the Devonshire Arms, every morning (Sundays excepted) at half past nine; goes thro' Colne, Burnley and Blackburn.
  • To Scarborough, the Royal Alexander (from Skipton) calls at the Fleece, every morning (Sundays excepted) at half past six during the season, goes thro' Bradford, Leeds, York, Malton &c.
  • To Skipton, the Mail car, from Bradford) calls at the Post-office, every morning at eight-the Alexander (from Leeds) and the Royal Alexander (from Scarborough) call at the Fleece, every evening (Sundays excepted) at eight


  • To Bradford, Sugden Pearson from his house, Market place, & Wilkinson Lund, from his warehouse, Wellington st every Thursday morning. & Sarah Wignall from her warehouse, Low gt, every Thursday & Saturday mornings.
  • To Buckden, Sarah Wignall, from her warehouse, every Tuesday morning.
  • To Colne, Sugden Pearson, from his house, every Wednesday & Wilkinson Lund, from his warehouse, every Monday, and Wednesday mornings
  • To Halifax, Sarah Wignall, from her warehouse, every Thursday & Saturday.
  • To Leeds, Sugden Pearson, from his house, every Wednesday & Wilkinson Lund, from his warehouse, every Monday and Saturday mornings,

Conveyance By Water,

  • To Liverpool and all parts of the kingdom, the Union, and Canal Co's Boats, call at Slingsby's wharf daily.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003